at least that is what my daughter told me tonight.   She says it's hundreds--an exaggeration I am sure.   I told her I only sent out about half of what I wanted to.   She laughed.  

But she does have a point because a lot of those folks on the receiving end are quasi-innocent family and friends and have no interest in political thought, or even Unicorns--yeah I did a unicorn post earlier.

I know this is a political site, so let me just say that Christie is a bully, a dick, and not such a manly man as Britt Hume thinks.
When I weighed about a 100 pounds less than Christie, I was 'morbidly obese'.

So it's kind of a slow time of day--my OK State Cowboys just got jobbed by the homer refs in Kansas, but it was a good game.   They'll both be in the mix in March Madness.
So, I'm looking for something on the tv.   WTF is MSNBC doing running crappy 'reality' shows about prison when I could be watching a replay of Rachel and the other good guys I like on there?

Ah well, thanks for letting me vent a little here.  Time to cue up another episode of Eureka, Season 3.   I think I'm getting a bit of cabin fever, but at least it got above zero today.