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Something interesting happened at the SOTU address last night. Cindy Sheehan was not the only person who was considered to be protesting. Beverly Young, wife of Repubican representative C. W. Young wore a T-shirt that said, "Support Our Troops - Defending Our Freedom".

The big difference? Mrs. Young was ASKED to leave. She was even able to argue with the capitol police - and two guesses on whether or not she was arrested. Even more ironic, the capitol police told her she was being treated in the same manner as Sheehan.

On today's house floor, Rep Young castigated those involved for ejecting his wife. I could not find any evidence in this story that he also complained about Cindy's arrest.

Link to story: Update: As several of you have pointed out, there is a poll attached to this story on MSNBC. It's currently running against Cindy. This needs to be "kossed".

Originally posted to frey60 on Wed Feb 01, 2006 at 09:33 AM PST.

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  •  Neither woman should have been asked to leave (4.00)
    What's wrong with a statement on a Tee Shirt?  If the Tee shirt displays obscenities (sp?) I could understand.  But Cindy Sheehan's Tee Shirt had a simple number on it (from the pictures I saw) and, from your comments above, the Rep's wife had nothing  "foul" written on it.  
    This is the United States where freedom of speech is a beloved right!  Wearing a Tee shirt is NOT an offense!  What the hell's wrong with the people making up these rules to remove someone with a statement?!?
    •  I absolutely agree (none)
      Both of them had ever right to express their opinion in this manner.
    •  Why was Ms. Young 'asked to leave'? (4.00)
      I wouldn't be surprised if the Rovians, worried sick that kicking Cindy Sheehan out of the SOTU would hurt them in the press, ran out and found the only other person in the room wearing a printed t-shirt and kicked her out.  

      Why did they know to tell this woman that she was being treated 'the same as Cindy Sheehan'??

  •  What if they had just removed their shirts (4.00)
    and sat in the gallery topless? Would that have been taken as a "protest?"
  •  The Spin (4.00)
    will be "See, we're fair, it has nothing to do with the CONTENT of the message being supportive or against the war, it's that there was a message about the war there AT ALL.

    And, of course, the response to THAT is that Cindy Sheehan was arrested and Mrs. Young was not.

    Nothing fair about that at all.

    I think both ejections were illegal, in fact.

    Bush is some kind of man if he's afraid of the t-shirt on a woman's back.

  •  When did this rule come into effect? (4.00)
    Would someone at George Washington's SOTU speech (if that existed then) have been asked to leave because of his shirt?

    What the hell country are we in?

    Shit...if I were Pres, I'd tell everyone to come to the SOTU with banners and shirts and everything they wanted to highlight the fact that we are a country that actually values free speech.

    The Politburo would love the way our Government is run now. I bet some old Politburo-types are annoyed they didn't have a chance to learn from modern-day Repugs before they got overthrown.

  •  KOS this poll (4.00)
    Also, there is an online poll with the MSNBC article.  It is about whether Sheehan should have been removed or not.  Currently it is running about 52-48 in favor of her being removed.

    Time to KOS it!!!

    Repetition does not transform a lie into a truth. -Franklin D. Roosevelt, 1939 [-4.38, -3.18]

    by peteri2 on Wed Feb 01, 2006 at 09:51:54 AM PST

  •  hmm, i think i'll get myself a tee shirt. (none)
  •  Well, if she has the right to do that, (none)
    then Delps had a right to wear:

    "Clinton doesn't inhale, he sucks."

    He was ejected for the same thing. As long as you with his right to wear that then I have no argument.

    Personally, I hate political grandstanding that does not move the discussion further. I almost getting the feeling she does it now just to keep her name in the headlines.

    Hate on me, but it's my free speach to say so, just as it was ridiculous for them to arrest Sheehan for a t-shirt, because it is her right to express herself.

    I still wish all the Democrats would have gotten up and walked out like was suggested in other parts of the blogsphere. Or all started reading newspapers with headlines about the Iraq War on the cover.

    •  As long as there was no activity disrupting (none)
      the speech, they all should not have been removed for wearing a T-shirt for chrissakes. However, the main point of my diary is the difference in the treatment of both women - one led out in handcuffs and arrested and one asked to leave.
      •  I'm a libertarian (none)
        I think you should be allowed to wear a diaper to the SOTU if you feel thats how you want to express your sovereignty under our social contract.

        But doing so just for political theatre, you must remember your rights always ends where someone else's begins, and unfortunately Bush had the right to address to American people uninterrupted by people desperate for attention.

