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There are two critical elections this year and they both need YOUR help. Tim Kaine in Virginia and Jon Corzine in New Jersey. We MUST MUST MUST win both of these races.

Stop worrying about the Supreme court for the next 5 days. Stop worrying about the indictments for the next 5 days. Help the Democratic Party win something!

The good news is that both Kaine and Corzine are ahead in the polls! But not by enough. It means nothing if people don't get out and vote.

You may live in California or New Mexico or Illinois, but if we win these elections it WILL affect you. If we lose these elections it WILL affect you. Offer your support. If you have free long distance, offer to make GOTV calls for them. If you have a blog, write an article about them. Governors become Presidents. We need more Democratic Governors!

Both of these guys are fantastic candidates. Let's team together and get them into office. Please recommend this diary and pass it on.

Kaine Headquarters
6010 B N. Crestwood Ave.
Richmond, VA 23230
(804) 673-2100

Corzine Headquarters
317 George Street
First Floor
New Brunswick, NJ 08901

Originally posted to steve nelson on Thu Nov 03, 2005 at 09:33 AM PST.

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  •  Help Kaine and Corzine (none)
    Great commentary. We really need help here in Virginia... why is Kaine's phone number missing the last zero? Get it right and get out the vote! Kaine's come from behind and we don't want a last minute blitz by the Republican money machine to slow him down.
  •  Some concrete things to do (none)
    I really want to see kossacks do something concrete for a change. Talking on the Internet is fun but we can either complain about the Republicans or do something about it.

    Call up those headquarters and offer to volunteer from afar. Pledge a 100 phone calls this weekend.

  •  info on kind of support (none)
    What would the two campaign like from democrats living outside their states?  I think if you elaborate on that here, others in the Kos community would know what to do.


    •  Give the headquarters a call (none)
      I know the Kaine headquarters is looking for GOTV callers. Basically they'll give you a list of people to call and say "did you know there is an election on Tuesday? Can we count on your support for Tim Kaine blah blah blah"

      I'm certain Corzine's camp would like that too

      •  no free calls?? (none)
        Of course doing GOTV calls from afar requires free/cheap long distance phone plans. So if you can't do that, just post a diary about kaine and corzine.

        I'd like to see Daily Kos give Kaine and Corzine as much support as Hackett received. So... if you don't make calls. Post a diary about Kaine or Corzine.

         We NEED more Democratic Governors.

      •  consider it done! (none)
        I asked because I made calls for the Kerry campaign from England (where I was living then) and I thought a number of the people I called were not happy to be called.  
        •  I've made 500 calls so far (none)
          I've made 500 calls in this last week. I plan on making 500 more before tuesday.

          The lists i've been given have been mostly Democrats or undecideds. So most of them are more than happy to talk. Every once in a while I get someone angry, but it's pretty rare. 1 in about 75 will be angry.

          Just brush it off and make another call!

        •  It's a mixed bag (none)
          People do not like to hear that people from other countries are telling them how to vote. They do, however grumpy they act about it, need calls to remind them to vote. You'll be amazed how many people forget.

          Also consider coming down this weekend to do GOTV. We could use the canvassers, and weather and trees are absolutely stunning right now. Do some canvassing and then go see Monticello or Mount Vernon afterwards.

          •  Reminders (none)
            Yeah we don't even need to convince people at this point. Kaine and Corzine are ahead in the polls. We just need to get them out to press the button and we'll win.

            Kossacks can help. Spend the next 5 days posting diaries about Kaine and Corzine. Focus on getting people to make calls.

            There are like 100,000 Kossacks. 70 calls each and we could call EVERY PERSON IN VIRGINIA.

          •  Canvassing? (none)
            VirginiaBelle are you in Northern Virginia? Where should someone from Maryland or wherever go to help you?
            •  The Northern Virginia office (none)
              Is located on 123 by the intersection with 66. (In Tyson's Corner).

              The info for it is:
              1575 Anderson Road
              McLean, VA 22102
              (703) 720-2600

              But if you're coming from farther away and want to see the best of Virginia, I would actually advocate going more into the foothills, in C'ville and Nelson County and the like. I'm serious about it being drop dead gorgeous down there.

      •  Excellent Idea (none)
        Back in the day when we had 2000+ rollover minutes on our Cingular plan, I was making calls for the Kerry campaing.  I spoke with people in FL, WA, OH... all over this great nation.

        It's a great way to phone bank if you have a lot of minutes on your cell phone plan.  Contact the campain offices now and help them out.  Every little bit can make the difference!

