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The Bush military history Project is being revived due to considerable interest expressed by readers.
There's many questions remaining unanswered, questions that won't ever be answered by the MSm because they are complicit in one of history's greatest frauds.
I have been accused of being to wordy on this subject bu it takes a lot of writing to unravel a record thats been distorted and lied about by experts for decades. its an epic story, anbd one that can still turn out good for our side--if any journaist ever gets the moxie to stand up and ask questions.
Demand a federal investigatiopn of the CBS papers---theyre FEDERAL documents and America neeeds to know the truth.

as some of those reading this may know, publicizing the military career of george W Bush has long been a topic off mine on other websites (ex: )
The military history of george W Bush should be of great interst to all Americans because it is possibly the most scandalous case of military fraud ever attributed to a President.
This is a story that has been lied about and twisted by highly paid experrts for decades. It is the most classic case off political influence in the military of the last century and maybe more.
Its a very long involved story that takes a lot of words to unravel but the truth is there at the bottom.
Lets start with known and agreed on facts: ""Essentially, Bush gamed the system to avoid serving his country the way that most of his contemporaries had to," Larry Korb, former asst sec for defense under Reagan, said. There's no doubt about this as you'll see as the story unfolds, its right in his records. Thats why they scrambled up Bush's records when they released them.
But the important point is that Bush didn't do it himself---he had a lot of help from his commanders. These commanders had to commit crimes to do this, like falsification of official documents, fraud (both monetary and statutory) and derlelictiono of duty. The proof of this is also in Bush's papers.
But the story oes well beyond what happened to Bush and his commanders in the 70s. As with watergate, the story is not so much about the crime as it is with the cover up.
The fact is that the Bush Administration has managed to smoke and mirror the disgrace that is Bush's military record. This is what the Swiftboat atttackso n Kerry, coordinated by the Republicans were all about--to focus attention away from Bush's service.
Thhis is also what the CBS memos story was  about--Bush's service---yet the Republiocans, in one of the boldest, most deft media manipulation in History managed to turn the story back on the accuser, to get the acuser discredited and to use the fragmants of the story remaining to "validate" Bush's service. We can see the hand of Karl Rove in this and it was expertly done. They had a long time to plan for it.
So Bush and the Republicans walked away from this story winners, having killed ths story on the memos, scared off all media investigation into Bush's service record and --the Prize--got Bush re'elected President. They left every major question unanswered
But how exactly did they do it??
Thats what this journal will be used for, to  show the story all the way through, from Bush's refusal to take his physical to the current day.
We will examine Bush record, page by page, with references (thanks, Paul Lukasiak!)We will discuss the crimes committed by Bushs' superiors. We will look at the curious response of the Bush administration to the CBS memos story. We will discuss who knows the true story and all they havent said about it.
Lets start today with one of the most salient facts: George Bush and his aides know right now whether the CBS memos rare real or not and always have. There's no room for disagreement on this, they HAVE to know because the CBS memos pertain to Bush's records, giving information that only Bush would know for sure because theyre about HIM. About things thsat happened to him that he must have sure knowledge of.
The easiest way to illustrate this is to look first at the order to take his physical: (PAGE 3)
Bush HAS to know right  whether this order is real or not because he knows if he was ordered to take his physical or not. If he wasn't, then this is false; but if he was, then he knows if this is the order. There's no logical way he can say he doesn't know if this is real or not because he knows whether he was ordered to take his physical or not.
Its a simple yes or no question and one that anyone who HADN'T been orderd to take thge physical would have denied right away. yet nether George Bush NOR his aides--who also know-- have EVER denied that this order, or the rest of the CBS memos are real.
So what did Bush answer when asked that question directly by the AP? "The White House did not answer whether Bush disobeyed a direct order to take the exam." ( }  Thats right, when Bush was asked directly whether he had ever been ordered to take his physical,, he refused to answer the question. Look at thaat link, the date and where that line is buried. CBS had the answer to their problem all the time--while they were under the greatest asault on an media outlet in the past century, they had an order in their hand saying Bush had been ordered to take his physical--and the fact that he had refused to answer a simple yes or no question to which he had certain knowledge.
And no one ever asked Bush directly whether he had been ordered to take his physical. And he never volunteered the information. Why wouldn't he vehemently denounce this order if it was false?
This order creates a new event in Bush's military record, an order to take his physical. Bush knows right now whether this happened or not, there's no way he doesn't. No wiggle room at all. And Bush and his administration pretend that they don't know whether the pape4rs are real or not. If this order is forged, then someone has LIBELED George Bush by creating a new and false incident in his career by forgeing offical government documents--icluding the signature of his commanding officer.
So why hasn't there been any official investigation? Because ANY investigation of Bush's papers will show all the fraid and chicanery I'm goiong to be talking about here. Bush CAN'T have his record looked at closely, thhere's some real crimes there, his and his commanders.
Here's another driopdead ceetainty: Bush (and Hodges and others) know right now whether the suspension order in the CBS memos is the real one or not.Again there's no wiggle room for either of them--they HAVE to know. Because the CBS order represnts Bush's real suspension order, one that WAS written by Col Killian and sent up the chain of commmand, as two confirmation documents prove.
We will be looking aat the regulations framework under which this order was written in a subsequent post but for now it enough to say that a suspension order WAS writtteen for George Bush by Col Killian dated 1 Aug 72, that order WAS passed up the chain of command for comment and acction AND THAT ORDER IS MISSING FROM BUSH"S RECORDS!!!
Bush's real suspensuion order, the one that WAS written by Killian and WAS passed up the chain of command is missing from Bush's records. The 2 confirmation documents are there, but, curiously, suspiciously, not the document they are confirming.
Bush also knows whether the CBS memo is the real order or not because he was required to SIGN for the order he got. He was there to talk with Col Killian about it on Aug 1st 1972 about his suspension ("verbal orders from the cmdr...")  Bush was REQUIRED to sign for this by regulations and the suspension order was REQUIRED to be in his records--but is not.  ( "...CBPO-SA will insure that the unit personnel record copy of an aeronautical acknowledged by the person concerned, to indicate time and date of the receipt of orders..." para 2-10b AFM 35-13)
This was why the Republicans scambled Bush's records when they released them in Feb 2004--to hide what isn't there, and to disguise what is there.
look at that instance itself--when someone is questioning your record, what would YOU do? Probably, if youre an honest person and proud of your record, you'd put you papers into the best order possible and stand up front and explain any discrepancies. Not so the Bush administration, they deliberately scrambled up Bush's papers and then dumped them on the table without any explanation or narrative at all. Is that the way you treat a record you say youre proud of?? Not hardly.
So Bush and his aides know beyond a shadow of a doubt whether the CBS papers are real--and what they mean for Bush--but have never denied the papers were real. And their lack of a plausible denial is very very significant
The meaning of this fact will become very clear when we look at the Bush administrations response to the CBS memos. Bush and his administration want you to think these papers are false--but won't prrove it officially, even though these represent official USAF (TXANG) Papers that, if forged LIBEL george Bush (and others)
To be continued

