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Happy 4th of July to those who care about what our country was supposed to be like.....and what it was awhile back.  Shrub obviously wasn't the first one to cut the grand opening ribbon on this road to the extreme perversion of the Constitution and what the United States of America used to be....but he's perfected it in a way none before him has quite come close to achieving.  

Happy 4th to my fellow Constitution and humanity lovers.

get over to the other side damnit....the good stuff is never on top of the flip....(to you freepers...that means there might be white girls missing on the flip....ya never know)......

Freepers....your Happy 4th Greeting is awaiting you on the flipside (heh, I know you know about the flipside having dealt with an alternate reality for ages now)....

to the rest of those in the reality-based community....flip over the fold...this 4th is for you.

Happy 4th to my fellow Constitution and humanity lovers.  The path is long but we WILL succeed in bringing this nation back to sanity and hopefully restore at least a part of the unity we had with the world on 9/12.  It's a shame we lost unbelievable shame to say the least.   We will continue down that path together though, back towards that unity as a nation and as a world,  because as the lies, theft, and dishonor get exposed, we will get over this mountain as the cycle shifts back away from these insane fucking assholes.  

Those that refer to our momentum as a "circle jerk" and such other asinine terms frequently displayed by Freepers and Chickenhawks are just to much aware of what it really is.....unity in a fight against tyranny and lies that is slowly but surely wiping away the cover that they have spent years and untold keystrokes creating.  

Don't let the asshole war cheerleaders who display their cowardice every day of facts and reality deter you. We are growing stronger with every month, and even every week,  as the nation realizes what we are really against... people...for an ideology....of hate...that knows no humanity.

Make no mistake.  We will win this war....the war to save our country from the extremists running things right now.   We are winning the war of truth right now as we always have been.   The public just happens to be a little fuckin bit behind the times.   They are catching up....and will continue to do so with our vigilence and unity against this insanity.  If the media doesnt want to get off the Bush gravytrain, so be it.   We'll do this  on our own without any corporate backing.

To you cowards (yeah you...the one with the W'04 still proudly plackered on your car as if you have a thing to do with acting in support of his insanity and lies beyond spanking that sticker up and leaving it there to proudly display that you are a proud chickenhawk)....who support innocent death while dishonoring my nation in my name..... and in doing so......make me and mine less safe through your actions, words, and inaction?  

Go wrap yourself in your masturbatory flag and fuck off.  

Not that it will make the 4th any different than any other day for you....which says a lot.

Enjoy your bbq's... and cook an extra burger or two for the 7+ Americans who will die this weekend (just like every weekend....and more so every week) due to your support of this war.  Drink a beer or two extra for the several soldiers who will lose their limbs this weekend all because of you and your like supporting but refusing to join because they were there to fight for you.  

Even the cowards are hardly able to defend themselves except with lies easily disproven and moronic chants of "you don't get it" at this point.  It's getting to the point of absurdity and it's weeding out the 101st Fighting Keyboarders quite nicely.  

We all know you don't get it and we've known it for years now.  The fact that you're just starting to get it to the point that you don't even know how to defend yourselves (using reality and facts) isn't jack shit to us. Tough shit homies. You shoulda used your brains back when they were functional.

Back to our progressive patriots.....and Happy 4th of July.....for those who simply stand up for our nation and its principles.....Be proud of your contributions.  You voice them loudly and proudly and many many of you have gone well beyond what any of us would have thought possible but yet what the majority of us would have never imagined neccesary....we celebrate you today!

To some people, the 4th means celebrating the foundation of the United States of America
and the principles of freedom, respect, and humanity that said foundation is absolutely and entirely based upon. To you who that refers to......thank you for standing with us against this tyranny of evil wherever you are and whatever you are doing within your community and the nation to right what has been wronged against our nation and our foundation as such.

YOU are the true patriots though you would be the last to claim such in the same jingoistic fashion as your counterparts do daily......which is telling, indeed. For that you should be applauded as well.    

You don't need the cover and whitewash that wrapping yourself in the flag entails.   The truth, for you, is what it is about.  The constitution is what this is about.  This nation and its principled foundation is what it is about....for you.    Fighting without the glory....just simply fighting for this great nation's founding principles is what you do.  I think there is nothing better to celebrate on July 4th than that.

You are what this holiday is meant to embody and celebrate.

You are what I will be celebrating tomorrow.

Thank you for your efforts wherever you are and whatever your efforts the past few years have been individually and collectively.   You are what our country is about today and in 1776.

To you other asswipes, you might learn or remember someday what it's about....but quite obviously, that time isn't yet (though the numbers of you coming to the side of truth and America are increasing daily).  In the meantime, sit back and watch your war porn and realize that people with true convictions stand up for what they believe..... not simply through words (as the 101st Fighting Keyboardists do it)...but with actions. What you have done for what you believe in has been nothing but words and amazingly the same words as a year ago.  What we have done for waht we believe in through actions has merely been reflected here in a place to discuss and talk action that always ends up with real world action.   You don't know who you're dealing with.

One group believes in an America that has no association with waht America was intedned and founded to be. One group believes in the America that AMerica was founded to be.

To the latter....

Happy 4th of July.   We WILL take our country back.  You are the reason it will happen.  Happy 4th of July and thank you for all you have done and continue to do, Kossacks and all other progressives!

Originally posted to tlh lib on Sun Jul 03, 2005 at 06:37 PM PDT.


Happy Fourth of July!

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  •  i voted for 3 of the above (4.00)
    troll me....(not too unlikely lately since I'm not one to defend MBNA senators haha....bash them and you're not a Democrat....good stuff).... or tip me.... do ur thing.

    Orwell is spinning in his grave

    by tlh lib on Sun Jul 03, 2005 at 06:45:26 PM PDT

  •  HA! You slay me! (none)
    (to you freepers...that means there might be white girls missing on the flip....ya never know)......
  •  To congressman Conyers (none)
    and Congresswoman Slaughter who post here and at other blogs enocuraging us and getting us involved.  They show respect for the grasssroots in doing so.
    To Howard Dean who gives us something to cheer about and who is responsible for infusing spine back into the party.  To Senator Byrd who defends the constitution and the senate.  To Al Gore who is about due for another brilliant speech about what the government should look like and why the present administration has things FUBAR.

    Tired of the corporate DLC suck ups?WE'VE GOT DEANS BACK

    by TeresaInPa on Sun Jul 03, 2005 at 06:55:36 PM PDT

    •  absolutely! (4.00)
      Thank you for filling in some of the names that I unintentionally left out while intentionally trying to leave out names for a reason.   I shouldnt have have left some names out.

      Thank you for putting them up there.   We wouldn't be where we are right now without them and a few others to say the very least.

      Orwell is spinning in his grave

      by tlh lib on Sun Jul 03, 2005 at 07:01:38 PM PDT

      [ Parent ]

  •  Thank you (none)
    You've hit on what this holiday means in light of whats been going on in this country.  Despite all the set backs and outrageous defamations of democracy, there are great strides being made every single day because of people coming together with common goals that refuse to accept defeat or to back down.  American will be great again!

    Independence Day has definitly taken on more meaning to me than in the past.  I see basic freedoms and rights being torn away, but I know that that the fight to retain what we have and to get back what was stolen is alive and well to the utmost degree.  Everything and everyone that I hold close is even more important to me than it was before my eyes were opened to reality.

    There are reasons to celebrate tomorrow, and every day for that matter.  Every gain that is made is one that is done for all people of this country.

    And to the ones that would rather see us continue on the roller coaster ride to hell?  Go by yourselves because there is no way that I am going to go with you willingly!

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