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Valerie Plame Not the Only Agent Outed

Let's not let the media ignore anymore the fact that many, many other agents were outed by Novak when he revealed the CIA's front company, Brewster Jennings & Associates, which was listed as Plame's employer on a political contribution.

The extent of the damage done when the Brewster Jennings cover was blown could be what Tenet and Pavitt testified about before the Grand Jury last year.  Because BJA was taking action and gathering intelligence on WMDs and energy, especially Saudi oil production, the damage was severe and will continue for years to come.

Nowhere have I heard on the extensive TV commentary, the name Brewster Jennings and Associates, and how the damage was far greater than outing Plame alone.  

We need to swarm on this issue and get Keith Olbermann to bring this up.

The CIA Memorial Wall for dead agents:

Leak of Agent's Name Causes Exposure of CIA Front Firm

The leak of a CIA operative's name has also exposed the identity of a CIA front company, potentially expanding the damage caused by the original disclosure, Bush administration officials said yesterday.

The company's identity, Brewster-Jennings & Associates, became public because it appeared in Federal Election Commission records on a form filled out in 1999 by Valerie Plame, the case officer at the center of the controversy, when she contributed $1,000 to Al Gore's presidential primary campaign.

After the name of the company was broadcast yesterday, administration officials confirmed that it was a CIA front. They said the obscure and possibly defunct firm was listed as Plame's employer on her W-2 tax forms in 1999 when she was working undercover for the CIA. Plame's name was first published July 14 in a newspaper column by Robert D. Novak that quoted two senior administration officials. They were critical of her husband, former ambassador Joseph C. Wilson IV, for his handling of a CIA mission that undercut President Bush's claim that Iraq had sought uranium from the African nation of Niger for possible use in developing nuclear weapons.

The inadvertent disclosure of the name of a business affiliated with the CIA underscores the potential damage to the agency and its operatives caused by the leak of Plame's identity. Intelligence officials have said that once Plame's job as an undercover operative was revealed, other agency secrets could be unraveled and her sources might be compromised or endangered.

A former diplomat who spoke on condition of anonymity said yesterday that every foreign intelligence service would run Plame's name through its databases within hours of its publication to determine if she had visited their country and to reconstruct her activities.

"That's why the agency is so sensitive about just publishing her name," the former diplomat said.

...It could not be learned yesterday whether other CIA operatives were associated with Brewster-Jennings.

...The name of the CIA front company was broadcast yesterday by Novak, the syndicated journalist who originally identified Plame. Novak, highlighting Wilson's ties to Democrats, said on CNN that Wilson's "wife, the CIA employee, gave $1,000 to Gore and she listed herself as an employee of Brewster-Jennings & Associates."

"There is no such firm, I'm convinced," he continued. "CIA people are not supposed to list themselves with fictitious firms if they're under a deep cover -- they're supposed to be real firms, or so I'm told. Sort of adds to the little mystery."

In fact, it appears the firm did exist, at least on paper. The Dun & Bradstreet database of company names lists a firm that is called both Brewster Jennings & Associates and Jennings Brewster & Associates.

The phone number in the listing is not in service, and the property manager at the address listed said there is no such company at the property, although records from 2000 were not available.

Staff writers Dana Milbank, Susan Schmidt and Dana Priest, political researcher Brian Faler and researcher Lucy Shackelford contributed to this report.

Oct 3 2003 WP

AND Knight Ridder:

CIA Identity Leak Far Worse Than Reported

by Warren P. Strobel

Knight Ridder Newspapers

October 11, 2003

WASHINGTON -- It's just a 12-letter name - Valerie Plame - but the leak by Bush administration officials of that CIA officer's identity may have damaged U.S. national security to a much greater extent than generally realized, current and former agency officials say.

Plame, the wife of former ambassador and Bush critic Joseph Wilson, was a member of a small elite-within-an-elite, a CIA employee operating under "nonofficial cover," in her case as an energy analyst, with little or no protection from the U.S. government if she got caught.

Training agents such as Plame, 40, costs millions of dollars and requires the time-consuming establishment of elaborate fictions, called "legends," including in this case the creation of a CIA front company that helped lend plausibility to her trips overseas.

Compounding the damage, the front company, Brewster-Jennings & Associates, whose name has been reported previously, apparently also was used by other CIA officers whose work now could be at risk, according to Vince Cannistraro, formerly the agency's chief of counterterrorism operations and analysis.

Now, Plame's career as a covert operations officer in the CIA's Directorate of Operations is over. Those she dealt with - whether on business or not - may be in danger. The DO is conducting an extensive damage assessment.

And Plame's exposure may make it harder for American spies to convince foreigners to share important secrets with them, U.S. intelligence officials said.

Larry Johnson - a former CIA and State Department official who was a 1985 classmate of Plame's in the CIA's case officer-training program at Camp Peary, Va., known as "the Farm" - predicted that when the CIA's internal damage assessment is finished, "at the end of the day, (the harm) will be huge and some people potentially may have lost their lives."

