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Earlier this week while discussing the war in Iraq, Senator Joseph Lieberman said, "It's time for Democrats who distrust President Bush to acknowledge he'll be commander-in-chief for three more critical years, and that in matters of war we undermine presidential credibility at our nation's peril."

Unfortunately, President Bush has no credibility. His administration misled our nation into the war in Iraq on trumped-up charges of weapons of mass destruction. His "stay the course" strategy has led to over 2,100 American deaths. And no one sees an end in sight.

It is disturbing enough that Senator Lieberman remains one of the president's biggest cheerleaders. But his call for opponents of the president's failed policy to keep quiet is outrageous.

The only way we will end this war is by having an honest debate about how and when we can bring our troops home.

Join me in sending Senator Lieberman an open letter asking him to join the majority of Americans in questioning the Bush administration's Iraq policy:

If Americans don't challenge a president who is bankrupting our treasury, damaging our moral leadership in the world, and jeopardizing our national security then we are failing our democracy.

Please co-sign the letter today.

Next week, I'll join Democracy for America members in Connecticut and deliver our letter with your comments to Senator Lieberman's office.


Jim Dean

Originally posted to Jim Dean on Thu Dec 08, 2005 at 12:22 PM PST.

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  •  I'll be glad to sign (4.00)
    Last night, I faxed Lieberman's D.C. office a letter. I'll post it as a diary tonight.
  •  Debate is patriotic (none)
    I disagree with Joe on the war.  I agree that the president has lot credibility.  My only fear is if primarying him would give the GOP a free pass for the seat.  I know everyone else here feels different about Joe and I respect that.  Debate is good in my opinion.  I hope we can take back the Senate and the House.  The environment is right.
    •  did you mean "lost credibility? (none)
      you have a good point..we don't want the GOP to get his seat
    •  Hell with that (none)
      Joe is such a traitor and right-wing thug that I would rather have a true right-wing Rethug as opposed to one masquerading as a Democrat.  If my only choices were Jeb(moving from Florida) running against Lieberman, I would support Jeb.  

      At this point, I would just support any Rethug against Joe.  He is that much of a cancer to our party.  I'm still hoping that Weicker decides to run.

      Fuck Joe Lieberman.

    •  dsolzman, as a Joe backer, why are U here? (none)
      Really, man, don't be a dope. What are you doing messing around on this thread.

      This, whole, "we'll lose the seat to a Republican argument" is a house of cards. It's Joe's only line of defense against the inevitable Democratic backlash to his blatant disloyalty.

      CT isn't going to yield a Senate Seat to the Republican majority. Not any time soon. Take our word on it.

      What is it that you like about Joe, anyway?

      "A-rabs hate us now, more than ever" -- Way to go Joe, Dick, George and Rummy.

      by DeanFan84 on Thu Dec 08, 2005 at 07:37:51 PM PST

      [ Parent ]

  •  Dare I Ask . . . (2.00)
    . . . is it really proper for an organization founded by the present chairman of the Democratic National Committee, and currently run by his brother, to be leading a fight against a fellow Democrat?

    Lieberman's not changing his mind, obvs.  So until and unless there's a primary challenge, can't we focus on REPUBLICANS?

    •  DFA =/= DNC (4.00)
      The mission of DFA is not to elect Democrats, as is the mission of the DNC.  One of the goals of DFA, however, IS to reform the Democratic Party, and to do so requires either making Democrats  who suck not suck, or replacing Democrats who suck with Democrats who don't.
    •  But is he a "fellow Democrat"? (4.00)
      In the past two weeks, he's been praised by George W. Bush, Dick Cheney, and Rush Limbaugh. That speaks volumes about his loyalty.

      We've got Zell Miller 2.0 on our hands.

