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     The time for action is here. Tomorrow I will be attending a protest rally when President Bush appears in Shreveport, L.A. The problem is I am in development of an independent website which has one goal: To bring people to events where their action can be effective.

We need to get off our asses and change the political system. How do we do that? We show up at school board meetings. We go to County Democratic Committee meetings. We vote in local elections. We have to start as soon as possible.

      While typing what we think and reading what others think does play an important part in the process, and this part will not be ignored, we also need a way to disseminate information about local activities. My local newspaper doesn't even list when the next School Board meeting is. My local paper doesn't tell me when we have County Commissioner meetings. The key is for us to find out when these meeting are so we can change the process from the ground up.

      There I go with some hypothetical we. We, in my context, are the netroots. We in the netroots are the most informed group of voters the world has ever seen. We are not influenced by the Op/Ed writers anymore. We are not swayed by the lies of entrenched politicians anymore. We won't be able to change the opinions of the major media writers and party functionaries until we show the power we have. The dissemination of information was the start of the change but, while they are beginning to listen to us, we do not influence policy. Look at Jeff Seemann's most recent experience with the entrenched party leadership is his latest diary on Discontent at the Democratic Meetup. This proves we do not even have enough influence to make the party pay real attention to alternative candidates.

      How can we make change. Those in power are not going to come here and give serious attention to our concerns, Yes, Barbara Boxer  thanked us for the roses but she has not asked us what we should do about Social Security or the Bankruptcy Bill. The Senate Democratic Communications Center is giving us their talking points on various issues but are they asking us what we think? I don't doubt they have staffers watching this site just to see what the buzz is about.

      I'll make a challenge to the SDCC right now. If you're paying attention,  just post a reply and say “we hear you.” That is the problem that I see. They don't hear us. John Kerry and have both sent me e-mails to me this week asking us for support of their causes, and I gladly will. I am willing to lend my voice in support of any true Democratic cause, but I want my voice heard when I am saying other things. I want your voice heard also.

      How do we get heard? We have to know where there are opportunities to be heard. And then meet those opportunities with action. We have to show up at local events to drown out the voices from the right side of the political spectrum. We have to show up at local Democratic events to influence the process and show that the netroots are more than a money machine and echo chamber.

      How can we accomplish this? There are bloggers who write columns who deserve to be heard, and who are ignored. There are events that need people. There are protests which get little attention because few people show up. I hope to give you the tools you need to become involved where it can do some good. I hope to give you the tools you need to be informed so you can effect the change that must occur if we are to return this country to a democratic path.

      How do I plan to do this?    As I said, I am creating a truly independent website where anyone can sign up to receive E-mails at intervals in which they determine which will inform them about Blog Columns in areas they are concerned about. You will receive information on blog columns that the consensus thinks are the most valuable. They will include local city, county, and state events where they can be effective. The netroots can affect the grassroots only by taking action. I will not be supporting any particular causes or organizations, I will allow all organizations to list their activities.

      I can't do this alone. I need people to sign up at the site in order to show groups that the site can get them supporters. I need people to list their local events so others can be informed about them. I need event planners to list their events. I need people to spread the word to others in order to make this work.

      I need bloggers to list their columns and place links in their posts that allow others to recommend their columns.

      This is actually just a plan. Very little of the infrastructure is in place. I believe that it can be accomplished with the help of others. If enough people think the plan can be effective then it will be accomplished. I need script writers to help me develop the infrastructure to put this into operation. Since I am just a man with no resources I cannot do this alone.

      March 23rd is the anniversary of the formation of Italy's Fascist movement so I have selected that date for the public launch of the site. I am allowing anyone who wishes to help with the development and beta testing to E-mail me for the site address. Us my tomandmaria71-at-peoplepc-dot-com address to contact me I ask the blogosphere to spread the buzz about the site and assist in the public launch by writing a column to coincide with the anniversary of the birth of fascism and publicize the launch of the site.

          New Readers note

     These are the main Diaries, with commentary, from the last few days that relate, in my opinion, to the possibility that this country is becoming a Corporate Nationalistic Anti-Communistic State. I want to remind everyone that is just part of a much larger series and the citations here only reflect a few days. The entire series presents many more events that have occurred in just the last three months. If you missed the previous editions click here for them.

     And now back to your regularly scheduled diary listings.

