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At least I looked and looked and could not find just one.

Even a "confessed" albino like Anderson Cooper, complete with telltale pink eyes of many albino individuals of various species, is not white.  [Kindly note that it was Anderson Cooper, not I, who called stating he was an albino "coming out."]

Albino rabbits, deer, tigers, even alligators are white but not humans.  If anyone can find a single white human, let alone any grouping of people by genes,  racism ["social construct"], ancestry, nationality, tribal affiliation, whatever - I would consider it a favor if you inform and show me.

So why do we discuss ad addendum white and black and brown and yellow and red races when there are none of any though the racial lie runs from the vile words of a David Duke to the mechanical mistakes of a Nate Silver.

[I give credit to Nate Silver for early on making a bow to the problem by using another solipsism for the racist white designation.  It was not the even worse equating of caucasian with white, which is a factual and historical lie.]

If anyone thinks again I have written a single word that is racist, they maybe should get a new mirror.  Theirs doesn't work very well.

I have not, nor will I ever, make any claim that appearance of individuals and groups of people by any measure is neutral.  Patrick Buchanan may think he looks like Marilyn Monroe ["people that look like us"] but it would have to be a very blind person to think the same though many claim such an extraordinary disability.

I will never ask my beloved Chinese daughter-in-law if she has ever been called a "twinkie" - yellow on the outside, white on the inside.

Twinkie is a racial pejorative used by most American Indians to refer to a European American, with little or no social or blood links to any tribe, who claims to be an American Indian.

Oh, really?  Wikipedia goes on to discuss other manifestations of this slur but I have only seen it used against young female "orientals," itself a rather mild slur today, with "white" boyfriends.

In a Japanese restaurant, my Chinese daughter-in-law startled the light-skinned waitress by asking in my daughter-in-law's native Mandarin where the waitress and the other staff were from.  All the staff we could see had skin as light as any of us "Neanderthal/Cherokees."  [I confess to not being any part Cherokee like my wife and kids but I am a quarter non-counting, nearly extincted, family-denied. indigenous nomad reindeer herder. I take an unpardonable pride in that though I know as much about reindeer as reindeer know about me.]

The waitress told my daughter-in-law that everyone of the staff thought my daughter-in-law was Japanese because of her skin color.  My daughter-in-law  comes from the region of China where the Japanese perpetrated the most savage atrocities of WWII or most any war.  If you don't believe that, read The Rape of Nanking and then get back  to me.  Maybe then you will have some understanding of why my daughter-in-law says Japanese food is very good but Japanese are very bad.  She obviously has it very backwards but you have to try to put yourself in other's shoes.

When will all this racist bullshit that keeps Republicans and DINO's dominating politics end?

When the oceans cover most of what is left of dry land is my guess.

Best,  Terry


I was frankly surprised to see a line in the usual homely, not to mention horrendous, warning people are destroying themselves by denying the science of geophysics include a warning about part and parcel of the inevitable catastrophe:

The climate change deniers have won

By Nick Cohen, The Observer

Scientists continue to warn us about global warming, but most of us have a vested interest in not wanting to think about it

The American Association for the Advancement of Science came as close as such a respectable institution can to screaming an alarm last week. “As scientists, it is not our role to tell people what they should do,” it said as it began one of those sentences that you know will build to a “but”. “But human-caused climate risks abrupt, unpredictable and potentially irreversible changes.”

In other words, the most distinguished scientists from the country with the world’s pre-eminent educational institutions were trying to shake humanity out of its complacency. Why weren’t their warnings leading the news?

I refuse to believe Mr. Cohen is unaware of the Golden Rule - "He who gots the gold rules" but Mr. Cohen is not just another part-time science believer like most purported liberals today.  There is this line in the opinion piece that is not off topic at all though most liberals are as rabid on the subject as the Koch's on global warming:
But the right is also going along with an eruption of know-nothing populism. Just as there are leftish greens, who will never accept that GM foods are safe, so an ever-growing element on the right becomes more militant as the temperature rises.

Of course any rational being who is not a full-fledged batshit crazy moron has to know that biology is part of our future - or there is none.  But polite people aren't supposed to say it out loud.  It is like not covering up the table legs in Queen Victoria's era.

Who is this Cohen fellow anyway?  I was hoping to find out he was a scientist but, sad to say, he just seems to be a thinking sort who doesn't let his ears act only as high-speed conduits for trash talk shielded from the gray matter as it whistles through.