"This is not just another leak. This is an unprecedented exposing of an agent's identity," said former CIA officer Jim Marcinkowski, who's now a prosecutor in Royal Oak, Mich., and who also did CIA training with Plame.

The name suggested work in the energy field: The late Brewster Jennings was president of the old Socony-Vacuum oil company, predecessor to Mobil, now Exxon Mobil Corp.

A June 2000 listing in Dun & Bradstreet for a Boston-based "Brewster Jennings & Associates" names the company's CEO and only employee as "Victor Brewster" and says it had annual sales of $60,000.

While that might seem like flimsy cover, former intelligence officials say that in fact meticulous steps are taken to create a life-like legend to support and protect CIA officers operating under nonofficial cover.

It appears that the Brewster-Jennings front was more than what is called "nominal cover," and was used as part of Plame's espionage, Johnson said.

That means anyone she met with could be in danger now, said Johnson, who described himself as "furious, absolutely furious" at the security breach.

Researcher Tish Wells contributed to this article.

Knight Ridder Oct 11 2003

Originally posted to Sherlock Google on Thu Jul 14, 2005 at 09:51 AM PDT.

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  •  Kudos to Teagan Goddard (none)
    Although national security interest takes precedence over legality (at least in this administration, so why not let it bite them in the ass for a change) it might be at least prudent to note that Joe Wilson's Book May Exonerate Rove

    The statute states that it's a crime if the agent was in the field in the last 5 years. She was in from the field for 6.

    •  Let's wait for the charge (n/t) (none)

      I donated to ePluribus Media; kindly join me: "I participate therefore I am...."

      by libby on Thu Jul 14, 2005 at 10:47:55 AM PDT

      [ Parent ]

    •  You're looking at the little picture (none)
      If Rove, Libby, or anyone else revealed "classified information" - the fact that Wilson's wife was a NOC - then it doesn't matter whether she was overseas five, six, or fifteen years ago.

      They have violated the Espionage Act by passing on classified information. Period.

      That penalty is a lot longer than 10 years. Just ask Aldrich Ames.

    •  WRONG! Twice! (none)
      She was "in from the field" for just a little over 2 years at the time her name was leaked. The "5" year mark was a few months ago- fully 2 years after the leak!

      However, she was still under NOC status- even though she was back at Langley, so the 5-year time frame does not apply- unless you want to start counting from the day Novak exposed her name- which makes the 5-year point still a couple of years off!

      Even if the 5-year mark had passed, the damage would still be extensive.

      This 5-year thing is a red-herring, GOP Talking Point- and utterly moot.

  •  Please recommend so Keith O sees this. (4.00)
    Keep the pressure up.  Brewster, Jennings & Associates!
    •  As Kagro X pointed out (4.00)
      in his diary, outing the entire firm could be construed as the kind of pattern of conduct that creates liability under subsection (c) of the Intelligence Identities protection Act (IIPA).

      Even if it was known (or could easily be ascertained) that Valerie Plame worked for Brewster-Jennings, it was not also klnown that she was a CIA operative.  When Novak linked those two, he exposed the form as a CIA front, giving identifying information about any other agent who was affiliated with Brewster-Jennings.

      It isn;t just about her, or even her name.

      "False language, evil in itself, infects the soul with evil." ----Socrates

      by Mimikatz on Thu Jul 14, 2005 at 09:42:56 AM PDT

      [ Parent ]

    •  good point (4.00)
      Part of the counter response has to be this focus on how bad the leak is for the other agents outed and for our national security overall.
      •  I wrote this LTE to Cleveland PD (4.00)
        I was astonished that you printed ..."there's considerable question as to whether the woman, Valerie Plame, was indeed a covert agent..."  Do you think that the CIA would have filed a criminal referral with the Justice Department if she weren't?  You also fail to mention that not only was her cover blown, so was that of the CIA's front company, Brewster-Jennings & Associates, which had been used for years to monitor activities in Saudi Arabia, including WMD program related activities.  The exposure of Brewster-Jennings also endangered every agent who ever worked there, as well as their networks.  The CIA shut down Brewster-Jennings & Associates shortly after Plame's cover was blown.  There can be no question as to whether Plame was indeed a covert agent.

        They called and asked permission to publish, but they didn't run it today - they ran some winger response that she was nothing more than a glorified office assistant.  I'm trying, but if they don't print it, not much more I can do.

    •  I agree (4.00)
      We hear the wingnuts questioning whether or not Plame was really undercover. The best response to that is to go on the offense: not only was Plame outed, but every agent working at Brewster Jennings was too.

      Where's Osama? Bumperstickers should be issued.

      by tooblue on Thu Jul 14, 2005 at 09:59:29 AM PDT

      [ Parent ]

    •  Totally agree. (none)
      Recommended. Talking points are nothing without being tied to real world implications. People needed to be reminded these are just "abstract issues".
    •  very good point (4.00)
      The righties were screaming about the highly tengential and unlikely connection between a Newsweek article and fighting.

      This argument should speak right to the heart of the (few) of them with principles.