     Rocketito presented a great story on how Yes, one person can make a big difference--here's the story of one who has. This is the story of  Diane Wilson of Seadrift, Tx. who was able to singlehandedly start the action that led to a major chemical plant halting it's emission of pollutants into the environment. Nothing will ever happen until one person starts an effort to make change. In today's environment one person may not get much attention but if that person starts something and enough attention is paid to them then change can happen. Be one the lookout for my new website which I plan to make public in under two weeks.

     Azindy compiled a separate listing of citations in his Fascism Anthology (Updated 03/09/2005). Azindy uses Paxton's categories from "The Five Stages of Fascism," while I use the 14 points from somebody. He also links items from a larger time frame while I only list recent DailyKos posting. His latest entry got very little response this time so go and give him some encouragement with your commentary in order to keep the issue alive.

          1. Powerful and continuing expression of nationalism.

     Wildcat 098 found some guy she classifies with Idiots I tell you, idiots. She came across an SUV with the bumper sticker tat said "KICK THEIR ASS, TAKE THEIR GAS." This person also had a veteran license plate holder. I'm glad to see these people are joining the reality based community and admitting too the real reason for the war.

     Rose Eriter did a great job of finding out about Nationalism and the Media She goes into great detail what constitutes nationalism and how it differs from patriotism. George Orwell wrote “what remains constant in the nationalist is his state of mind: the object of his feelings is changeable, and may be imaginary”. Rose linked a fresh editorial from David Domke at Media Transparency. She also referenced a very good website from the Project for the Old American Century which presents the case almost the same way I do. But without the commentary and none of my terrible snark.

     Christian Dem in NC thinks this shows that The booby traps start anew. John Thune plans to introduce a constitutional amendment to ban flag-burning. And it's got a companion in the House too, sponsored by Congressman Duke Cunningham. There are also many Democratic cosponsors in the House. I actually expect this to pass this year.

     NYCO tried to do something positive about the Most offensive flag shirt ever: An update! NYCO actually e-mailed Abbey Press to complain about the T-Shirt. Abbey press replied with a message which included “Therefore, Abbey Press has decided to pull this product from future catalogs.  Thank you for sharing your concerns”. I just did a search on their website and found the T-shirt easily. Search all occasions, any person, clothing tee shirt, $15-$25 dollars and verify it's still in their online catalog. You can always trust them christians to do what they say.

          2. Disdain for the importance of human rights.

     Jeffuary played a little of the Numbers Game: 1 in 4 Americans Support Nuking Terrorists. The latest issue of Editor and Publisher that says that 65% of Americans are in favor of assassination of “known” terrorist suspects, 39% are in favor of torturing terror suspects, (I thought that number would have been higher) and 27% are in favor of nuking their facilities. Does anyone see a problem when over two-thirds of the populace don't care about “innocent until proven guilty'” as long as we call them terrorists? Does anyone understand that places where there are terrorists also have innocent populations? That's like using dynamite to kill roaches.

     McJoan gave us her opinion that Attorney General Alberto Gonzales Defends Rendition (surprise, surprise). Alberto Gonzales told reporters that the U.S. policy is not to send detainees "to countries where we believe or we know that they're going to be tortured." This seems to be another case of plausible denyability because we can always tell the Syrians and Saudis to be sure and not do anything we wouldn't do (wink, wink).

     Susan Hu showed how some consider Rendition & Torture: "Convenient" (60 Minutes). This extremely well documented diary shows how Sunday's 60 Minutes report on rendition ties into what she has been reporting for several months now. This is well worth the read for because it brings so much together and ties the loose ends around the necks of those in the Administration. And yes Susan, they are abductees.

          3. Identification of enemies/scapegoats as a unifying cause.

     If you believe that since nothing is listed here it does not exist you need to see my previous editions.

          4. The supremacy of the military/avid militarism.

     If you believe that since nothing is listed here it does not exist you need to see my previous editions.

          5. Rampant Sexism.

     Moiv let everyone know about The hidden TRAP behind "Safe, Legal and Rare." The trap is that it allows for excessive and repressive regulation of women's service providers that are meant to harass and intimidate both the staff and the patients. We have to be active in preventing these outrages.

          6. A complaisant mass media.

     Map KY gave us an indication on how Don Imus does GOP dirty work: Outing Anderson Cooper? Don Imus stated that the New York Daily News “outed” Anderson Cooper. The column indicated that Anderson attended a function about gay issues which other notably straight dignitaries. Does the fact that someone supports GLBT issues make them gay?

