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Before you send a tech email...

... you should read this page first. It has explanations for the most common issues people have with Daily Kos.

I can't find the publish button on my diary! - or - I can't publish my diary because it says I need to have between 300 and 1150 words in my intro!

Move some of your intro down to the body of your diary. It's a 300 to 1150 character limit, not word. Move some of it and you shoudl be fine.

I just signed up, but I don't seem to be able to post a comment. What's up?

You need to wait 24 hours before you can post a comment. It's on the signup page and in your confirmation email.

It's been 24 hours, and I still can't post!

Sometimes it's not exactly 24 hours - the job that allows new users to comment runs twice a day, so you might need to wait a little bit. If these suggestions don't work, or your question isn't answered, please feel free to email.

My question is just like the one above, but about diaries. How come I can't post a diary, even though I just signed up?

You need to wait one week after signing up to post a diary.

Help! I can't remember my username, lost my password, or I'm trying to log in and you're not accepting my username or password!

Use the "Account Recovery Tools to get your lost information. You can often recover your username or password with that. If it doesn't work, then email us.

I just tried to create an account, but it said that an account with this email address already exists! What can I do?

See above answer.

I'd like to change my username. How do I do that?

If you've never posted a diary or a comment with your account, you email us and we'll rename it for you, assuming the name you want is available. If you have posted a diary or comment, however, you'll either need to abandon your current account and register a new one and use that, or tough it out with the old one.

Will you kindly delete my account, please?

Thank you for being so polite. Unfortunately, we don't delete accounts on Daily Kos once they've been created. However, you're free to delete any diaries that you've made in the past, and if there are any comments of yours that you fear expose your identity, you may send them to us and we'll review them for deletion on a per comment basis.

When I try to post a comment, I just get this weird form, without the fancy Ajax stuff. I have a vaguely modern browser and have Javascript enabled. What happened?

Chances are you need to clear your cache (this solves a surprising number of problems). There are some instructions available on the internet on how to do so. If that doesn't work, it could be a sign of a more troubling problem. Scroll down to the question after next.

When I try to log in, it doesn't give me an error, but it sends me to the front page still not logged in. What's up?

Try clearing your cache and deleting any cookies from "" from your browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, Opera). If that doesn't work, it could be a sign of a more troubling problem. Scroll down to the next question.

I have one of the two proceeding problems, tried the solutions there, and neither worked. By amazing coincidence, I'm running an unusually aggressive suite of antivirus/anti-spyware/etc. software, like the Computer Associates Security Suite.

I've been getting some reports of problems with some security software, particularly CA's, causing trouble with the site. We've been told that Firefox 3 reacts badly to their popup blocker, and session cookies that you get when logging in are often silently blocked. You'll need to adjust the privacy settings in the software to allow logins to Daily Kos.

I have a subscription, but the ads have come back! What should I do?

Try these things:

  1. Make sure your subscription hasn't expired.
  2. Make sure you didn't accidentally turn the ads back on. Look in your Tools menu on the right hand side of the page. If you see a link that says "Hide Ads", you've turned ads back on. Turn them off by clicking the link.
  3. If the above don't work, make sure you're logged in.
If those don't work, then you should contact us.

I signed up, but when I clicked on the confirmation link I got a 'Permission Denied' message in red letters. Help!

This is a rare glitch. Just log in with the info you signed up with and you should be good. If it doesn't work, though, contact us.

Why have my abilities to comment and participate on the site been revoked?

Make sure that you're logged in, and that you aren't trying to comment in an archived story (stories move into the archive seven days after posting). Failing that, you may have been banned. You may apply for reinstatement here.

Further questions may be included in the future, depending on the frequency they're asked.

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