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I apologize if this has been posted before but I didn't see it anywhere and I think it qualifies as big news.

From From the BBC

The United Nations Secretary-General Kofi Annan has told the BBC the US-led invasion of Iraq was an illegal act that contravened the UN charter.

He said the decision to take action in Iraq should have been made by the Security Council, not unilaterally.

The UK government responded by saying the attorney-general made the "legal basis... clear at the time".

Mr Annan also warned security in Iraq must considerably improve if credible elections are to be held in January.

So think about this.  The SecGen of the UN is blatantly admitting that a) the war in Iraq was an illegal action by the standards of international law and b) credible elections will probably not be held on schedule without some substantial improvements.

In a purely realpolitik sense, the UN was supposed to be the biggest American tool in the post-Cold War world.  It was supposed to ensure that we could control a coalition and, therefore, maintain our superpower position.  The fact that we're now in direct violation of its charter-- and, perhaps as important, the fact that Annan feels it's important to talk about that to the media-- is therefore very important.

And what do the US media have to say about it?  MSNBC has nothing on their front page OR even their international news section (although they do provide an excellent article about how the Turkish parlaiment may consider a bill banning adultery).    CNN similarly has no mention of the event, although they do inform us that Ashley Olsen will be selling Happy Meals soon.  So they're at least on the ball there.  CBS News is all Peterson trial and Ivan.

Let's get this straight.  The Secretary General of the United Nations has all but declared us a rogue state... and the American media IGNORES it.  This is absurd.  A state controlled propaganda service could hardly be better at keeping us ignorant.  Hell, Britain's state-controlled service is where I got the damn article.  This can't stand, though.  In an age of global communication, they can't just withhold information to keep us ignorant like this.

We need to contact them and call them out.  Here's  CNN's Feedback form.  And here's the email for MSNBC's news office.

This is an incredibly important story, but the American media's silence on it is almost as important.  Are we truly living in a society that can just ignore breaking stories if they're unflattering to the United States?  Is there a difference between any American media outlet and Pravda anymore?

Originally posted to ChicagoDem on Fri Sep 17, 2004 at 08:24 AM PDT.

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  •  Reading between the lines (none)
    Annan's shocking statement means that the UN is not going to get involved in the January elections.  
  •  But of course Bushies deny it... (none)
    1 Powell Disputes Annan, Insists Iraq War Is Legal
    Reuters via Yahoo! News - Sep 16 10:21 PM
    Secretary of State Colin Powell disputed U.N. Secretary-General Kofi Annan's assertion that the U.S.-led war in Iraq was illegal and said in an interview published on Friday the comment was "not a very useful statement to make at this point."

    He, he, even the <b.Moonie times</b>...

     Powell rebukes Annan on Iraq
    The Washington Times - Sep 16 10:46 PM
    Secretary of State Colin L. Powell yesterday expressed strong disapproval of U.N. Secretary-General Kofi Annan's description of the U.S.-led war in Iraq as illegal, saying the comment was "not a very useful statement to make at this point."

  •  So.... (none)
    I don't normally do this, but if you think this issue is important enough that all of America should hear about it, maybe you want to recommend this diary?  I think we have a good chance of forcing one of the networks to acknowledge it.

    Also, independently of that, someone had a nice list of media contacts a while ago.  Any chance of posting that?

    George W. Bush: It's the Morning After in America

    by ChicagoDem on Fri Sep 17, 2004 at 08:43:34 AM PDT

    •  And I don't normally do this... but... (none)
      I had this yesterday, and no one seemed to care then.  

      my diary entry

      Grumble, grumble.

    •  I don't think America should hear about this. (none)
      I don't put much stock in Annan's comments. The UN under Annan is all about political expediency, and I have seen him back illegal actions to many times to put much credence in his leadership. Make no mistake: he has adopted this position because Bush & co. have completely disregarded the views of the UN.

      So, I don't see Annan's stand as a principled stand. He's only making it because the UN has been cut out as an effective voice.

      This whole bit doesn't play with me, and I'm an internationalist. It surely won't play with most Americans. They don't need to be told by Kofi annan that a war fought by America in the post 9/11 era was an illegal war. This is a dead story.

      If anything, it helps the Republicans, as it evidences a foreign power trying to insert himself into a US election.

      "Can we do something for the Middle Class this time?" GWB, at a cabinet meeting discussing more tax cuts for the rich, as reported by Paul O'Neill.

      by upstate NY on Fri Sep 17, 2004 at 09:18:48 AM PDT

      [ Parent ]

  •  Why didn't he (none)
    say this before the war?  It was just as illegal then as it is now.  Freakin whore politicians, no matter where they are from... I have no doubt that if there WERE wmd's in Iraq, he would have happily condoned the invasion.

    You can place an easy bet that this will further inflame the black helicopter crowd, if not regular rank and file brownshirts... I mean republicans.  

    The UN aint gonna get their US contribution without a pound of flesh for some time to come...

    bloggers: we watch the watchmen.

    by Ugluks Flea on Fri Sep 17, 2004 at 08:44:28 AM PDT

    •  Then and now (none)
      I think he probably did say so in so many words...but the original patron of the UN (USA) and the outwardly punctiliously legal British were going in anyway.  Annan's position would not have swayed these two then.

      In the fall of '03, the US was urged to turn control of Iraq over to the UN and to call elections quickly. But Bush refused.

      Then Bush panicked in May and sollicited the UN to save his ass by sending in Brahimi to form the caretaker government.  But Allawi and Yawar are incompetent and have embarrased themselves in several ways since taking office.

      With the US bombing and strafing Iraqi towns and cemeteries, there's no way the UN can get involved and Annan's comment means the UN is stepping aside in January.

      Powell, who strictly interprets things literally and who is incapable of grasping an inference should shut up and forget about petulantly calling  Annan out and consider what this means for January.

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