From Cohen's website:

No child dreams of growing up to become a pharmacist. They are never romantic leads or action heroes in films. As far as a search of my bookshelves and the web can tell, they are not the heroes and heroines of novels either. Doctors, detectives and spies are everywhere, while the ignored pharmacist is nowhere to be seen.

Good Lord, it looks like this is the sort of man who would wink at a homely lass.  No, I am not one of the ultimate lab monkeys myself but I have no trouble at all understanding the chemists are worth a whole herd of the other three though they are little valued unless they are poisoning the vittles or the water supply.

Guys like Cohen offer some slim hope for the planet.  He manages to make one smile with grim forebodings.  Saints be praised.  He lives up to his name whatever the genetic heritage.  I would lay a bet he even knows that "White Eyes" was the name of an American Indian as opposed to the idiotic phrase used by a phony Indian chief to describe the pallid European invaders in a John Wayne movie.

Best,  Terry


You might be taller, prettier, more educated, richer, vastly more intelligent but you had to lose every argument because I had memorized the catechism that came straight from God via an infallible source.

Then I forgot.

Now I am dying of an incurable disease with accompanying pain and misery and brain damage - old age - without any sliver of hope of life everlasting and final vengeance on all my enemies.

Terrible thing forgetting.

Now I can't even rely on word from my messiah on right or wrong or science or politics because I have none.

Socrates said he was the smartest man in the world because he knew he knew nothing.  I can't even begin to match that because I have the crazed notion that I know something even though I can never remember what it is that I know.

Don't pray for me.  You don't have enough time left to waste no matter how young or old you are.  There is no hope.

Your Sunday sermon.

Best,  Terry


Sat Mar 22, 2014 at 05:02 AM PDT

Uncomfortable Truths About Race

by terryhallinan

The powerfully built Neanderthals were first discovered in Germany's Neander Valley in 1856. Exactly who they were, how they lived and why they vanished remains unclear.

Research shows they contributed between 1 and 4 percent of their genetic material to the people of Asia and Europe. Riel-Salvatore rejects the theory that they were exterminated by modern humans. Homo sapiens might simply have existed in larger groups and had slightly higher birthrates, he said.

"It is likely that Neanderthals were absorbed by modern humans," he said. "My research suggests that they were a different kind of human, but humans nonetheless. We are more brothers than distant cousins."

If anthropologist Julien Riel-Salvatore's research findings are anywhere near correct, Neanderthals were just another race of humans.  

Like the diminutive hominoid "hobbit people," which recent data shows were quite adept at fashioning and using tools, the intelligence, quite different from IQ which only measures the ability to make the same errors as the authors of the tests, of both hominoids has been maligned and one may even be fully human.  Anthropologists at first refused to believe people with such tiny brains as the Hobbit People had the intelligence to fashion and utilize tools.  The far tinier brains of insects perform feats beyond the capability of humans.  Honey bee scouts use a dance to inform the hive of distant finds of nectar through astral navigation.  Imagine trying any such thing with humans.  Humans use dance for a far different kind of honey find.

You might notice that skin pigmentation and eye color of either of these is of little consequence to any studying such species or races.  

From its very beginnings race was about biology that has been twisted by mythologists into something quite different for their own dubious purposes.

Darwin on races of humans:

"Although the existing races of man differ in many respects, as in colour, hair, shape of skull, proportions of the body, &c., yet if their whole organisation be taken into consideration they are found to resemble each other closely in a multitude of points. Many of these points are of so unimportant or of so singular a nature, that it is extremely improbable that they should have been independently acquired by aboriginally distinct species or races. The same remark holds good with equal or greater force with respect to the numerous points of mental similarity between the most distinct races of man. The American aborigines, Negroes and Europeans differ as much from each other in mind as any three races that can be named; yet I was incessantly struck, whilst living with the Fuegians on board the Beagle, with the many little traits of character, shewing how similar their minds were to ours; and so it was with a full-blooded n e g r o with whom I happened once to be intimate."

Darwin's races of plants and animals seems to be mostly species, which were not well defined back then and, in truth, are not now. The great cats do interbreed occasionally and the offspring are, though rarely, fertile.  They are not supposed to be fertile according to the manuals but such material is quickly obsoleted.  Scientific truth is ephemeral unlike theological truth, which is eternal and always wrong.

