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Along the majestic coastline of Southern California, an inspired battle is underway that may very well determine the direction of our nation.  A Congressional Pro-war embed is being challenged by a respected Anti-war leader who until now wasn't nationally known.  It's a lively drama playing out in living rooms and dining rooms from the Port of San Pedro to Los Angeles' famed Venice Beach.  An intra-party battle with historic implications as Americans determine the ideological path of their nation.

[Please follow me below the jump.]

With national anxiety at an all time high, Americans dare not question the importance of this year's midterm elections.  The War in Iraq is more dastardly than ever.  The national debt has soared beyond an egregious eight trillion dollars . Millions of Americans remain without health care, and the incompetence of the Bush Administration is painfully conceded to by Democrats and Republicans alike.  Anger at Congress is palpable as resentments build toward the enablers of this increasingly unpopular "War."  Regardless of one's political party, across the entire nation, Pro-war legislators are finally being taken to task.

But nowhere in America is the Pro-war/Anti-war battle being more fiercely fought than in Southern California, where Progressive Anti-war Democrat Marcy Winograd is uncompromisingly challenging Pro-War Democrat incumbent, Jane Harman.

Much has been written about the Winograd/Harman tussle due to its salacious Democrat on Democrat angle and surprising formidable showing by political "newcomer" Winograd.  But based on my in-depth interview with Marcy Winograd, she may be a newcomer candidate, but she's irrefutably NO newcomer to the machinations of government and the needs of the constituents in "District 36".  

A longtime grassroots activist, Winograd has well-honed expertise on issues ranging far beyond war and peace.  Although intently focused on her campaign against Harman, she has a clearly devised plan for post election leadership, beginning the instant she lands in D.C.  She's extraordinarily confident and decidedly poised to assume her Congressional role... as you will learn when you read: "My Conversation With Marcy":

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LM:  Marcy, you're a longtime grassroots activist. How will you reconcile your "activist" role when you take on your new role in Congress?

MW: Once an activist, always an activist at heart -- that's my belief.  As a legislator, I will continue my relationship with the grassroots and seek to solve problems and mount new campaigns by engaging members of the community.  One model for this is "Health Care for All", a grassroots campaign to educate the public and mobilize support for CA State Senator Sheila Kuehl's universal single-payer health care bill.  I am not interested in sequestering myself in an office in Washington or becoming a member of an exclusive club or inner circle of power.  The thrill of going to Congress is going to Washington to advocate for the people in the 36th District and beyond -- to protect our youth from senseless war and preserve constitutional freedoms for all Americans.

LM:  As President of Progressive Democrats of Los Angeles and an integral member of the grassroots community, what are the factors that helped you the most to collaborate successfully with others?

MW: I managed a coalition of grassroots Democratic Clubs that helped re-elect Assemblywoman Fran Pavley, a strong environmentalist, during the 2004 campaign.  We registered 7,000 voters and had over 1,000 volunteers.  Our headquarters became a hub of activism that involved swing state trips, phone banking, precinct walking, film seminars and post-Presidential debate sessions analyzing the candidates' positions on the war, nuclear proliferation, homeland security and constitutional rights.

Additionally, as President of Progressive Democrats of Los Angeles, I worked with a dozen grassroots Democratic Clubs to craft an anti-war resolution passed by the California Democratic Party convention in 2004.  On the heels of this resolution's passage, I brought representatives from a dozen peace groups together with Congresswoman Maxine Waters to organize an Out of Iraq Forum - a thousand attendees strong.

As a teacher I developed a conflict-resolution curriculum that helped bring dozens of community leaders together to found the Coalition Against Militarism in our Schools.  This organization has been instrumental in informing parents and students of their rights regarding military recruiters' access to student data.

LM:  How will you use your organizational and interpersonal skills to work with your colleagues in Congress?  And what are some of the principal issues you'll immediately take on?

MW: I will immediately join the Out of Iraq Caucus, headed by Congresswoman Maxine Waters, and work with the Caucus on ending the US occupation of Iraq.  At the same time, I plan to meet with veterans groups from around the country to work together to lobby for increased veterans' benefits.  The Bush Administration sends our youth to war, then ignores their needs when they return.  This is not right and we must secure both retirement and disability benefits for veterans.

Working with Congressman Dennis Kucinich, I hope to see his proposed Department of Peace become a reality.  Under this proposal, 2% of the military budget would be set aside to support community-based programs focused on non-violence, gang prevention, and assistance for battered wives, etc.

