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I write this in honor of my Dad's birthday. He woulld have been 85 today. Sadly he died 11 years ago this month of a very rare cancer.  

Not only was Dad a letter carrier and a member of the union, The National Association of Letter Carriers, and this was a cause near and dear to his heart.  It was Personal for him.

Leave nonperishable food without expiration dates at your mailbox and your letter carrier will pick it up Satuday.

See more below the orange squiggle.  

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When I become anxious about the election, I do 3 basic things. ( as face it, during an election cycle, we all have moments of doubts, fears , or even some small periods of anxiety.  The major factor is limiting that fear and anxiety to hours or a day or two vs fear that can cripple, slow us down, and anxiety that zaps our energy and last for days or weeks )

1. GOTV and volunteering at OFA offices and meeting places. There is nothing like it.
You can receive encouragement, and support from other volunteers for the Obama campaign.  There is strength in numbers and the sharing of common goals increases our energy and decreases our anxiety.

I am an old Veteran of GOTV for Democrats. I first became involved in 1976 in the Carter campaign vs Ford.
It was such a rewarding experience that I became Hooked and I have continued every 2 years since doing some work for the local, state, federal Democratic candidates for office.  

2. Phonebanking..taking action helps counteract any feeilngs of anxiety one may have. I find as I become more involved, and do all I can to help, those feelings of stress melt away.   As I find myself becoming more confident and strengthened through talking to other voters and encouraging them to vote.

3.  Checking out the Electoral Math and Playing around with the Numbers.  I did this Wednesday night because I was unable to do GOTV work late at night and into the wee hours of the morning, Thursday.

The Bottom Line is....the Electoral Math still heavily favors the President in good times and in bad. More below.....the cute little DKos squggly...

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THE POLITICAL football that is Pennsylvania's voter-ID law was punted by the state Supreme Court on Tuesday back to a lower court for more review.

The Supreme Court told Commonwealth Court Judge Robert Simpson that he must put the voter-ID law on hold if he determines that it will keep voters from casting ballots. The law requires state-approved identification to vote

Well the PA Supreme Court decided to basically Punt this decision back to the Lower Court to make the decision on Voter ID.

This is disappointing news for those of us hoping the PA Supreme Court would make a ruling on this vital matter.  

 See more after the Orange fancy symbol.....

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Mother's Day is a holiday to celebrate and pay tribute to Mothers.
Most Mothers receive phone calls, cards, gifts from their children. Some children are
able to spend the day with their Mothers. We Mothers appreciate it more than words can say just as our mothers and grandmothers certainly enjoyed this day and receiving our thanks and appreciation for their love, nurturing, encouragement, and sacrfices made for us.

However, Military moms whose children are deployed to war zones hope for more than a card, a phone call, or email from their child on this special day.  They desperately desire with an intense passion that they will see their child again in this lifetime.
They long for that day, that hour, that minute when they can see their child and welcome him home with a big hug.  

This also applies to another type of Military Mom; The Mom whose husband and father of their children is deployed and while the spouse is away; they become an instant single Mom.  They have to take on the role of both mother and father.  And they have the same worries, anxieties, and fears coupled with the immense responsibility of parenting children in the absence of their father and staying strong for their kids who miss Daddy.  
More below the fold.....

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I apologize that this is a short diary.

This is the Voter Guide emailed to me for PA Democrats. These are just for statewide offices.  I will try to update with some of the Congressional Elections that are being contested in the state and the PA-12 information.  But feel free in the comment section to add to this as I had an unexpected Crisis Intervention  with a client just as I was completing this diary.

I seldom Post a Diary but I figured this was something I should do as all the information for tomorrow is in one place.

Since I have  been a political activist in PA for 34 years, it is something I should be posting. :)  I just hope I get the Tags right.
As sometimes, I mess up tags and I have been here a long time.  ( slaps self..LOL)  

The candidates are listed and their websites.