     If you believe that since nothing is listed here it does not exist you need to see my previous editions.

          7. Obsession with national security.

     If you believe that since nothing is listed here it does not exist you need to see my previous editions.

          8. Religion and ruling elite are tied together.

     B Prescott let us know that the Bill to Politicize Churches is Back. Walter Jones has reintroduced his bill that would legalize the politicization of churches according to ABP reports. You all remember this one. It lets preachers become political activists by publicly endorsing Candidates during Church Services. This will provide the proof we need to show that “Religion and ruling elite are tied together.” Like their isn't enough already.

          9. Power of corporations protected.

     If you believe that since nothing is listed here it does not exist you need to see my previous editions.

          10. Power of labor suppressed or eliminated.

     If you believe that since nothing is listed here it does not exist you need to see my previous editions.

          11. Disdain for the arts and Intellectuals.

     If you believe that since nothing is listed here it does not exist you need to see my previous editions.

          12. Obsession with crime and punishment.

     Gauchova1Amigo gave us an unconfirmed report that he wished he was making this up. He claims he heard Representative Tom Davis (no relation, thank God) say "If they choose not to appear, guilt may be implied" in relation to the baseball players who refuse to testify in the up coming steroids hearings. Sometimes I think our representatives pledge to preserve the Constitution and then forget what it says as soon as the walk away from their swearing in ceremonies.

     Nephalim produced an excellent article in the series on the "War on Drugs": A History (The Origin of "Moral Values"). This chronicles the beginning of the police state and the Moral Values movement that led to the Religious Right's 30 year plan to “take back” America. We are seeing the fruit of that labor today. And as my Christ said “by their fruit shall they be judged.”


          13. Rampant cronyism and corruption.

     Joanne R discovered that an Albany county Town's Repubs Issued a Fake Subpoena:Time Warner complies. Time warner complied with a fake subpoena for Internet records of two local Paramedics who sent a whistleblower E-mails to the Town Supervisor alleging incidents of mismanagement and possibly dangerous practices in the Emergency Medical Services department. It becomes obsession when illegal practices are used to charge apparently innocent people just to cover up for corrupt officials.

     D Donnelly dug up another article that has More trouble for DeLay: Subpoenaed emails put him in the middle. The New York Times is reporting on Documents which The documents, which suggest that Mr. DeLay personally forwarded at least one large corporate check to the committee, Texans for a Republican Majority, were entered into evidence last week in the civil trial which I mentioned last week. These also suggested that DeLay was in direct contact with lobbyists for some of the nation's largest companies on the committee's behalf. See the action item below for ways to further this investigation. Now we should have a better understanding of why DeLay packed the House Oversight Committee with loyalists.

          14. Fraudulent elections.

     If you believe that since nothing is listed here it does not exist you need to see my previous editions.

          Class Warfare.

     Doolittle informed us that both versions of the Minimum Wage Increase were Defeated. The Republicans in the Senate could not bring themselves to actually raise the minimum wage without killing the 40 hour work week, and totally eliminating the minimum wage for millions of Americans. I'm just glad the Democrats saw that the Republican program would actually end the minimum wage for millions of Americans and cost tipped workers the low minimum wage that their employers were required to add to their tips.

          Silencing Dissent

     Law-n-Order suggests that the Military to microwave US protesters ?!?!? New Scientist tells us what a FOIA request found out. The military is testing a new plasma based weapon in Iraq and plans to deploy it for use against protesters and demonstrators. This weapon is designed to produce maximum pain to large groups without leaving permanent damage. Is that pain the equivalent of organ failure? Has anyone seen science fiction films where crowds are made to scream in agonizing pain? That's what they have in store for us now.


     Maineiac found the goods on the Soc Sec "town hall" ringers. In the next print edition of Newsweek there is supposed to be an article that MSNBC has on it's website about how Bush's advance team stages the “town hall” meeting by having the participants rehearse the “show.” The article goes on to tell that the plain folks are actually activists. It seems that now that Bush is no longer running for office he can coordinate with whatever group he wishes. I want to know how many taxpayer dollars are being used for these “shows.”

