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Does anyone here know their political history?  The 'bluedog Democrats" almost all from the South saw President Obama's election as an opportunity to increase their influence and be power brokers- even though they had almost always (and continued) to vote with the Republicans; go back and look at the votes in those first two years and you will find time and again that it was votes from this block that stopped much action or caused many bills to be scaled down (stimulus e.g.).  The only thing I fault Obama for was his continuing to believe compromise with moderate Republicans was possible long after that fantasy train had left the station.  But this block of blue dogs kept voting with the Republicans time and time again so there never was a real Democratic voting block making up a majority NEVER.  Many of them were voted out and replaced with Republicans so on the surface it looks like there was a majority of Dems, but not when it came to voting


Mon Jun 24, 2013 at 05:28 AM PDT

Textbooks and the Pentagon Papers

by tmmor

Read some textbooks before you say what and how they cover something.  

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Sat Apr 23, 2011 at 07:52 PM PDT

mental illness comments

by tmmor

Ok, so how can anyone who writes about the heartlessness of the Ryan budget's massive cuts for the disabled engage in the heartless verbal faux pas in their use of comments like markos meds remarks.  I have facilitated a NAMI support group for 16 years that is primarily for family and friends of people who suffer from brain disorders and I have several family members myself who suffer from illnesses such as chronic depression, anxiety disorder, and bipolar disorder.  

One of the greatest obstacles to recovery for people with mental illnesses is the stigma associated with such an illness.  Just tell someone you have a mental illness and see what happens most of the time.  People become frightened of you, withdraw from and begin to avoid you - unless they have true compassion and/or education about the reality of mental illness.  Comments such as those discussed tonight and made in the comments show that even in such a supposed enlightened community as this there is a great deal of ignorance about mental illnesses (I applaud all those who in a couple of diaries have tried to educate the masses here).

It is not political correctness to ask that people stop using language that disrespects and stigmatizes others!


Sat Sep 05, 2009 at 06:12 PM PDT

Milwaukee and racism addition

by tmmor

Adding context to the story, racism fueled by the exit of jobs.

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Sun Aug 30, 2009 at 09:23 AM PDT

Community Here - delusion in action

by tmmor

What is a community?  While I have often found this place to be interesting and sometimes very supportive I think it falls short of being an actual community.  To me in a community people actually know each other.  This means we use actual names and do not hide behind screen names (hey I do this too).  I actually think this is an important part of being a community.  I have lived in many places where people do not know their neighbors and the degree of community is weak.  There are, of course, communities made up of people who may not live close to each other but share many common ideas or values etc. and come together for common purpose.  Still, we make a commitment to each other when we know each other, if someone is not willing to even share their name with me that creates for me a bit of a trust issue.  Perhaps this is a quaint custom and I am hopelessly out of step BUT I am glad to be part of the group of readers and commentators (and rarely a poster)  to this blog.  I do value the communities that I am a part of, the people who share who they are without shroud.

Like so many other regulars here I have been depressed with the lack of ideas and guts from the Dems.  Well I went to a meeting the other night in my district to meet a candidate, Steve Kagen, for the 8th district which has been held by Repug Mark Green who has never voted against the presnit, and has taken large sums of money from Tom DeLay's PAC.  Green is leaving to run for Gov. of Wisconsin and thus leaves a very takeable seat for the Dems.  There will be a primary contest but Kagen has several things going for him.  First, check his website
for his plan for health care and other details about him, it is a new and innovative approach from a guy who is not afraid to speak out.

Second, a little history, his father helped rebuild the Democratic Party in Wisconsin in the 1960s, a friend of Proxmier and Pat Lucy, and ran for the same seat as an anti-war candiate in 1966 way ahead of most Dems back then.  And, Steve is also against the debacle in Iraq and in many ways way ahead of many Dems today

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