  •  Get a headset (none)
    Btw, if you do start making calls for Kaine and/or Corzine. Buy a headset. It'll save your neck. Best purchase ever.
  •  Kaine and Corzine (none)
    Virginia is "too close to call" and that means we MUST call without letup. I am sure the call lists used by the Combined Campaign in Virginia are mostly Democrats at this late date... the reason is too many Democrats are "federal dDemsocrats" and vote only in the presidential election, and Virginia's governor race is so-called off-year. If we can get these Democrats out (and enough pro-Dem Independents) to get off their hindquarters and go vote on 8 November, Kaine will win.
  •  Kaine and Corzine (none)
    RaisingKaine is the blog supporting Kaine, and they themselves have a PAC which runs print ads, really hard-hitting, the type the formal Kaine campaign can't. They probably need money to keep advertising up to election day, so go to and take a look at some of the ads, and make a donation.
  •  Utah and Virginia (none)
    Utah and Virginia are currently the only two states with A-'s from Governing magazine.

    As far as I know Utah is run by Republicans and Virginia by Democrats. We don't want to lose one of the best run states and hand it over to the Republicans.

    Imagine if next year they say "look we run ALL of the top governed states in America" What a loss that would be

  •  Kilgore has money we have people (none)
    By the end of this race Kilgore will have spent almost $4 Million MORE than Kaine. But we have the ability to get people working for us.

    Kossacks what can you do to help? Post more diares about Kaine and Corzine.

    Stop goofing around.

  •  Kaine and Corzine (none)
    Just another thought on this election: we have some rip roaring Republican scandals bubbling along here in Virginia, involving all three of the Republican slate, especially Kilgore for Governor (and his Kilgore clan's political machine run by Mama Kilgore, Willie Mae), and McConnell the candidate for Atty Gen, and Bolling the Lt. Gov candidate. WHY haven't the main media picked up on this? I'm sure if one of the Democrats were involved in these sorts of messes we'd have rabid newshounds and talk show artists pounding away at them. But mostly silence from the main media when it's Repubs. Can't DailyKos and the blogsphere goose the print press into action? (but probably too late to influence the election... even so...)
  •  Kaine and Mark Warner (none)
    Some one pointed out what a great Governor Warner has been. No joke: he took Virginia, which Republican Gov. Gilmore had turned into a fiscal basket case with $6 billion deficits, into what is rated now as the best managed state in the Union with a $1+ billion surplus. Warner has indicted he's not running against Allen for George Allen's Senate seat, so we assume he is considering running for President. Warner would be a magnificent POTUS, a true uniter not divider, a moderate with (pardon the expression) balls. But he won't have a chance if his protege Kaine doesn't win. So help us out here. Get Kaine elected!
    •  12th to 1st (none)
      Don't forget this.. Four years ago Virginia was tied for 12th best run state in America, according to Governing Magazine.

      In 4 years Warner and Kaine got us into the number 1 spot. That's a HUGE jump. These guys are good.

  •  Virginia's Election and POTUS Bush (none)
    How much influence do President Bush's problems have on the Virginia election? The Republicans want us to think there is no link, but Kilgore, the Republican candidate for Gov, has studiously kept himself away from Mr. Bush (once he got the message that Bush's popularity had nosedived in the Old Dominion). The only problem here is that in the beginning Jerry said Bush was his role model. And it certainly seems true when you look at Jerry's policies, his close links with Big Pharma and big insurance and so on. Defeating Kilgore would be like defeating Bush.
  •  Virginia Election and Personal Privacy (none)
    Here's another thought: we have here in Virginia a hot confrontation between the right to privacy and the right of the government to tell you what to do with your own body--- both in the question of abortion and the question of how you and your family decide to end your life if you're in, for example, a vegetative state like Terry Schiavo.  Guess which candidate is on which side? Kaine, the Democrat, although Catholic and personally against abortion, says he would never criminalize a woman or her doctor for making personal health decisions, Jerry whines endlessly about "culture of life" (even though he only means when it applies to women's pregnancies--- he's in favor of the death penalty and eants to extend it).  With the changing nature of the Supreme Court, which will almost certainly return the questions to the States, we have a red hot issue here in Virginia: who sits in the Governor's office will be deciding these issues.
  •  Recommended - Please Recommend this diary (none)
    Put aside Alito and Bush for a while. Lets focus on getting these two Dem candidates elected.

    Steve, edit the diary and include links to Kaine and Corzine, so others can donate if they can't make it to Virginia.

    Can we also get this diary front-paged? Armando, Kos?

    The hottest places in hell are reserved for those who, in times of crisis, remain neutral.

    by ten10 on Thu Nov 03, 2005 at 10:24:49 AM PST

  •  Kaine, Kilgore, and Death Penalty (none)
    That brought to mind the fact that Virginia is exceeded only by Tecs in the number of executions. Jerry Kilgore wants to extend the list of crimes carrying the death penalty, and as Attorney General, actually connived in the suppresion of evidence which would have exonerated a man on death row (subsequently executed). After the execution DNA tests proved the man's innocence. Kaine is personally opposed to the death penalty but will fulfill the laws of Virginia... you can be sure, however, he'd be a little more cautious about use of the death penalty. No matter where you stand on the death penalty, Kaine has to be the better choice.
  •  Recommend this Diary (none)
    Yes, I agree, this diary should be recommended for DailyKos posting. I'm new to this scene, so how do we get it to happen? Like right now.

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