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Recently, Yahoo News has been rated the #1 Internet News Site AND has undergone a SIGNIFICANT change to its 'Look & Feel'.  Umm... and that would be AFTER the rating???

Second story line- Google is being sued by AFP, AFP used to be a prominent provider on Yahoo- not so easy to find anymore?  (BTW, the F stands for France- more freedom fries with that?).

Third story line- C'mon, share your tips for extracting the MAX out of the net.  I need the education.

Fourth story line (I feel like a Cat Burgler)- What about that MSNBC Newsbot?

Fifth story line- Google is picked by robot, Yahoo has human editors; Kasparov vs. Big Blue?

Sixth story line- What about the MSM sites (CNN, ABC, CBS, Faux)?  Are ANY of them really good?  Is any part of them good, and if so for what?

Awaiting your input, including generalized rants and ravings about the injustice of it all.  All I promise is that I'll read EVERYTHING!

Originally posted to The Stars Hollow Gazette on Sun May 01, 2005 at 01:24 AM PDT.


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  •  yahoo news junkie here (none)
    i've been known to blow off some steam in their message boards.  Don't know about their new "beta" version though.  

    Have an idea on how to make blogs better? Visit jScoop, a meta-blog moving blogging technology forward.

    by pacified on Sun May 01, 2005 at 01:17:19 AM PDT

    •  Yahoo Beta (none)
      I'm liking Yahoo Beta it a lot...I haven't used any of the custom features yet but it's easy to jump around to whatever kind of story you want (world, sports, regional, politics, etc.). And it has great photography.

      I use Firefox which has the BBC Latest Headlines built right in which is very good. Google News is getting worse as a front page but I still think it's tops for doing a News Search. Just MHO.

      I don't use RSS feeds which I bet are very good but I think you need to take a random look at a few sources to make sure you aren't missing something.

      One thing about Yahoo Beta - it would be a good idea to revive the Kos diaries of Rate Up/Most emailed for news stories. Yahoo is the #1 Internet news source and presenting the best Democratic stories/worst GOP stories is a simple way to improve the message. 2 minutes of rating by every Democratic activist online would completely change the face of Yahoo's Most Recommended, Highest Rated pages. It's like collectively writing the headlines of the World's Biggest Newssource.

      •  Couldn't agree more. (none)
        Yahoo is the #1 Internet news source and presenting the best Democratic stories/worst GOP stories is a simple way to improve the message. 2 minutes of rating by every Democratic activist online would completely change the face of Yahoo's Most Recommended, Highest Rated pages. It's like collectively writing the headlines of the World's Biggest Newssource.
        I have done this in the past and intend to in the future.  Its much easier when there's a link in the post.  How long do you think we can get away with it?

        Also, in the past Yahoo has been extremely good for quoting here (dKos), because it rarely required registration (see below).

        •  Long-term (none)
          I don't think the rightwing blogosphere is nearly as active as they are portrayed - it's an echo chamber, not individual voices. Because of that I don't think they have the means to adjust on a daily basis and get the job done.

          If it's sustained and discreet effort I think Yahoo News most recommended and most emailed can be gamed consistently and long term. But some respected voices need to wink and nod people in that direction for it to have a major effect.

    •  Message Boards. (none)
      Haven't used them, how do they work?
  •  Google Seems to pull More Conservative (none)
    Yahoo a bit more "liberal"

    I love the Yahoo Finance News

    "Leadership and learning are indispensable to each other." - JFK

    by jillian on Sun May 01, 2005 at 01:30:45 AM PDT

  •  Don't Be Evil (none)
    If never felt a need to use anything other than Google.

    They have always seemed to pull up more foreign papers, which protects from our MSM, and you can easily customize a section to concentrate on any special issues.

    My only complaint is all of the "subscription only" sites, which I wish they would rate down.

    Don't have anything agianst yahoo- but I am absolutely boycotting anything microsoft.

    Go Google :)

    •  Addendum (none)
      I just clicked your two links to compare Yahoo and Google side by side.

      ALL of the stories I see in Yahoo are from AP or Reuters ot LA Times or USA Today....

      Google shows me Xinhua Radio Australia Scottsman Hindustan times Korea Times Melbourne Herald Independent Online Wired News .......

      Nuff said

    •  Air America Radio... (none)
      Has set up a number of 'dummy' accounts for the stuff that they carry. (look on the bottom center section).

      To kill 2 birds... In the 'Old' format this bias was even more noticeable.  Still very hard to see anything but the big 4 in the 'New' format.

  •  the new yahoo made me switch to google (none)
    Funny you should mention it, because the yahoo format switch drove me to google news as of yesterday. I read news (and everything else for that matter) on a mobile device and the new yahoo news has hidden KR, LA Times, the Nation, and everything else I like behind too many clicks. The old world-most-popular and politics-most-popular turned up many of the best articles. Not any more.
  •  I had set up alerts in google... (none)
    ...for John Kerry and Howard Dean--I got mostly right-wing links--something called "Useless" came up frequently--it was/is always bashing the Dems.
    In fact, I got more of those (Dem-bashing) news items than otherwise. I complained to Google, they said the computer selects the stories...I canceled my alerts.
    •  I think alerts are.... (none)
      hardly ever a good idea, a recipe for spam & spyware IMHO.  Waiting for someone with RSS knowledge to kick my butt like it deserves.

      On another hand (its OK, I'm like a Hindu God- I've got plenty), Google surfaced dKos for me (in News, not Search) something Yahoo never did because of its focus on the big 4 (see above).

  •  I guess that's it. (none)
    All over but the shouting, no wait- that's over too.

    I've scrolled off my 'most recent' list (set at 50), only us here now.  I will continue to monitor for the next 24 hours.

    Thank you all for participating, if you didn't get a personal bit of snark its a failure of my imagination, not yours.  This was the maiden voyage, can't complain- I was up for over 8.5 hours (whoda thunk ' union' would get rec'ed, had my money on 'DarkSyde' update- and he comes through in the stretch).

    See you later 'gators.

    Hello Devil.  Welcome to Hell.

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