     Plutonium Page presented a diary about the 11,220 forgotten soldiers. These soldiers are only forgotten by the Pentagon why are lax at reporting combat injuries. We must remember all these soldiers and their families who have to deal with the lifelong ramifications of these injuries. We must also remember the soldiers and their families who have been killed and injured from non combat related incidents like being in range of an exploding IED.

          There is hope! Here are some articles on a way to fight back.

     This section is devoted to those who have done something and are sharing their stories, those who have suggestions for ways to be active, and those who cry out for immediate action. I do what little I can. I am becoming active in my local blue county in the biggest red state. I plan to do as much as I can when called upon. I'm sure I missed many of these Diaries this week so my apologies to all.

     Mark SB found out that the LA Times printed Aravosis' Gannon OpEd. The LA Times published John from Americablog's commentary in their Sunday experimental column that "invites outside critics to slap around" the Times.

     Murshed Z produced a DeLay Alert: CALL Ethics Comm. Members to Investigate New Scandal. The fact that House Majority Leader Tom DeLay has been linked to the the American Indian Tribe Casino scandal by the National Journal. The National Journal revealed evidence including an expense voucher to reimburse Jack Abramoff for DeLay's expenses in London and then another document show that Abramoff may have billed the Indian Tribes for those expenses. This can be the smoking gun that shows DeLay's had personal involvement. We need to pressure the House Ethics Commission to open an investigation. Marshuds diary has the contact information and some very well researched links. Sic him!

     Librarianman, the superhero who solves the world with his books of power, has An Idea: DKos Talking head for hire. I think we need to prepare Mary Scott and have a pay per view event with Ann Coulter. I digress The idea of preparing talking points and selecting a spokesperson for the community is actually a very good idea. Applications should be available shortly.

                Kossacks in Action


     [new] Richard Morrison, who is running again against Ton DeLay, informed us how the Netroots Make it Happen. Be sure and visit his web site.

     [new] Christine Cegelis who ran against Henry Hide last year in Illinois joined the fun and gave us some advise. You Have to Run Twice (IL-06) was the advise she got when she ran the first time. Go visit her website.

     Jim McDermott debuted as a Kossack with Social Security: Don't buy the Fear Factor! Representative McDermott returned to answer questions and provided 8 personal replies. I don't know if he got enough mojo to obtain “trusted user” status so get over there and make sure he gets it. I gave him eight fours but it seems only about 20 others noticed his responses.

     Jeff Seemann For Congress is on to the Discontent at the Democratic Meetup. The Democratic party wants our money and our votes but they want that money and those votes to go to the candidates they choose. We have an opportunity to actually change the party if we can get together and select who we want in next years primaries instead of who the party leadership wants. Be sure and see Jeff's website and his blog.

     Susie Turnbull who is a new DNC Vice Chair wanted to send a personal Thank You from Susie Turnbull.

     Kt. in TX finally came back with an update to tell us that His Father's Council Race is On Tom Musselman He has a challenger from the local Republican woman's club. K.T. is encouraging everyone to publicize his father's web site; Tom Musselman for Fredericksburg City Council

     Simon Rosenberg, who has had a DailyKos account since Dec. 23, 2004, produced a diary to tell us, Fellow Kossaks, that he was dropping out of the DNC race and endorsing Howard Dean. Let him know you still support him and thank him for the gesture. Also thank him for being willing to be called a Fellow Kossack.

     R.C. Vanoz also announced that She's running for Congress! This came soon after Dr. Matt's announcement (only one diary separated the two). She followed up with Shout out to Colorado Dems! (w/ poll) where she wants to know who is in Colorado and where they are to see if she can find local support from fellow Kossacks. It seems on four people were in Colorado. If your there let her know.

     [new] Byron Miller, who is running for the House in Pennsylvania, has a series which started on Tuesday with Byron Miller for Congress: Daily Diary #1 . On Wednesday he added Byron Miller for Congress: Capitalism & Society. He envisions a daily issues based diary. Help him get out his message and don't miss his website.

     Tim, ttagaris, Tagaris gave us a campaign update with the announcement that it's Official: Casey Jr is in: Challenges Pennacchio and Hafer

     Chuck Pennacchio for US Senate let us know that the Pennsylvania Senate Race Appears Set . Chuck spent a lot of time answering questions and discussing more issues and strategy again in the diary. Chuck has been in the lead as far as interacting with the group here.

     Thank you so much was the first diary from Senator Barbara Boxer, who is now an official Kossack. You need to subscribe in order to not miss any of her posts.

