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Update [2004-10-31 17:14:51 by katerina]: I thought it might be fun to really push the Redskins loss story. It's bound to psych out more than a few Bush supporters. Here are the links:
Redskins Loss - Bad News for Bush, Great for Kerry
Kerry claims victory after Redskins' loss

PLEASE RECOMMEND!  Success depends on getting enough Kossacks to participate, and that only happens when this list makes it to the recommended diaries.  Thank you.

For those of who aren't familiar with what we're doing, here's a recap of the idea: we can raise visibility and longevity of certain stories and photos on Yahoo by rating them.  I've been compiling lists each day of stories and photos that deserve attention.  I've made it easy to reach the stories and photos by providing links. Stories to rate up link directly to a form that allows you to e-mail the story or photo (to yourself or a friend), and stories to rate down link directly to a rating of one.

Sunday's list and more explanation below the fold....

Rating Things Up  
We've found that linking directly to the e-mail links for stories and photos that we want to rate up is very effective.  It's hard to keep stories and photos popular over time with ratings alone, because eventually negative votes from the Freepers can bring even the best things down.  However, a story or photo can stay on top if it is e-mailed in sufficient quantities.

IMPORTANT: after you've sent an e-mail (and you can send it to yourself if you don't want to fill your friends mailboxes), please click on the link to go back to the story or photo and rate it as well.  This is important, because things are judged popular at Yahoo based on 1) how many times they're e-mailed, 2) how many times they're viewed, and 3) how high their rating is.  

Rating Things Down
We link directly to the "1" rating for things we want to rate down.  There is a link on the page if you want to go back and see the article or story, however, if you view it, that's another bump to its popularity under the page view criteria, so be warned. <g>  The reasons for linking directly to the rating rather than the story is 1) fewer page views which keeps our viewing the pages from actually bumping the story or photo back up the food chain, 2) these links can't be hijacked by real Freepers, and 3) hopefully it saves you time.

VERY IMPORTANT:  Again, please recommend this diary.  We want lots of Kossacks rating, so please help keep the list where they can find it.   Thanks!

All links open in a separate window for your convenience.

NOTE: Yahoo seems to lock out people from e-mail links if they have e-mailed more than a certain number of times.  If you get an error that says one or all of the e-mail links are unavailable, that's the reason.  Best solution is to wait a while, half to one hour and try again.  Thanks!

*** SUNDAY ***

Stories to Rate Up: [links directly to e-mail form]
Update [2004-10-31 19:5:2 by katerina]:
Army Officer Backs Racism, Sexism Charge
Update [2004-10-31 15:6:26 by katerina]:
Weapons Remain Unaccounted for in Iraq
Update [2004-10-31 14:39:6 by katerina]:
WHO Calls Summit to Address Flu Pandemic
Britons Prefer Kerry to Bush for World Safety
AP Analysis: Electoral Race Virtually Tied
Halliburton Got Deal Despite Complaints
Bush 'Not Concerned' About Bin Laden in '02
Kerry Reaches Out to Black Voters in Tight Race
9/11 panel reforms appear to be sunk
Change needed when headed 'over waterfall'
Group Says It Warned U.S. About Explosives
Whistleblower Says Halliburton Contract Abuse Blatant
Iran Parliament OKs Nuke Enrichment Bill

Stories to Rate Down: [links directly to rating of "1" once clicked]
Cheney: Kerry Turned Back on U.S. Troops
GOP has edge in keeping Senate Majority
Bin Laden Tries to Influence U.S. Election -Analysts
Bin Laden looms over final weekend of US election campaign
Bin Laden Warns U.S. Voters

Photos to Rate Up: [links directly to e-mail form]
A Tip of the hat to Kos's front page
Bush Scares Me
Kerry drinks a beer
Kerry sign made of lit pumpkins
Kerry buying a round of beers
Kerry and girl outside church
Kerry at church service in Ohio
nice pic of Kerry supporters w/flag and sign
Moms for Kerry
Iraqi family leaving home to avoid fighting in Fallujah
Kerry in front of sea of signs in Des Moines, IA

Photos to Rate Down:  [links directly to rating of "1" once clicked]

Crowd of women supporting Bush
Lady covered in Bush buttons
Bush reaching out to crowd
Bush and Laura in front of rally
Mom holding small baby and Bush sign
Bush coming out of church
Young boy holding flag with Mom wearing Viva Bush shirt
Bush amidst signs
Santa 4 W
Pro-Bush crowd

And they aren't on Yahoo, but here are two articles you should check out on the Washington Post website:

Washington Post
We're winning the numbers game in FL
U.S. Concludes Bin Laden Escaped at Tora Bora Fight

*Here are the links for previous days:
[Stories, except for Saturday's are too old, but check out photos]


Originally posted to katerina on Sun Oct 31, 2004 at 10:57 AM PST.

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