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It was an awfully short experiment in Democracy in Iraq. Remember all the purple fingers at the State of the Union? Democracy was on the march. Forget weapons of mass destruction, Democracy became the rational for all the death and destruction. Well Democracy is dead in Iraq today. Murdered on the eve of the Constitutional referendum.

In case you missed it (which would be easy because I haven't seen it mentioned on TV) today the New York Times reported Election Change Seems to Ensure Iraqis' Charter.

Iraq's Shiite and Kurdish leaders quietly adopted new rules over the weekend that will make it virtually impossible for the constitution to fail in the coming national referendum.

So what did they do....

Under the new rules, the constitution will fail only if two-thirds of all registered voters - rather than two-thirds of all those actually casting ballots - reject it in at least three of the 18 provinces. [my emphasis]


Given that fewer than 60 percent of registered Iraqis voted in the January elections, the chances that two-thirds will both show up at the polls and vote against the document in three provinces would appear to be close to nil.

So, let me understand this, in order to reject the Constitution more people have to vote against it than could possibly show up to vote. Nice Democracy! This is certainly worth the lives of our young men and women, not to mention the total destruction of the country and the lives of about hundred thousand Iraqis. Democracy.

The rule change could prove a serious embarrassment to American officials in Iraq, who have spent recent weeks struggling to persuade Sunni Arabs to vote for the constitution and even trying to broker last-minute changes that would make it more palatable to them.

I'd sure hope so, but not if the CNN, MSNBC and Fox have nothing to say about it. I can already see the glitzy "Irag Votes" graphics.

And it gets better...

Other Shiite members of the assembly defended their action. They said that if only people who came to the polls were counted in the referendum, insurgent attacks could frighten away so many voters that the constitution could be rejected on the basis of a small, unrepresentative sample of voters.

"You should not violate the rights of the majority," Maryam Reyes, a member of the Shiite alliance that controls a majority of seats in the assembly, said in support of the measure.

Ms. Reyes said the assembly members had not changed election law, but only clarified the meaning of the word "voters" in the relevant passage. The legal passage in question states: "The general referendum will be successful and the draft constitution ratified if a majority of voters in Iraq approve and if two-thirds of voters in three or more governorates do not reject it."

Ms. Reyes was last seen coming out of a meeting with Karen Hughes who is in the region to help Iraqi women learn how we do things here in our American Democracy. Well I made that up, but geeze the swift boaters had nothing on this gal.

In their vote on Sunday, the Shiite and Kurdish members interpreted the law as follows: the constitution will pass if a majority of ballots are cast for it; it will fail if two-thirds of registered voters in three or more provinces vote against it. In other words, the lawmakers designated two different meanings for the word "voters" in one passage.

Karl Rove move over... these guys are good.

But seriously, even for this administration, this is amazing. Bush, Cheney, Rummy, Rice, all of you! People are dying in droves for your murderous lies. There were no weapons of mass destruction. There is no liberation. There is no Democracy.

Lies Lies Lies, and still they keep dying.


Let's take a try at this form of Democracy. In the poll below it will be determined that Kossacks want the US out of Iraq only if 66% of all registered Kossacks vote yes. So we need about a million. If not, Kossacks have shown their support for a US Imperial Fascist Occupation for ever and ever. Happy voting...


Originally posted to MediaFreeze on Tue Oct 04, 2005 at 10:33 AM PDT.


Should the US get out of Iraq?

98%55 votes
1%1 votes

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  •  Look... (4.00)
    I know this shot by earlier, but I don't see why this isn't being picked up and discussed. This is THE REASON supposedly that we are in Irag....
    •  agreed (none)

      More people should see this diary!
    •  "The Iraqi people .... (none)
      deserve their shot at Freedom'......
      I almost wretched when I heard Bush say that.... its DISGUSTING... the complete disregard Bushco has for coming up with any HINT at a legitimate reason as to why the US is there.  Its like they're BARELY trying to come up with a lie now.  Its PLAIN and simple.... France was in the process of pipeline negotiations with Iraq, that would have made the European Union countries stronger, Bush's 'Base' (ie/ conglomerates and corporations) would have suffered; so DOWN GOES SADDAM... think this is tin-foil?  Well, millions of people in the Middle East think this way, and as long as they do.... that region will NEVER be 'stable enough to pull out'..... and the US will continue to be hated, more soldiers will continue to die, and Bush's pals will continue to get richer...  

      its SICK.

      An eye for an eye only ends up making the whole world blind--Gandhi (-9.38, -7.59)

      by hopefulcanadian on Tue Oct 04, 2005 at 11:23:10 AM PDT

      [ Parent ]

  •  IraG? n/t (none)
  •  I hear ya! (none)
    I diaried about this yesterday, although not as thoroughly as you have.  My thought was that not only is this move so un-democratic, but it also seems intentionally provocative.

    The seeds of civil war are being planted...

  •  recommend (none)
    This should be on front pages everywhere. We've allowed our elections to be stolen, and it must stop now.
  •  Yes, democracy my ass. (none)
    I read the article earlier and felt resigned to the fact it was a dying story. Glad to see it reposted. It reminds me of a diary I posted the other day that was, for the most part, unfortunately ignored. From an article in the UK Guardian, Wed. Sept 28:

    US forces 'out of control', says Reuters chief
    Reuters has told the US government that American forces' conduct towards journalists in Iraq is "spiralling out of control" and preventing full coverage of the war reaching the public.

    The detention and accidental shootings of journalists is limiting how journalists can operate, wrote David Schlesinger, the Reuters global managing editor, in a letter to Senator John Warner, head of the armed services committee.

    Mr Schlesinger urged the senator to raise the concerns with Defence Secretary Donald Rumsfeld, who is due to testify to the committee this Thursday.

    I don't believe this issue was raised during the arms services committee hearing last week. Overall, things have simply turned to chaos, yet we have a president touting lies (about positive progress) when it's anything but.

    At least 66 journalists and media workers, most of them Iraqis, have been killed in the country since March 2003. More than occurred in Vietnam.

    Link to the diary and more about journalist deaths and secret hearings, if interested.

    "We are healthy only to the extent that our ideas are humane." K. Vonnegut

    by wardeo on Tue Oct 04, 2005 at 11:11:56 AM PDT

  •  Now is that 2/3rds of kossacks (none)
    ... or 2/3rds of registered kossacks born on months ending with a 'y'? ;)

    Yes, okay, black humour considering how many people have died for a not-too-dissimilar sham to be played out for real.

    I'm sure I'm not the only person shaking his head at the shame of it, but with no surprise whatsoever. :-/

    Plot your political compass scores at KosCompass

    by Hatamoto on Tue Oct 04, 2005 at 01:13:50 PM PDT

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