     The Senate Democratic Communications Center gave us a well documented analysis of Bush's Budget: Hiding the Cost of Privatization while Increasing the Uninsured. I subscribed to them so I would not miss out on anything they post. And so should you.

          Some Excellent Series'

     Advisor Jim is having a field day with his Confessions of a Dittohead.

     Steven D has achieved consistency with Monday Internet Poetry

     J.R. Monsterfodder is doing an irregular series Wal-Mart related issues

     MH in PA has started PILR: Progressive Infogeek Listserv Roundup.

     Scott Bateman is good for a laugh and some thought with Today's Bateman cartoon

     Pam in Durham has her weekly LGBT News Roundup. This provides news on the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transsexual war fronts against the right wing Republicans and other bigots

     Pastor Dan has started a "What's in the Bible" series to go with his Weekly Sermon and Religious News Roundup.

     Jeffrey Feldman's Frameshop is open again.

     Seattle Liberal has started the Nerd Network News (This Week's Science Diaries) too try and keep everyone on top of the Nerd's. Go see what's there.

     Rub DMC's Iraq War Grief Daily Witness (photo) series if you "can handle the truth" and give mojo too.

     Newsie8200 Does an excellent job with Newsie's Week In Reviewsies and Newsie's Media News Monday!

     While I stand by my comments as my opinion based on available evidence I cannot vouch for the opinions expressed in any diary titles since they were presented as quotes from the Authors. Unless otherwise noted I do not necessarily endorse the opinions contained within the diaries I have listed.


Originally posted to Tomtech's Ramblings on Thu Mar 10, 2005 at 06:56 PM PST.

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  •  I may be away a while. (4.00)
    I will be busy setting up my new website so I will probably not produce any This Week's for a while.

    Be sure and E-Mail me.

    "It's about the accountability, stupid." Thomas Davis 2005

    by Tomtech on Thu Mar 10, 2005 at 06:54:17 PM PST

  •  We hear you (none)
    Thanks for keeping us up to date, Tom!

    Good luck with the website and the work in LA.

  •  Good work, Tom (none)
    Taking a break on this is fine, too.  I think the main purpose of TWIF is to keep the topic in front of new people, and to develop a consensus group here that is on alert.  You have succeeded in doing this by your consistent delivery.

    Since nuclear freeze days in the '80s, I have put forward a pyramidal idea of progressive action: Education, Action, Power.

    It derived from my frustration that most of what people did was repetitive efforts at educating others to the problems we faced in the Reagan years.  Since most of this was done by printed word, there were time lags, and inability to "see" other readers, and take the pulse of their sentiments.

    So, those of us who are reading fanatics often sat home and read, read, read.

    ACTION:  Then, of course, when we were connected with an activist community, there were meetings.  And more meetings.  (The blogosphere has done away with at least the commuting portion of that.  I remember the frustration of some people who had gotten babysitters to come to boring, ego-infested meetings.)

    And, occasionally, we got out and made our presence known to the public.  Now, of course, the mass media has found its ways to minimize attention to marches, rallies, protests, etc.

    POWER: That which actually locates the levers of power that citizens still may hold over illegitimate authority.

    Those of us with kids, jobs, businesses, mortgages (2 in some cases ;-( ) cannot spend mega amounts of time furthering our political education, (though, really, this is unavoidable through our interactions with such as the blogosphere!  However, the reading is piling up.)

    We cannot drive to meetings locally more than one night of the week, and the school board in this Year 5 of the Bush Assault probably wouldn't be my choice.  We can't take off to faraway rallies.

    We look for some confluence of people, resources, and intelligence that FOCUSES and leverages our Power toward the ends we seek.

    We need the most efficient resolution of the problems we all discuss here night after night.

    You, Tom, are on to the format of that, and I think it will be something that grows from dKos but stays attached to it integrally, that will have the best chance of accomplishing our best results.

    If a thousand men were not to pay their tax bills this year, that would not be a violent and bloody measure, as it would be to pay them, and enable the State...

    by HenryDavid on Thu Mar 10, 2005 at 08:06:52 PM PST

  •  From Moon of Alabama... (none)
    Happen to catch this blog entry at Moon of Alabama:
    FreedomWorks recruits, educates, trains and mobilizes hundreds of thousands of volunteer activists to fight for less government, lower taxes, and more freedom.

