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You fucking still blame the victims.

Do you fucking understand that over 100 convicts.... were SET FREE last year.... BECAUSE they were found to be completely innocent??? These people were set to die or spend life in prison because they were fucking set up by the police/prosecutors. AND IT DIDNT HAPPEN TO RICH WHITE MEN....

And now we have you ruthless motherfuckers suggesting that drug dealing is a capital offense punishable by death and if we get together and say NO MORE.... once again you want to say we are wrong for fighting against them.

But when we have the bundy situation in Nevada... oh its different then huh???

you dont want that rich white mans rights being violated. It was okay to aim your rifles on the police there huh??}

But you arent racist....

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Wed Dec 17, 2014 at 08:42 AM PST

The 'Right' to Work, (state)

by warrenproject

Let me explain what the right to work is... because I fucking lived it. I was working in the HVAC field. Delivering a house full of products in a new development. As we were taking the furnace to the basement, the person at the top lost control and the furnace fell top over bottom crushing me against a wall. I had severe internal injuries and a nasty hernia on my right side. 2 days later I was having emergency surgery. Afterwards, I was off for 3 months to heal....


I go back to work and the second day back, I was fired.

Because the insurance company could not insure the company with someone as risky as me.
Not because I had accidents. But because I was NO susceptible to new injury.

And I had NO RECOURSE.. at all... I had to wait 11 weeks for my unemployment. And at the time 1984, the economy sucked, unemployment sucked, and I had a 4 year old son that needed to eat on a regular basis. My wife and I could miss meals. No problem. But I wasnt going to allow that to happen to MY son.

And that is what the right to work does.

The company has THE RIGHT to fire you at any time for ANY reason,.
You have gray hair? YOU are FIRED!
You drive an older car?


And workers have NO recourse, unless you are in a union.


Perhaps someone can explain what laws have been changed because we all stayed home and complained on the internet? I dont want violence. I dont condone violence. But until there was video PROOF that the racist cops in the south were turning their dogs loose on innocent protestors, Americans refused to believe it. I dont like what happened to OUR country. I wish that talking and making deals would work in a situation like this. But its become real obvious over the past 6 years, that a handshake and a smile from conservatives is the same as a kick in the balls and a racial slur. It took 109 days for this grand jury to decide that Wilson wasnt guilty? Or did it take 9 days to make that decision and 100 days to figure out a good cover?


Sun Sep 14, 2014 at 09:23 AM PDT

YES.... raise the minimum wage!!!

by warrenproject

The down side?

There IS a big down side in all this.
And I live it.
Dont get this wrong.

I do support this raising the minimum wage.
And I know it actually creates jobs.

Conservatives, republicons, independents, all
have slashed food stamps, unemployment AND;

Social Security. I am disabled and yes the prices on EVERYTHING have gone up, everything except what I get. 941 per month. I realize that in the eyes of many, my work history of over 33 years before I was disabled ON THE JOB, does not mean much. I havent done shit for 'them' lately. But I did serve this country and worked for over 33 years. Everyone who is thinking about ever retiring, should rethink it. Because you dont get to travel the country on 941 per month. You rarely even get to travel your neighborhood.

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Thu Apr 24, 2014 at 07:32 AM PDT

Our plan for the Paul Ryan plan

by warrenproject

Okay.... so now the plan is to party like its 1999 and not worry about the 'future' because when it comes unless you are a part of the 1%, life wont be worth living. In 20 years labor jobs will be over. They will be performed by robots and androids and people wont be required. AM/PM will be manned by ATM machines and the door will open when you pay for what you have. Going to jail for car camping in the city will allow you to see a doctor, get your teeth cleaned and have any needed medical procedures done, all on the taxpayers dime. Its actually a part of a plan for the elderly and sick if we pass the Paul Ryan plan..... #DrMorq @ #houseofmanycolors Its a #WarrenProject

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Wed Jan 15, 2014 at 06:57 PM PST

Prairie child/Sound adult

by warrenproject

Almost 57 years old now. And it beats the alternative. By a long shot. Born and raised for most of my first 31 years 'in' the buckle on the bible belt, Wichita,Kansas. Got on the radar of the local yocals early on. Seems, they didnt appreciate the company I kept.... Went to jail 17 times for hitch hiking. A few other times for being in the wrong place. But I wasnt guilty and wasnt convicted of anything more than failing to pay tickets .......

....or the 2 little pot charges.

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What I really like about the shutdown? I was listening to a liar, I mean a conservative radio host on Commute with Carlson, when I went for a cup of coffee a few minutes ago. He was complaining that a republican congress idiot wanted an exemption to the government closing the WW2 memorial because there were some veterans coming to see the memorial. Once again, they believe they are privliged. That rules dont apply to them. When a business shuts its doors, it over. You can no longer get the original 'Twinkie'. There is no 'Wonder Bread'. The same should be true when the government shuts down. YOU are on your own.

