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I ran across this post today at Firedoglake:

I had breakfast with my friend Doctor Vickie on Wednesday morning.  She said she likes to come to the website and she always enjoys reading it but half the time she doesn't know what we're talking about.  I explained that I know some times it seems impenetrable; bloggers tend to talk to the blogosphere, we assume people are following the conversation and are familiar with the cast of characters, storylines and slang that are conventions here.  It can make it awfully hard to catch on.  In our defense, people who show up here day after day get tired of having the same things explained over and over again, and since those are the ones we hear from the most we tend to respond to their wishes.

So I thought, why don't we create a dictionary of slang for newbies? That way, pissed off Americans who find their way to Left Blogostan will be able to quickly jump into the fray without having to lurk or ask awkward questions. I started on quite a long list based on the FDL comments, Atrios Archives, etc. but I need your help to get everything.

What you're about to read is a rough draft. I know that I've missed tons of great insults, nicknames, and terms that I just can't remember or find right now. Similarly, some of these definitions may be wrong, or could benefit from further elaboration. Please read through the list and let me know what you think should be added. It would be nice if this could get on the Rec List, just so we could have wide community involvement. I think this could be a great tool to increase participation and ensure we don't become an insular community.

Anyhoo, here's what I have so far:

  • 101st Fighting Keyboarders - A derisive term used to describe right-wing
        bloggers that act tough and write pro-war, inflammatory rhetoric advocating
        violence in the name of defending freedom, Christianity, Western civilization,
        etc. while refusing to back up their words with real action or sacrifice by
        enlisting in the armed services. See Chickenhawk.
  • Abu Gonzales - U.S. Attorney General Alberto Gonzales who, as a Bush administration
        lawyer, wrote a memo claiming that the Geneva Conventions were "quaint"
        and did not apply to the so-called "War on Terror" thus (some claim)
        opening the door to the abuses at Abu Ghraib.
  • America's Taliban - The American religious right, lead by figures like
        James Dobson and Pat Robertson. America's Taliban claim that the U.S. is a
        Christian country and want it to operate under Old Testament Biblical law.
  • Bed-wetters - Individuals (mostly conservatives) that were so frightened
        by 9-11 that they frequently endorse radical, violent, reactionary, and un-American
        solutions to problems.
  • Blogosphere - A term used to describe the general set of political blogs
        (both left and right) on the Internet.
  • BoBo - New York Time's conservative columnist, David Brooks. Known for
        often appearing reasonable in an effort to slavishly defend the Bush administration
        while not coming off as a hack.
  • Box Turtle Ben -'s Ben Domenech, an admitted plagiarist. A
        reference to a speech Ben wrote for Sen. Cornyn (R-TX) wherein he asserted
        the argument that allowing gay marriage would open the door to eventually
        man-and-box turtle marriage.
  • Brown people - A term used to describe non-white, non-Asian minorities.
        It is usually used satirically by leftist bloggers and refers to the right's
        tendency towards racism and contempt of non-white cultures and countries,
        whom they often refer to as barbarians, savages, illegal aliens, and other
        unsavory terms.
  • Bush cargo cultists - Republicans or conservatives who support George W.
        Bush regardless of the legality or rightness of his actions, even if said
        actions clearly defy conservative ideology. See Bushites, Bushies.
  • BushCo - The Bush administration and it's assorted corporate sponsors and
        GOP cronies/operatives.
  • Bushite, Bushies - Supporters of President George W. Bush.
  • Bushworld - 1. The individualistic, materialistic, globalized, authoritarian,
        plutocratic society created by President Bush's right-wing social, terror,
        and free-market economic policies. 2. The right-wing milieu or state of mind.
        See Wingnuttia.
  • Chickenhawk - A (usually Republican) pro-war agitator or supporter that
        is of prime fighting age, but refuses to enlist to fight in the wars he or
        she advocates.
  • Chimpy, Chimp – President George W. Bush.
  • Christianists, Christofascists - The religious right.
  • Clenis, the – Former president Bill Clinton.
  • Crazy Curt - Rep. Curt Weldon (R-OH), who has been known to espouse wild
        conspiracy theories and recently attacked his opponent's decision concerning
        which hospital he selected to treat his young daughter's brain tumor.
  • CW - Conventional wisdom. The accepted truth on a given issue held by most
        of the population.
  • Decider, the - President George W. Bush. This nickname refers to a comment
        Bush made where he claimed that he was "the Decider."
  • Diebold - The company that builds most electronic voting machines. These
        machines have been proven to be unreliable and susceptible to hacking and
        vote manipulation.
  • Dittoheads – Fans of right-wing radio pundit Rush Limbaugh.
  • Dobsonites - Followers of religious right leader James Dobson.
  • Dukestir – Convicted felon and former Republican congressman, Duke
  • Falafel Bill - FOX News' Bill O'Reilly. This is a reference to charges
