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I'm not expecting many to read this or recommend it. But I figure i'll ask anyway.

Tim Kaine's race in Virginia is still very close. This is still a very important race. We can still use a hell of a lot more volunteers.

Please help Tim Kaine win. Help the Democratic Party of Virginia win. Help the Democratic Party of America win.

Call: (804) 673-2100

Originally posted to steve nelson on Sat Nov 05, 2005 at 01:58 PM PST.

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  •  Thanks, Steve (none)
    More than a few folks from here will be helping in the next few days, I think.
    •  excellent! (none)
      Thank you Sui! Where is here?
      •  Steve (none)
        based on a suggestion below.

        Could you please change your diary title to something like this ASAP?

        URGENT! Kilgore is tyring to pull a Nader on Kaine!!

        and point to the comment below my me to draw attention to that serious problem?

        Then first update the diary so more people will get to see it before it drops off the diary roll.

        Then, please add as much information that you can on these sleazy mailers from Kilgore in your diary post and update again.



      •  "here" (none)
        Sorry, Steve, late back here.  "Here" is dKos.  As the other diaries illustrate, we're seeing some folks get motivated and involved.


        re: signs - can we please get someone out to the center margin of 50, in Rosslyn leading into DC?  I think it's 90% Kilgore, and 10% Russ Potts.  Now, I know that Kaine doesn't have to worry about Arlington, but . . . man.  Those Kilgore signs are completely unanswered.

    I've just read this in this in a diary at myDD: LINK.

    Fake ""Democrat" voter Guide in VA
    by Hugo Estrada

    I just received "2005 Official Democrat and Progressive Voter Guide-Governor of Virginia" in my mailbox. Its purpose was to inform voters on "the issues most important to Democrat and Progressive voters."  In tiny type, next to the picture of Tim Kaine it said "Paid for and authorized by Virginians for Jerry Kilgore."

    Not surprisingly, the message was to vote for Russell Potts.

    The contact numbers listed were wrong, both for Mr. Potts and Tim Kaine.

    A new low in Virginia politics.


    Please immediately contact Kaine's offices :
    (call all of them), and tell them to take swift remedial action, and offer to help them with phone banking etc:

    One such action they could take is:

    • make a recording of the disgusting campaign tactic
    • place calls to the "progressive" voter rolls that they have.

    Or use live phone banking to get the same message out.

    One of us should tell them come and visit this diary and the myDD diary.

    Since this will likely be a very close race, and we all know exactly what dangers await close races these days, we should act immediately on this.

  •  I'm worried about this one big-time. (none)
    I drove around Fairfax County today running a zillion errands.  Zero Tim Kaine yardsigns out, Tons of Kilgore signs.  Zero is a hard number to hit.  There are plenty of Kaine signs on the road, but not in yards.  I am thinking that Kaine is banking on the NoVa crowd loving Mark Warner and hating W and thus showing up to vote, but my wife reports that she's seeing about a 10:1 ratio of Kilgore ads to Kaine ads on TV.

    I hope that Kaine is running real well downstate.  I think the NoVa crowd supports Kaine but I don't know if we're motivated enough to turn out in the numbers that Kaine needs.

    Not seeing any Leslie Byrne signs either - and I live about 5 miles from her house.


    Democrats *do* have a plan for Social Security - it's called Social Security. -- Ed Schultz

    by FredFred on Sat Nov 05, 2005 at 02:56:10 PM PST

    •  Richmond is where am worried about (none)
      Kaine being a past mayor there, I don't see how the polls now have Kilgore leading in Richmond. What is going on?

      I'm afraid Kaine is banking too much on the NoVa vote also. It's very risky.

      The hottest places in hell are reserved for those who, in times of crisis, remain neutral.

      by ten10 on Sat Nov 05, 2005 at 03:10:18 PM PST

      [ Parent ]

      •  Actually (none)
        From what I've seen Kaine is running pretty well in Richmond.  When they say Richmond, they mean the whole area surrounding it.  It includes some pretty southern and conservative places like Henrico, Goochland, and Louisa counties.  Those places are rock solid conservative.  Plus Richmond itself isn't that mobilized a place.  So Kaine is actually doing fairly well to be staying competitive with him.
    •  I've seen many kaine signs (none)
      in yards and bumper stickers. I've seen more bumperstickers than yard signs and not many Kilgore signs or bumper stickers. I guess it depends where in Fairfax you are. I think Kaine will pull through though.
      •  Around here lotsa Mason signs not as many Kilgore (none)
        My precinct is solid red but this time around I think there are many Mason voters (GOP candidate for Delegate) but many of those houses do not have a Kilgore sign as well.  OTOH most of the Boluva houses also have a Kaine sign.  Maybe there will be a bunch of ticket spliters.
    •  Tons of Kaine Signs in Western NoVA (none)
      I see plenty of Kaine signs and bumper stickers out here in Reston, but then my part of the county has always been more democrat-friendly than other parts.
  •  thank you steve (none)
    I'm not sure people understand how important this one is. If we can take "red" VA it will be a very clear indication of what a drag jr is on Repub candidates

    I'm in Ohio, but as you may know, Wes Clark has endorsed him and many of us Clarkies have been donating. All Clarkies in the area who can are helping on the ground.

    Donations will still help at this point and even small amounts add up for anyone who can help!

    GO KAINE!!!

    Latest News:

    Latest Poll Tips Toward Kaine

    With race too close to call, he, Kilgore focus on mobilizing voters

    Richmond Times-Dispatch, November 4, 2005

    By Jeff E. Schapiro

    The Virginia governor's race is heading toward a photo finish.

    Democrat Timothy M. Kaine has inched to a 1 percentage point lead over Republican Jerry W. Kilgore in the latest Times-Dispatch Poll, which showed Kilgore up by 2 percentage points two weeks ago.

    Kaine is pulling 45 percent; Kilgore, 44 percent. Independent H. Russell Potts Jr. has faded to 4 percent. Seven percent are undecided.

    The Kaine-Kilgore contest can be viewed as a statistical dead heat because Kaine's edge is within the poll's margin of error, 4 percentage points in either direction.

    The newspaper's fourth and final survey of the hard-fought, neck-and-neck campaign provides few clues to its outcome. One potentially telling finding: Independent voters are breaking solidly to Kaine...  -more

  •  GOTV (none)
    call your friends in va and get them to the polls.
    some repubs I know are voting for potts.
  •  Not here (none)
    Plenty of Kaine signs in my part of Fairfax, and only a couple of Kilgores.

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