        And of course they were treated differently, one is the wife of a congressman, the other is known political instigator. Do the math.

    •  Delps (none)
      First I've heard of Delps, but he shouldn't have been removed for wearing such a shirt, if he was.  These people aren't guests at a wedding.  It would make a difference, I suppose, if invitations specifically stated a dress code.  Do they?
    •  Hardly (none)
      It's not a stretch to err on the side of caution when someone is wearing a hostile message about the President, as a matter of basic securtiy. It's also just blatantly disrespectful. We also don't know if Delp was offered the opportunity to remove the shirt during Clinton's address.

      But outright ejection for wearing a shirt that opposes a particular policy rather than a particular individual is a horse of an entirely different color, in my view.

  •  Freep the Yahoo version (none)
    Lawmaker's wife told to leave during Bush speech

    We need to consider the fact that many may not care whether Sheehan was arrested, as she's been labeled a 'traitor' by some military and their families.

    But the fact that a REPUBLICAN Representatives WIFE was removed for wearing a shirt that said, "Support the Troops Defending Our Freedom".... well, that's got to be an outrage to any military member anywhere, no matter where their allegiance lies.

    This is HUGE!  Here is a perfect opportunity for us to turn the tables and show the blind what's really happening here.


    Knowing others is intelligence; knowing yourself is true wisdom.... Tao de Ching

    by MyName on Wed Feb 01, 2006 at 09:55:13 AM PST

  •  There is a famous S.Ct. case (none)
    about a man who was arrested for wearing a jacket which said "Fuck the Draft" while watching proceedings in a California Superior Court.  Held unConstitutional.  

    Still, if we're going to call ourselves a reality based community, we need to realize that time, place and manner restrictions on speech are Constitutional and sensible.  In fact, my guess is that Clinton operated under the same SOTU "protest" restrictions as GW.  

    About halfway down.  We need to "KOS IT" and quickly.  Right now it is running against Cindy.

    When a whole nation is roaring Patriotism at the top of its voice, I am fain to explore the cleanness of its hands and the purity of its heart. - Emerson

    by foolrex on Wed Feb 01, 2006 at 10:03:33 AM PST

  •  T-shirts are legal at the capitol (4.00)
    Glenn greenwald has a post that discusses the legality of t-shirts as a protest in the capitol

    Scroll down to update II

    The capitol police regulations regarding the law against demonstrations at the capitol specifically excludes t-shirts. And the idea that sombody "might" have caused a disruption by an otherwise non-disruptive activity such as prayer or wearing a t-shirt is rejected in the court decision greenwald links to as being too vague to be a reasonable limit on free speech in the capitol.

    I guess what must have happened is that the "overzealous staffer" who used to haunt Bush campaign and social security bamblepalooza events has now gotten a job with the capitol police.

  •  Yahoo slide show (none)
    Yahoo News has a slide show of Sheehan.  A few show her at the SOTU address, both before and after her arrest.  The majority, though, show here sitting in a tree with Hugo Chavez.  Not sure what impression she was trying to make with that joint appearance, or on whom.
  •  Didn't Hear About It Till This Morning??? (4.00)
    On the floor of congress???

    I always like to attribute my tin foil hat like suspicions to my crazy Uncle Jake.

    My Uncle Jake calls bullshit. Uncle Jake says it either didn't happen or it the GOP wife incident was put together quickly to cover Sheehan. Is Uncle Jake wearing a tin foil hat?  I don't know. He always does well in the Stock Market and those insider trading charges were dropped.

  •  Won't hurt Bush with the base (none)
    Bush's base consists mostly of people who would like Cindy Sheehan and everyone who agrees with her to be behind bars.  Arresting her for no good reason won't bother the base, and they are what's keeping Bush from being impeached-- at least until the 110th Congress is sworn in.

    Man will occasionally stumble over the truth, but most of the time he will pick himself up and continue on. --Winston Churchill

    by rmwarnick on Wed Feb 01, 2006 at 10:20:20 AM PST

  •  Zombies (none)
    I had a dream last night were all the Democratic members of Congress as a protest dressed up as dead American soldiers and all entered the chambers like extras from "Dawn of the Dead" covered in theater makeup blood.

    GIT-R-DONE! - Larry the Cable Guy

    by CheChe on Wed Feb 01, 2006 at 10:26:37 AM PST

  •  That's a well done story (none)
    They included Cindy's response that she was never asked to zip up or anything like that.

    You didn't do it.

    by Earl on Wed Feb 01, 2006 at 10:55:37 AM PST

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