    •  I have pointed this out in a few diaries (4.00)
      It is not just one sentence that they are all looking at. It is multiple sentences of outing agents.

      No matter the charges, based on multiple agents being outed, it could result in the criminals getting released from prison as corpses.

      Depends on how serious the final charges laid out by Pfitz and if they do actually charge them for each indidual outing... I am not a lawyer so... What do I really know?

      Independent World Television

      by m16eib on Thu Jul 14, 2005 at 10:28:38 AM PDT

      [ Parent ]

    •  Gee, I Wonder If Anyone At DKos Wrote... (none)
      ...about whether Novak Expose[d] More CIA Undercover Officers?

      [And yes, that's Daily Kos pre-Scoop.]

      •  Damn. I wish I'd remembered ... (none)
        ...your Diary the other day when I was using my Diary to say how late Sherlock was to the party in his expose.

        "The President wanted to go into Iraq in the worst possible way. And he did." -- Nancy Pelosi

        by Meteor Blades on Thu Jul 14, 2005 at 11:58:43 AM PDT

        [ Parent ]

        •  Yeah, I Wrote About This Subject... (none)
          ...on October 4th, 2003, and you wrote about the same subject on October 11th, 2003.  

          But in DKos time, that's like we wrote it in hyrogliphics on papyrus.  

          •  Before my time... (none)
            All I'm saying is let's not forget Brewster Jennings & Assoc.  It's the point the TV media is desparately trying to avoid right now and we have to swarm it.
            •  BTW... (none)
              ...those weren't diaries, those were frontpage posts from the dark ages before there were even such a thing as diaries.  
            •  But I Thought You Were Sherlock... (none)

              Sorry, you kinda walked into that one.  I guess it's just that some of us actually have focused on this issue, so the whole "why hasn't anyone focused on this at Daily Kos" think without checking the contemporaneous posts is a, presumptuous.  

              Oh, from the "credit where credit is due" category, there's also this from the comments to Meteor Blade's piece:

              "This elegantly simple law has snared countless people working for, or with, the federal government. Suppose a conspiracy is in progress. Even those who come in later, and who share in the purpose of the conspiracy, can become responsible for all that has gone on before they joined. They need not realize they are breaking the law; they need only have joined the conspiracy."

              Just for fun, tie this together with what Josh Marshall had to say about possible links to the Aldrich Ames case, and go to town. Did Karl Rove make himself a co-conspirator to Ames' treason?

              Posted by Kagro X at October 12, 2003 03:22 PM

        •  In Fact... (none)
          ...if you look at the two articles cited in this diary, the Oct 3 article was part of the basis for my 2003 post, and the October 11 article formed part of the basis of your 2003 post.  
    •  Keith O (none)
      Leave the poor guy alone :).  I mean he's got to be having nightmares by now of being chased down the hallways of MSNBC by a pack of rabid bloggers.  Ultimately his show came to be so popular on here because he managed to dig up the important stuff on his own.  Have a little faith that he doesn't need us to tell him where to find it.
    •  Randi Rhodes (none)
      is talking about this RIGHT NOW! She's even referencing dKos by name (albeit from a 2003 entry). Maybe your diary got her going... EXCELLENT!!!
  •  Not only that! (none)
    She's a babe! errrr ahhhh rather an attractive woman.
    •  That's just a cover to hide... (4.00)
      ...the real her - which anyone can plainly see is a typical everyday liberal, pinko, freedom-hating CIA agent (liberal-pinko clearly, being synonymous with the freedom-hating "CIA").

      Those darn liberals will do anything to ruin America...
    •  The sunglass photo hid those eyes (4.00)
      Now this spy story has a Bond Girl.  Anyone out there a movie screenplay writer?

      Time to start typing!

    •  I'm glad her photo is out there (4.00)
      It puts a face to the victim.

      That she looks honest and radiant is a plus too.

      This will help and Joe and Val wanted it out there.

      They've been openly dining together in DC.

      It's part of our counter attack.

      •  That's exactly right (4.00)
        They had Monica's picture during their impeachment, now we'll have Valerie's during our impeachment.  Wouldn't this picture actually give the story even greater legs than it already has?

        Visuals are very important--and to have outed this glowing beautiful woman, instead of an unknown figure, will get through to people on a whole new level.

        And all of the Brewster Jennings agents were people, they all were profoundly affected--and we don't even know if some agents or informants have already been killed, btw.

        •  I've heard that almost (4.00)
          70 agents or so have been lost because of this leak.

          And that a high number of the losses were deaths.

          disclaimer: This info is at least 3rd hand knowledge and just a rumor.

          However, I have a feeling that Fitzgerald has more of an exact number.

          •  Yes and probably from George Tenet himself (none)
            See this diary of mine:


            Tenet is Deep Throat II.

            And so Cheney and Bush are in Deep Shit!

          •  Other warnings (none)
            Someone on this site warned us the other day that it may truly have been just a postoffice drop company giving only her cover. The point was that we should not get too over the top about the damage caused in case it turned out to be less. Still I think we should insist that the cover of the front company was blown as well.
            •  agreed (none)
              and the CIA probably won't want to comment on any other 'losses' for the simple reason that it is all classified. I'm sure they'll make sure Fitzgerald has al he needs but we may never get the whole story (or at least not for a while yet).