      Every Saturday, there's a new weekly roundup of Michigan politics here on Daily Kos.

      by Dump Terry McAuliffe on Thu Dec 08, 2005 at 12:43:28 PM PST

      [ Parent ]

      •  and . . . (none)
        . . . without Ted Kennedy, there wouldn't be a No Child Left Behind act.
        •  The difference is (4.00)
          That Lieberman doesn't just vote for bad policies. He publicly denounces fellow Democrats over Iraq and thus does the GOP's dirty work in perpetuating the falsehood that "Democrats are weak on national security."

          Joe Lieberman is political cancer for the Democratic Party. We can't allow it to metatasize.

          Every Saturday, there's a new weekly roundup of Michigan politics here on Daily Kos.

          by Dump Terry McAuliffe on Thu Dec 08, 2005 at 12:48:18 PM PST

          [ Parent ]

          •  I agree... (none)
   some extent. I can't stand Joe Lieberman. I think he undermines the party when he says we shouldn't question the president or when he criticizes anti-war Democrats. But several Democrats have criticized Howard Dean in the press, for example--Rahm Emanuel recently on the "we can't win the war" comment, Biden and others who have said Howard Dean doesn't speak for them. That undermines the party just as much, but the worst they get are a couple of diaries saying these people are bad Democrats, but no organized campaign to unseat them for criticizing the chair of their party in public. I hope Lieberman leaves on his own to replace Rumsfeld so we have an open seat and good Democrats who have a chance of winning will be willing to run (like maybe Rosa DeLauro or others who won't challenge Lieberman). I'm not sure how wise it is to use limited resources to unseat a Democrat when we can better use the resources to unseat Republicans and win open-seats and defend vulnerable Dems. We can worry about those who are not 100% loyal Democrats when we have enough seats to make Harry Reid majority leader.  
          •  But (none)
            I did sign the letter because I think debate is patriotic.
    •  Lieberman is attacking US (4.00)
      And from the right, which gives the Republicans' lies credibility.  I personally don't give a shit if he changes his mind, I just want him to stop attacking the Democrats.

      By attacking him from the left, we DO NOT help the Republicans.  If anything, attacking a Democrat from the left helps that Democrat in the general election, assuming that we don't run a candidate against him in the general election.

      •  We can't let an attack go unanswered (none)
        I agree with you hardleft. Here's a different way to look at the same issue: if Lieberman switched to the Republican Party today would that be good or bad?

        Kerry won CT 54% to 44%, so we'd likely end up with a Democratic Senator who doesn't undercut his party. That Lieberman wouldn't dream of switching shows that he's playing us.

        My take: We gotta put some money on the table as a party, show we have cojones, if we want to win. I don't buy, either, the claim that Republicans who deviate from the party line don't get taken to the woodshed.

        David Mamet drew a related analogy between the Democrats and timid poker players in a recent LA Times op-ed. The article's no longer available, but there are some tidbits here or just google david+mamet+poker+democrats.

      •  WHO's being unpatriotic, Joe? (4.00)
        " matters of war we undermine presidential credibility at our nation's peril."

        What Democrat has undermined presidential credibility remotely as much as George W. Bush has?  As Dick Cheney has?  As Karl Rove, Donald Rumsfeld, Condi Rice have?

        If you're looking for unpatriotic underminers of presidential credibility, Joe, look no further than that Cabinet Room you're so desperate to enter.

        -4.50, -5.85 "To initiate a war of aggression is ... the supreme international crime." ---Nuremberg Tribunal

        by Dallasdoc on Thu Dec 08, 2005 at 04:05:29 PM PST

        [ Parent ]

    •  Accountability (4.00)
      First, let me point out Democracy for America's mission:

      Democracy for America (DFA) is a political action committee dedicated to supporting fiscally responsible, socially progressive candidates at all levels of government--from school board to the presidency. DFA fights against the influence of the far right-wing and their radical, divisive policies and the selfish special interests that for too long have dominated our politics.

