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Our outrage continues to rise and get louder. Many of us understand that it is because of this terrific item from Salon
This half-decade tsunami of scandals has had the intended effect: overload the senses, short circuit the outrage, dizzy the opposition. How many times have Bush's opponents simply thrown their hands up in disgust, overwhelmed by the enormity of the administration's over-reach? How many times have bloggers railed against reporters for going about the business of burying scandals and muddying waters? How many times have Americans watched in amazement as a missing girl in Aruba receives weeks of blanket coverage while lies that led to war and law-breaking at the highest levels of government get a yawn from the media?

It is a lot like watching a cat or dog chase their tail, while laughing and wondering why do they do that?
From a purely sensory perspective, it's natural to chase the flak. We're conditioned to respond to incoming fire. It's reflexive. But when the fire is coming from all sides, and coming relentlessly, the urge is to stop defending and curl up and give up. This is a process the Cheneys and Roves of this world understand all too well. It's no accident that the scandals get more and more outrageous - after all, the whole point is to have the opposition frantically racing around, chasing stories, distracted and exhausted, wearing itself out like a kitten in a catnip-doused, mouse-filled room.

The amazing thing is that so many of Bush's opponents continue to play along. The sheer inability to put on blinders and drive one scandal home, to take it to its ultimate conclusion, is a failing of magnificent proportions. The warrantless spying fiasco is a perfect example. The day the NSA story broke, it should have been the only issue discussed by Democrats and progressive activists, the only one. Day in, day out. No matter if thirty other scandals intervened.

Bush and his team count on the opposition's lack of focus, joyfully handing them more catnip. Perhaps that explains the ubiquitous and infamous administration smirk, most recently gracing Alberto Gonzales' face as he humored the Senate Judiciary Committee about breaking the law.

Knowing this, I still get caught up with my angry political emotions, but it has also given me more insight to Kos himself. He's better at keeping his eye on the ball and doesn't stray as much into the fray as so many of us here.

I for one would appreciate a BIG reminder now and then of the real issues that keep fading and mingling with all the Rovian hair-balls.

Perhaps we could have a space on this diary page with the most important 'outrages' like these

Ex-CIA Official Faults Use of Data on Iraq

White House Knew About Levees Early

McClellan Confronted With Abramoff Emails
Waas's New Scoop:

Cheney 'Authorized' Libby to Leak Classified Information

Chief FISA judge warned about misuse of NSA spy data

House majority leader's landlord is a lobbyist

Republican Who Oversees N.S.A. Calls for Wiretap Inquiry

Bush's Budget Tricks

John Dickerson Speaks...And Drops Some Plamegate Bombshells

Bush's Social Security Sleight of Hand

Tom DeLay to Oversee Justice Department

listed so that we can really work on crossing them off.

Originally posted to roseeriter on Sun Feb 12, 2006 at 03:00 AM PST.

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  •  How to change the game? (none)
    1. Fix elections.
    2. Fix elections.
    3. Fix elections.

    I'm on it.

    "I will not trust Bush with the life of one Iraqi."

    by Tamifah on Sun Feb 12, 2006 at 03:30:13 AM PST

  •  and of course, we can add to the list (none)
    Crimes of Bush etc:


    "Time is for careful people, not passionate ones"

    by roseeriter on Sun Feb 12, 2006 at 03:34:01 AM PST

  •  Gosh... (none)
    How diabolical does one have to be in order to devise a "plan" as deep, as extensive, as "rooted" into our political system as what KKKarl Rove has done?  Granted, it wasn't just couldn't have been.  Cheney and Rummie and the entire Bush Crime Family are certainly among these....I suppose the entire PNAC KKKlan is involved.

    It's just so hard for me to wrap my brain around the sinister and demonic "undertones" of it all.

    How do we fight back?  Well, I think the Dems need a louder "voice" which is difficult for them given the stonewalling, lying, and propagandizing media we have today.

    Quick phrases might help:  

    Refer to Pat Roberts as "Senator Stonewall" (given how he's been holding back Phase II among other things).

    Refer to crazy righties as "Ann Coulter Republicans"  or "Radical Republicans"  (in essence, we need to tie them together, like "they" do when they say "Michael Moore Liberals" or whatever)  We need to start demonizing them!

    And, with regard to action, I think it is absolutely imperative that the Dems make everything come to a complete halt.  Stop the madness and don't allow another thing to move forward for bushCO until the "house" starts getting cleaned.

    These are drastic times.  Drastic measures are the only thing that we have that would remotely work.

    Thing is, if "they" don't want to "disclose" any info and they want to stonewall and delay delay delay, then I say we do the same.  Gridlock the gov't until midterms.  Both sides can play at that game for sure.....but do the Dems have a "set" between them all to do this?

    •  A further point: (none)
      See, I agree with the concept of "scandal fatigue" and how it is like putting cats in a room filled with catnip and a bunch of mice.

      By stopping ANY sort of momentum, the Dems will, in essence, shut the door to that proverbial room and not allow another "mouse" in.  

      The Dems have GOT to learn that they are trying to abide by an olde system of governance that these republicans despise.  They have no regard for this old system and therefore have created their own style (thereby creating their own set of rules).

      Once "we" snap out of it, I think that "we" can stop it all and get a handle on things....and if we do it BEFORE election time, we just might have a chance to show America that we DO have cojones!

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