Quite clearly Darwin was quick to point out that the described races of man of the time were different only in appearance and culture.  Even relatively enlightened sorts, like Nate Silver, still hold with the imaginary white and black races beloved by sociologists.

"Am I white?" a Jew lady asked me in an email correspondence.  The unfortunate woman was in a shelter from her African-American husband.  She was very distressed by sociologists telling her, by her account of course, that black men were always abusive.  She told me that claim was deeply hurtful to her because her in-laws had been very supportive.  

I wanted to tell the woman I couldn't say anything about her pigmentation because being a Jew is a matter of faith and custom rather than race.  Ashkenazi (European) Jews might even be called a race by themselves since their centuries-long refusal to mate outside their religion resulted in a distinctive disease profile.  But Ashkenazi Jews are hardly the whole of Jewdom.  African Jews naturally tend to have very dark skins as one might suspect.  Diplomatically, I told the distressed woman that she was white though there is no such thing as a white race no matter how loudly sociologists and pollsters and FDA commissioners and other racists insist there is.

There is absolutely no justification in equating race with pigmentation today.  There are no black and white races.  The caucasian race is by no means a white race.  In fact most caucasians have dark pigmentation since the inhabitants of South Asia are caucasians by any measure.  

The black and white races, and red and yellow, are the manufacture of bigotry and enslavement of the mind as well as the body.

When Jesse Owens trounced the German supermen in the 1936 Olympics, learned scholars of the day writing in scientific journals decreed that Jesse Owens had the advantage of a negroid foot. But when one scientist chose to look at Jesse Owens' feet, he discovered they were caucasoid making Jesse Owens a caucasian.

Here is a picture of Jesse Owens overcoming the purported disadantage of his Caucasoid foot at the Olympics:

Welcome to the caucasian race, Jesse.  Hope the racist denials from those forked tongue palefaces do not make it too uncomfortable.

Best,  Terry


Thu Jun 28, 2012 at 08:55 PM PDT

RomneyCare Revisited

by terryhallinan

The libelous renaming of Romney's signature achievement in Massachusetts as ObamaCare nearly destroyed it.

I make no bones about not liking this Rube Goldberg device for preventing a sane medical care system enjoyed by the rest of the "industrialized" world [many not so industrialized].  It was designed by a rightwing think tank to save the parasitic insurance companies and even increase the blood drain on our economy and do maximum harm to our domestic businesses in the event.  Romney did not think it up.  It is not clear Romney ever had an original thought in his life.

Given that, it is still a delight to see the bawling by the Republican babies.  Can it possibly go unnoticed even by an insensate electorate how infantile they really are.  Even the reddest of the blue dogs seem to be enjoying the spectacle.

Maybe, just maybe, this will lead to sanity among Democrats with divorce from the wingers.


Not likely but perhaps there is just a sliver of hope left after the terrible hurt dunher.

Best,  Terry


Mon Jun 25, 2012 at 07:56 AM PDT

Hypusine Project and GMO's

by terryhallinan

A picture is worth a thousand words they say.

Here is one:

Image Hosted by
By terryhallinan at 2012-06-25

And what is in Dr. Kuang's laboratory?

Image Hosted by
By terryhallinan at 2012-06-25

Mostly bright young people bent more on saving the world rather than poisoning and destroying it.

These are pictures of the Hypusine Project that has a primary mission of defeating cancer but let the laboratory tell its own story.

The primary research interest of Dr. Chen's laboratory is on the chemical basis of cellular growth regulation as it relates to tumor differentiation, cell transformation, cell aging, and neuronal development.
If anyone thinks they can find anything here about poisoning the planet a la Monsanto, they are welcome to have a go at it.

Now below the fold maybe we can get down to the serious sidelight of genetic modification and saving the planet that still interests some kossacks though sometimes it is hard to tell.

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A mysterious mass death of a herd of cattle has prompted a federal investigation in Central Texas.

Preliminary test results are blaming the deaths on the grass the cows were eating when they got sick, reports CBS Station KEYE.

The cows dropped dead several weeks ago on an 80-acre ranch owned by Jerry Abel in Elgin, just east of Austin.

Abel says he's been using the fields for cattle grazing and hay for 15 years. "A lot of leaf, it's good grass, tested high for protein - it should have been perfect," he told KEYE correspondent Lisa Leigh Kelly.

The grass is a genetically-modified form of Bermuda known as Tifton 85 which has been growing here for 15 years...

