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EVOTE.COM: Welcome to tonight's live chat with Bobby Eberle of GOPUSA... First off Mr. Eberle, could you tell us a bit about your organization?

Bobby Eberle: Sure thing. GOPUSA started about 3 years ago as a web design company. After a while, we realized that that wasn't our true calling. Our focus is to spread the conservative message.

Bobby Eberle: So, we changed formats to deliver news, information, and commentary.

EVOTE.COM: Are you associated with the Republican Party at all? You've got the "GOP" in your name...

Bobby Eberle: No, GOPUSA is a private company run by conservatives. We have no affiliation with any Republican organization.

EVOTE.COM: Let's go to a reader question. Do the war protesters truly understand the economic and social aspects of the war, and are they really anti-war, or just anti-Bush?

Bobby Eberle: I think many of them are both. I think some are truly anti-war, although most are anti-Bush. It's OK to be anti-war. The main problem I have is that most don't have their facts together.

Bobby Eberle: They claim we are attacking innocent civilians when we are not.

EVOTE.COM: Can you see some of the anti-war rhetoric coming back to harm Democrats in next year's elections? Many have toned down their criticism, but some have still been highly critical. Polls also suggest the protesters aren't very popular.

Bobby Eberle: Absolutely. You can see the effects immediately with Daschle's comments. He used very strong language and the backlash was intense.

Bobby Eberle: After the "support" resolution passed the Senate, he changed his tone.

EVOTE.COM: On a side note - do you think Daschle will run for re-election next year?

Bobby Eberle: Yes, I still think so. Unfortunately, the American public has a short attention span. However, I hope they remember his comments.


Bobby Eberle: Not enough people!


Bobby Eberle: Seriously... we are developing a structure to generate revenue from ad sales, premium content, etc. But most has come from the staff right now.

EVOTE.COM: Do you accept contributions?

Bobby Eberle: Yes, we are planning to put up a sponsor page soon for people to help us out.

Bobby Eberle: What's so special about GOPUSA is that it is run completely by volunteers.

EVOTE.COM: Conservatives suffered a loss last week when the Senate trimmed $350 billion from the Bush tax cut...

EVOTE.COM: How much of that money do you see going back in? And what do you say to critics who say it's wrong during wartime to push for a big tax cut?

Bobby Eberle: Yes, that was a blow, but it's recoverable.

Bobby Eberle: The House passed the full package, and I anticipate a compromise.

Bobby Eberle: I see most of it staying in place... we might lose the dividend credit.

Bobby Eberle: The war is not the question, it's the economy.

EVOTE.COM: The provision to repeal the double taxation of dividends you mean...

Bobby Eberle: With a sputtering economy, the president is doing the right thing in promoting the tax cut.

EVOTE.COM: Would victory in Iraq also provide a significant stimulus to the economy?

Bobby Eberle: I think so... we see how the market reacts to war news.

EVOTE.COM: Do you think liberals are privately hoping for a debacle in Iraq for political posturing?

Bobby Eberle: That's hard to answer, because it would be hard to imagine that even Democrats would wish harm to our soldiers.

Bobby Eberle: But, they will surely take advantage of every opportunity to blast the war plan.

EVOTE.COM: Another reader points out that ricin was discovered at the camp in Northern Iraq and asks if this will be enough to open some people's eyes about terror and Iraq.

Bobby Eberle: Perhaps, but the real gold mine is yet to come.

Bobby Eberle: We have Special Ops looking for WMDs right now, but once the regime is toppled, then we'll really discover the bulk of it.

EVOTE.COM: You're confident that Saddam's weapons of mass destruction will eventually be found?

Bobby Eberle: On finding WMD... Absolutely!

EVOTE.COM: Post - war , should the UN have a role in reconstruction? The French already seem very interested in helping out with some contracts.

Bobby Eberle: The U.N. in general... absolutely. I think they perform a good humanitarian service. However, as a peace keeping or peace enforcing body, they are pathetic.

Bobby Eberle: People say we should get out of the U.N. I say, let's get out of the security council.

EVOTE.COM: Here's a reader question about biased media coverage - do you see the networks losing any market share in the long run over this?

Bobby Eberle: It's a joke.

EVOTE.COM: Our reader also said that he liked your recent column about the media btw...

Bobby Eberle: Yes, it will have a fallout. People have something they didn't have before -- choice.

Bobby Eberle: And you can see it in the ratings now, they are choosing other media such as Fox.

EVOTE.COM: Are the people protesting against the war, who you feel don't have the facts, doing a disservice to US troops engaged in enemy combat in Iraq?

Bobby Eberle: Yes, I truly believe so. Several soldiers have commented that those comments hurt. It's not good for morale.

Bobby Eberle: Just like criticizing the war plan. What good does it do?

