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Here's an update on the effort to kick Rep. Richard Pombo's butt out of office for good: Some folks are comparing the CA-11 Democratic primary to the IL-06 primary. Jerry McNerney - who just picked up the California Labor Federation endorsement -- is not getting as much support from the DCCC, while Dem challenger Steve Filson is getting lots of it. However, McNerney seems to be the local progressives' choice.

On the Republican side, we have a strong primary challenger in Pete McCloskey - a moderate Republican who was one of the original authors of the Endangered Species Act.

One of the bloggers at Say No to Pombo is suggesting Democrats re-register so they can vote in the Republican primary on June 6:

"I am encouraging 11th District Democrats to consider re-registering as Decline to State (no party affiliation) in time for the June 6th Primary so that they can vote in the Republican primary for Pete McCloskey and against Rep. Richard Pombo. The re-registration process is free and easy to do, and party affiliation can easily be changed back to Democrat after the primary. This will be the first real chance to vote against Pombo. Yours can be an important vote that could lead to his defeat in June.  

It is easy to change party affiliations, from Democrat to Decline To State (and back again after the primary). All that is required is to re-register to vote. That can be done online or with any voter registration form:

There is no cost to re-registering and it is simple and easy to do. Once you are listed as Decline to State, you can ask for either party's ballot for the June 6th Primary. By asking at the voting booth for the Republican ballot, you can vote for McCloskey and against Pombo.

It is clear to me that supporting Pete McCloskey is the best way we have from now until the June 6th primary to damage, and even possibly oust, Pombo. Look at it this way: in any case, one of the Democrats will win the primary. Then, for the general election, it would be Filson or McNerney versus Pombo (if he wins his primary) and that will be a long, hard battle, and obviously, all of us will be on the Democratic side. But supporting McCloskey now is where the most damage can be done to Pombo. There is even the possibility that if enough voters switch to Decline to State and vote against Pombo in the primary, McCloskey could take him out in the first round. McCloskey is putting out killer press releases that hit Pombo's corruption, negligence, lies, and ties to the Jack Abramoff/Tom DeLay lobbyist scandal. He is getting lots of free press. He is barnstorming the district, showing up at many events, and raising the overall awareness of Pombo's nefarious activities."

Something to think about.

For all voters, no matter where you live, you can help by contributing to McNerney, Filson, or McCloskey, and you should do so now. They need the support to match all of Pombo's big industry supporters, many of whom are based outside the district.

And if Pombo's horrific environmental record as chairman of the House Resources committee isn't enough to motivate you, did you hear that Pombo was just named vice-chair of the House Agricultural Committee?

This is a man who has tried to decimate the Endangered Species Act and the National Environmental Policy Act, and has tried to sell our national parks, open the Arctic Refuge and coastlines to drilling, give away mining land to developers, and reestablish commercial whaling. The notion that this man should be rewarded for anything he does, just shows how twisted the values of the Republican party are at this time.

So do your part and donate to these candidates:
Jerry McNerney
Steve Filson
Pete McCloskey

And at the sites below, you can read more about the growing grassroots efforts by local progressives in CA-11 to kick Pombo out for good.

Nearly 200 people around Stockton signed up for the Democracy for America Training Academy, the only California stop scheduled this year.  Also Defenders of Wildlife is planning to open an office in CA-11 to help coordinate their own GOTV effort. This a big race that can be won -- but it needs the help of every Democrat who cares about environmental protection in America.

The environment can't stand anymore of Pombo's attacks. We need your help today!

Progressive 11th Blogspot
Pombo in their
CA-11 Blogspot

Originally posted to Naturegal on Mon Mar 27, 2006 at 04:49 PM PST.

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  •  Two Things (0+ / 0-)
    1) For the record, not everyone at Say No to Pombo supports the re-registration effort.  There is almost no way such an effort would end up giving McCloskey the edge he needs to win, and the last thing the Dems in CA-11 need is voter files with potentially valuable voters categorized as DS voters who pulled a GOP ballot in the primary.