I'm extremely concerned about the erosion of our Constitution and the danger facing independent media.  Journalists are coming under increasing attack by those who want to limit our First Amendment rights and freedoms.  I plan to work with a large coalition of groups, conservatives and progressives alike, who share my interest in safeguarding our Bill of Rights and ensuring that independent voices are heard in the media.  I support Net Neutrality and will fight hard to preserve our free access to the Internet.

I'm also co-founder of the California Election Protection Network and work tirelessly for voter verified paper trails.  To safeguard my own campaign, I'm organizing election protection teams.  I encourage every candidate and every voter who cares about legitimate elections to actively do the same.

As a supporter of the Apollo Energy Project, I will work with others to provide corporate tax incentives for defense contractors anchored in Torrance and El Segundo to re-allocate some of their financial and scientific resources into alternative energy development.  I want to make the 36th Congressional District the alternative energy capital of California, if not the United States.  Dollar for dollar, we'll create more jobs investing in peace than we will when investing in war.

In the interest of safeguarding our ports... to improve working conditions and protect the air in the surrounding communities of San Pedro and Wilmington, I'll work with members of congress in other port communities to establish federal standards for container inspection, workers' rights, and dockside refueling and alternative energy development.   Together, with lawmakers from other port districts, I hope to author legislation requiring Wal Mart and other large corporations who profit off the ports, to pay their fair share for inspections and environmental mitigation.

A week ago, when I was leafleting outside an ILWU hiring hall in Wilmington, a worker turned to me and in the most heartfelt tone said, "I have worked at this port for years and seen millions of dollars come in and out.  Why is it we have nothing to show for it in Wilmington, nothing to do, no entertainment, only dirty air to breathe?"  This man's yearning should be heard in Washington, so that one day the large corporations who profit off our ports can be expected to support the arts in the surrounding port communities.

I'm already working with Friends of the Marina to stop over-development... specifically high-rise construction that will increase the traffic snarls already confronting us on a daily basis.  We need to protect our valuable marine habitat and raise awareness about the beauty of the Marina.  I'm also working with citizens who want to see the noise and air pollution addressed at the Santa Monica airport.  Several weeks ago I signed a pledge to immediately introduce legislation to establish federal noise and air pollution standards at airports throughout the country.

LM:  How will you use your legislative skills to benefit your constituents?

MW: To be an effective legislator, you have to be a good listener and, ideally, a people person... someone who cares about the community and takes the time to listen.  Unfortunately, we see a disconnect between leaders in Washington and the people they represent.  Too many of our lawmakers have isolated themselves inside the Beltway and are, therefore, not in touch with the pulse of their community.

I consider myself part of the grassroots -- of and for the people.  I'll keep my ear to the ground and go with my gut -- with my core beliefs in peace and justice.  In addition, I'll use my communication and organizational skills to help me navigate the halls of Congress and seek out those with common interests on both sides of the aisle.

In my District, I'll organize a regional bi-annual Community Congress to engage the grassroots in setting legislative objectives and addressing challenges.

We'll focus on:

 ·      funding and supporting community-based social service programs

 ·      protecting the environment at our beaches, marina, and port

 ·      minimizing air and noise pollution at our local airports

 ·      promoting mass transit and regionalizing our airports to reduce traffic and toxic emissions

 ·      supporting the Farmers' Markets and other efforts to promote organic farms and produce

 ·      protecting our constitutional freedoms now under assault

 ·      promoting quality education and non-violent conflict resolution programs

Provided we have the funds, I would like to open three field offices: one in the Venice/Marina area, one in the South Bay, and one in San Pedro/Wilmington.  Each office will have Field Representatives responsible for meeting constituents' needs and engaging with leaders and rank-and-file members of organizations.

I want my career in Congress to consist of working with people to set common goals...not preaching to them about what I think they should have or need.

LM:  You've obviously done lots of legislative planning.  But what about your private life?  What about "fun"?

MW:  You have to have time for fun.  I'm married to a union-side labor lawyer, who is now, as a result of my campaign, an avid political blogger.  Ira "Buddy" Gottlieb.  I also have a 23-year-old daughter, Gina Gardner, who inherited my mother's flare for fashion... and works in the garment industry.  The fact is, they're both a lot of fun.

But I definitely have a serious side.  My parents, Teddi and Sam Winograd, and my brother, Barry, influenced me tremendously growing up.  My parents marched in the anti-war movement.  I remember my mother joining me on the picket line at the Century Plaza Hotel when Nixon came to speak at the height of the Vietnam War.  My brother's nine years older than me so I always looked up to him and admired his advocacy work.  He was right there in the trenches, fighting the good fight, when I was still in middle school.  He'd come home and tell me stories about the things he was doing and my whole face would light up.  I loved his dedication to 'causes'.  Then there was my 'literary' side as well.