      Are Joe Lieberman's actions in line with social progressivism?  I don't believe so since he is not in sync with a majority of Democrats or other non-Dem progressives. Does Joe Lieberman set himself clearly apart from the politics of the right?  I don't believe that to be true; his politics regarding Iraq only serve to entrench corruption that is robbing American taxpayers blind and crippling any potential democracy has.

      Secondly, if Democrats cannot hold other Democrats accountable for their positions and in some cases failings, they have no business doing so with the opposition.  We can do better -- far better than the right.  We can and will self-police.  We can and will hold ourselves accountable for any policies, decisions and actions that do not work towards the greater good.

      Thirdly, I can assure you that both Jim Dean and Howard Dean will do what is legal in respect to the operation of their respective organizations.  Or they will have to answer to people like me in DFA and in the DNC, someone who demands and expects leadership by example.  Dr. Dean asked DFA members in each state last year how we felt about his potential candidacy for DNC chairmanship BEFORE he made a decision to run for it; he made it clear that being the chair would place restrictions on  actions between DNC and DFA.  There are clearly things that the DNC cannot do that DFA can do and vice versa.  DFA members like myself accepted the limitations AND the possibilities that came with Dr. Dean's chairmanship.  

      What you see now, a progressive and predominantly Democratic organization demanding accountability of an elected Democrat and alleged progressive, is what DFA is free to do.  The DNC cannot do this -- Dr. Dean specifically cannot do this.  But hell yeah, the chair of DFA can and should hold Lieberman's feet to the fire.

      [By the way, Jim Dean, it's been years past time to work in Zell Miller's backyard.  We need DFA to work on growing and recruiting a base of potential candidates in Miller's state/district.  We DFA people can do better there, too.]

    •  Yeah but (none)
      I'm going to support the Rethug in the Connecticut race.  I think he/she will be more useful for Democrats than Lieberman.
    •  I agree (none)
      I support a primary challenge, but the focus should be on George W. Bush.  And when it comes to Lieberman, a one line response:  

      He does not speak for the American public, or most democrats, who want a clear exit strategy from George W. Bush.  

      There is no debate here. The public and democrats are against Bush's Iraq war.  Stick a fork in it.  

      I had my own blog for a while, but I decided to go back to just pointless, incessant barking. --Cartoon Dog, The New Yorker

      by markymarx on Thu Dec 08, 2005 at 08:18:23 PM PST

      [ Parent ]

  •  Joe needs a primary challenger (4.00)
    Someone progressive.  Someone who realizes that this war is wrong, is being waged wrong, and that our troops need to come home.  Someone who the grassroots and netroots can support and rally around.  Someone from Connecticut...

    Oh hey!  Jim Dean, you fit all those criteria!

    •  If he became SoD... (none)
      then it wouldn't be an issue.

      The rumor is Rummy is out, and Senator Joe the White House hoe might be in.  I figure him being in the DoD wouldn't make things much worse than they are now, and it would get him out of the way in terms of the Senate.

      "It is dangerous to be right when the government is wrong." - Voltaire

      by JAS1001 on Thu Dec 08, 2005 at 06:44:04 PM PST

      [ Parent ]

      •  No, it is still an issue. As a former Dem V-P (none)
        candidate, we can't allow him to join the Bush administration as a Democrat in good standing.

        No one person can be allowed to stand above Party unity and cooperation. Clearly, it's time for Joe to go.

        "A-rabs hate us now, more than ever" -- Way to go Joe, Dick, George and Rummy.

        by DeanFan84 on Thu Dec 08, 2005 at 08:03:25 PM PST

        [ Parent ]

        •  How do you propose to stop (none)
          someone from calling themselves a Democrat or even a former Democrat?

          Be realistic.

          Couldn't stop Zell Miller.  Can't stop Hoe Lieberman.  They can each change their name to Zippy the Wonder-Stud, no matter how disturbing that might seem... can't do a thing about it.

          I think getting him out of the Senate and showing his true colors as a Bush lackey is probably a best case scenario at this point.

