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It's late at night, this is my first diary, and I think of America, with its rich rainbow of humanity spread over this great land, and I think wistfully, "you stupid, stupid bastards."

I've had it with blaming George W. Bush. I don't blame Shrub for the drastic decline of America any more than I blame the sock puppet on a bar brawler's hand. No, I blame the suspects technically responsible for letting the sock puppet take over and start thinking it deserves to run the country, the legally liable party, that's right - the stupid, stupid people. The ones who let their own country go all to shit in a shopping cart.

Sure, if this was a feudal monarchy or some helpless herd of peasants cowering under a dictator, then we could blame the leader. It would be their fault for screwing it all up for us.

But as some of the older readers may remember reading in school many years ago, WE are actually supposed to be in charge. 'Citizens' is the term. Citizens have the responsibility to choose their leaders and pay attention to what they do, even tedious stuff like following how their tax money is spent. They sort of collectively run the country, indirectly, through representatives.

They are supposed to pick these representatives to do stuff like making laws for fairness and to protect them from various threats, spending their tax money on things that make life better, making big decisions about which other countries they like or don't like, and so on. That's the basic idea.

But Christ in a Chrysler, look around at the crop of rubes we got running things now. If aliens came to visit, you think they would get the impresssion that the American people were in charge of jack?

These yuks will demand 20 years experience and references when they hire a plumber or a car mechanic, but when it comes to running the whole goddam country, and having a finger on the big red NUKE 'EM button?

Oh, then they'll go with the tall one who looks like you could have a beer with him, as long as he agrees with their religion and views about gays.

They'll scream and pound their fists if the kid gives them the wrong tacos at the drive through window, but if the guy running the whole goddam country screws up and loses their money and gets people killed?

Oh, then that's understandable, it's a hard job, whatever.

These chowderhead chumps think the best person to lead the nation and manage the economy, keep us from getting killed in wars, and chart our glorious progress into the future mostly has to be someone with real strong convictions (not smart ones, necessarily) who never changes his mind.

And these candidates have to talk about their deep personal beliefs a lot, - lots of flowery patriotic stuff about how great the people are, for instance. Also, the candidates have to stress how important God is, maybe say that God likes America best of all the countries, whatever.

God is this invisible supernatural being a particular ancient tribe believed in who is the supreme power and creator of everything, according to the ancient tribe's writings. Other tribes had other gods, but this one is the preferred one here. No one is really sure what He wants or does or anything, but they talk about Him alot. They also capitalize the word "Him" because it shows how important God is.

Lots of this citizenry also thinks its very important that the leader they elect favors them having guns. That's so if the government ever comes to get them, they can fend it off with their trusty 30-06 or .38.

There are lots of other issue like that, but the people get bored and turned off if the candidate takes more than about 6 seconds to deal with an issue. For instance, if they say "marriage is between a man and a woman," that's enough.

When they have the big show to pick who they want for their area or their group, They talk a lot about the candidates personality, and how they look. They also like words about pretty sounding images, like "a shining city on a hill." That one was really popular, because it sounded so nice.

But most of the citizens think that politics (that's the way they make decisions about running their society) is a bad, unpleasant thing, and somehow destined to be corrupt and dishonest, and really none of their business. But the parties and balloons are fun every couple of years.

If a leader starts helping companies hire overseas instead of here, and makes medicine harder to get, and wastes all their tax money, and even scares them to start a war, which kills some of them and makes the other countries mad, then these dimwitted citizens begin to talk about whether it's a good thing or not, and hope things get better soon. Some of them think all of it is okay, because they hope that the leader will put in a judge who thinks a fertilized egg in a woman is actually a person.

See what I mean? Who the hell would want these poor clueless bastards, who don't even seem to care whether their leaders do what they want them to, these teeming, dancing, farting, drinking, sleeping, shoveling, phone talking, car driving, booze swilling louts... who would want them running a pie contest, much less a whole country?

Obviously, not the people themselves. They just handed it all over to a sock puppet with a bunch of bullies for friends.

