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The July-Aug, 2014 issue of the venerable Progressive is featuring a series of article about the octopus-grab of the plutocrats behaving poorly.  One major article is on Charles and David Koch and the family's vastly increased and effective drive to get rid of about everything progressives value.  I am sure this is familiar territory to Kos readers, but the issue is worth looking at and Lisa Grave's piece on the Koch Conspiracy is an insightful summary of their gains so far.  The title:  The Koch Cartel: Their Reach, Their Reactionary Agenda, and Their Record.

(I've been unable to find a link to an html version of this on-line. I've downloaded the article in PDF form, and am checking on permission to share it in the context of this dairy.)

As I read the piece, however, I started understanding that they are truly trying -- and succeeding -- to wrest our democracy from the hands of the many and turning it all over to the "private" sector.  Or just get rid of it all together.

Then without thinking much about it, suddenly the words "sedition" and "subversive" grabbed by attention.  While technically, they cannot be charged with treason (this requires being in a state of war), I do not see why they could not be charged with sedition and/or subversion.  Even if there was only the effort, it would provide an accurate interpretation of what they actually are doing -- and succeeding at accomplishing at the present.

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What could I possibly say about Mr. Rush Limbaugh, the Spokesperson-in-Chief for the radical right, that has not been said before?  We've long known him to be  mean and nasty, right?  

It is crucial, however, that we take our understanding of his poisonous persona a step further:  He's not just mean, he is dangerously mean.  He doesn't just try to hurt people's feelings, he loves to try to crush even the smallest bit of esteem, dignity, and worth he can get his teeth into.

Why is this dangerous?  

First, the obvious:  The outcome of his approach is to create intense polarization.  The degree of the polarization he creates makes it impossible to reach any kind of solution to reconcile differences, let alone those wonderful surprise solutions that transcend the divide.

While Mr. Limbaugh is not the only public figure with a nasty commentary about those with whom he disagrees, he was among the first in today's extensive media era and has been the most successful.  He has left his mark.

Polarization not only kills any real progress, it also seriously damages the bonds that tie us together as a nation.  We are diverted from efforts to meet and solve the real problems we face on a global level:  environmental crises, economic disasters, and more.  

The second danger may sound strange because it often goes unrecognized.  Like polarization, it is a product of his attitude of contempt, disgust, and scorn that he heaps  his targets.  The second outcome ultimately fuels violence.  

"Violence?" you question.  "Really, now isn't that taking it way too far?"

See the explanation "below the fold."  

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While it is possible the Emperor still believes he is wearing clothing only visible to the elite, it is impossible to believe that there is anyone anywhere who believes that corporations are really people.

Imagine a Robin Williams riff ala Good Morning, Vietnam: "Well, hello IBM! Still up to your eyeballs, heh. … Have you stopped making ICBMs? … Oh, sorry, old joke, huh. So, you want a paperless office, but you of all "people" know you're always going to need some paper, right, I-B-M?"
The cynicism of Chief Justice Roberts and Associate Justices Scalia, Kennedy, Alioto, and Thomas in this decision is clear; none could possibly support this fiction in any other setting.  

While there has been a large and sustained opposition to this attempt to render even more power to those who already have most of the power, an effort that could yield a clarifying amendment to our Constitution, I see value in using a martial arts approach and going totally with this fiction … going with it as far as possible.  

If the criminal justice system were to treat corporations in the same way as it does real human beings, we would see a quite different world.  The idea is that since voice determines personhood, then personhood determines the frame of responsibilities and the consequences of irresponsibility:  Fines, jail and prison, and for capital crimes, capital punishment.  As developed more fully below, the leadership of a corporation as well as those responsible for oversight of the leadership, are the ones who must be held accountable.


If corporations are "people" should they be prosecuted in the same manner with top-level management and the board of directors being required to suffer the consequences of the verdict?

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Covered California, a state-run program that is a part of Obamacare, gives the lie to those claiming enrollments are suffering and that it is difficult to sign up.  Not in the 36 or so states that bought into this; the citizens who are suffering most are those living in the states where the"leaders" opted out.  These Republicans are the ones making their own constituents -- who WANT the coverage -- suffer.

Here is a portion of a report by the California Hospital Association:

Covered California and DHCS Release October Enrollment Data for Health Insurance Marketplace


Covered California and the California Department of Health Care Services (DHCS) have announced that, since Oct. 1, more than 59,000 individuals have enrolled in Covered California health insurance plans, and an estimated 370,000 individuals started applications for health coverage under the Affordable Care Act in October. Of those who started the application process, nearly 86,000 were determined to be eligible to participate in subsidized or unsubsidized coverage through Covered California, and 72,007 were determined to be likely eligible for Medi-Cal, with coverage beginning in January 2014. A complete press release is attached.

In October, 30,830 individuals, or about one thousand per day, enrolled in health care coverage through Covered California. Of those, 4,852 were subsidized enrollments (eligible for federal premium assistance and/or cost-sharing reduction) and 25,978 were non-subsidized enrollments. According to Covered California, through Nov. 12, another 29,000 individuals not only were determined to be eligible, but also selected and enrolled in their Covered California health insurance plan. In addition to releasing the enrollment figures, Covered California and DHCS released the results of surveys of those who completed the enrollment process during the last three weeks of October. Overall, nearly 70 percent of consumers who completed the survey found the application process easy to complete, and 88 percent of customers visiting the website found the information needed to choose a health plan that was right for them.

Full Report:

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