              "What they found is a silver bullet in the form of a person."

              by subtropolis on Thu Jul 14, 2005 at 12:23:33 PM PDT

              [ Parent ]

            •  SteinL has been on that (none)
              I won't link to SteinL diaries today. You can look it up. A SteinL commenter connects the backstory of the Niger yellowcake to a Sy Hersh piece that claims a group of ex-CIA concocted the docs to sting BushCo.

              I've heard - I don't have the link, but I think it was in a CounterPunch piece (for what it's worth) - that Hersh has long carried water for the CIA in certain instances. Wheels within wheels. Hope we all don't fall under the bus.

              The name is not the thing named, the map is not the territory. -- Gregory Bateson

              by semiot on Thu Jul 14, 2005 at 12:31:54 PM PDT

              [ Parent ]

            •  questionable sources (none)
              Questionable sources are spreading what's most likely misinformation about BJ&A, the front company. Not only the number of agents who used BJ&A as a front is classified, but also the nature of the work that the company was supposed to do, and whether any agents have been killed because of this. In fact, the D&B listing was under legal services.

              The root of this misinformation is the confusion about the name Brewster Jennings. There was a real person named Benjamin Brewster Jennings, who was an oil executive. He died in 1968. The earliest record on this front company is dated 1994. The deceased Jennings and this front company have no relation.

              Ultimately this is a detail that it's up to the CIA to reveal. But even if it becomes part of the prosecutor's case, assuming there's one, it's most likely to remain classified.

              I would cool it on this one, and concentrate on Rove and his co-conspirators.

        •  How about... (none)
          a pic of her holding her twins? That is what America should see every night, the whole damn family!!! This affects more than just Val or Joe.

          "Dissent is the highest form of patriotism" -Thomas Jefferson

          by weelzup on Thu Jul 14, 2005 at 10:49:30 AM PDT

          [ Parent ]

  •  Is that a picture of Plame? (none)
    I thought the Wilsons were keeping her picture out of the news. Even in Vanity Fair, she was somewhat in disguse, with her hair dyed, sunglasses, scarf.
  •  Why The Repo Spin on This Is Ridiculous (4.00)
    When you focus on what happened to Brewster Jennings, the Republican smear against Valerie Plame and Joe Wilson just makes folks like Rep. Peter King and Tucker Carlson look like complete asshats.

    Let's assume that the Republican talking points are right: that Valerie Plame was a desk jockey, and that she abused her position within the CIA to get her husband that trip to Niger (though if she was just a glorified typist, I guess she was a very powerful glorified typist). Let's assume that Valerie Plame deserved to be frogmarched out of D.C. for putting her personal aspirations in front of national security, that she engaged in nepotism of the worst sort.

    The problem is that, even if we assumed all that, at the end of the day, it still doesn't justify blowing her cover--a cover that other CIA agents may have shared.

    If you assume that Valerie deserved to be "frogmarched" out of DC, as certain conservative blogs are saying, the Republicans are in effect arguing that the wholesale compromise of a valuable CIA front company, as well as any ongoing and future operations run out of that front company and the loss of intelligence that could have been gained in those operations, is completely justified because one of their glorified secretaries tried to get her husband a high-profile trip to Africa. And liberals are accused of being soft on terrorism?

    Good job on keeping this meme alive.

    •  discredit the discreditors-- (none)
      good pts, and the right's  discrediting of people and orgs. for political advantage(the red cross, among others, f'gawdsakes!) now goes BEYOND THE PALE as the repub machine is DISCREDITING THE CEE-EYE-FRICKIN'A....
      did you see jon stewart rip goldberg last night for his book, in which he says that #6 jimmy carter is responsible for ruining america???
    •  "A high-profile trip to Africa" (4.00)
      Uh, yeah sure.  Like it wuz some great vacation spot in the sun.  I believe Joe Wilson has said that it's a pretty desolate place to have to go to, and that diplomats usually get paid WELL to go on an assignment there.  He only got reimbursed for his expenss.  

      Not to mention that the Wilsons had two infant twin girls at home at the time (they're 5 now, he said this morning on the Today Show), so Mrs. Wilson would likely have been quite anxious about Ambassador Wilson taking such a trip.  

      So how the hell is it that the Right wingnuts can keep spinning this as some kind of nepotism, as if Joe Wilson needed a cushy vacation cruise to Africa (not) AND the work, so his wife pressured/obliged him to take the trip with her oh-so-powerful-influential-clerk-analyst-credentials at the effing CIA??!!

      We need to keep making these points and making them LOUD and as clearly to Mr. and Mrs.  Joe Six-Packs in their Barca-loungers across America as often and as long as we can.   RoveCo WILL slither under the radar in all of this if we don't bring We The People to bear against them.

      Great job here at dKos today, all across the board.  Salute.

