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Well, the season for the run up to the State of the Union is nigh and Dear Leader is out on the hustings, trying to tell "his story" about the wonderful things that his regime has brought about over the previous year and the bold agenda that is to be blazed in 2006.

He'll be doing this at JK Moving & Storage, in Sterling, VA, tomorrow @ 10:15 AM EST:

Bush To Speak In Loudoun Tomorrow

Jan 18, 2006 -- If you have a spare $500 and want to see President George Bush live and in person tomorrow in Loudoun County, contact the Loudoun County Chamber of Commerce for a ticket. Bush is scheduled to deliver a speech on the national economy as part of his preparation for his State of The Union speech at 10:15 a.m. during a stop at JK Moving and Storage in Sterling, VA.

Well, $500 is not exactly a dime, is it?

Chamber Chief Operating Officer Bob Steere said in a press release that the chamber will not be making any money from the $500 per ticket sponsorship because the White House has asked the organization to pick up all the costs involved in the visit, which he said "would be extensive."

Is it better for Bush to foist the cost of his travels off on to the constituencies that benefit from him directly? Sure, right? I guess the Chamber has to pick up the Secret Service, Musco lighting, and scenery tab, right?
Will Bushie be wearing a hardhat or backbrace, in the mode of a scene-appropriate costume, reminiscent of his "Mission Accomplished" flight suit?

Is he trying to burnish his "everyman" credentials by visiting a moving and storage company? Will Republican burghers from NoVA flock to see their embattled leader grunt a few words and pose for photo ops with Roi du Soliel Arbusto II?

Is that worth $500?

Does anyone know if this debacle is to air on C-SPAN?

Perhaps one could brave the traffic out on VA-606 and hold up "Webb for Senate" just to tork him off a little...

Originally posted to rgilly on Wed Jan 18, 2006 at 03:32 PM PST.


Is five c-notes too much to pay to see this POTUS?

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0%0 votes
3%1 votes
21%6 votes

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  •  Guess I know who to boycott (none)
    if I need to move out of No. VA.
    •  I ran a earch at opensecrets (none)
      on JK Moving and storage earlier today after hearing about the event on NPR and couldn't find any dirt indicating that the heads of that company are big donors.  The only contributions the head of JK has made were to the Moving and Storage Association ($1500 total, as I recall).  The guy is Charles Kuhn, and his brother is Steve Kuhn.  Maybe someone from around Sterling familiar with local politics can find out if the Kuhn brothers are big Gooper activists.
  •  COC's Dime isn't the Public's Dime (none)
    The national US Chamber of Commerce and the various Chambers of Commerce are all private organizations run by Republicans against consumers.  I've never understood why Chambers of Commerce enjoy any respected status.  They are a very narrow special-interest group.
  •  Expenses (none)
    If the host is expected to pick up expenses, then that would amount to:
    -Staging for President and the press
    -Extra Lighting
    -Extra Sound System
    -Crowd control devices

    A military organization called WHCA (White House Communications Agency) would provide and pay for (charging back to the taxpayer)
    -Podium and Presidential Seal
    -Basic lighting
    -Basic sound system
    (the baseline of making the President look "Presidential")

    The Secret Service would pay for their own personnel, cars, other stuff and expenses (those don't get charged to the host - but again to the taxpayer) BUT the Secret Service would not pay back Loudon County for their own police overtime (the county would eat that - SUCKERS!)

    All in all, since this will be a ticketed event in the middle of the morning, it will probably draw 500-2000 people.  It would probably cost about $50k for the host (JK Moving) to put on (assuming not too many kickbacks are flowing to the Bushies' favorite event staging people!!!).

    •  Recalculation (none)
      Oops forgot to factor in the exorbitant ticket cost.  That event will probably draw 200 people.  Look for the chairs to be arranged in a circle with Bush in the middle and the chairs on tiered risers to make the space look "full".  Probably more like a $30-40k event.
  •  Maybe he's (none)
    building up some goodwill for the move back to the ranch?
    A girl can dream, can't she?
  •  Freeway blogging (none)
    I wonder if some well placed signage might be do-able?

    The future ain't what it used to be. Yogi Berra

    by x on Wed Jan 18, 2006 at 05:57:08 PM PST

    •  An email among some of the locals has already (4.00)
      made the rounds. Looks like nobody has the signage made up and would be up all night trying to make the big signs and get them hung. I have some smaller signs, and may yet decide to leave the coziness of my flannel PJs and stake them up along the route to the place. Likely not - the baby's teething. Would that I'd known about this earlier and I'd have been all over it like white on rice.

      If I do get out tonight, even for small signs, I'll post about it, and try to get pics in the daylight tomorrow.

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