          "It is dangerous to be right when the government is wrong." - Voltaire

          by JAS1001 on Fri Dec 09, 2005 at 12:02:48 AM PST

          [ Parent ]

          •  Um, having a Prominent Dem (none)
            Challenge Joe in a primary would go a long way.

            Have the entire CT Party turn their backs on Lieberman, publicly. That would go a long way.

            "A-rabs hate us now, more than ever" -- Way to go Joe, Dick, George and Rummy.

            by DeanFan84 on Fri Dec 09, 2005 at 12:09:29 AM PST

            [ Parent ]

  •  Thank you Jim Dean. (4.00)
    I signed and sent on to others to do the same.  But I don't harbor much hope that Lieberman listens to or cares much what the rank & file (as he sees us - even though we are America) thinks.  

    I think, for Joe, it's all about Joementum - and always has been.

  •  Signed (4.00)
    I have signed the letter with the following PS:

    "I believe truth has undermined the administration's credibility.  Speaking the truth does not."

    Keep your constitution close my friends, and read it daily.

    by smokeymonkey on Thu Dec 08, 2005 at 12:42:48 PM PST

  •  Help us take lieberman on (4.00)
    Anyone interested in helping to defeat Lieberman,
    please goto and sign up to our yahoo group. Also, CT residence please note the action Items. We are planning to crash the Democratic State party meeting on Dec 14th at 7:30PM. Check out the website for details.


    Don't complain about the media, BE IT

    by terhuxtim on Thu Dec 08, 2005 at 12:49:16 PM PST

  •  I never thought I'd see the day... (4.00)
    ...when a Democrat (allegedly, at least) would claim that falling in step behind whatever foolhardy idea our leaders think of next, without question or debate, is our patriotic duty. Lieberman has forgotten that in the United States, it is not only our right to question our leaders, but the duty of every responsible citizen. Can there be any more important duty when our leaders' decisions kill more of our friends, neighbors, siblings, parents, and children every day?

    Lieberman can go Cheney himself. I'm done with him.

    Thwarting the forces of conservatism since 1978. -7.63, -5.64

    by wiscmass on Thu Dec 08, 2005 at 12:51:53 PM PST

    •  here's what TR said (4.00)
      "To announce that there must be no criticism of the president,
       or that we are to stand by the president, right or wrong,
       is not only unpatriotic and servile, but is morally treasonable
       to the American public." - Theodore Roosevelt ( in 1918 during the first world war )
  •  signed (4.00)
    What does Democracy look like?  THIS is what democracy looks like.  Whay does Democracy sound like?  THIS is what Democracy sounds like.

    repeat it loud and often

  •  Lieberman (none)
    is more liberal than he gets credit for.
    •  If that's true (4.00)
      he should go on fox news and shout it into hannity's face.  He doesn't. He goes on and gets wet sloppy kisses from Hannity. Hannity promises to help get him re-elected in his home state. I don't know about you but anyone that Hannity likes politically, I automatically don't. Mr. Lieberman should disavow all of fox news. IMHO all democrats should. Let them interview each other.  

      "We ought never to do wrong when people are looking." Twain

      by dougymi on Thu Dec 08, 2005 at 01:11:30 PM PST

      [ Parent ]

      •  not a bad idea... (none)
        I've often wondered what would happen if the MSM stopped covering the politicians but never the other way ''ve got my vote!

        There may come a point in our disagreement when I can no longer dispute you on logical grounds, but I can still punch you in the nose. Ludwig Wittgenstien

        by bostonjay on Thu Dec 08, 2005 at 01:25:23 PM PST

        [ Parent ]

      •  Why? (none)
        Why alienate people who want to vote for him? If conservatives like him, so be it. It's all about his stance on the war. Would you have disliked John Kerry if Hannity endorsed him? That seems like the perfect strategy for the right, let Sean Hannity endorse the Democratic presidential candidate.

