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Of course we all know that the Republicans in leadership positions across America are hypocrites in many ways.

But one of the areas where I think we will see evidence of their hypocrisy more and more between now and election day this coming November is in the removal of troops currently in Iraq.

It seems like there was no shortage of accusations in the past year from the right that Democrats wanted to cut and run, and yesterday Media Matters for America documented Bill O'Reilly spouting off about leaving Iraq. Bully(sic) O'Reilly said
"Somewhat of a disturbing report out of Iraq, and it's more important than it first appears. The governor of -- or the mayor of Karbala, which is a town in the south part of Iraq, Shiite-controlled, has banned any further government dealings with the American military in his province, saying that they're not behaving well.

Now, it's a small little thing, but I picked up on it, because here is the essential problem in Iraq. There are so many nuts in the country -- so many crazies -- that we can't control them. And I don't -- we're never gonna be able to control them. So the only solution to this is to hand over everything to the Iraqis as fast as humanly possible. Because we just can't control these crazy people. This is all over the place. And that was the big mistake about America: They didn't -- it was the crazy-people underestimation. We did not know how to deal with them -- still don't. But they're just all over the place."

So Bully O'Reilly says that we need to "hand over everything to the Iraqi's" as soon as possible, does he?

But what did John Murtha promote as a Congressional resolution last November?

To redeploy U.S. forces from Iraq.

Whereas Congress and the American people have not been shown clear, measurable progress toward establishment of stable and improving security in Iraq or of a stable and improving economy in Iraq, both of which are essential to `promote the emergence of a democratic government';

Whereas additional stabilization in Iraq by U.S. military forces cannot be achieved without the deployment of hundreds of thousands of additional U.S. troops, which in turn cannot be achieved without a military draft;

Whereas more than $277 billion has been appropriated by the United States Congress to prosecute U.S. military action in Iraq and Afghanistan;

Whereas, as of the drafting of this resolution, 2,079 U.S. troops have been killed in Operation Iraqi Freedom;

Whereas U.S. forces have become the target of the insurgency;

Whereas, according to recent polls, over 80 percent of the Iraqi people want the U.S. forces out of Iraq;

Whereas polls also indicate that 45 percent of the Iraqi people feel that the attacks on U.S. forces are justified; and

Whereas, due to the foregoing, Congress finds it evident that continuing U.S. military action in Iraq is not in the best interests of the United States of America, the people of Iraq, or the Persian Gulf Region, which were cited in Public Law 107-243 as justification for undertaking such action: Now, therefore, be it

Resolved by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled, That:

SECTION 1. The deployment of United States forces in Iraq, by direction of Congress, is hereby terminated and the forces involved are to be redeployed at the earliest practicable date.

SEC. 2. A quick-reaction U.S. force and an over-the-horizon presence of U.S. Marines shall be deployed in the region.

SEC. 3. The United States of America shall pursue security and stability in Iraq through diplomacy.

So, Murtha wrote "the forces involved are to be redeployed at the earliest practicable date."

And Murtha also said "I said two years ago, the key to progress in Iraq is to Iraqitize, Internationalize and Energize. I believe the same today. But I have concluded that the presence of U.S. troops in Iraq is impeding this progress."

And Bully O'Reilly says "so the only solution to this is to hand over everything to the Iraqis as fast as humanly possible."

But WHAT did Bully O'Reilly say last fall, after John Murtha's well-thought out comments on this subject?

Once again, courtesy of Media Matters, Bill O'Reilly said "I want them to win the war. It's a disaster for the country if we don't do well in Iraq. It's a disaster for the world if we don't do well. These pinheads running around going, "Get out of Iraq now," don't know what they're talking about. These are the same people before Hitler invaded in World War II that were saying, "Ah, he's not such a bad guy." They don't get it."


Why is it OKAY for Bully O'Reilly to say TODAY that we need to get our troops out of Iraq as soon as possible, but it was wrong for a Congressman with unmatched credentials to say it last fall?

Of course it's NOT okay, except in NeoConWorld.

Originally posted to slouise217 on Thu Feb 23, 2006 at 12:14 AM PST.

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  •  First Diary (4.00)
    I tried - hope I succeeded in making my point.

    I do not know of ANY Democrat in a leadership position that hopes for the worst to happen in Iraq.

    Congressman John Murtha is a very honorable man, and the way he was smeared last fall showed intense disrespect for his service to our nation both in the military and in the House of Representatives.