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Mon Jul 08, 2013 at 02:57 PM PDT

Why I support Obamacare.

by warrenproject

My son met a girl in his first year in high school in Wichita, Kansas. They were both 14 and born 1 day apart in the same hospital. They fell in 'love'. At the time, her illness wasnt affecting her life. She had C/F. Eventually it did prevent her from some activities and got worse. Still he stayed with her. People say I wear my heart on my sleeve, but my son is my hero. I try to live up to what I say but he does it with ease it seems. So, they finished high school and started college at Wichita State University. Her illness had gotten so bad that she required a double lung transplant. She had been pulling her oxygen bottles with her for a couple of years, but still she worked a job and continued college. My son quit college so he could get a full time job and provide the apartment for them both. People dont 'get it' but you could NOT get insurance for C/F because it was a pre existing condition. And a double lung transplant costs 275,000 down payment to get on 'the list'. And to get your new lungs, someone else has to die. Most people dont have that kind of money laying around and despite the fact that her mother is/was a professor of nursing and her father was an engineer at Boeing, the costs of having 2 children with C/F is staggering. And so they had bake sales and pizza drives and they went door to door begging for Rachel. And they finally came up with the down payment and it took over 2 years but she got to the top of the list. Its a first come first served list. So you watch and wait, knowing that every move up means another person died. She got to the top after 1 year waiting and then another year waiting for a type match. And just before her surgery, she finished her college courses and was preparing for the graduation ceremonies. She got the transplant but sadly, it was too late and her system just wasnt that strong. They went thru, it seems, hundreds of different anti-rejection drugs. She got her diploma in communications but in 2006, the day before valentines day, she died.
I didnt have a sudden change of heart or an epiphany, I have always thought that as Americans we all deserve quality healthcare despite our wealth or standing. But now it IS personal. And when someone says something so ignorant against the ACA, I will ask what they know. And they will say it doesnt matter. Or not answer the questions.


"" kscliff Engineered Reality • 6 hours ago

I also question the use of the term "Women's health and reproductive services" He was a "late term abortion provider" nothing more than that.""


Did you ever purchase liquor from the store on Lincoln across from Parklane? It was next to what used to be a Western Auto decades ago. There was a lady who worked there for many years. She had a big blond hairdo and a funny laugh. Mrs Valykeo. She was robbed and attacked on evening at work. I am sure you see justification in that she was selling the devils water, and 'nothing more than that'.

She was cut up pretty bad. Near death they say. George Tiller happened by and stopped, treated her wounds and saved her life.

You know, like the Good Samaritan? Youve heard the story?

Years later her daughter was sick and didnt have insurance. She was working at Taco Tico on Bluff? Just off Harry across from 'The Wichita Mall"... Doctors in Wichita who treat people with no insurance were impossible to find, but Dr. Tiller was her mothers doctor since he had saved her life and agreed to see her daughter. Turns out, she had a rotting fetus stuck in her fallopian tubes. She had been raped a couple of months earlier by an ex boyfriend and was too ashamed to tell anyone. It would have killed her within a short period, she was that sick. At the same time, he discovered she had cancerous lesions on her cervix.

Again I am sure you could justify her being raped and dying from the results, because your sanctimonious relationship with God allows that. You are the judge and jury.

Dont you have a doctor to go shoot in church?


What is 30 years worth? What is it when you are 15 years old? What do you know about... life? What do you know about graduation and

prom, dorm life and college?