        Look at Lieberman's ratings from interest groups. He gets high ratings from liberal groups and low ratings from conservative groups. Yeah, he is not as liberal as Edward Kennedy, but he is quite good nonetheless.

        •  Lieberman is a right-wing Rethug (none)
          masquerading as a moderate Democrat.  He is a motherfucker for the highest order, and apologies to the motherfuckers out there for comparing you dudes with Joe.

          And from a state where we ought to expect people as liberal as Ted Kennedy.

        •  The Message for 2006 is all about Iraq... (none)
          I don't know where you've been, but Lieberman is trying to let Bush off the hook for his Neo-con fantasies of democratizing Iraq.

          The only people who are going to win from this are the Shi'a in Iran. It won't be good for Israel, and none of this is to mention the tens of thousands of innocent people who have died in the post-Saddam era.

          Look at Lieberman's ratings from Party leadership. Right now they are next to zero. Maybe you see no need for Party unity, but I do.

          Lieberman is acting like a rat, and he deserves a primary.

          "A-rabs hate us now, more than ever" -- Way to go Joe, Dick, George and Rummy.

          by DeanFan84 on Thu Dec 08, 2005 at 08:09:47 PM PST

          [ Parent ]

  •  Quasi-Democrat (none)
    Bill Buckley calls Lieberman one of his favorite senators and to prove it, marshaled his resources to see that Lieberman was elected.
  •  Better off targeting CT voters (none)
    I don't live in CT so what I think won't mean very much to him.

    I think you would have been better off getting as many CT voters to sign on to this since they have the power to vote him out of office.

    All non-CT residents can throw some cash Howard's way: every time Howard is trashed, the DNC gets more money.

    Liberal: "I still think it's a respectable word. Its root is "liber," the Latin word for "free," and isn't that what we are all about?"--Mary McGrory

    by mini mum on Thu Dec 08, 2005 at 12:56:28 PM PST

  •  You Bet I Signed (4.00)
    And I hope thousands of us do.  Lieberman needs to know that he is choosing the wrong side if he continues to cuddle up with Republicans.
  •  Lerberfraud the ass clown (4.00)
    Is a fraud who has no clue. Not because I don't agree with him but because there are many reasons why I don't trust him. I'll never forget when he called "the machine in rage" which he was referring to Rage Against The Machine an anti family band. That is so right-wing it isn't funny. he didn't even know the name of the band how could he know what they stood for? Clueless? Yes. I would never vote for him for any reason.

    ANYWAY you won't believe this!

    Rummy exit expected; Lieberman eyed for job

  •  Ooooo, what if we just ignore him (none)
    Wouldn't that just put his knickers in a twist?  
    It's one thing to hear the whole world howl at your every comment. Must be damn satisfying to Joe.  
    But indifference?  Betcha that would just drive him crazy.  How about if we just ignore him?  Make him a non person.  Not comment on his remarks on TV.  "Joe who? LEE-BER-MAM?  I never heard of him.  Is he a friend of yours?"

    -3.63, -4.46 "Choose something like a star to stay your mind on- and be staid"

    by goldberry on Thu Dec 08, 2005 at 01:14:03 PM PST

  •  I would tell Lieberman that (4.00)
    except for the fact that it is completely useless to tell him anything that does not rigidly adhere to neocon dogma.  He is one of them, plain and simple.  The only reason he gets us all in a tizzy is because he has that "D" behind his name.  The fact that he is a neocon who happens to be labeled with that "D" proves that he is worse than the Perles and Wolfowitzes, Feiths and Cheneys: at least they have the balls to come right out and say what they are.  Lieberman found out long ago, and I guess the rest of us are just now figuring it out, that the only way anyone would listen to him or vote for him is to label himself as the exact opposite of what he is: a decent human being.  

    Instead, I would rather tell Joe Lieberman (D-Neocon): Go fuck yourself.

  •  Signed with a PS (none)
    I told him that that he was a coward and a hypocrite.