    Recruit, educate, train, mobilize to fight - interesting language ...


    This tactic has worked in my country some 70 years ago. Currently nobody would try them in any systematic way. But such methods do spread, especially when they are successful. Blair has already copied much of this modus operandi.

    So here are the questions:

        * How does one counter this method?
        * How does one counter militant groups like FreedomWorks?

    I really do not know. Please give me some ideas.

    To which I replied:

    I once watched a Young America's Foundation (YAF) panel discussion on C-SPAN. One of the speakers said, "never meet a good idea you aren't willing to steal."

    b, you said it yourself what to do:

    Recruit, educate, train, mobilize to fight

    There is nothing that says that the sane & humane people of the country (the people's party) can't use their methods for populist purposes.

    What is that purpose? Well, for openers, it would be to counter their demagoguery by consistently drawing the curtain back and pointing out the man behind the curtain. Meaning, pointing out their lies, how they are lies, and why they are lying. Also, point out the speakers' connections to the right wing machine; and most importantly, the way they are being whipped up to ignore the legislation that would really hurt average working people such as the bankruptcy bill and what that would mean for them should they ever get sick or hurt.

    This is how I think we can begin to fight back.

    Adding to my reply, the whole organizational structure must become the model we want in the world: open, democratic, consensus driven, and yet focused on a purpose and governed by a set principles that do not shift with the vicissitudes of popular opinion.

    The examples I draw upon are Gandhi and MLK Jr. What drove them and guided their actions were universals we all feel in the face of political and legal tyranny and oppression, injustice, and moral cruelty. This is not about getting rid of norms, mores, and taboos in society. This about protecting people's rights as human beings against torture, imprisonment without due process, illegal search and seizure, indentured servitude, economic slavery, etc.  

    What the Army of Light would do is to restore proper morality in terms of fairness, honesty, humaneness, and moral justice. It would be about living by the Golden Rule and enforcing it in the workplace, in business, in government policy, and in all our human relations.

    Ok, it's a paradigm shift. You ready for it?

    Making judgements without intellectual justification is prejudice. We do not act rightly because have virture, we have virtue because we act rightly.

    by NeoLotus on Thu Mar 10, 2005 at 08:50:32 PM PST

  •  Good luck Tom! (none)
    I'll be dropping by your site!

    In the future people will wonder why most didn't challenge Bush's excesses
    The truth? Complacency was easier

    by lawnorder on Thu Mar 10, 2005 at 10:17:12 PM PST

  •  The case for Action (none)
    Cindy Sheehan is a perfect example of the kind of folks peace activists insist are part of a silent majority: She opposed the war but was disinclined to speak out. 'I was stunned and dismayed when the United States invaded Iraq,' Sheehan says. 'I didn't agree with it. I didn't think it was right, but I never protested until after [my son] Casey was killed.'

    She pauses and steels herself for what feels like the hundredth brutal mea culpa: 'And I am very sorry I didn't.' Taking to heart the old union slogan 'Don't mourn, organize,' Sheehan is clearly deeply immersed in both. Along with dozens of other families who lost soldiers in the war, she formed a new organization, Gold Star Families for Peace, and has made it her penance to share the details of her own experience. 'Now I am doing anything I can to shorten this war and save other families the pain we're going through,' she says.

    The Nation | Article | The New Face of Protest? | Karen Houppert

    In the future people will wonder why most didn't challenge Bush's excesses
    The truth? Complacency was easier

    by lawnorder on Thu Mar 10, 2005 at 11:51:34 PM PST

  •  Thanks (none)
    FOr the heads up TOm
    I am diligently collecting Talking Points and I will continue to do so. In the meantime.. look around here and see who is available to be a talking head of the Dkos community. Mark my words, the time is coming where the New Media and the Old Media merge and we will need a representative and they will have to be sharp and prepared. MY TP's will help with that.
    There are sooo many good posters on this site it is mind boggling.
    Keep up the good work!
  •  Very Interesting (none)
    I just noticed your comment on my diary.

    You pack a lot of information in a small space.

    I'll spend some time browsing through your links.

    Thanks for the work you are doing.

  •  This is a great service.. (none)
    There is so much of value on the dairies page that we miss each week.  Thanks for including my post and thanks for keeping us organized and up to date on what's going on.

    Cheers, Doolittle

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