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Lieberman is not the only one who thinks losing his chairmanship is unacceptable.

Appearing on Shammity & Colmes, DLC poster boy, Iraq War apologist and now - apparent Joe Lieberman surrogate - Sen. Evan Bayh made clear to Faux News viewers where he stands on the question of what to do with Joe,

Hannity: Do you think he should be punished and have his chairmanship stripped from him?

BAYH: No, I don't think there should be retribution, Sean. We have an opportunity to make a fresh start in this country. And I think reconciliation is in order, not revenge or retribution.

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Its a safe bet we all know or have known someone who's hopelessly brainwashed with a wingnut mindset. In some cases it could be a genetic deficiency - abhoring critical thinking and extended reasoning, prefering the comfort and narrow simplicity of black and white (and for someone to tell them which is which).

Most of us can't even imagine ourselves living with such an outlook on life and we're fortunate to be the progressive-minded human beings that we are or that we have become.  

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The Gropenator hit the campaign trail with McCain, appearing at an apparently underattended rally in Columus, Ohio yesterday. (now diaried here!).

As if this schtick still had a ounce of shelf life, Schwarzenegger led off by poking fun at an adversary's physical build aka the "girlie man".

"He needs to do something about those skinny legs, make him do some squats," Schwarzenegger said. "And give him some bicep curls to beef up those scrawny little arms."

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Apologies for the repeat, diaried earlier here and here.

Its becoming more and more apparent that man at the top of the ticket has little to do with his campaign these days.  Palin supporters are ignoring calls to tone down the vitriol, despite not too subtle hints from prominent swing state Republicans in Florida and Wisconsin.

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The McCain campaign's designated "attack dog" bit her own supporters today at a rally in Richmond.


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Fri Sep 29, 2006 at 05:46 AM PDT

VA-Sen: SCV to take down Allen

by tomVA

I posted a diary yesterday morning discussing the SCV (Sons of Confederate Veterens) announced press conference to denounce George Felix for denouncing the confederate flag. Felix looks to be turning his attention away from Red Virginia and toward blue Virginia to pick up votes - a battleground where Jim Webb has the higher footing. This was not the gameplan, but at this point Allen is compelled to do this.

Groups like the SCV, CCC, Daughters of the Confederacy, League of the South etc... are very socially and politically active groups in Virginia. Its not the 4,000 members of the SCV in Virginia, or the 1,500 confederate daughters, or the headcount of any group - its the folks they interact with on a daily basis. Think of it as the ratio between posters and lurkers on a blog or messageboard.


Again, what will the SCV etc... folks do on election day?

58%33 votes
32%18 votes
8%5 votes

| 56 votes | Vote | Results

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Thu Sep 28, 2006 at 07:02 AM PDT

VA-Sen: Allen is pissing off his base

by tomVA

Virginia can be divided roughly into 4 regions:

Northern VA (blue), population 2.1 million
Shennandoah (red), population 2.1 million
Tidewater (purple), population 1.8 million
Capital region (purple), population 1.3 million

2005 Gov race (DEM Kaine won election + 3/4 regions)
NVA: 58.7% for Kaine (28% of statewide vote)
Shen: 45% for Kaine (30% of statewide vote)
Tide: 53% for Kaine (22% of statewide vote)
Cap: 51% for Kain (20% of statewide vote)

George Allen is about to launch a sustained $650,000/week television ad campaign across the state (a negative ad re: Webb). 3/4 of that $ is going into NVA. That's $3 million he's throwing at NVA on this one ad between now and the election.


What will the SCV/CCC/KKK sympathizers do on election day in VA?

0%1 votes
50%69 votes
48%67 votes

| 137 votes | Vote | Results

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You've seen the diary w/the AP story regarding the response from the George Felix Allen campaign to Mr. Shelton's story (deer head, n-word).

Hotline goes into more detail.

The 3 ex-players who submitted statements in support of George Felix Allen are: 1) a political appointment while he was governor, 2) a current GOP operative and campaign organizer, 3) an exec for a corporate sugar daddy.

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In PA the green party candidate's failed attempt to get on the ballot was organized, funded and staffed by the GOP. Let's take a look at the green party VA Senate candidate, who will likely draw 1-2% of the vote - most of which would otherwise go to Jim Webb.

(from the initial announcement in June that she'd be on the ballot)

Gail Parker, a retired federal employee who wants to expand the nation's rail system, will appear on state ballots this fall as independent candidate for the U.S. Senate.

Parker, 59, said she does not expect to win. "I'm being practical about this, and I know the chances of a third party candidate winning are very low," she said during an interview on Thursday. "My goal is to create a public forum to discuss the rail issue."


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disclaimer: I don't do this for a living or even a hobby. This is an educated guess based on my personal research and following the campaign news.

Here follows my prediction for the outcome of the OH 2nd congressional district 2005 special election:


What's your outcome prediction

5%9 votes
4%7 votes
24%41 votes
17%29 votes
4%8 votes
22%37 votes
15%26 votes
5%10 votes

| 167 votes | Vote | Results

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