Bobby Eberle: There is plenty of time for a critical analysis once things are done.

EVOTE.COM: Let's shift to domestic policy again. Republicans lost another vote on Miguel Estrada this week. Do you think it's time for them to just move on and concede defeat there?

Bobby Eberle: I think they should mount a REAL filibuster fight.

Bobby Eberle: What's going on now is not a filibuster. Or.. it is , but "country club style"

EVOTE.COM: Mr. Smith goes to Washington?

Bobby Eberle: Yes, exactly. Let's wear them down.

EVOTE.COM: Speaking of the country club style, that was something that critics often used to say about Trent Lott's style of leadership. How do you rate Bill Frist so far as majority leader?

Bobby Eberle: Well, first off, he has the support of the White House.

Bobby Eberle: That's very important.

Bobby Eberle: I think he brings a "no nonsense" approach to things, which is very refreshing.

Bobby Eberle: He has his work cut out for him with the current battles.

EVOTE.COM: There was another recent legislative setback in the Senate when Democrats managed to kill the provision to allow drilling in the Arctic. Is that now dead for the foreseeable future?

Bobby Eberle: Yes, I think so. It's just too hot of an issue.

EVOTE.COM: Reader question - do you see a split in the Republican Party over immigration? And also, has the White House been too timid with that issue?

Bobby Eberle: Well, this is probably one of the toughest issues facing the Republican Party.

Bobby Eberle: You cannot talk about Homeland Security without addressing the border issue. We must have safe, secure borders. I think the Party should be stronger on this issue.

EVOTE.COM: Ok on the subject of protests... We've got the anti-war protestors and the pro-Bush protesters. The anti-war protests seem to be drawing thousands of people... and in a few cases, even hundreds of thousands.

EVOTE.COM: Why are pro-Bush or some might call it 'pro war' events drawing so many fewer people?

Bobby Eberle: First, we should point out that the crowds are getting smaller for the 'anti-war' protestors.

Bobby Eberle: second, it's just the nature of the beast. People tend not to "protest" if they agree with something.

Bobby Eberle: The fact is that Bush is leading the troops, and we are at war with Iraq.

Bobby Eberle: If you agree with that, what is there to protest about?

Bobby Eberle: But, groups who are protesting the protestors are getting more vocal. :)

EVOTE.COM: People seem to be able to find a protest in just about anything, but that's a topic for another day... :)

Bobby Eberle: LOL

EVOTE.COM: Some people suggest that the invasion of Iraq is simply a US grab of Iraqi oil. Even if we assume that's true, is that necessarily a bad thing?

EVOTE.COM: The US invests over 350 billion in its military forces and has very little to show for it beyond some monies injected into local economies surrounding domestic military bases.

EVOTE.COM: Wouldn't the acquisition of a major oil producing area be a good return on that investment?

Bobby Eberle: First off, securing Iraq's oil fields is in the best interest of the entire world.

Bobby Eberle: The global economy is based on oil markets to a large extent.

Bobby Eberle: So, making sure they are stable is good policy.

Bobby Eberle: Those who say we shouldn't fight for oil do not see the big picture.

EVOTE.COM: So ultimately we're using our military to secure capitalism around the world by securing a global market? Why can't the United States gain from this event financially? Bobby Eberle: Also, as everyone knows, there are a lot more reasons to fight Iraq than just the oil.

Bobby Eberle: I'm sure all countries will gain from a free Iraq.

Bobby Eberle: Our aim is to help fight terrorism, and liberate a people.

Bobby Eberle: We are also fighting for our own freedom.

EVOTE.COM: Do you feel that people who protest the war are ignoring human rights issues in Iraq?

EVOTE.COM: Which is odd because normally antiwar protesters try to be in lockstep with human rights advocacy.

Bobby Eberle: Absolutely. They are ignoring a great many things.

Bobby Eberle: Don't forget, the U.N. has spoken and deemed Iraq to be in violation of its obligations for 12 years. That in and of itself warrants military action.

Bobby Eberle: On top of that, this is one of the most repressive regimes in history.

Bobby Eberle: So, I don't understand why these folks view Saddam Hussein

Bobby Eberle: in a better light than President Bush.

EVOTE.COM: Is Dick Cheney now politically damaged goods because of his role in influence peddling Halliburton as the primary beneficiary of rebuilding Iraq?

Bobby Eberle: Not a chance. I think it was just reported two days ago that Halliburton did not make the final cut in biding some contracts.

Bobby Eberle: I think the VP will be fine.

EVOTE.COM: Who do you think will get the Democratic nomination?

EVOTE.COM: And who should conservatives fear the most?

EVOTE.COM: Word has it the White House was scared of Edwards at one point.

Bobby Eberle: The Dem. nomination is up in the air. It's impossible to predict.