    Please pray for the safe release of the Christian Peacemaker Team and an end to violence in Iraq.

    by Sharon Jumper on Thu Dec 08, 2005 at 01:25:01 PM PST

  •  Gee. (4.00)
    By Joe's logic, we should have just let Nixon ride because we should have recognized that he was commander-in-chief.

    Can we disown this guy or what?  Where are Reid and Pelosi on this, publicly disavowing his statements and distancing the Democratic party?

    HEY - why haven't you visited my blog?

    by RenaRF on Thu Dec 08, 2005 at 01:29:54 PM PST

  •  Joe is not only wrong about dissent (none)
    He is wrong that pointing out problems with the President's actions/words puts our nation in peril.

    But if he is correct, it is the President and his Administration that have acted in a way that undermined their credibility, hence they put our nation in peril. Why doesn't this bother Joe?

    "Mr. President, I'm not saying we wouldn't get our hair mussed." General Buck Turgidson

    by muledriver on Thu Dec 08, 2005 at 01:32:09 PM PST

  •  And my PS to the letter: (4.00)
    Sen. Lieberman,

    It's sad that I've lost all respect for you as your political aspirations have overridden your sense of your consituents and their feelings on this war and the Bush Administration.

    Here's hoping that you make your move soon - this Democrat doesn't want you recognized as part of my party any longer.

    Rena **

    Good riddance to him.  He's more of a bad smell than anything else.

    HEY - why haven't you visited my blog?

    by RenaRF on Thu Dec 08, 2005 at 01:32:58 PM PST

  •  I'm sick and fucking tired (none)
    of Joe Lieberman kissing Republican's asses....

    I simply can't stand him.

    Seriously....whoever runs against his ass gets money from me. No joke...I'd put up a hundred bucks (that I barely have) just to NEVER hear another word from "Senator" Lieberman....let him fucking retire and buy a baseball team with Bushie Jr....

  •  Well this explains A LOT (4.00)

    HEY - why haven't you visited my blog?

    by RenaRF on Thu Dec 08, 2005 at 01:42:25 PM PST

  •  excellent (none)
    posted at the action alert blog.  it would also be lovely if we had a campaign to send joe a really inexpensive piece of hardware that would immediately evoke the word "tool."  can you imagine him getting hundreds of them in the mail?
  •  This was my personal comment to the letter: (none)
    I find your distate for debate bizarre.  The president is elected by the American people, and because he's our employee, it's our right and our duty to criticize him when his performance is sub-par.

    Your constituents need you to do your job.  If you think your president has acted appropriately, start proving this to your voter base.  Don't tell them not to question authority - where have you been for the last 50 years?

    What's your direction? Take the test! Economic Left/Right: -8.00 Social Libertarian/Authoritarian: -6.05

    by Jensequitur on Thu Dec 08, 2005 at 01:44:39 PM PST

  •  More To The Point.... (none)
    ...Senator Lieberman needs to know that suppression of debate is unpatriotic.

    Why constantly struggle to get back to square one in the rhetoric wars? It is untrue that advocating any given foreign policy could be unpatriotic, as such free advocacy is integral to what our country is. Therefore, seeking to suppress that freedom with maligning rhetoric is itself unpatriotic.

    9/11 + 4 Years = Katrina... Conservatism Kills.

    by NewDirection on Thu Dec 08, 2005 at 01:46:24 PM PST

  •  I signed (none)
    and added this as my P.S.:

    You're acting like a Repulican. And to my mind, there's no viler insult. It's time for you to quit lying to everyone that you're a Democrat. Leave our party. Either that or straighten up and fly right. I strongly suggest you get your resume together. You'll need it when you start looking for a job come January 4, 2007.
  •  My P.S. (none)
    Join us again before we eschew you altogether.  Stop undermining the good efforts of good Democrats to effect change in our own country.  We are watching.

    Hope he listens.