30 years ago was 1980. It was much different then. Many of us know about it only thru books, magazines, and television shows. It was a time of transition. From a national economy to world economy. From a labor intensive environment to a more technical one. From a loyalty view to a 'what have you done for me lately' view. People were raised back then to know that no one was replaceable. Every one had purpose and even tho not perfect, all work was dignified and all people DESERVED respect. You cannot know another mans reason without walking in his shoes. Raise your hand if you know that 30 years ago, Mt. St Helens blew its top. The day after, my son was born. I remember the time very well. I remember we had promises of getting the hostages out of Iran. We didnt know then that reagan, ollie north, and the bush family all were conspiring behind the backs of congress and making deals with Iran/Contra. Business was strong. America led the world in exporting finished products. And several of my friends went to work at jobs they are still at. It was still relatively easy to get a job and employers were happy to give a good employee, good benefits. When you are young; say 15, you have alot of energy and if directed can be employed at little expense. You can make better money working overtime and 15 hours is easy. Even tho its back breaking, knee bending work; its easier when you are 15 or even 20. I know theres a big difference, 5 years busting ass is a long time. Back in 1980 working production anywhere was monotonous and dirty. In the newspaper business it was labor intensive, filthy work.  You know all those inserts you get in your paper from Sears and Wal-Mart and Best Buy? they were all put in by hand, piece by piece. And you had to be fast and accurate. Slowly more machines did some work and some people had to fix the machines when they broke down. I know a guy who happened into that line of work. Started as an inserter, worked his way up to lead and then operator/supervisor, and then part of the maintenance team. Then the most valuable member of the whole department. You could count on him to be there everyday as long as you wanted or needed him there. Not only maintenance, he would fill in and help anywhere he could. For the first 3 or 4 years that I worked with him, I wasnt sure he could stand up. He was always on his knees or crawling around over or under some machine, trying to get it to work at least thru the shift. Ive watched him and helped him many, many times and have to admire the talents he has developed. We all have talents and its good when we can use them to the best outcome. He has the perfect hands for maintenance. fat strong fingers that will fit anywhere and twist every direction. Ive seen him twist off nuts that wrenches couldnt. He could put wire clips where the tool wouldnt quite reach. They called him in, off the clock, anytime they wanted. Although on call for almost all of the past 30 years, he was never paid extra. And still he came in, usually willing to help out anyway he could. Even if, after he got there, he wasnt needed, he would stay and help. They called him in, when he was on his weekend, on vacation, any holiday and every holiday.

What is 30 years worth on a pay scale? Is it worth a living wage? When you have an employee that is worth keeping around for 30 years, how much is he worth in an hourly wage? Is he worth 30 cents per year? That would equal 3 dollars every ten years or about 33 cents in raises every year. You would make about 9 dollars an hour after 30 years. Is that worth it to stay loyal to a job? Is 50 cents a year to much to ask? That would be 15 dollars an hour after 30 years. For an employee who would come in any time day or night, even when really sick, because no one else could get us running. Ive seen it many times. Ive seen them call him on vacation at the coast. 5-6 hours later he shows up. I know its relative. Its not brain surgery after all. but its not mowing the lawn either. If other people in the same company are making say 20 dollars an hour doing about the same amount of work, as far as labor intensive and dirty; does 'he' deserve 20 an hour? Is that alot of money? After 30 years? He was worth it to call in from the coast. Anyone else and it would have come from out of state and probably thousands of dollars. Between quitting and retirement, the maintenance staff went from 3.... to 2.... to 1. And in addition, new paperwork. Never made 20 bucks an hour. Just got 15 a few years ago. And still he showed up, everyday, almost always on time. No write up, no disciplinary actions in over 20 years. The kind of person you keep around even if just as an example of loyalty.

But not the Everett Herald. And you would think better of a company owned by the Washington Post. But with the Herald, if you get injured or old; they cant wait to kick you out the door. I had it happen when I got injured on the job, but I only had 11 years in. It wasnt 30 years. They didnt pluck me out of school and count work as school credits. They didnt cheat me out of an education. I did that myself. And I wasnt only 15. They taught him all about newspapers and their machines. They taught him how to work and be loyal and never give up. It can be fixed. But can blown out knees be fixed. Can thirty years of intensive labor on ones body be replaced? Can you replace all the years, on your knees on a cold cement floor? But not the Herald. they got rid of him before they had to pay to fix him. Its the new way of doing business. It started about 29 years ago with the reagan administration. Instead of fixing your tv or radio, refrigerator or stove, you just thow it away and get a newer version for alot less money than the original. Of course it wont last as long, or work as well, all the time. For thirty years.


Several things came to mind as I watched this President during the speech today. First of all, I wonder what it would have been like if we had a house and senate full of progressive democrats plus a supreme court that was seated by Obama's daddie and his daddies friends... I mean really... just like WMD bush had it for 6 years...

And the second thing I thought was, how generous of a man President Obama was in letting that woman interrupt him, time and time again. It was obvious she was in pain and passionate about what she was saying but she didnt understand that Obama is JUST as passionate and is going to close gitmo. And thirdly.... What would have happened if one of us had done that to bush....?


Fri May 24, 2013 at 04:37 AM PDT

the banksters

by warrenproject

I dont want any of the innocent to suffer at all and that is out of our hands. But we will all pay financially for this, just like any natural disaster. Because despite all of their protestations, the federal government will not allow the state to suffer because of nature. It will come out of all of our taxes, not just the red states and not just Oklahoma. And that is how it should be. That being said, it is past time to raise the taxes on the wealthy back to the rates they were when Carter was President. And they should stay there until our debt as a country is paid in full and unemployment is below 5%. Eliminate ALL corporate loopholes and subsidy, and allow them to leave these shores, but without the assets the accrued from the American people. It is time to stop blaming the workers, the poor and the immigrants for what the wealthy, the corporate, and the banksters have done to OUR country.

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