    It seems clear to me that American soldiers in Iraq today are more of a irritant than a solution to what ails Iraq.

    ...but not your own facts.

    by slouise217 on Thu Feb 23, 2006 at 12:18:06 AM PST

  •  IOKIYAR (none)
    The reason it's ok for O'Lielly to say it is because he's a Republican.  Murtha is obviously just a Bush-hating socialist bent on destroying Murica.  O'Lielly is a true patriot embracing a well-thought out opinion.

    Well done on a first diary!  I suppose I shouldn't be surprised by the hypocrisy at this point, but your find again makes my head spin.


  •  Great first diary (none)

    May the Dems in power do as well as you did to OWN this,
    without, of course, calling a whole lot of people "nuts" &
    "crazies." Murtha said it so well without invoking crazies,
    & so did you.

    It is never too late to be what you might have been...George Elliot

    by begone on Thu Feb 23, 2006 at 12:46:37 AM PST

  •  bah (none)
    Bill O'Reilly is such an asshat.  Gee Bill, you really think we can't control people?  I mean, we have stealth fighter jets, nuclear arms, bunker busters, A10s, and you're saying we're a bunch of defeatist wimps who can't even control a bunch of "crazies" in a country twice the size of Idaho that is using ancient weapons and has no armor?

    Just a little too much arrogance, there Bill.  The only crazy people I see are the arm-chair warriors on Fox News.  Oh, and them fundamentalist fruits occupying the White House and Congress.  They aren't exactly playing with a full deck themselves.

  •  Just the beginning (none)
    The Republicans need to start pulling troops out of Iraq before the November elections if they want to have any hope of retaining control of Congress.  After all the crap they've spewed about 'cut and run Democrats', though, they can't do that without reframing the idea of leaving Iraq.  In the coming months, we're going to be seeing a whole lot of reframing of the idea of leaving Iraq.

    My own personal bet is that the Republicans will call for withdrawing troops, but their plan to do it will be breathtakingly bad.  No clue as to the specifics, but I guarantee that they'll manage to come up with a way to do it that'll be dangerous for the troops, devistating to the Iraqis, and simply a horrible idea all around.  The Democrats will quite naturally denouce the plan, and voila - the Republicans want to keep our soldiers safe by bringing them home, while the Democrats want to keep them in harms way to fight a losing battle in Iraq.  By the end of summer, I'm willing to bet that we'll discover that the Republicans were against the Iraq war from the beginning, but were only forced into it by those evil, sneaky Democrats.

    Better buy a neckbrace because the hypocracy we'll be seeing between now and November is going to be bad enough to give you whiplash.

  •  Congratulations... (none)
    on joining the white rose.

    This may sound wacky, but the bombing of the Al-Askari Mosque makes retreat impossible, except from the roof top of the embassy by helicopter.

    We'll have to do it anyway, but any chance of getting out of there with any credibility is gone.  The civil war has started.

    I'll give you a link to this diary- Welcome to WWIII, yo! by RabidNation, because I put many other links in there; but stick a fork in Iraq.

    It's done.

  •  Hell breaks loose in Iraq... (none)
    Plans to "redeploy" our troops may be complicated by the latest developments in Iraq. The country is now on the brink of civil war...

  •  I love diaries that.. (none)
    ..contrast what is being said today to what was said yesterday. Irrefutable evidence.

    They are the pieces of the jigsaw that will show the difference between Mission Accomplished and the ignominy of what has occurred.

    Keep diarying!

  •  Excellent first diary! (none)
    might I suggest that you send a link to it to Mr. O'Loofa himself... sure, he'll probably never see it, but you never know... this just might be the little thing that finally raises his blood pressure to the point that he ruptures an embolism... ; )

    Dudehisattva... <div style="color: #0000a0;">"Generosity, Ethics, Patience, Effort, Concentration, and Wisdom"&l

    by Dood Abides on Thu Feb 23, 2006 at 02:20:59 AM PST

  •  great work !! (none)
    OReilly's bullshit makes for fertile ground.

    An election does not make a democracy.

    by seesdifferent on Thu Feb 23, 2006 at 04:52:56 AM PST

  •  Thanks all (none)
    I appreciate the support.

    ...but not your own facts.

    by slouise217 on Thu Feb 23, 2006 at 10:46:44 AM PST

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