As a child, my father, a former professor at New York's CCNY (the poor man's Harvard), would always ask me what I was reading.  Literacy was highly valued in our home.  Even when my father was ill with Parkinson's Disease, bed-ridden and struggling to stay awake, he'd suggest books for me to read.  He'd say, "You're interested in international law?  Go to the third shelf in the den and pick up the book that's third in from the left-hand corner."  For my father, books were great friends.  Because of his influence, I've been reading and writing poetry since the age of twelve.  I remember as a very young child playing Debussy's "The Sea" and writing about the waves crashing on my bedroom door.

A few years ago, I started performing poetry with the Hyper Poets at the Rose Cafe in Venice.  A bit Bohemian, I suppose, but the feeling of coming together with other writers and performers was inspiring.  As a Congresswoman, I'd like to ask my constituents to share their own stories to support certain bills.  Stories can be incredibly persuasive.  As an English teacher, I always emphasized the intense power of narrative.

A-n-d... I love animals.  To relax, I walk my daughter's dog... a little rescue named Sparky, who's an overly active (understatement) Jack Russell Terrier.  Or... I hang out with my three cats... also rescues.  I even read animal magazines.  So... as you'd be right to assume, I've included an animal rights platform in my legislative agenda.  It's on my web site (  I never want to see relief organizations and government agencies abandon animals again in a disaster.  I applaud the recent passage in the House of The Pets Evacuation and Transportation Act (H.R. 3858), co-authored by Tom Lantos and Christopher Shays.  It definitely needed to be done.

LM:   And for the hundreds of volunteers on your campaign...  What would you say to them?

MW:  My message is first and foremost -- THANK YOU FOR ALL YOUR HARD WORK AND COMMITMENT TO PEACE.   We could never have done this without launching a tremendous grassroots campaign involving hundreds of precinct walkers and phone bankers.  It takes courage to challenge an entrenched incumbent, but it also takes courage to work for the challenger and believe in the dream... peace, democracy, constitutional freedoms, a sound foreign policy that rejects pre-emptive war and embraces diplomacy, and a beautiful earth for our children and their children to inherit.

And on that note... Thank you so much for speaking with me... and I'm back on the campaign trail to join them.  It's time to get out the vote!

California's Primary election is June 6th. Additional information on Marcy Winograd's campaign can be found

Originally posted to Linda Milazzo on Sun Jun 04, 2006 at 06:34 AM PDT.

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  •  tips? (13+ / 0-)

    We've all been discussing Marcy "the candidate."  Now let's talk about Marcy "the Congresswoman."  In my conversation with soon to be Congresswoman Winograd, she discusses how she'll work IN CONGRESS for the constituents in District 36.  It's pretty impressive to ME.  Give it a read and let me know what YOU think...


  •  Dead Heat (12+ / 0-)

    It's a dead heat in California's 36th congressional district where I'm running to replace Jane Harman.  If you've ever protested the war or felt frustrated with the lack of spine in Congress, join us ( for our GOTV effort.  We want 1,000 volunteers on the ground in the next few days.  We are in this to win!


    Marcy Winograd

  •  Where were you??? (1+ / 0-)
    Recommended by:

    Marcy Winograd writes:

    I'm already working with Friends of the Marina to stop over-development... specifically high-rise construction that will increase the traffic snarls already confronting us on a daily basis.  We need to protect our valuable marine habitat and raise awareness about the beauty of the Marina.


    Where were you?  Esconced in the Pacific Palisades or your Santa Monica Dem office when places like Azzuria and Regatta began to rise above us?  You weren't at the City Planning Commission when these matters came before them.  You didn't protest to our former Councilwoman Cindy Miscikowski or Ruth Galanter.  Have you appeared in protest before the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors?  Where were you?  Where are you?

    Did you march with the Marina residents a few weeks ago to protest the widening of Admiralty Way?  Where have you been?

    Your voice wasn't there to protest the building of the massive project across from the high rise towers, that will double the amount of traffic onto Lincoln Boulevard.  You weren't there when we protetsted the Trammel Crow project that abuts the Marina and Venice.  Where have you been?

    You don't get to use the Marina for political pandering, just because you moved there a few weeks ago in order to live in the District.  You have to put some sweat equity into the issues of Marina del Rey and Venice before you get to use them as part of your resume.

