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Kossacks, it seems like the I-P issue has very much divided our community.  That is understandable since it is a complex situation that has confounded some of the best foreign policy minds of our generation.  I’m not an expert, but here’s what I see as a cross section of the spectrum of  ‘solutions’ you could propose if you were somehow ruler of the universe.  



What final Israeli - Palestinian disposition would you propose?

16%18 votes
11%13 votes
11%13 votes
5%6 votes
2%3 votes
6%7 votes
19%22 votes
16%19 votes
9%11 votes

| 112 votes | Vote | Results

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From the mind of the person who brought you the excellent 'Goodnight & Goodluck', here's a chance for the members of this community to make their voices heard at the UN.


Update: Thank you, josephk, for actually embedding the clip below.

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