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Incensed by KWeberLit's diary entry regarding pharmacists seeking the right to refuse to dispense birth control, I started looking into the origins of Pharmacists for Life.

Media Matters has an interesting piece on the organization's president, Karen Brauer.

She was fired from a Kmart pharmacy, but not solely for not dispensing birth control.  She lied to the patient, telling her that the pharmacy did not carry that drug.

Pharmacists for Life is founded by an individual who has willingly violated the code of ethics for pharmacists.  

III.A pharmacist respects the autonomy and dignity of each patient.

IV.A pharmacist acts with honesty and integrity in professional relationships.

These individuals seek to add clauses to the code of ethics which leave them free to disregard their professional responsibilities.

I have no qualms with a pharmacist who chooses not to prescribe medications that they find to be morally questionable.  However, these pharmacists should find employment in religious hospitals and pharmacies where patients expect spiritual judgement to play a role in the services rendered.

I'd be interested to assist in a letter writing campaign to top pharmacy chains to see what their stance is on consistency and quality of service when it comes to fulfilling contraceptive prescriptions.  Why wait for a blacklist?

That said, blacklist information can and should be collected as well.  I'm puzzling out how large of a role I wish to play in this, as a prescription birth control user.  

(seasonale rocks!)

Originally posted to faedrake on Sat Apr 09, 2005 at 10:43 AM PDT.

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  •  Possibility (none)
    of getting her license yanked?

    We should be playing hardball with these fuckheads.

    Just wait until the Drambuie and sleeping pills kick in.

    by MAJeff on Sat Apr 09, 2005 at 10:46:28 AM PDT

  •  I agree, why wait? (none)
    I wonder if there are any organizations that may have already started on this?  ACLU, NOW, Planned Parenthood??
  •  NARAL (none)

    They have letters and petitions started. Go for it.

    •  Helpful hint. (none)
      If you send this email petition through NARAL, Walmart will reply almost immediately. I'm pretty sure they just set up an automated response and no one there is reading them. With Walmart at least, it may be better to send snail mail. You can just use the text that NARAL sends and personalize it for your own situation.

      Nukular and internets and strategery, oh my!

      by pattyp on Sat Apr 09, 2005 at 12:27:28 PM PDT

      [ Parent ]

  •  WaPo covered it in late March (none)
    It made page 1 too ... but was it above or below the fold?
  •  There's a contradiction going on here. (none)
    Either the diarist has "qualms" about pharmacists' rights to choose which prescriptions they fill or she doesn't. It is not viable for customers to have to guess in which pharmacies they can reasonably "expect spiritual judgement to play a role in the services rendered." Do you stay away from stores with "Mary" or "Spirit" in their name? What?

    The problem, as usual, is that only "Christians" are conceded to have "values" that matter in this country. As long as they can blubber about what "God" wants, they get audience and consideration, in contrast to anybody else basing their demands on the whispers of spooks and leprechauns.

    So either every pharmacist can fill prescriptions as dictated by whatever the state of their digestion, their, "faith", or the pills they've been sampling, or they all just fill the damn prescription. I guess my nephew, who's about to become an ER doc, then will not have to treat Ms Brauer and her kind, as prolonging her life would offend his personal "values". Sounds good to me.

  •  act directly (none)
    one of the farrightmacists who got in the stories was at an Osco in Chicago. All these stores/chains have websites. Send them an email:

    I understand that your pharmacist in the Chicago area refused to fill prescriptions based on religious beliefs.  I will not shop at Albertson's or Jewel or Osco, nor will I xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx if you permit this policy in your stores. Furthermore, I will inquire as to local policies in your stores, and I will exercise my rights of freedom of speech and expression to inform other potential shoppers of your policies.

  •  What would happen if (none)
    a pharmacist refused to fill a prescription for pain medication because he or she believes that pain medication is mind altering and against their religion?

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