    2) Naturegal, you're a great anti-Pombo resource for Daily Kos. I'd love to get your e-mail so that I can forward stuff directly to you.  My e-mail is my username at

  •  Did this in 2000 (0+ / 0-)

    Registered Repub to vote for McCain over Bush.  Not that I liked McCain, just to mix it up a little.  Had alot of fun later on when I got invited to do the debate reviews for our local newspaper, I was the 'Gore Republican'.  Kept it through 2002 so I could vote for Simon over Riordan for gov.  Then in 2003 I started getting all the sparkly Schwarzennegger mailers that listed things like the locations of the 'real' polling places and the 'real' address to mail your tax forms into.  All you get registered Dem are whiny requests for donations, but as a registered Repub you get the 411.  It really is like being part of a secret society.  Finally switched back in 2004 because I moved to Tracy from San Jose and was surrounded by real Republicans, and it felt like I needed to take a shower all the time.

    Word of warning: registering Republican is alot of fun.   Be careful you don't 'go native'.

    •  hehe (2+ / 0-)
      Recommended by:
      exNYinTX, bronte17

      If only you had hung around long enough to find out how they're fixing the Diebold machines. Maybe next time. :-)

    •  I did it too (1+ / 0-)
      Recommended by:

      For purposes of oppo research, I wanted to see what the other side's direct mail looked like.

      It is fun to see the emails and such.

    •  GOP does seem to do better at... (2+ / 0-)
      Recommended by:
      Christopher Walker, kurt

      ...volunteer coordination/mobilization.  Not sure what that's about.  Dems pretty much ignore me except to ask for money.  Not just me, but the lowly ordinary people in general.  Really, they should concentrate those fundraising efforts on people with money.  There really should be other options, not just write a check/type in a credit card number.

      About Pombo:  It occurs to me that it's useful to get under Pombo's skin, learn what makes him tick.  Environmentalists going after him about their (our) issues might not be the most helpful thing.  That may be why I want to see him go, but that doesn't mean it's the best tack in exposing his vulnerabilities.  

      On that score, immigration's a challenging can of worms.  But because of the growers on the one hand, and the Minuteman sympathizers on the other, this is one area where Pombo could have a hard time looking good.

      On corruption, he's not as extremely bad as the others.  He cuts a lot of corners, of course, and is thoroughly infected with the arrogance of power.  But I don't think his wife gets a commission from all the campaign donations (like Doolittle); instead she's just on the payroll.

      One of his worst sins, as I see it, is declining to investigate anything (Abramoff & tribes; Saipan/Marianas).  The Marianas story is especially unsavory, and Pombo's been taking their contributions, and exercising no oversight.  House Resources, which he chairs, has responsibility for Marianas.  

      Finding a way to get it out - with its forced abortions and sex trade - might give those "right to life" and "family values" voters pause.  Turning a blind eye can definitely be pinned on him.  The Senate's taken some actions on this, but it's always been killed/stalled in the House.  That's Pombo.  (And others, especially his patron, Delay.)

      I keep thinking about Karl Rove's maxim about attacking your opponent's strength.  So, what's that?  Having 100 first cousins in the district, for starters, I suppose.  But what else?  He strength is having power, of being loyal to those who gave him some.  He gets perfect scores from the various family values rating organizations.  Marianas, Saipan, Tan family.  I think he's vulnerable on that.

      Besides, it's a horrible scandal, and should come to light for relief to the victims of the situation.  Timing:  he shouldn't have time to convene hearings in the meantime, and get off the hook thereby.

      Just a few rambling thoughts.

  •  any foe of Pombo is a friend (1+ / 0-)
    Recommended by:

    Pombo is such pond scum... I'd love to think he's vulnerable.
    McCloskey is a rare Republican. I've liked him for decades, ever since he ran against Tricky Dick Nixon in the New Hampshire primary, as a protest against the Vietnam War.  If I lived in the district I'd switch parties (temporarily!!!!!)  to vote for him in the primary. I did send him a small donation. If he were to actually win the primary it would present an awkward dilemma. But the pundits don't seem to think he can.

    There are three Democrats, I think, and another Republican running in CA-11. I'd encourage everyone to read up on this race and extend some support - whatever you're comfortable with - to one of the Not-Pombos in the race. It all weakens his chances in November.

  •  hey thanks (0+ / 0-)

    for linking to my blog. I live in Pombo's district, so I feel obligated to say a huge "thank you" for your consideration. Pombo must go and we all need to stay focused on that goal while doing what we can to make it happen.


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