[dKos refused to allow the link - here is Google link: - other links and reports have been scrubbed for some reason. :-)]

There is one small problem with the news:

GMO food: Hybrid poison grass that kills Texas cattle not genetically modified

Reports that GMO grass suddenly started producing cyanide and killed almost an entire herd of cattle in Texas are only partially true. CBS News reported June 23, 2012 that rancher Jerry Abel of Elgin, near Austin, Texas had been growing Tifton 85, a GMO version of Bermuda grass, for 15 years when the grass suddenly started emitting poisonous cyanide. However, Tifton 85 is not GMO grass, but a hybrid.

Now as to reports that GM alfalfa caused cows lower jaw to drop off:
I first heard about GM alfalfa from a biologist friend who said that cattle in Australia that were consuming the GM alfalfa had begun to lose their jaws due to the absolute lack of nutritional value in the crop.
Maybe that Down Under fellow just got word on Radium Water tonic.  Madame Curie's discovery of radioactivity created a sensation and thus was born Radium Water tonic.  

One fellow in particular was said to have raved about the tonic on radio blurbs until his jaw fell off.  Last I heard the skeletons were still hot.

While I could not confirm any reports of Australian cattle whose jaws had physically fallen off, this did prompt me to look further into the effects of GM alfalfa and what I did discover was no less disturbing.
No less disturbing than having your cows' jaws drop off???  Do tell.
Alfalfa hay is the number one crop consumed by cows. Quality alfalfa has higher levels of digestible energy than other feeds and more vitamin A and calcium that grass hay. Alfalfa also has as much as twice the protein than grass based hays. In fact grass based hay is usually only fed to old animals who no longer require enriching minerals and vitamins. As is the case with most genetically modified crops, genetically modified alfalfa does not meet the same standards of nutritional value as natural alfalfa. For example, genetically modified corn and soybeans have been proven to cause nutritional deficiencies in animals that consume them. Such an absence of nutritional content leads to many diseases and deficiency-based problems for cattle. Professor of science at Purdue University Dr. Don M. Huber cites a sharp rise in animal infertility in cattle and hogs fed GM corn and soybeans.
Well that does sound pretty bad alright.  Never heard of a "professor of science" but I had to see what I could find of this fellow:
Purdue University discredits own professor : Environmentalist – COL (Ret.) Don M. Huber – Glyphosate – Animals and Miscarriages – No Scientific Data – Fearmongering
Truthfully I never went beyond this ultra tabloid style headline.  

I have had my fill for the day of sensation.

Best,  Terry


Possibly the earliest efforts for large scale utility power from solar began with Israel's solar ponds from the Dead Sea.

There seems to be no technical or economic reason why solar pond produced power and water is not done more often. The reasons seem to be geographical and political.
Umm, I would say cost, resources needed, footprint, various technological challenges might be of some consequence.  

Ormat, the Israeli "pure" geothermal play on the NYSE, still dabbles in solar occasionally and has a minor sideline of converting waste heat to electricity.

The "Catch 22' is that scientists don't bother with this technology, don't research it, and don't apply for research grants, because it is well understood, routine, and 'low tech'. So it does not get publicity !
Uh huh.  Could've fooled me.  
In brief, the cost of power produced by a solar pond is about $180/MWh - about twice that of wind ($20-60 /Mwh- in a windy area) and three times that of coal fired power ($40/MWh).    Photovoltaic (solar cells) combined with batteries to provide 24hour supply cost around $1000/MWh.   Solar ponds come in at about three times the cost of wind power per watt but they are much more reliable - delivering power 24 hours a day and 365 days a year.   (  For comparison , retail consumers in Adelaide pay around $200/MWh)
Let's see now.  The cost of power from a low temperature spring NE of Fairbanks, Alaska, that keeps an ice museum frozen in summer with warm water, among other things, is estimated to have an operating cost of 5 cents/kwHr and hopes are to reduce that to 1 cent/kwHr.  The math don't look so hot to me for the cost of power from solar ponds but maybe I lost a digit or two. If I keep doing that I could be fingerless and toeless. -(  [Kindly note: the quoted site is Australian and presumably uses Australian dollars for currency.  At the present time I haven't corrected for the small disparity between Australian and U.S. currency.  I, of course, use the latter.]

Consider this as little more than an introduction.  Solar ponds have not advanced as once expected.  Solar towers, which are also quite venerable, are all the rage currently alongside solar troughs.  Neither are all that promising either IMO but I expect to look a bit at them later. Any may disagree as they see fit - as always.