  •  a little OT but... (none)
    I have a cousin in New Canaan who calls himself a moderate Republican.  Not only does he despise Bush, but he says his Republican neighbors and friends hate him too.  Who does Joe think he's appealing to except the wingnuts?  

    Carrie French, age 19, died in Iraq on June 5, 2005. Why?

    by Susan S on Thu Dec 08, 2005 at 01:58:23 PM PST

  •  My P.S. (4.00)
    Dear Sen. Lieberman,

    In your view, should Rep. John Murtha, Gen. William Odom, and Col. Lawrence Wilkerson stifle themselves and bow to Pres. Bush's great wisdom on military matters?

    "We can win elections only by standing up for what we believe." --Howard Dean

    by Jim in Chicago on Thu Dec 08, 2005 at 02:06:34 PM PST

  •  Joe should agree with this... (none)
    "People should feel comfortable about expressing their opinions about Iraq. I heard somebody say, well, maybe so-and-so is not patriotic because they disagree with my position. I totally reject that thought. This is not an issue of who's patriot and who's not patriotic. It's an issue of an honest, open debate about the way forward in Iraq." -- George W. Bush, 11/20/2005
  •  Joe never pays any attention (none)
    to stuff from DFA or Move On, even when it's a constituent writing.  And he will waste money sending you a letter telling you he won't listen to anything that comes that way.

    He does have staff monitoring his website.  So after you sign Jim Dean's petition, if you are a CT resident, go to Joe's website and write him a letter.

  •  Hey thanks Jim (none)
    This is great, just what I needed as an antidote to another thread full of paid bloggers and insider party syncophants.  

    I signed the letter.

  •  Leiberman's Paradox (4.00)
    Viewed from across the Atlantic I'm afraid I have to diagnose your Senator Leiberman with an acute case of what we in Britain call "David Owen's Syndrome", a debilitating illness which uniquely in medical science is only a deeply unpleasant experience for the observer and not the actual "sufferer" of the disease. In fact one of the tell-tale symptoms of David Owen's Syndrome as listed in the major reference texts, is the  uncanny improvement in the "victim's" nominal political standing with the established ruling power as the illness takes hold, with a concomitant severe outbreak of soundbite-itis across all major media outlets with telltale phrases such as "we must build a consensus" and "the public is sick of confrontational politics" erupting at regular intervals from every orifice.

    This generally causes a feeling of deep and lasting nausea in the observer that may take weeks or even months to wear off.

    But as with the symptoms, so with the cure for this ailment. It is crucial that the observer not adopt the classical "knee-jerk" response, referring to the notional sufferer of Owen's syndrome as a "sell-out", "traitor" or some such other related insult, as this will merely evince a weary pained "how could they say such terrible things when I'm only doing this for the good of the Nation" expression on TV talkshows which will assuredly morph into a smug self-satisfied look in the blink of an eye.

    Instead it is suggested that a contrary approach be adopted, in which (for example) a Democratic Senator rumoured to be sucking up to a Republican administration in exchange for a plum job as say Defense Secretary, is invited to explain whether the CURRENT POSTHOLDER IS DOING A GOOD JOB OR NOT. The senator (in this instance) will be caught in an acute dilemma - criticism of the current jobholder will be seen as explicit criticism of the administration of which they are a part while overt praise will be seen by the current Defense secretary (in this hypothetical example) as clear backing for his own continuation in the same position, this rendering the Senator's self-abasement nugatory both politically and with the general public.

    Following this treatment the soundbites and talk show appearances quickly die away and the original victim of the disease fades rapidly into political obscurity - or as we call it in England, the House of Lords............

  •  Are any of you actually tracking Joe's votes? (4.00)
    Many of you are saying he voted correctly except for on the war. That is SOOO not true. Check his history again. He is very much a corporatist for one,and has voted along side Bush on all major legislation, not to mention Bush's appointees.  Lieberman is about as rethug-lite as they get. If you think he represents the Democratic Party or it's voters, guess again. He absolutely should be challenged by a strong Democrat in CT, and losing the seat to a Republican really isn't an issue if the Democrat votes just like a Republican anyway. Having a 'D' behind your name only matters if you vote like a 'D'.
  •  I'd rather tell Lie-berman (none)
    to hum while he holds Bush's balls in his mouth.

