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Perhaps one of the most pernicious and evil spots on the Internet these days is Little Green Footballs.

LGF used to be a right-wing political blog, but is now simply a dung heap of racist panic, where anti-Arab and anti-Muslim screeds are not only welcomed in user comments, but trumpeted constantly in main page entries by the site operators.

So, I wandered over there to get my daily dose of angry race rage -- this makes you really sympathize for other victims of the LGF mentality, like African-Americans and gay people -- and found to my surprise that two mainstream companies are advertising on the website:

AOL Time Warner and the Wall St. Journal.

Well, I forgive the Wall St. Journal a bit.  Their business news is extravagantly excellent, but their editorial slant is and has long been unapologetically right-wing.  It's not surprise (but rather sad) that they would be hawking the Opinion Journal website at LGF.

But AOL Time Warner?  And with an advertisement that features "Carrie" from "Sex and the City?"

First of all, no one who watches "Sex and the City" is going to be reading LGF.

LGF is for mentally-ill sadists who live in the basement of Mom's house in the suburbs and own porn videos that feature the (simulated, hopefully) mutilation of women.  It's for teenaged guys who read Soldier of Fortune and fantasize about spending their summers "slithering around on their bellies in Survivalist camps in Idaho."  It's for people who wished the Klan was still around and influential, for people who used to like David Duke but hate him now that he's sympathetic to Palestine, for people who thought the Columbine massacre was "a good thing that they wish they had been in on."

In short:  LGF is sicko-ville deluxe.  And irredeemably so.  This is Stormfront stuff.

The LGF guys are the kind of guys who would think an AK-47 is the only answer to girls like "Carrie" from "Sex and the City."

Think I'm exaggerating?  Check the comments on LGF sometime and view the splendor of people eaten up from the inside by total hate.  This is Aryan Nations material.

We tend to think of the Bush Administration as being right-wing, but even they would recognize LGF for the steaming pile of crap it is and not go anywhere near it, simply for fear of being fouled by the odor and moral disease emanating from it.

Now, I have no problem with AOL Time Warner advertising on that silly Instapundit site, or Opinion Journal itself, or on or any number of other right-leaning or Republican-sympathetic blogs.  But advertising on LGF is like advertising on Stormfront or an Aryan Nations webpage.

It's over the limit for one of the nation's "biggest and best" companies.

This is wrong.

Originally posted to bink on Sun Sep 19, 2004 at 06:46 AM PDT.

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  •  Aggregate via "blogads"... (4.00)
    Appearance of these ads on LGF is probably not intentional. The site's HTML indicates it uses the same "" ad exchange service that kos uses. It looks like blogads lets you buy ads by site category, and you'd have to customize a broad order to explicitly drop LGF.

    Of course, now that you've noticed, it doesn't hurt to ask these advertisers to do so.

  •  Wrong (none)
    No, AOL chose to advertise on Blogads. Someone picked the site and paid them the money. Because Blogads merely highlights your site and lets individuals pick them and pay ad rates YOU determine.

    It's not like an old CPM ad sales where they just ran ads on a number of sites. You have to pick and choose which sites you run on.

    So they saw what their numbers were anc chose them. I would be that the person placing the ad doesn't even read the site.

    But I say let Richard Parsons have it, and let your friendly, neighborhood Al Jazeera Bureau know that one of America's larger corporations advertizes on a virulently anti-arab, anti-muslim site.

    •  Thanks... (none)
      ...for the clarification. Not having a blog of my own, hadn't researched the operations of blogads closely, and made an assumption based on just a little exploration of the blogads site.

      I was surprised enough by this diary's contents (particularly the TW/S&tC ad on LGF) that I figured this was an unintentional buy and did a little bit of research to figure out what was going on. Got the details of the sales wrong, but as you point out, I would hope it was a numbers selection.

  •  Letter writing campaign waiting to happen. (none)
    Now here's one I'd gladly participate in. I know for a fact that Kossacks have somewhere in their archives a collection of what could easily pass for a "worst of the worst" of LGF.

    Let's have an appropriate sampling of LGF vitriol to choose from, some contact addresses, and I'd be happy to pitch in with a letter. I'm sure others would, too.