        that O'Reilly sexually harassed one of his producers - somehow, Bill incorporated
        falafel into his harassment, and I'm not going to delve any deeper into it
        than this.
  • Field Marshall Reynolds - Glenn Reynolds of Instapundit, in honor of comments
        advocating genocide.
  • Fitz - 1. Patrick Fitzgerald, the prosecutor assigned to investigate and
        prosecute the Valerie Plame CIA leak case. 2. On some blogs, used as a quick
        interjection so that a commentor can be the first to post a comment to a new
        post. See Frist.
  • Freep – v. To swarm an online poll with multiple votes so as to achieve
        a desired result.
  • Freeper – A right-wing fanatic. Originally used to refer to the denizens
        of, an extreme right-wing blog.
  • Frist - 1. Sen. Bill Frist (R-TN). 2. A quick interjection used so that
        a commentor can be the first to post a comment to a new post. See Fitz. Don't
        use on DailyKos.
  • Fundies - A derisive term for right-wing Christian fundamentalists.
  • General, the - Satirical blogger Jesus' General.
  • GOoPers - Republicans (members of the G.O.P.)
  • Hearts - Used when one subject is claimed to respect, love, or approve
        of another. Example: "Michelle Malkin hearts Internment Camps."
  • Hit and Run - The act of posting a comment or a diary and not remaining
        online to reply to commenters and responses. Also "Drive-By."
  • Holy Joe - Joe Lieberman (<strike>R</strike>D-CT), known for
        his crusades against morally corrupting influences like rap music and naughty
  • Huckleberry Graham - Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-NC). This nickname refers to
        cartoon hillbilly dog "Huckleberry Hound," who spoke with an slow-cadenced,
        irritating accent. Sen. Graham is known for appearing to be outraged or disturbed
        by the Bush administration's actions or nominees, only to later turn on other
        Senators who are also critical and lend his full support to said actions.
  • IANAL - "I am not a lawyer."
  • Instayokel - Glenn Reynolds of Instapundit.
  • Internets, the - An intentional misuse of the term "Internet."
        Refers to the 2004 presidential debate, where Bush used the term incorrectly.
  • IOKIYAR - "It's Okay If You Are a Republican." Used to describe
        the double-standards held by Republicans which makes it okay for Republicans
        to do something that Democrats are pilloried for. Moral relativism.
  • Islamofascism - The ideology adhered to be radical Muslim extremists/terrorists.
        This term was invented by right-wing commentators and usually employed satirically
        be leftist bloggers. See Islamofascists, Muslamonazis.
  • Islamofascists - Radical Muslim extremists who, it is claimed by those
        on the right, wish to establish a caliphate of religious rule over the entire
        Middle East or World (depending on who you ask). Typically used satirically
        by leftist bloggers. See Muslamonazis.
  • Jeebus - Another way of saying "Jesus." Usually used to indicate
  • Joementum - Sen. Joe Lieberman (<strike>R</strike>D-CT).
  • Jonah - National Review blogger Jonah Goldberg.
  • J-Pod - National Review blogger John Podohertz.
  • King George - President George W. Bush.
  • K-Lo - National Review blogger Katherine Lopez.
  • Kool-Aid – A reference to Jim Jones incident in which brain-washed
        cultists drank poisoned Kool-Aid. Used to refer to those that blindly and
        mindlessly follow the Republican/Bush party line or media spin without independent
        reasoned thought. One who blindly follows or defends an ideology or individual
        in the face of facts is said to have “drank the Kool-Aid.”
  • Left Blogostan - The universe of left-leaning political blogs.
  • Lil' Debbie - Washington Post ombudsman Deborah Howell.
  • Little LuLu - Right-wing blogger Michelle Malkin who is best known for
        writing a book defending the Japanese Internment.
  • Little Ricky - Sen. Rick Santorum (R-Dobson)
  • Mann Coulter – Right-wing columnist Ann Coulter. Who looka lika
  • Man-on-Dog Santorum - A reference to Rick Santorum (R-Vatican) who once
        fantasized about the recognition of gay marriages leading to eventual recognition
        of "man-on-dog" relationships.
  • Meme - An idea, concept, or brand that is transmitted through the populace
        via media or other means and gains widespread acceptance.
  • Mighty Wurlitzer – See Noise Machine. A reference to the Wurlitzer
        juke box.
  • Moonbat - A supposedly derisive term used by Republican cultists to describe
        liberals or anyone that doesn't think George W. Bush is super-awesome-great.
  • Moonie Times – The Washington Times, owned by “Rev.”
        Sun Moon.
  • Muslamonazis - Islamic extremists/terrorists. The term is not meant seriously
        when used by leftist bloggers and is meant to mock the ridiculous names given
        to such individuals by right-wingers.
  • Nedrenaline - A reference to Connecticut senatorial candidate Ned Lamont.
        This term is meant to satirize Lamont's opponent Joe Lieberman, who employed
        the term "Joementum" during his 2004 presidential bid.
  • Nino – Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia.
  • Noise Machine – The network of right-wing media outlets, including
        FOX News, talk radio, conservative newspapers and editorial boards, conservative
        pundits, etc. which echo and amplify the day’s GOP talking points. Also
        the “Right-Wing Noise Machine,” “Echo Chamber,” or
        “Mighty Wurlitzer.”
  • Nuttosphere - The universe of right-leaning political blogs. See Wingnuttia.
