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I understand the need for military discipline, but this is ridiculous. The U.S. Marine Corps is blocking access to Internet sites that do not toe the Bush administration's line, news sites, humor sites, and gossip sites, according to an email to Wonkette.

We're talking about Marines, the lean, mean fighting machines. Is the Pentagon afraid of the truth?

Is this America or China?

From Wonkette:

Just to let you know, the US Marines have blocked access to "Wonkette" along with numerous other sites such as personal email (i.e. Yahoo, AT&T, Hotmail, etc), blogs that don't agree with the government point of view, personal websites, and some news organizatons. This has taken effect as of the beginning of February. I have no problem with them blocking porn sites (after all it is a government network), but cutting off access to our email and possibly-not-toeing-the-government-line websites is a bit much.

Initially all web blocking was done locally at the hub sites in Iraq. If you wanted a site "unblocked" you just had to email the local administrator with a reason (like, "I'd like to read my email, please."), and if it wasn't porn or offensive, they'd allow it. Now, all blocking is done by desk-weenies at the USMC Network Operations Center in Quantico, VA, who really don't care if we get our email (or gossip) out here, as they get to go to happy hour after working 9 to 5 and go home to a nice clean, warm home with a real bed! (Sorry, I'm a little peeved.)

I bet that Marine is peeved. The Marines are fighting for freedom from humor? From diverse view points?

What's next for the administration? The Marines will only be able to access Pat Robertson's web site and the GOP's? That's only partially tongue in cheek.

Originally posted to Carnacki on Wed Mar 01, 2006 at 08:48 AM PST.


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