EVOTE.COM: Democrats plan to use the photos of civilians, including children, in Iraq in fundraising activities here in the US. Even given that the GOP used 9/11 as a fundraising device, is this a remotely fair use of those images, and will it backfire on the democrats? Dennis Kucinich is one of those who plans to use such pictures in fundraising.

Bobby Eberle: Kucinich is a disgrace. Pure and simple.

Bobby Eberle: To use those images is beyond poor taste. It would definitely backfire.

EVOTE.COM: Are there any events coming up for GOPUSA in the near future?

Bobby Eberle: Well, first I'd like to thank EVOTE.COM for helping GOPUSA sponsor our ongoing Online Rally for America. We have over 6,000 people signed up. It's a great way to show support for our troops.

EVOTE.COM: Ok Mr. Eberle, thanks for spending some time with EVOTE.COM's audience tonight. If folks wish to contribute, complain or check out GOPUSA we'll direct them to GOPUSA. :)

Bobby Eberle: Absolutely... All complaints will be forwarded to our favorite Dem site.


Bobby Eberle: Thanks for having me on.

Eberly Bob - GOPUSA Evotecom -2-

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Main Entry:


JEFF GANNON my estimate: Age 40

BEN or MICHAEL MARINO my estimate: at age 30 [±10 yrs ago]

Diary last Saturday:
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Comment #217

Michael Marino?

from a photo search on Yahoo:
Alliance 21 Real Estate

by notcho on Sat Feb 5th, 2005 at 20:41:20 EST

/In 2005 - Be liberal: Support our Allies of Democracy on Human Rights, the Environment, Gay and Minority Rights & EU and UN Third World Development Programs & Our Friends/

Extended entry:

BIO on the Marino family ...

I’m searching for the roots of Ben and Michael Marino of the GOPNEWS.COM.
Does this family history provide any recognition or leads?


488th Bomb Squadron

My Father was Captain Benjamin Marino, M.D. Who served with the 488th. Bomb Squadron from November 27, 1942 through the end of the European conflict. Dad had been drafted before the outbreak of the war and its onset he was frozen for its duration. My Father was shipped overseas on the USS West Point in February of 1943. I had been born during October 1941 and my sister was born March of 1943.

From A Fathers Life

By Robert Marino, 488th Associate Member

My first recollection of my father was during the middle of 1945 when everyone rushed into the family car and went down to the Brooklyn water front.

My brother, born in 1946, practices medicine in Virginia. My father taught us civic responsibilities and as a youngster in 1954 I remember watching "Victory at sea". Later when duty called both my brother and I served in the armed forces to answer our country's call.

Joseph Heller's Now and Then - From Coney Island to Here. The cover depicted a young Mr. Heller in his flight jacket containing the unit insignia of the 488th.


Best Wishes - Bob Marino

Captain Benjamin Marino, M.D. ( passed away on July 16, 1967)
Drafted and shipped overseas on the USS West Point in February of 1943.

Robert ‘Bob’ Marino – October 1941
Sister - March 1943 & Brother - 1946

With utmost respect for a World War II hero and a great patriotic family.

Possibly the third generation:
Benjamin L. Marino Jr
Michael Marino

In 2005 - Be liberal: Support our Allies of Democracy on Human Rights, the Environment, Gay and Minority Rights & EU and UN Third World Development Programs & Our Friends

AGE: 28 years

Originally posted to creve coeur on Fri Jan 07, 2005 at 05:32 AM PST.

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  •  Always Need Someone To Blame (4.00)
    A collective failure of governments and science for not acting. Trying to mend things after disaster has struck. Why not correct issues that are man-made and slowly destruct our ENVIRONMENT?

    In 2005 - Be Liberal, Be Free Especially Amongst Family And Friends

  •  Protective role of coral & mangroves (none)
    Terra.wire - Tsunami calamity highlights key
    protective role of coral, mangroves

    PARIS (AFP) Jan 06, 2005 Long-term environmental lessons must be drawn from Asia's tsunami disaster, especially the consequences of ripping out mangroves and destroying coral reefs that help protect coasts from sea and storms.

    "Places that had healthy coral reefs and intact mangroves were far less badly hit than places where the reefs had been damaged and the mangroves ripped out and replaced by beachfront hotels and prawn farms," said Simon Cripps, director of the Global Marine Programme at the environment group WWF Internationational.

    "Coral reefs act as a natural breakwater and mangroves are a natural shock absorber, and this applies to floods and cyclones as well as tsunamis."
    In comparison the outcome of the tsunami in the Maldives, the low-lying archipelago which emphasises good coral management in its policy of upmarket tourism; and the Thai resort of Phuket, where mangroves and a coastline belt have been replaced by aquaculture and a hotel strip.

    In 2005 - Be Liberal, Be Free Especially Amongst Family And Friends

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