      •  To clarify my point (none)
        By "great vacation spot in the sun" I meant specifically Niger, not the whole continent of Africa.  Joe Wilson has said, iirc, that Niger is not exactly a desirable assignment location among the diplomatic corps.  "Paid WELL to go there," he said, although he was only reimbursed his expenses.  Which means he went as a PATRIOT for his country, to find out if the "yellow-cake" purchase story was true.  WE NEEDED TO KNOW.  (For all the good it did us, in the end...alas...)

        Joe Wilson and his wife, Valerie are both bonified American patriots, in my esteem.   She for working so deeply under cover (she didn't have diplomatic immunity overseas), and he for his work as Ambassador under Bush Sr.  They deserve to be championed, not vilified and treacherously threatened as they have been.

        •  Exactly (none)
          There was a great diary earlier today about the country of Niger:

          -Arid county of 4 million inhabitants, 1/3 of who face the threat of catastrophic starvation

          -No where in the country is the tap water safe to drink

          -Malaria is prevalent country wide

          -Medical facilities in the country's capitol inadequate, next to none elsewhere

          -Tourism opportunities are limited; however there are some for the hardy eco- or adventure tourist.

          You can make anything look good if you can write billions of dollars of hot checks. --Ross Perot

          by lanshark on Thu Jul 14, 2005 at 11:39:39 AM PDT

          [ Parent ]

    •  My tin plated antennae (none)
      once reported to me that Brewster Jennings may have been the real motive behind the Wilson-Plame leak - roll up a network of operatives independent of the BushCo imperialsts. Again, wheels within wheels - signals weak, tinfoil an unreliable resonnating device.

      The name is not the thing named, the map is not the territory. -- Gregory Bateson

      by semiot on Thu Jul 14, 2005 at 12:37:31 PM PDT

      [ Parent ]

  •  Don't show her picture, please (none)
    Don't show her picture, please.
    On general principle, develop good habits, respect her and her family. Ditto for other people connected with the CIA.
    •  I disagree (none)
      show the wingnuts that she is human, not some imaginary figment. Besides, the Wilson's released the photo to the press, I kind of doubt they care if it's shown to the world.

      "Dissent is the highest form of patriotism" -Thomas Jefferson

      by weelzup on Thu Jul 14, 2005 at 10:56:51 AM PDT

      [ Parent ]

  •  Hmm -- Saudi Oil investigation?? (4.00)
    Those of us that like to look for the big Cui Bono -- and can't figure out the Plame move -- will not be able to resist thoughts that this might involve keeping people snowed about the Saudi oilfields (that is, that Matthew Simmons is right, and they are approaching serious decline).

    And of course, the death of "60 to 70 CIA assets" should not be forgotten. Whatever the real number, surely a lot of people were put at grave risk by this slime-job.

    •  Exactly (4.00)
      I've been mulling for days the possibility that the purpose of outing Plame was simply to out Plame, since her job seemed to largely consist of spying on the Saudis, and the Bush and Saud families as we know have been joined at the hip for decades.

      If that turned out to be true then we really would have a case of treason, by the strict Constitutional definition.

      "The use of federal dollars to destroy life is something I simply do not support" -- George W. Bush

      by Irfo on Thu Jul 14, 2005 at 10:49:52 AM PDT

      [ Parent ]

  •  I think we shouldn't use Val's pic. n/t (none)
  •  "Collateral Damage" (none)
    Not only was Plame's cover blown, but every covert agent who ever used Brewster Jennings as a cover was blown....  Every foreign government official or individual source that ever met with Plame or anyone else using Brewster Jennings as cover was blown...  

    We don't have all the facts, but this was probably a major setback for CIA's anti-proliferation of WMD program and I'm sure that when Fitz's investigation is over we will hear a lot more from the CIA about the damage done to their efforts.  My bet is that some of our CIA assets or sources were in grave danger, and maybe even harmed or killed, after Novak printed his story...


    •  This is what I've been saying (4.00)
      To set up a halfway credible shell company that links together a large group of CIA operatives must have cost the government and us (the taxpayers) a bundle.

      To toss that out in a blink of an eye confirms what I have always suspected about Rove (a sociopath) and Novak (a tremendous bag of hot air and vitriol with the brain power of a pencil eraser) in the general evolutionary scheme of things.

      Here is some of what Rove and Novak were confronted with:

      1.  A CIA agent involved with WMD investigations

      2.  Who works for a firm that appears insubstantial

      3.  You really aren't sure what is going on...

      Do you:

      (a) do some research to try to understand?

      or (b) begin frothing in print, publishing top-secret data?

      How damn dumb does a person have to be to do something like that?   Pretty stupid, very morally bankrupt, and not much of an American if they couldn't figure out the implications of what they were doing.  Disloyal to our nation?  To me it appears they both were, and should suffer the consequences.

      Call me old-fashioned, I'd rather have a President who got a couple of hummers, than one who consorts with those who put personal interests before those of our nation.

