Skip to main content No need to rely on yesterday's reports by Bev Harris and The Miami Herald has confirmed the tests.  The reports of these tests now seem very legitimate.

"Over the past few months, computer expert Harri Hursti tried to manipulate election results with the memory card inserted into each Diebold voting machine. The card records votes during an election, then at the end of the day is taken to a central location where results are totaled.

Hursti figured out how to hack into the memory card by using an agricultural scanning device easily available on the Internet, said BlackBox founder Bev Harris. He learned how to hide votes, make losers out of winners and leave no trace, she said."

Test results and more after the fold.

The test:

8 ballots -- 2 marked yes and 6 marked no

Hacked to become 7 yes and 1 no.

Sent to gems tabulator as 7 yes and 1 no.


What is so disapointing is that optiscans have voter verified paper ballots --what we all want -- and still are easily subject to hacking. Optiscans are considered to be the best and most secure voting system short of handcounting every ballot.

And the counts could easily be close enough so that no recount is mandatory and so close as not to be picked up by an audit of a certain percentage of the ballots. You would literally have to handcount every single ballot to be sure of the computer count.

This certainly is a legitimate explanation for why optiscan precints in Florida were so far off from exit polls.

Please recommend so we can get some feedback about this.

Originally posted to davidgmills on Thu Dec 15, 2005 at 07:44 AM PST.


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