  •  Hit Fascists where it hurts - in the WALLET (none)
    LGF uses mainly two services to raise money:



    both Paypal and Amazon ban hate sites

    LGF is a de facto anti-Muslim hate site

    so complain to Paypal and Amazon that they are doing business with hatemongers

  •  WHOA!!! Just a minute (none)
     "It's for teenaged guys who read Soldier of Fortune and fantasize about spending their summers "slithering around on their bellies in Survivalist camps in Idaho.""  

     I basicaly agree this site is garbage but please do not link all survivulist with this crap.

     I read Solider of Fortune for the reveiws of gear and weapons(I skip the crazy editorials) and survivual tips and would love to do a survivulist camp in Idaho(the one I want to go to is oned by a black man)but I do not not support this stuff and neither do any of my friends in the survivualist movement.

     Their reaction to me being TG and bi is as long as I wear fatigues if we can ever can get together to go survivual camping  and keep my hands off their johnsons whatever i do with a consenting adult in the privacy of my own place is my buissness.

     There are survivualist types who agree with this vomitous nonsense but please do not link all of us with these ass clowns.


     the mad as hell conservatives.

    •  Madconservative (none)
      Yours is one of the very few blatantly racist comments I have ever seen on this site.

      But I guess that's what happens when you get LGF'ers coming over to play.

      "Go to hell." - Bush, when asked what he would tell the Jews on his first visit to Israel. Austin American Statesman, 12/1/98

      by reef the dog on Tue Sep 21, 2004 at 11:44:19 AM PDT

      [ Parent ]

      •  Huh? (none)
        What was racist about his comment?
      •  Please Clarify yourself (none)
        "Yours is one of the very few blatantly racist comments I have ever seen on this site.
        But I guess that's what happens when you get LGF'ers coming over to play"

         Wait a damn minute.

         Why was my statement rascist???

         Although I do not agree with the claim LGF is anti gay I do think think they are comfortable with the staus qou on gay rights issue and i do think they have an us vS them mentality.Which I disgree with strongly.

         and as for rascist my point is that many of those survivulist being smeared are not anti gay and that there is diversity within the survivualist  community(that is why I brought up the black survivual camp owner).There may be neo nazi,fascist,gay haters within the survivulist community but not every body who is a survivulist is like that.  

         I do not post on LGF,I would probally not be welcomed.

         So far even though i have not seen eye to eye with the members of this group on everything you are the first one to attack me personaly.Everybody else has concentrated on what we have in common.

         If you call me racist becuase I am pro survivualist you are demostrating the same intolerancce that you accuse conservatives of.

         My pronlem has never been with arabs but with butt holes who kill others just for having a difference world veiw.

         Eric Rudoplh and Timothy Mcveigh are just as despised by me as Osama Bin Laden or Arafat.

          You do not know anything about me other than I am TG,Bi, a conservative and a Survivualist.

         I have said my peace and will post no further.I am not interested in a flame war.

         I tried to not flame.If I did.I apologize.But the comment pissed me off.


  •  Wow (none)
    You really believe that? You really should have linked to some LGF posts to back up your words, calling people racists is very serious (or should be- it seems to be an accepted debating method these days).
  •  One quickie but goodie (none)
    This is from back when I went to LGF to debate. People toss out these kinds of idiotic statements all the time, especially now that Charles requires registration (partly my fault), which has made it more of an echo-chamber than before. In noting that this off-the-cuff remark called outright for a race-based war crime against Muslims, someone else said about this, 'Does this guy think there are Chaldeans in Najaf?'
    #99       US1  5/26/2004 12:36PM PST    

    It's immaterial whether Saddam had stockpiles of WMDs. Saddam WAS a WMD.

    The WMD "controversy" is designed to prop up the dead-end liberal agenda. THEY promoted it, THEIR media broadcast it, now THEY criticize OUR troops for not finding the stockpiles.

    If the media is so into sarin gas, maybe we should import some of ours to Iraq. Perhaps to Najaf.

    Back when I cared to visit, there was actually a frequent commenter at LGF known as 'Transfer Them.'

    Any search for comments by the poster 'Ploome Hineni' or his / her more recent registered name 'plo0ome' will result in a torrent of racist comments.

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