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Thu Apr 16, 2015 at 05:52 PM PDT

Over Before it Starts?

by timtimes

Is there any point in following the presidential election cycle this season?  The only battle is going to be who wins on the Democratic side and unless Liz Warren decides to toss in against Hillary it's all over but the inevitable 'shock and awe' of the Republicans crying.  This is shaping up to be a snooze fest of tremendous proportions.



Thu Nov 22, 2012 at 05:55 AM PST

Twinkie Finks

by timtimes

The election is over and it went exactly like Nate Silver and I told you it all would. Needless to say I get less attention and affection than Nate Silver.  I became specially active trying to quell the irrational fears raised during Andrew Sullivan's Big Gay Freakout, after the first round of debates, when Obama "rope-a-doped" Romney (before bouncing off the ropes in the second round and going all "Please proceed Governor" on Mitt's ignorant lying ass).  

With Obama's landslide reelection, Big Bird experienced the joys normally available only to holiday foul given Presidential pardons.  But the Romney Republicans are devious bastards.  As they belatedly pretend to kiss Nate Silver's ring, they are simultaneously attempting to gut another American icon.  As if calling the President a Muslim foreigner wasn't far enough anarcho-treason-terrorist  for us all, the 1% are now poised to rob us of something almost as precious as our Red Ryder BB guns.   Twinkies.  Ferchrissakes, what's next?  Apple pie?

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Tue Nov 13, 2012 at 01:28 PM PST

Election Remix 2012

by timtimes

Gravitas Alert, circa Oct 29, 2012.

I have a Facebook and Twitter feed to prove I was up REAL late here in Germany, watching the election and putting my bony fingers of contention to good use. In fact, the night of the election my fingertips were bouncing off my keyboard faster and harder than a midget cowboy riding a Dutch hooker.   For the record, I am only willing to shell out for food for the hungry, universal healthcare for the masses and a nickel more for a pizza so the delivery guy can afford $4 gas AND a dentist.  If any of you oversexed Democrats high on legalized hippy lettuce wants to see that rodeo in Amsterdam, you’ll have to pony up for your own ticket.  I promise you’ll get a far more graphic demonstration of the metaphors applied in the aforementioned simile.

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Mon Oct 29, 2012 at 04:47 AM PDT

Future Narrative

by timtimes

When Obama rolls Romney and the Republican party out the door on Nov 6, it is going to be EPIC.  He'll have the election safely in his pocket by eight p.m. with a plurality of popular and electoral college votes.  The win will be so large that the Diebold voting fraud schemers will be denied their bonus checks.  Most of America will be in "total party" mode of course, but if you are under the weather and can't get out, you can still enjoy the best circus act on the planet.  Just tune into Fox News and listen to the echoes from Bullshit Mountain.  That is going to be priceless.

Come One Come All
Fox News Parade of Weeping Colorful Clowns
Amusing to Children - Creepy to Adults
Irrelevancy Beyond Belief

When: Post Election Coverage Nov. 6th 2012



Wed Oct 17, 2012 at 04:41 AM PDT


by timtimes

While Andrew Sullivan was having his big gay panic attacks over Obama's first debate performance, I was posting about the longer term rope-a-dope strategy that Mohammed Ali employed against George Foreman in his 1974 bout, commonly referred to as "The Rumble in the Jungle".  Since there are still precious few engaged in the business of promoting my particularly insightful brand of intellectual political analysis, I guess it is left to me to say, "I told you so"

President Obama not only "roped-a-dope" in his second debate performance yesterday evening, he also did it with the rope that Romney brought to hang him with.  Romney laid into the business of tying the noose with the enthusiasm and clueless self awareness of a Mormon youth evangelizing our neighborhoods (all the while avoiding the landmine of myriad Coke machines placed in their path to taunt them).

Mitt Romney is an expert on making Mitt Romney rich, a point to which the President was cornered into admitting after nearly being clubbed to death by Romney"s fully engorged pension.  Mitt would also like you to know that he is a deep student of Benghazi current affairs.

Please proceed Governor....

At the end of the day, Romney did the ONE thing he absolutely could not afford to do.  He got caught in an attempt at outright fraud.  The fact that he was put in check by a woman was just schadenfreude of an entirely different magnitude.  Something I would describe as almost celestial in nature.  Romney's overall demeanor did nothing for his case either. Whoever coached him on how to act like a pushy fat guy at a casino buffet ought to be handed a pink slip.

#landslide #coattails #cleansweep #Obama2012

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Tue Oct 09, 2012 at 05:57 AM PDT


by timtimes

The plan is to cause the opponent to "punch himself out" and make mistakes which the boxer can then exploit in a counter-attack.
Just wanted to make sure that this gets documented before Obama (likely a student of Black sports history...) pulls it out of the bag in the second or third round and Romney is left looking like Wiley Coyote when the cliff falls out from under him.

Let Romney be Romney.  Let him go whole hog Romney ferchrissakes.  Then, at the correct time (NOT the first round...), Obama pulls out ONE LINE that totally devastates the Romney campaign.

"I hear what you are saying before the cameras as millions of Americans look on.  Why are you saying the exact opposite to your biggest supporters when you are unaware the camera is watching you?  You may wish we would forget the many conflicting things you have said in the past year of campaigning, but I am confident that at least 47% of the American people have not forgotten what they heard you say a couple weeks ago to your top supporters."

I know somebody here is plugged directly into the DNC.  Pass it along.

Game, set, match.

#cleansweep #coattails


Sun Aug 19, 2012 at 05:17 AM PDT

Update from Utopia

by timtimes

All is well over here in the Free People's Republic of Germany, safe from the hollow points of the Weather Service as well as the perpetual intellectual flatulence of the deep-fried Chick Fil A crowd, who seem to mob my Facebook timeline with paranoid delusions.  Lunatic fringe, we know that you are out there.
Speaking of the lunatic fringe, I read about the freak-shooting at the Family Research Council the other day.  Looks like everything worked out OK.  They caught the guy who was shooting at the freaks.

That George Zimmerman case ever come to trial?  Last I heard Zimmerman was leaning on a historical defense.  It would be helpful if one of you could locate it for me.  Something about the total slaughter of the buffalo because they all looked like they were wearing hoodies and about to go on a Skittles bing.

The Social



Thu Apr 26, 2012 at 03:09 AM PDT

Musings from Abroad

by timtimes

I find it much easier to comment on the issues facing the US, now that I am in the relative safety of the Eurozone.  It is also much easier to see the many lies, distortions and omissions in regard to US reporting on the European situation.

Shorter:  The US press is obviously in bed with the banksters and monied interests in an attempt to destabilize the Euro.  Nothing would please the banksters more than crashing the Euro economy so they could swoop in and buy up the continent for pennies, using US dollars printed directly out of the basement of the White House.



Even though George Steppinoffinit over at ABC thinks this was McCain's strongest showing (while admitting he still lost - big WTF & LOL) I think it was the worst performance of a Republican candidate in my lifetime.  It will be remembered for decades to come as the last big gasp of the anti-abortion rightwing Christianist movement.


What do you see for the future of abortion based advertising in US politics?

34%25 votes
18%13 votes
41%30 votes
5%4 votes

| 72 votes | Vote | Results

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