Mon Jun 18, 2012 at 02:28 PM PDT

Urban Farming

by terryhallinan

Image Hosted by
By terryhallinan at 2012-06-18

Dreamy talk of urban farming may be nearing reality.

In Chicago, a dilapidated former 93,500sf meat-packing factory has been revitalized into The Plant: a net-zero energy vertical farm and food business operation. A complex and highly interrelated system, one-third of The Plant holds aquaponic growing systems and the other two-thirds incubates sustainable food businesses (including an artisanal brewery, mushroom farm, bakery, etc) by offering low rent, low energy costs, and a licensed shared kitchen. The Plant is aiming to create 125 jobs in Chicago’s economically distressed Back of the Yards neighbourhood. A renewable energy system diverts over 10,000 tons of food waste from landfills each year to meet all of its heat and power needs.
That is light years from the revolving skyscrapers imagined in Dubai to something more akin to an East St. Louis development where an entire downtown block was once offered for $50, without any takers.

But it has the advantage of being real.

In Japan and Holland and Vancouver, British Columbia, a new factory farming is taking shape.

Now if they can just kill the organic farming hoax, we can get down to the business of feeding a hungry world at minimum cost with minimum use of water, land, chemicals and relatively clean work for labor at living wages.  We could even leave the wilderness to the wild things.

It is no longer just an empty dream but hopefully the start of a true revolution.

Best,  Terry


Imagine you were subjected to medical experimentation during which doctors drilled holes in your skull and dumped in pig brains to replace your own.

It really happened to Jim Finn and Pighead.  My voluminous notes from internet discussions with the two people were destroyed by the Yahoo Sheriff at the instigation of the usual cyberspace psychos but there is no shortage of evidence of the deed.  Here is some.

The fact is they asked for it.

Jim Finn is the real name of a real person who was suffering from Parkinson's.  Among other appearances he was on 60 Minutes.  I saw confidential film of Jim Finn that would never be shown to the public because of the graphic nature of his advanced stage of a terrible disease.

Pighead I believe that was the pseudonym used by a very brave lady. She had suffered a stroke that left her badly incapacitated.  She underwent the same procedure and apparently made great progress as well.  

The pair had many discussions that a diligent researcher could perhaps recover with a search engine if the idiot censors haven't destroyed those too.

I had a bit more than academic interest.  A doctor had suggested I might have early symptoms of Parkinson's.  

Another later told me not to worry.  It was probably just diabetic neuropathy. :-(

A commonly repeated false claim that placebos are never used in serious illnesses sparked memory of a most extreme "placebo" used in a clinical trial of the efficacy of "porcine neurons" transplanted into human brains.  

More below the fold for any interested.

Continue Reading

to prevent Civil War.

I so wanted to find a voice for the people in Angus King.  Doubtless Angus is a great choice for happy times.  But sadly he is just another conservative mostly eager to help those who need none.

King even fails the test of Diogenes' lamp.  A true independent, Bernie Sanders, is described as a Democrat though Democrats have begged Sanders to let them put Sanders on the Democratic line and have been rebuffed.

King explained, “We need to find a solution that is equally unpalatable [to both parties].” He has spoken out in favor of the Simpson-Bowles plan
I am blowing out the candle  and going to bed.  There is no heart nor soul in Angus King after all.  A great man for the middle and upper classes but nothing there for real people.


Best,  Terry

ElectraTherm announces its small-scale ORC units have reached a 30,000 hours runtime milestone, proving the technology is robust for applications from internal combustion engines [Editor's Note: far better with external combustion engines] to biomass boilers, geothermal/co-produced fluids and solar thermal.
Image Hosted by
By terryhallinan at 2012-06-11
In a release last week, technology firm ElectraTherm, that works on small-scale, distributed power produced from waste heat announced that its Series 4000 Green Machine fleet surpassed 30,000 runtime hours.

This is the first Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC) machine sized 30-65kWe to achieve this milestone.


Hey, we coal fanciers don't even like to talk about less than 1,000MW.  What's with this puny kW stuff?

What's with it is the end of Ol' King Coal's misrule as well as that of all fossil fuels if we want.  The untold thousands of wells producing kW power would add up lots of MW's and an end to the terrible threat from nuclear power thrown in for good measure.

See below the fold if you have any interest in saving a planet in peril.

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