See below the fold:

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My Best Friend gave me permission and even encouraged me to post this as a diary. This is a letter she sent to her Representative and Senators. ( by the way, her US Representative is a Republican, both of her Senators are Democrats who will vote for this bill and have voted for this bill, not so with the Republican House member, of course)

This is a case of someone whose husband is an experienced and well educated engineer who works for a company where the employer has not been able to afford to carry the quality insurance he once was able to offer. She is an award winning journalist and photographer. But the jobs available in her area limit her income potential considerably particularly in this economy with the job situation as it is.  Newspapers are laying off writers, photographer, editors and shutting down some newspapers entirely.

She and her husband both work but her part time job does not offer any health benefits so they and their child have no choice but to be covered under the husband's plan.

I did not want to list names so where you see a __ is in place of a specific name of a person  

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Last night on ABC, Barbara Walters revealed her annual list of the Top 10 Most Fascinating People of 2009. It was an odd mix, an eclectic group. I do not know why she selected some of them and what the criteria is.

The List included:
Lady Gaga
Tyler Perry
Sarah Palin
Adam Lambert
Michael Jackson's children
Kate Gosselin
Glenn Beck
Brett Favre
Jenny Sanford

And then the TOP one is always kept secret and revealed at the end.
It was our First Lady, Michelle Obama.

Some brief summaries below. Basically it was a very lame show. I never watched it before. I will never watch it again. It did get me thinking who would we choose at the TOP 10 MOST FASCINATING PEOPLE if we were to make a list?  

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My husband and I both have Geisinger Insurance and Geisinger doctors.
The insurance is through my husband's employer. We have subscribed to Geisinger for the past 10 years. We are about a 30 minute drive from the Geisinger Medical Center and Hospital in Danville, PA.
However there are Geisingers clinics throughout parts of PA so that it is not necessary to drive to the Main headquarters to be seen by a Geisinger physician. In the past 3 years, specialists have also opened offices in other areas than Danville.

I will first discuss Geisinger Medical Services. Continued below:

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Myself and a few friends have started a liberal progressive forum to dicuss and exchange ideas for Pennsylvanians.

The discussions are not limited to politics. We are in the early phases and everyone is welcome to join.


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Update: Many wondered what in the hell I am talking about.
So I updated this below to illustrate some of the diaries and comments I encoutered. Plus remember outside of DKos, there are people we encounter who are looking at this differently. And some are discouraged, depressed, and ready to give up. I have seen this in person and here to a much lesser degree and on a number of other forums.

I have seen a lot of people giving up in despair and becoming discouraged and depressed over McCain's choice of VP.

Who cares if she energizes the base? I am not convinced they would stay home anyway.  As many regular voters do vote in Presidential elections.

It seems his choice motivated the wingnut base.
It can also motivate our base to work even hard and become even more energized.

****** UPDATE: Many ask me what I am basing this on. Most have not seen any discouraged or anxious people worrying about Palin as a pick. So I decided to list diaries and comments I was seeing A LOT late last night. Scroll down***


Are you Conceding and Giving up ?

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1%1 votes
4%4 votes
9%9 votes
2%2 votes
4%4 votes
31%29 votes
35%33 votes
7%7 votes

| 92 votes | Vote | Results

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Our Iraqi War Vet Nephew, who  is like a son to me,  returned from Iraq in September. He was awaiting the safe return of his close Friend who was due to return home this week. October 10th, she was killed by the Mortar attack on Camp Victory.

She was there for our boy during his Hour of Need, a Constant and Dependable Friend,  and helped him endure his time in Iraq.

Army Staff Sgt. Lillian Clamens leaves behind a husband and 3 children.

More about the beautiful Lillian below the fold

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Remember War Mothers Today. If you know of someone whose son or daughter is serving in Iraq or Afghanistan, give them a call today. Or perhaps take them to lunch or dinner or jot off an email or send a note.  

These  War mothers are living with anxiety and fear and the Gold Star mothers are living with grief and broken hearts.

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