  • NYT – The New York Times.
  • Operation Yellow Elephant - An online effort to shame pro-war Republicans
        into enlisting.
  • Pajamaline – Derisive term for Pajamas Media, a mostly right-wing
        blog organization. The term comes from Sen. Dick Durbin’s (D-IL) mispronunciation
        of the organization’s name.
  • Plamegate – The Valerie Plame CIA leak scandal.
  • Plameologist - An individual who delves into the minutiae, details, and
        theories concerning the Valerie Plame CIA leak case.
  • Ponies - 1. Used when a commentator claims that an action will lead to
        a string of highly unlikely positive outcomes. For example: "If we invade
        Iraq, we'll receive the undying adulation of the Muslim world, a huge surplus
        of oil, international respect... and a pony!" 2. Atrios gives one of
        his commenters, Holden, a pony every time Bush's approval rating drops in
        an opinion poll. The pony is usually a picture or cartoon from "My Little
  • Pool Boy – Washington Post reporter Jim Vande Hei.
  • Press the Meat - NBC's "Meet the Press."
  • Pretzel Boy – President George W. Bush. He once choked on a pretzel.
  • Preznit, the – President George W. Bush.
  • Republican Jesus - A satirical reference to the appropriation of Jesus
        by the right-wing and distorting His message to conform to conservative ideology.
  • Repugs, Repuglicans - Republicans
  • Rethugs, Rethuglicans - Republicans.
  • Right Blogostan - See Nuttosphere.
  • Rovian - Adj. 1. Used to describe a plan or action that seems inspired
        by the low-brow dirty politics and character assassination often used by GOP
        strategist Karl Rove. 2. An intricate, complex plot. 3. Of or related to Karl
  • Rummy - Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld.
  • Scalito - Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito, who embraces Justice Scalia's
        originalist interpretation of the Constitution.
  • SCLM - The "so-called liberal media." Usually used sarcastically
        by leftist bloggers when the media writes or produces an unfavorable, biased,
        or inaccurate story.
  • Scotty - Former White House Press Secretary Scott McClellan.
  • Screed - A shrill diatribe devoid of fact or reasoned argument.
  • Skeletor - Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld. A reference to the villain
        from the 80's cartoon series, He-Man, that Rumsfeld resembles.
  • Snark - Sarcasm. Irony.
  • Steno sue - Washington Post reporter Sue Schmidt.
  • Strip Search Sammy - Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito, who once ruled
        that police had the right to strip-search an alleged drug dealer's wife and
        female child.
  • Swift Boat Liars - The "Swift Boat Veterans for Truth" which
        used misleading ads and outright lies to attack John Kerry's Vietnam service
        in the 2004 presidential election.
  • Swift Boating - Assassinating the character of someone you disagree with
        politically in order to discredit their message. A reference to ads by the
        "Swift Boat Veterans for Truth" which attacked John Kerry's Vietnam
        service in the 2004 presidential election.
  • Theocon - A member of the conservative religious right who wants to supplant
        the three branches of U.S. government with a Christian theocracy.
  • Traitor - Used satirically by leftist bloggers to refer to individuals
        that disagree with the president.
  • Troll - A person who makes inflammatory, contrarian, insulting, or annoying
        comments on a post with the intent of angering other commenters or disrupting
        the conversation.
  • Truthiness - A term invented by Stephen Colbert to describe that which
        you feel to be true, rather than truth supported by actual, objective facts.
  • Turd Blossom – Bush’s nickname for GOP strategist Karl Rove.
  • Tweety - MSNBC's Chris Matthews, a GOP shill who masquerades as an objective
        journalist and political commentator. Probably a reference to Matthews' large
        head, a trait he shares with WB cartoon character, Tweety Bird.
  • Wanker of the Day - Usually a commentator/blogger who posts a particularly
        egregious, insulting, or reality-offending post that is factually misleading
        and poorly reasoned or argued.
  • Wankery - Used to describe actions which reflect the biases, desires, or
        deceptions of the writer rather than reality. One who commits a large act
        of wankery might by described as the "Wanker of the Day." A "wanker"
        is similar to a "hack."
  • WaPo - The Washington Post.
  • War on Terra - The War on Terror, as pronounced (and enacted) by President
        George W. Bush.
  • Warblogger - A supposedly honorary title given by right-wing bloggers to
        themselves for heroically supporting the invasion of Iraq and other Muslim
        countries from their parents' basement. Use derisively by leftist bloggers.
  • WATB - Whiny ass titty babies. Whiners, complainers.
  • Winger - A right-wing extremist.
  • Wingnut - A commonly-used, derisive term used to describe those who hold
        far-right views on issues, particularly social issues. Adj. Wingnutty.
  • Wingnut Welfare - A system of patronage by which committed ideological
        right-wingers and their descendants are given nice salaries and do-nothing
        jobs in think tanks, magazines, corporate boards, etc.
  • Wingnuttia - 1. The general culture in which far-right views held by prominent
        GOP leaders are echoed and heartily believed. An "inhabitant of Wingnuttia"
        is a person who subscribes to such far-right beliefs. See Wingnut. 2. The
        universe of far-right blogs on the Internet.