  •  This is THE STORY (none)
    Thanks for bringing this back up Sherlock.
  •  I think the whole situation began (none)
    in the oval office, Cheney probably gave Rove the orders to talk (reveal info) to the MSM.  They can't fire Rove cause he know where all the skeletons are kept.
  •  Recommended. (none)
    This a point that the MSM needs to use as ammo and they need to start now.

    May this find you in good health and good spirits, and if you're lucky, under the influence of the latter.

  •  We need numbers (none)
    1. How many agents were associated with B-J?

    2. Have any been attacked, assaulted, or otherwise physically engaged?

    3. It's great that Bush now has his own B-J problem.   With Clinton, his BJ gave him a thrill.  With Bush, what is the cost of his B-J?
  •  Madsen (none)
    Saw this in a thread here yesterday. It points to the Wayne Madsen Report where the following can be found (July 10, 2005 entry, emphasis added):
    Brewster Jennings reportedly "suffered greatly" as a result of the disclosure, according to a knowledgeable source. Another source reported that at least one Brewster Jennings NOC operating in a hostile intelligence environment was executed by counter-intelligence agents as a result of the White House disclosure. Other B&JA assets were forced to abandon their ongoing operations to identify networks involved in weapons of mass destruction proliferation. The CIA has been working on a damage assessment report on the Plame/B&JA disclosures. If no indictments of White House officials result from the Fitzgerald investigation, look for parts of that highly classified report to be leaked and then look for more imprisonments of journalists who refuse to divulge the source(s) of those leaks. Word from intelligence sources is that the damage assessment report is "devastating."

    I have no idea how good Madsen's sources are (grains of salt, tinfoil, etc. are probably in order), but all the same: DAMN.
    •  So (none)
      So Novak is a murderer.

      Karl is a murderer.

      Wonder if we can dig up a name on that Brewster-Jennings NOC.  Or would we be compounding Novak's treason by doing that?

    •  A Damage Assessment would be SOP (none)
      Anytime classified information is compromised everything that might have been compromised with it gets examined.

      I know nothing about this Madsen, but there has to be such an assessment out there.

      Evolution is the organizing principle of all known life. Your God is a theory.

      by The Baculum King on Thu Jul 14, 2005 at 11:25:30 AM PDT

      [ Parent ]

    •  you said it right: DAMN...Double DAMN (none)
      So what other charges does thing bring about?  Involuntary manslaughter maybe?

      Jesus: "Destroy this temple" - Gospel of John

      by The Gnostic on Thu Jul 14, 2005 at 11:27:40 AM PDT

      [ Parent ]

    •  How credible is Michael Ruppert??? (none)
      Of course, one of the great articles about how maybe Plame ran a major Middle Eastern spying operation ran in From the Wilderness, a newsletter published by Michael Ruppert. I posted a link to the article here myself before taking a hard look at the From the Wilderness site.

      To me, it seems to be hard to tell what kinds of axes Ruppert has to grind. If he's right, and Plame was responsible for keeping tabs on the Middle Eastern oil operations (and maybe even for helping to keep prices down), maybe the outing of Plame also is responsible for the fact that oil is now selling for more than $50 per barrel.

    •  I trust Madsen's reporting as far ... (4.00) I trust Bill O'Reilly. He has frequently claimed to have inside information about stuff that not even the most seasoned investigative reporters have heard about. And the reason turns out to be - repeatedly - that the information is bogus.  

      "The President wanted to go into Iraq in the worst possible way. And he did." -- Nancy Pelosi

      by Meteor Blades on Thu Jul 14, 2005 at 12:05:19 PM PDT

      [ Parent ]

      •  Thanks MB (none)
        I've been waiting to hear the opinion someone who's proven himself credible before I allowed myself to be too taken aback by this Madsen tidbit. Poking around in the google didn't turn up much on him to sway me one way or the other. But a note of skepticism from Meteor Blades--that goes a long way.

        So I upgrade my recommendation from "grains of salt, tinfoil" to "a salt lick and anodized aluminum plate." (Note: you will have to machine the anodized coating off before fashioning this into a hat.)

        •  Thanks for the vote of confidence ... (none)
          ...but I'm scarcely the only one at Daily Kos who has been blasting Madsen. I and others have been saying similar things about the man ever since he "broke the news" that Bush was planning an imminent attack on Iran in October so as to firm up his chances in the November election.

          "The President wanted to go into Iraq in the worst possible way. And he did." -- Nancy Pelosi

          by Meteor Blades on Thu Jul 14, 2005 at 10:21:49 AM PDT

          [ Parent ]

  •  So Valerie Plame (none)
    is Cybill Shepherd's kid sister then?  They sure look alike ;)
  •  "devastating" damage assessment? (none)
    Unfortunately we won't see this CIA damage assessment report until after the Fitzgerald investigation is over (if ever), but if it is indeed true that one of our covert agents was executed because of this leak, shouldn't the leaker(s) be held liable for their death???
  •  I posted VP photo 3 days ago (none)

    The comment was "tsk tsk"

    This photo was from a British article.