    •  And where was Harman? (7+ / 0-)

      Busy enabling Bush-Cheney to spy on Americans and sending young Americans to death in the Iraq inferno !

      Of course Harman has been a paid panderer to her "constituents" like Northrop and Lockheed who make billions of the destruction of Iraq.

    •  I guarantee you... (4+ / 0-)

      that when Marcy Winograd says she's working on an issue... SHE'S WORKING ON THE ISSUE!!  Why be such a naysayer...  If you love the Marina and you love Venice, you should be happy that a hard working advocate, who's A REAL ACTIVIST with commitment and a track record for getting things done, will soon represent you.  Be happy, VeniceDave.  Winograd's the Representative the rest of us would LOVE TO HAVE...

    •  Hey Venice Dave (6+ / 0-)

      I'm glad to see your concern about Lincoln Boulevard, and over-development in Venice and the Marina.  Plenty of us are working on the grass-roots level to battle this plague, and we welcome Marcy's support.

      As you may know, there is also development planned for Lincoln/Maxella, the Sunset/RAD/MTA bus yards, Lincoln Center, AIMCO/Lincoln Place, and in the near future, Rose/Lincoln.

      Fortunately our new councilman, Bill Rosendahl, is much more receptive to community input than Miscikowski.  With the support of Marcy, even better things will happen.

      There will be a meeting for community input for the Lincoln Blvd. CDO coming up soon.  You can add your voice for the betterment of Lincoln Boulevard.

      You're probably aware of the Venice Neighborhood Council, and the Land Use Planning Committee.  You can check here for date and times of meetings.  We need more voices of concern.

      I can assure you that many people working on the front lines of these battles are very enthusiastic about Marcy's campaign.

      But you know who have been some of the strongest opponents of gentrification and overdevelopment?  Another Harman nemesis - the Venice Peace & Freedom Party!

      Venice Dave, in keeping with your concern about development in Venice, it would be great if you could write a diary about Rocky Delgadillo's shameful performance in regards to holding AIMCO to their promises for Lincoln Place.  People should know how reluctant he is to hold developers accountable.  He's running for CA Attorney General, and he can't even stand up to developers in Venice.

    •  Sweat Equity (12+ / 0-)

      Hi Dave,

       Thanks for the opportunity to clarify.  

       Actually, I was at the Marina protest a few weeks ago, at which time I talked to concerned residents about next steps. Since that time, I've been -- when not on the campaign trail -- calling various officials to set up meetings for the Friends of the Marina.

       As for the Co.Board of Supervisors, I appeared before them to protest the LA Co Reg Recorder's plan to use paperless touchscreen machines for early voting in California's special election and I've been in touch with the supes and the Registrar Recorder's office many times about my deep-felt concerns regarding the purchase of more hackable touchscreens.  I'm sure you'll agree, accurate and honest elections are essential if we want to preserve our democracy.

       During the last election, I, like you, invested sweat equity in electing popular LA City Councilman Bill Rosendahl - organizing precint walking and distributing yard signs. Bill, as you know, is an advocate for the grassroots in our district - and worked closely with me when I managed the 2004 Democratic Club headquarters on the west side of LA.
      We have a good relationship -- though he, like many other incumbents, endorsed Harman long before I entered the race and long before the filing deadline.

       You're right.  I moved 5.2 miles into the district (far fewer miles than when my opponent moved from Washington into the 36th) to challenge Harman because I felt such a powerful urgency about preserving our constitutional rights and stopping the war, which Harman championed on the floor of Congress despite vehement objections from her constituents.  I worked as an educational leadership coach in the 36th for three years, so I'm familiar with the challenges facing schools and, when elected, will do everything in my power to close the achievement gap.  Finally -- I'm sure you know that when a Congresswoman takes the country to war for no reason, she endangers all of our young men and women, not just those who live in Venice or San Pedro -- and when a Congresswoman keeps silent during Bush briefings on illegal wiretaps, she jeopardizes the 4th amendment for all, not just our immediate neighbors.

       I do appreciate your hard work on behalf of the grassroots -- and thank you for that.  


       Marcy Winograd

      •  Thanks, Marcy (7+ / 0-)

        for your truthful and open response.  The folks in the Marina and Venice will benefit greatly when they elect you to represent them in Congress.  

      •  If only Jane Harman were like this, eh Dave? (8+ / 0-)

        Hey look!  Marcy Winograd returned to answer some tough questions!