NOTE: Links and parts of speech will appear in subsequent versions. You'll probably see this diary reappear again and again throughout the month as we make changes. Also, please feel free to discuss where you think such a dictionary could find a permanent home when it's complete.

Originally posted to sohei on Fri Apr 21, 2006 at 10:11 AM PDT.


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  •  I've never seen WATB before. I like it. (0+ / 0-)

    Nice job. This was a lot of work.

    Does the devil wear a suit and tie, Or does he work at the Dairy Queen- Martin Sexton

    by strengthof10kmen on Fri Apr 21, 2006 at 10:35:14 AM PDT

  •  a couple more (0+ / 0-)

    Dear Leader - another term for george bush used to show the similarity between bush and kim il-sung of N.Korea and the cult of personality that's grown around both their regimes.

    doughy pantload - jonah goldberg of the NRO

    assrocket - name for john hinderaker of the blog powerline. Used because the idiot took the nym hindrocket in his earlier posts.

    Darth Cheney - one of the myriad names for the vice president.  Others include Satan, Beelzebub, Tarac of Klingon, Baal, Mephistopheles and more.

    "Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry and narrow-mindedness." Mark Twain

    by dougymi on Fri Apr 21, 2006 at 10:42:08 AM PDT

  •  Did you see this source? (0+ / 0-)

    I also read that very interesting thread at Firedoglake.  There is a link there to a website with a lot of the terminology already:  Correntewire

  •  thank you for explaining the whole pony thing (0+ / 0-)

    and a couple of others...i'm saving this jic it doesn't end up being part of the page...good referrence tool

  •  Treasongate (0+ / 0-)

    The harsh term to use for the outing of V. Plame.

  •  Here's another that's been making the rounds: (0+ / 0-)

    "Drink the Manischewitz" (patterned after "Drink the Kool-Aid): to make it impossible, through blogging, troll-rating or any other means, for others to conduct a rational discussion about Israel, Zionism, American foreign policy towards Israel, etc.

    I've heard that one here and there recently.

  •  Mighty Wurlitzer (0+ / 0-)

    is not a reference to jukeboxes, but to a massive pipe organ produced in the first half of the 20th century.  A "theater organ", it was mostly used to accompany silent films.  It might also be a play on the term "house organ", i.e. a publication that serves only to promote the agenda of its owner.  

    Good stuff, though.  Could it be incorporated into the dKosopedia as a glossary of terms?  

    •  Thanks (0+ / 0-)

      You're right, of course. I got that one mixed up in my head with something else.

      The dkosopedia could be a good place for this info, provided new users can find it. I'm going to make some changes to it and try again to post it later on. Hopefully it won't get knocked off the list so quickly and more people will get to see it and make contributions/corrections.

      [-7.88/-6.67] Forged Demon - Zen Politics

      by sohei on Fri Apr 21, 2006 at 01:03:08 PM PDT

      [ Parent ]

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