    To thine own self be true - W.S.

    by Agathena on Thu Jul 14, 2005 at 11:40:55 AM PDT

  •  Talking Counter-Points (none)
    -This is one intelligence failure directly caused by the Bush Whitehouse.
    -This is no way to fight al-Qaeda. Why did Rove and Novak put party politics above the security of all Americans?
    -EVEN if Rove was innocently trying to prevent Cooper from making the wrong assumption, why did he have to mention Wilson at all? Was Rove out for revenge or was he simply incompetent? Can we afford to have this kind of incompetence while fighting the war on Terror?
    -Doesn't this at the very least warrant an investigation into Rove's conduct? Shouldn't we find out if other state secrets have been improperly revealed? Don't we owe it to the 9/11 victims to make sure?

    Political violence is a perfectly legitimate answer to the persecution handed down by dignitaries of the state. - Riven Turnbull

    by Florida Democrat on Thu Jul 14, 2005 at 11:42:29 AM PDT

  •  Valerie Plame is a babe (none)
    on top of everything else.
  •  remove the pic (none)
    may i suggest that we do not publicise mrs wilson's picture?

    it is bad enough that rove outed her.  there may very well have been people she had contact with overseas that knew her under an assumed name, and i would hate to think that this picture posted here might blow her cover further to overseas operatives.

    it's not out of the realm of possiblity.

    please consider taking her picture down.

    "Democrats: Always standing up for what they later realise they should have believed in." -Jon Stewart, the Daily Show

    by anna on Thu Jul 14, 2005 at 11:55:50 AM PDT

    •  Anna, The Wilsons themselves (none)
      released all the new photos to the press and WANT them seen.  It's called going public and they have made that decision.

      We are helping Valerie by broadcasting the photo she herself wants broadcasted...

      •  Publicity is safety (none)
        Normally, being private would probably be safer, but my guess is that, in a case like this, the best thing is to be as public and popular as possible, so that everyone around you will be providing unofficial free security services.

        Along the same lines, it seems to me that Plame should run for the Senate just so that, if she got in, she might be able to get free security.

    •  This picture is being broadcast on all the TV (none)
      stations.  It's not as though the only place it has appeared is here in this thread.

      I saw it on television at least a dozen times last night so it was broadcast to millions.

      Should we stop saying the name Valerie Plame as well?

      I don't get it.  She's outed, is now a public figure and this photo is all over the cable full screen, just her face...

      •  If They Jumped Off A Bridge (none)
        This picture is being broadcast on all the TV stations.

        Oh, so because some slimeballs showed it, that makes it OK?  Yes, why not jump on the bandwagon before it's too late.  Just admit you showed it because you want your diary noticed.

        If Joseph and Valerie Wilson wanted a clearly distinguishable photo distributed, they would've done it themselves.  They certainly wouldn't need you.

        Stop acting like you're doing the Wilsons a great big favor.

        Without music, life would be a mistake.

        by Cory on Thu Jul 14, 2005 at 09:56:01 AM PDT

        [ Parent ]

        •  Actually, they did do it themselves (none)
          Quote is from this article

          Wilson, in an interview, defended his participation in the glossy magazine's article. "The Republicans are going to say anything to deflect attention from the crime, which was exposing a CIA operative," he said, adding that his wife's "cover was completely blown" before the article appeared.

          "My only regret about the Vanity Fair photo is that after all my wife and I have been through on this, that she had to be clothed as generic blonde in order to deal with the genuine concern that some wacko on the street might easily identify her," he said. "It was just in the interest of personal security."

          You're whining and being a self-righteous prick.

          In every country and in every age, the priest has been hostile to liberty. -Thomas Jefferson

          by jabbausaf on Thu Jul 14, 2005 at 04:22:38 PM PDT

          [ Parent ]

      •  I agree, Sherlock (none)
        This is not the first time this pic has gone out, both on TV and the internets. Those who for nefarious puposes wanted to know what Valerie looked like either knew it well before this diary hit the kos or can find out through multiple alternative sources. Personally, I think it's a great picture. Those twins sure have a good-looking Mom!

        The name is not the thing named, the map is not the territory. -- Gregory Bateson

        by semiot on Thu Jul 14, 2005 at 12:47:55 PM PDT

        [ Parent ]

  •  also, don't forget how many other old stories (none)
    this whole thing ties into.  You probably haven't heard of them, but they are important pieces of the puzzle.  
  •  Why is Novak still published? (none)
    Wyckoff, N.J.: I have been following this story fairly closely ever since it first broke. One thing I still do not understand: why was no action ever taken against Robert Novak? Did I miss something along the way? It seems that he played a central role in the entire matter; yet, he is ignored as if he were on the sidelines. Thank you.

    Garrett M. Graff: No one really knows exactly what Bob Novak's role is. There's a lot of speculation that he either cut a deal with the prosecutor or his source allowed him to speak to the grand jury. He won't comment at all.


    Silver Spring, Md.: Why has Robert Novak been given a pass by the media when his role was central to the alleged incident?

    Garrett M. Graff: This is a very good question. Until recently Bob Novak, despite all of his media appearances hadn't received much scrutiny for his role in the affair.