The reason I'm so goddam pissed about it all is that I'm one of them. Screw this crap, I'm gonna go make a sandwich.

Originally posted to WaltKelly on Thu Nov 17, 2005 at 11:14 PM PST.

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  •  Geez Walt, hell of a first diary. (none)
    Instead of fixing the blame it seems we should concentrate on fixing the problem.

    Since all election data is 'secret' who knows how the people really voted? The media lies about the war and the economy every day all day, think they'd stop short on lying about the election results?

    The people that own the press own just about everything else worthwhile...they can put whoever they want in office and their reporters will write it up just the way they're told if they want to keep their jobs.

    Trouble is we can't use the system to fix the system because 'we the people' don't have access to the truth. We can see the truth, we recognize things aren't as advertised but there's nothing, absolutely nothing we can do about it.

    and they know it.

    As long as for profit commerce controls our information we have nothing to fight them with except hints and allegations that the media regularly squelches or ignores.

    Good first diary, helps to get that stuff off your chest. Take it easy on yourself and the rest of us too, we're doing the best we can.

    Parties divide, movements unite.

    by Gegner on Thu Nov 17, 2005 at 11:39:40 PM PST

    •  Hell of a first comment... (4.00)
      Glad you liked it! Rants are fun.

      You are spot-on regarding the media problem - the press doesn't exist to serve us anymore.

      But remember the stuff about the people being in charge?

      If the people wanted to, they could demand that their reps enact media reform, so that the news system was redesigned to serve public interest.

      I'm in favor of national news being non-profit, funded by the public, so it's ours, not GE's.

      I can't think of a reason that the news information about our world, which we need to make voting and buying decisions, should be created as an entertainment product, can you?

      •  you've nailed the main problem (none)
        that, and the fact that most people utterly take their freedoms and democracy for granted and figure that the system cannot ever be broken and will always fix itself.

        America needs a good shake-up, and Georgie-boy is certainly giving it to them.

        Trouble is, it's taking too much freaking time to do this, and people are literally dying in the meantime.

        It's all just plain criminal.  

      •  As your namesake said... (none)
        We have met the enemy and he is us!

        Great diary; rated your first comment a 4 in part because you didn't have a tip jar for the diary itself.

        "There is no god, and I am his prophet." SocraticGadfly

        by steverino on Fri Nov 18, 2005 at 12:31:31 AM PST

        [ Parent ]

  •  blame the corporate media (none)
    before you blame the entire population.

    Granted, you have some good points, points that hold true for quite a few people ....

    But look at Bush's numbers now, now that people have been at least somewhat informed as to what a bunch of criminal losers this administration contains.

    The media has NOT done their job, and who's gonna tell the people?  The media?  Fuck no.  

    Our country absolutely DEPENDS on a vigorous free press, and we have not had that in quite some time now.

    I do hope when all this dust settles, that people will put blame where it's due.  

    I want the Judy Millers and the Wolf Blitzers and the Rupert Murdoch's in fucking jail where they belong.

  •  Sitting abroad on a bright frosty morning (none)
    I am inclined to agree with you, Walt.  And heck of great first diary, too!

    Now, we all know that only 51 percent of Americans are immoral, stupid, apathetic, hating idiots.  Most foreigners like at least some Americans - if only Hollywood stars and Jordan.  Still, it's hard from here not to hold America accountable for democratically electing the torture-loving warmongers in power.

    Well done writing this.  I hope to see more of your work in future.

    "Americans can always be counted on to do the right thing - after they have exhausted all other possibilities." Winston Churchill

    by LondonYank on Thu Nov 17, 2005 at 11:51:09 PM PST

    •  Good ol' London (none)
      I was there that one time it was foggy, about 1987.

      I would really like to tell all Americans "Look, don't elect politicians to agree with your views about sex, drugs and God. Elect them to watch out for your energy supply and improve your schools and stuff like that. You're not hiring a youth group leader, it's more like hiring an accountant or a security guard. And they don't have to look like goddam movie stars to do the job, either."

      For all the bitching about taxes, Americans don't even bother to pay attention to how they are spent.

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