    I Supported the War When I Believed the Lies

    by bejammin075 on Thu Dec 08, 2005 at 03:54:20 PM PST

  •  I signed... (4.00)
    plus I sent him my own letter yesterday.  I have called him many times.  I have sent his pledge cards back with $0 written on the form and a  message stating that "any friend of Bush and his illegal war is NO friend of mine."  I live in CT (right next to his home town) and I will put every ounce of energy I have in working for the candidate that runs against him!

    What part of the illegal conduct of this Administration to send our troops to fight an illegal war does the media not understand?

    by hws on Thu Dec 08, 2005 at 03:56:28 PM PST

  •  P.S. to Sen. Lieberman: (none)
    Senator Lieberman,

    You seem to forget that the president's credibility is uniquely tied to the consent of the People; We The People are not tied to him and his idsaterous policies.  Frankly, sir, I am ashamed to see these words of yours coming from a Democrat, especially one whom I and so many others supported so strongly for vice president.  

    Please reconsider your position on this issue.  Your credibility depends upon it.

    -6.13, -5.90 The New York Times: All the news that's fixed to print

    by GOTV on Thu Dec 08, 2005 at 04:00:40 PM PST

  •  It is not about the troops ... (none)
    It's about the political leadership:

    The key is to stop focusing on the troops - who really aren't the issue, given the absence of draft and the fact this is an all-volunteer army -

    altho of course the economic conditions that do push people to join the military, especially in order to finance the outrageously overpriced "higher education," is a separate scandal -

    and focus instead on the political leadership that created this fiasco in the first place ...

  •  We undermine credibility? (none)
    If a person is genuinely credible, there can be no undermining. S'all good. Every single individual who has touched Bush politically attempting to gain advantage, has been horribly burned.

    Joementum's trust in his political pact with Bush reminds me of Faust's relationship to Mephistopheles, except in this analogy Mephistopheles makes off-color Jewish jokes as soon as Faust leaves the room.

  •  Can we use this to go after DLC-aligned folks? (none)
    If you're a member of the DLC, you're a friend of Joe, which means you're a friend of Bush ... which is the last thing any sensible politician wants to be called these days.

    Lieberman is featured on the DLC website literally every day.

    A liberal is a conservative who's been hugged.

    by raatz on Thu Dec 08, 2005 at 08:01:11 PM PST

  •  Tell Joe (none)
    that religion has no place in politics and that he works for the people of America, not Israel.

    Sometimes it is necessary to fling shit back at the monkeys.

    by mismolly on Thu Dec 08, 2005 at 08:14:12 PM PST

  •  Ignore Joe (none)
    The solution:  Ignore Joe on Iraq.

    The reason:  He's the Zell Miller of US foreign policy.  He does not speak for most democrats.  These headlines are helping Karl Rove and W., not us:

    Divided Democrats struggle for cohesive Iraq view

    Will Democrats offer voters clear Iraq choice?

    Focus on what unites the vast majority of democrats: the demand for a coherent exit strategy from the Bush administration, which is in for the next three years.  Stop confusing the public with competing plans talking about 6 months from now, or a year from now.  

    We are united. The demand for an exit strategy unites all (or most) of us and connects democrats with the American public.

    I had my own blog for a while, but I decided to go back to just pointless, incessant barking. --Cartoon Dog, The New Yorker

    by markymarx on Thu Dec 08, 2005 at 08:14:19 PM PST

  •  Thanks, Jim! (none)
    I'll sign it!  (Can I have some sausages, too?  Just kidding!!!!)

    Seriously:  THANKS SO MUCH.

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