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Hey folks, I started to get alarmed when DKos and other "blogs" were dropped off of Google's lists. But I accepted their argument, that these are opinions and discussions which get quite far from "news" at times.

The only problem is that Google has never defined what makes something "news" and something else "unabashed political commentary". It sickens me to find sites like NewsMax, Men's News Daily (yes, we are all right-wing macho shitheads, every last one of us), and now this, the "American Daily". I have seen MND, for instance, carrying Talon News exclusives. We have proof those aren't news. Now comes this insightful, objective piece on the Supreme Court decision to ban juvenile executions.


The Supreme Court Continues To Betray The Innocent
By Dave Gibson (03/02/05)


The Supreme Court claims that sentencing juveniles to death, violates the Eighth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. They claim that it subjects the juvenile murderers to "cruel and unusual punishment." However, the death penalty is neither cruel nor is it unusual. The decision was made by justices
who simply oppose the death penalty in any form. It was made solely upon personal beliefs.

We now live in a country whose laws are dictated by a nine-member panel who serve life-long terms. These black-robed dictators are not elected by the people, though they have hijacked the legislative branch of our government. Nineteen U.S. states currently have laws which allow juveniles to receive the death penalty, when a capital crime has been committed. The Supreme Court has now over-ridden the sovereignty of those states.

This latest betrayal makes for a tremendous example of just how far the court has over-stepped it's boundaries. It is time to take a serious look at our judicial branch of government. They are no longer simply interpreting the law, but have essentially become law-makers.


The U.S. Supreme Court seems to have an aversion to protecting and defending the lives of the innocent. In 1973, the court made the Roe v. Wade decision which then essentially made abortion legal in every state in the union. 43 million innocent lives have been lost because of that soul-less act. Now the court has thumbed it's collective nose at dozens of innocent murder victims, as well as the families left behind.

I would say that putting families of murder victims through a roller-coaster ride of emotions, years after they have received a measure of relief is cruel and unusual. However, I am merely a tax-paying, voting U.S. citizen...which means my opinion does not really matter. I live my life at the mercy and will of a black-robed oligarchy.

Seems fair and balanced, doesn't it? I especially like the headline, The Supreme Court Continues to Betray the Innocent. This was ranked number 1 on their news page. And I get the Canadian news page at that. I'm not even going to bother with the vile, slanted and illogical spew in the "article".

But here is another instance of the right-wing machine distorting and destroying something which should be helping all of us. I don't know whether the problem is Google itself (are they closet Focus on the Family people?), the algorithms they are using, their criteria for inclusion, the data they are getting on websites or that they are being "gamed" really successfully by the wingnuts.

I want it to stop, but not by us moonbats gaming it more successfully. Google News should be a great service, but it needs real criteria, real data and objectivity. This can come by either including everything, or by carefully deciding to exclude some sites. Let's do something about it. Send an e-mail to  with your complaints. The more examples you provide the better.

Originally posted to thingamabob on Wed Mar 02, 2005 at 11:44 AM PST.


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