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It has been pretty well confirmed at this point that a document does exist relating a conversation between President George W. Bush and Prime Minister Tony Blair wherein Bush expressed his desire to bomb the HQ of an Arab News network.  Indeed, the British government is now prosecuting media organizations for revealing its contents.  The only question remaining seems to be whether he was 'just joking'.  Haha Ha ha... :(

Flashback to another winger wingnut extraordinaire fantasizing just joking about the bombing of the free press:

"My only regret with Timothy McVeigh is he did not go to the New York Times Building." -- New York Observer Aug. 20, 2002

I submit to you, the key difference between Coulter and Bush?  Coulter does not have the means to carry out her fantasy while George W. Bush, to the eternal shame of Scalia and cohorts, does:

A US missile hit the Baghdad offices of Al-Jazeera television early today, wounding a cameraman and leaving a correspondent missing, the Qatar-based Arabic news network said.

The station aired footage of the cameraman being taking away for treatment in a car belonging to rival network Abu Dhabi television.

Originally posted to manyoso on Wed Nov 23, 2005 at 10:36 AM PST.

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  •  For the diary police... (3.85)
    I'm well aware that this subject has been brought up already today.  In fact, you can see that I am aware of this because I linked to Kos' frontpage post.  However, I haven't seen anyone bring up Coulter's infamous quote in the context of this revelation regarding Bush's desire to blow up Al Jazeera.  I think it is relevant, so I decided to diary about it.  Sorry if that upsets you.

    "... the Republicans have fucked reality so hard they need a physics professor to straighten them out." -- hamletta

    by manyoso on Wed Nov 23, 2005 at 10:34:42 AM PST

    •  Have a 4 just for taking on the diary police (4.00)
    •  Little touchy there (none)
      The Diary Police been roughing you up lately? It's perfectly clear that you've added your own take to this, and. in my opinion, allowed a view of Coulter's words that better-than-ever show their evil. Thank you.

      You didn't do it.

      by Earl on Wed Nov 23, 2005 at 10:47:09 AM PST

      [ Parent ]

    •  we most certainly do need diaries (none)
      linking coulter's contempt for the truth to bush's contempt for the truth.  in this original and interesting way.

      do we really 15 diaries a day calling hillary a neo-con??

      Sick of the mess they find/On their desert stage/And the bravery of being out of range. -- r. waters

      by BiminiCat on Wed Nov 23, 2005 at 11:30:41 AM PST

      [ Parent ]

  •  twist on a familiar acronym (none)
    Just remember, with respect to one of Cornell's least intellectually equipped alumnae: IOKIYARWB (It's OK If You're A Right-Wing Bigot).
  •  A less well known Coulter quote (4.00)
    "My only regret with Bill Clinton is he did not go to the New York Times Building and tell them to print that I have a bigger penis than he does."
    --Ann "The Man" Coulter
  •  No Paper In the Country Should Carry Her Column (none)
    for that remark alone.
  •  I heard some say (none)
    that the only mistake Timothy McVeigh made was killing the children!  There are some nut jobs out there and all it takes is one or two.  Unfortunatly we have a couple in The White House now.

    MQAblog In the right. On the Left.

    by MQAblog on Wed Nov 23, 2005 at 11:27:51 AM PST

  •  Scalia? O'Connor was the decider (none)
    Sandra Day O'Connor was the swing voter that swung the wrong freaking way.

    Scalia would vote GOP if it was a choice of GOP or Jesus.  Scalia has never needed evidence - all he needed was to ask, "Is it conservative?  I don't need the freaking details."  Don't blame him; he is just trying to work out some issue of his dad not loving him enough.

    O'Connor was the one who supposedly weighed the evidence AND STILL STOPPED THE RECOUNTING OF VOTES IN FORIDA.  What a stupid decision.

    O'Connor was a ONE PERSON ELECTION.  In a "balanced court", only the "independent", swing vote judge means anything.  The rest are goign to vote party lines.

    SHE is the ONE PERSON we have to blame for the Bush Disaster.

    •  O'Connor Revisionism (none)
      Even worse are the stories of Justice O'Connor getting visibly upset at a Georgetown cocktail party when Florida was called for Gore in 2000.  Check this out.  After handing Bush the presidency so that she can retire and have her successor appointed by a Republican, she realizes she has totally destroyed her credibility and legacy.  She then doesn't resign, sits on the Court through another election (thanks for losing, Kerry), and personally pens a couple of feel-good books about her admittedly impressive childhood on a ranch as well as about the Majesty of the Law.  With Bush still in place, she now steps down, her utterly disgraceful conduct in Bush v. Gore a little further removed and ameliorated by the books and some more moderate rulings.  We now get John Roberts and Sam Alito, right wing hatchetmen from Reagan's Department of Justice.  Sweet.  
  •  Can we just STFU with the Coulter diaries? (none)
    I'm sick and tired of seeing diaries about this poisonous woman.  That's exactly what she wants.  She thrives on controversy.

    Ignore her and she'll go away.

  •  I think she does like the controversy, (none)
    and so does all evil.  Evil thrives off of controversy that is rooted in hate and not justice. Coulter is one Satan's willing minions and she is here to feed the hate.  The only benefit we have with having her around is that she is very transparent in her hate, whereas most of the wingnuts try and hide it and they are the most dangerous type.

    I can't imagine making my living on spewing hate.  She has a black soul that is rooted in fear, deception, and chaos.  It is evident that she has a weak spirit and a feable mind that can't comprehend anything other than what is fed to her.  So, if this is the type of attention and controversy that she thrives off of, then she is truly one of the sadest souls that exists.  I have never heard one note of love or compassion out of her mouth and while I can't know her heart, her actions and words in the public venue clearly indicate that she is the enemy of all that is good and decent.

    Call it Karma, God, or whatever you want, but I believe that she will pay the price someday and it won't be pretty.  

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