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Last week I posted this diary about $500,000 confiscated by local authorities from two men at Beaver Valley Power Station. The cash was found during a routine search by security guards of the tractor trailer as it entered the plant. The truckers, who worked for a company hired by San Francisco-based Bechtel Corp., left the plant immediately after the discovery, without picking up their cargo of tools. The security guards, who are not empowered with authority to arrest, then notified local sheriff. The sheriff in turn stopped the truck and after drug dogs reacted to a smell within, searched the tractor. Arguably, that amount of cash would always smell like drugs to a dog, but the drivers didn't object to the confiscation of the money.

The drivers weren't arrested because entering a nuclear power plant with a half a million dollars isn't a crime. The Department of "Homeland Security" wasn't interested either. So the drivers went about their business, with the official explanation incident as "drug related."

But the name of the owner of the trailer has now been published

There has been a continuing thread at DU about all this which I rediscovered today.

It seems that the registered owner of the trailer is also a military man.

Security guards, who were searching the rig and flatbed the two men were driving into the plant, found a duffel bag containing $504,230, which state police later said they believe is related to drug trafficking.

According to Texas driving records, the rig and flatbed trailer were registered to Glenn E. Marsh, 37, also of Houston. No one answered the phone at Marsh's home Saturday, and Kingsby and Lewis could not be reached Saturday.


The Nuclear Regulatory Commission said Thursday it considered the matter closed on its end and was satisfied that security guards had done their job properly and that there was no security breach at the plant.

On Friday, a spokeswoman for the federal Department of Homeland Security said the agency had been notified of the incident, which was not being viewed as a security threat. The department said it would not be involved in the investigation.

Lt. Glenn E. Marsh, who was stationed in Bosnia, now lives near Ft. Hood (I can't link this without revealing personal information, but if you're interested Google his name). The pdf link that verified  his position in Bosnia  stopped working as I was preparing this diary, which was strange, but the Google cache still has it.

There has been recent suspicious damage recently at a nuclear facility in the US.

FBI probes nuclear reactor hole

The FBI says it "has a few leads"
A Florida energy company has called in the FBI and offered a $100,000 reward to try and find out who drilled a hole in one of its nuclear power stations.


It had been drilled - inadvertently or deliberately - into a cooling system pipe for one of its nuclear reactors.


It is now investigating the damage, along with the Nuclear Regulatory Commission.

A Florida Power spokeswoman said that the company thought the hole was produced intentionally, but didn't know if it was a case of human error or a deliberate act of sabotage.

The reactor had been shut down for routine maintenance, but many of the contractors hired to work on the plant have since left the site and might not know about the problem.


It is just so strange that there is no federal interest in why a former(?)military man, who lives near Ft. Hood, and who happens to own a truck which attempted to enter a nuclear plant with half a million dollars cash. And that the reported owner of the cash hasn't bothered to pick it up. It's darn close to impossible to believe that this is worthy of immediate dismissal.

Originally posted to Thistime on Fri Apr 28, 2006 at 01:42 PM PDT.

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