Dear Daily Kos community,

I need your help to awaken my fellow conservatives from a dangerous dream. We are off track in many ways at the national level right now, but it is not for lack of effort or desire. Something bigger is happening and we need to fix it.  

Conservatives understand that the alternative to compromise is a suffering population, a weaker nation, and a more dangerous world. Help us act on this by promoting a different narrative.

I believe there is a strong desire among my peers to step back from the brink. We just need the right message to explain ourselves to the public and to save face in the negotiations with the President.

On a whim less than two days ago I flew from San Francisco, leaving my family and my business.  This is my way of continuing the service I proudly started as a Marine, and have continued as a civilian.

Senator Cruz is the fountainhead for the Tea Party, which is holding back progress. He has not responded to my request for a discussion.

Help me get in front of him by spreading this on media outlets. I am a political ally, but cannot accept his actions during this crisis. Get me in front of him, force him to speak with me through pressure, and I will loosen his hold on the House Republicans by promoting a different message about our responsibility as conservatives to uphold American values and responsibilities.

Sincerely yours,
William Treseder