Originally posted to exlrrp on Tue May 30, 2006 at 07:35 AM PDT.


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  •  This is worth reading, and following exlrrp's (0+ / 0-)

    thorough analysis of the Bush TANG story. I read all of exlrrp's prior diaries on this, and (s)he knows whereof (s)he writes. Forgive the typos and formatting, and keep reading. It's complicated, but exlrrp does a great job of parsing out every nook and cranny of this sordid affair.

    exlrrp: you should get this published.

    •  Thanks Halcyon, I already am (5+ / 0-)
      Recommended by:
      OCD, rmx2630, Halcyon, fastwacks, va dare

      What youre seeing now is the 3d draft. A little help (tip jar) is always appreciated


      by exlrrp on Tue May 30, 2006 at 08:14:24 AM PDT

      [ Parent ]

      •  Typos etc (0+ / 0-)

        Google toolbar has a great feature that spellchecks any type of online form you fill out.  I'm not one to install or recommend toolbar/desktop type stuff (I have spent 100's of hours uninstalling crap people install on their machines that eat up memory and processing for shit results) but google's toolbar is low impact/high yield, so to speak.

        Great diary btw, recommended wholeheartedly.

        (just caught 3 typos with it :P)

        linky linky

        Experience may differ in online play...

        by OCD on Tue May 30, 2006 at 08:33:19 AM PDT

        [ Parent ]

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