    As of late, though, he's getting some tough questions. Ed Henry grilled him on CNN's Inside Politics, Novak's Sun-Times colleague Carol Marin blasted him in a column, and both Al Hunt and William Safire have called for him to come clean.

    Jay Rosen, a blogger and journalism professor at NYU, called on media outlets to ban Novak until he comes clean. It's a great idea, but so far it hasn't happened.

    Time for Novak to Feel Some Chill

    Why is the Chicago Sun Times printing this treasonous hack?

    When will an organized boycott of any newspapers and television channels who print or broadcast Bob Novak begin?

    •  Right! Who issued the Novak 'get out of jail' card (none)
      This could be another abuse of power by the white house. The poor woman who never wrote a story is sitting in jail. And Novak who actually blew the agent's cover is free as a bird (vulture).

      'Conservative vs Liberal' is the smoke screen. Class-warfare is the reality.

      by CitizenOfEarth on Thu Jul 14, 2005 at 10:14:57 AM PDT

      [ Parent ]

      •  She's in jail for contempt (none)
        and he isn't, which probably either means he testified freely, answering all questions asked of him, or pleaded the 5th.  Not sure the 5th would apply, so I'm guessing he sang like a bird.
  •  They should BOTH run for office (none)
    How about that: who better to clean up DC?

    But they might prefer to spend time with their daughters, which is thoroughly understandable and probably a whole lot more fun.

    My first crush in elementary school was named Valerie.

  •  And how Novak protested the outing of Johnny Spann (none)
    •  Talk about hypocrisy! (none)
      Robert Novak

      December 3, 2001

      Inside Report: Not Secret CIA

      WASHINGTON -- Exposure of CIA operative Johnny (Mike) Spann's identity as the first American killed in Afghanistan is viewed by surprised intelligence insiders as an effort by Director George Tenet to boost the embattled CIA's prestige.

      Old CIA hands were shocked by the breaking of the old rule keeping secret the names of agents in order to protect their family and associates (in this case, undercover Pakistanis and Tajiks). The rule was violated, according to the insiders, because the CIA needs publicity after the massive intelligence failure of Sept. 11. The death of a heroic agent makes the agency look better.

      And from this knowledge in 2001 he deliberately outed Plame in 2003--and after he called the CIA and they asked him not to--even though they said it would cause "difficulties".  Because he knew it was Rove's defense at a critical time--Novak committed the very same act he condemned only 2 years earlier.  Wow.

  •  re: BJA NOC List (none)
    Well, I'm sure no one here has seen it, and if you're smart neither have you. :)

    If there's one thing that the CIA probably doesn't want publicized at the moment, it's a list of all the people who've worked for BJA, recently or not. Granted, it may be public knowledge by now, but why make things any easier for the bad guys?

    You know, I have a feeling that a major part of what 's angered the CIA isn't so much Plame's exposure, but that of both her and her cover firm. In fact, for all we know, any future charges under the Espionage act might be based on covert agents that we haven't even heard of being exposed.

  •  Foreign Offices (none)
    Earlier in the week I saw some comment somewhere on the countries and USA cities that were listed as having BJA Offices.  It may have been a dozen, including Pakistan.  Does anyone know of this list?
  •  Exactly.... (none)
    This story is HUGE.  The potential damage is devastating.  The intel community cannot go on record to discuss this, but they are seething.  Rove needs to be jailed, now!

    A Silent Cacophony

  •  just searched google images (none)
    for Valerie Plame and she's all over the place. If it ever mattered not to post her picture, that time has long since passed.
  •  Thank you Sherlock (none)
    Half this friggin' adminstsration should be in jail before this is over. The damage is incredible.  How any so-called "conservative" can defend this mess of shit that these traitorous wingers have gotten our country into continues to bogle the mind.  To me the stinking mess of fascist Germany was more understandable as their country had been completely destroyed. As terrible as 9/11 was and not to diminish it, it was two buildings and 3000, not millions of people. Half the country (thankfully getting less)going along with Bush turning this country upside down and given a free pass to compleletly fuck up the response with his own agenda
    because "everything has changed" is bizarre.

    I am pro-life. Bring our troops home ALIVE!

    by Doc Allen on Thu Jul 14, 2005 at 01:57:14 PM PDT

  •  Approximately how many agents ... (none)
    were compromised? [Note: "outed" is not the correct term.]

    A ballpark number is all I'm looking for here.

    "You don't lead by pointing and telling people some place to go. You lead by going to that place and making a case." - Ken Kesey

    by Glinda on Thu Jul 14, 2005 at 02:07:11 PM PDT

  •  To everyone whining about the picture (none)
    Try a Google Image search for Valeria Plame


    Now will you PLEASE stop whining? You're playing into the right's stereotype of us as namby pamby handwringers.

    In every country and in every age, the priest has been hostile to liberty. -Thomas Jefferson

    by jabbausaf on Thu Jul 14, 2005 at 04:29:14 PM PDT

  •  Valerie Rove (none)
    Karl Rove's first wife was Valerie.
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