The Supreme Court constantly, CONSTANTLY is on the wrong side of history.

Dred Scott v. Sandford (ruling Dred Scott was property and not a human being and that americans of african descent were not citizens), Korematsu v. United States (ruling that the internment of American citizens of Japanese descent was constitutional).

Then there's the lifeterms and cloak of secrecy that allows them to essentially behave like these untouchable demigods, free from the scrutiny of public opinion.

Say what you will about bad Presidents and bad Congresses, but at least the public gets to vent against them once in a while. When's the last time the SCOTUS got picketed? It's laughable how they whined like babies when Obama called them out in that one State of the Union address.

I don't know and frankly don't care about the innane details of how judges, and law works. All I know is when I crack open my US history book, everytime the Supreme Court had the opportunity to do the RIGHT thing it failed. Blacks = Property, Japanese American interned? Constitutional.