        Jane Harman, by contrast, returns to her diaries ONLY to answer the fawners and the softballs.  The rest of us (you know, her actual constituents) don't hear boo from her when we ask tough questions.  

        Yeah, yeah, I know: Jane's "busy"... but not too busy to respond to sycophants!  It's only when pressed on something difficult that Jane's schedule suddenly gets tight.

        VeniceDave, you have just witnessed yet another difference between Marcy Winograd and Blue Dog, DLC Jane Harman.

        It makes me so proud to be volunteering for Marcy!

        Patrick Meighan
        Venice, CA

      •  Thanks Marcy (6+ / 0-)

        for taking the time to respond, even to your critics.

        To me, that shows integrity and courage.

        I wish my present Rep. had done the same with at least one of her ten replies on Thursday.

      •  Thank you Marcy (4+ / 0-)

        The anti-gentrification activists are looking forward to working with you.

        Thank you for your good work!

      •  Thank you for expanding (0+ / 0-)

        And thank you for showing up at the protest, although I think that is a matter that will have to be litigated.

        As for the County Board of Supervisors, I was talking about their efforts to widen Admiralty
        Way, and allow the large scale developments, not touch screen voting - which I also agree is a major issue, which is why so many of us are supporting my neighbor and friend, Debra Bowen.

        While I certainly applaud any effort on behalf of Bill Rosendahl, the Marina is primarily a county issue, and that's where we need the help.  And by the way, Bill not only endorsed, but has actively worked towards the reelection of Jane Harman.

        I guess my biggest concern is with lines like

        "when a Congresswoman takes the country to war for no reason"

         Come on, Marcy, you are not castigating Maxine Waters or Max Cleland for doing the same thing.  That resolution passed overwelmingly, and with the help of most Democrats, including the party's 2004 standard bearer.  One vote out of 400+ did not take the country to war, it was not a close vote, not even close.

        As for keeping silent, I don't hear the clarion call of the Minority Leader of the House, who was briefed on those same issues long before Rep. Harman.  Where is the cry against Nancy Pelosi, who is certainly more powerful than Jane.

        By the way, there is a difference between moving into the District to challenge a Republican, and moving into the District to challenge a sitting Democrat.

        I look forward to June 7th, when we can work toward defeating Republicans, and I assume you are still as good as you word - that you will support Jane Harman if she wins on Tuesday.

        •  Oh there's plenty of blame to go around (1+ / 0-)
          Recommended by:
          Linda Milazzo

          but we're all just starting in out little corner of the world.

          Endorsing incumbents is de rigueur, as I'm sure you're aware.

          Anyone pol who's enabled Bushco. in any way, regardless of party, bears responsibility.

          At least, however, we agree on Debra Bowen. Please send your friend my warmest regards and support.

          Sure wish Rep. Harman had responded to my concerns...

    •  We appreciate you dictating the rules (10+ / 0-)

      we must all follow before weighing in on a subject, VD.  You did forget, however, to mention that Marcy was named "Democrat of the Year" in LA County for her 2004 efforts that you perversely disdain above.  We all can't be everywhere at once, but at least Marcy was somewhere, on the war, on nuclear proliferation, on domestic spying when it came to light, protesting what the Bush administration was doing.  But you continue with your diversions because your candidate, Jane Harman, is vulnerable in terms of answering for her apathy and accommodationist approach to her job.  Her job, VD, not her avocation, which is what we are talking about with Winograd until her campaign began.  In addition to doing all she did in political organizing and protesting, Marcy had a fulltime job as a teacher and teacher's teacher.  Harman had a duty to the American people in her job as a senior Dem in Congress, and she failed in that duty in fundamental ways (I didn't notice Harman's name cropping up in all of the district issues you list above).

  •  Voters int the 36th AD (6+ / 0-)

    are fortunate beyond belief to have the opportunity to use their vote to change the world for the better.  Those of us on the outside looking in can make phone calls and write blogs and even poll watch, but nothing trumps being able to vote for peace.  How often in your life will you have a such a clear course of action?  Your vote for peace will help us all.  Please don't let this opportunity pass.  Marcy is a once in a lifetime candidate.  Thank your lucky stars that she is there for you.

    •  You're not kidding!! (3+ / 0-)
      Recommended by:
      peace voter, venice ca, PazMir

      I know folks across this nation who are rooting for Marcy.  They wish her success and repeat again and again the importance of her candidacy and how much good she will do for the nation.

    •  I live in CA-36 - June 6th I vote for peace (4+ / 0-)
      Recommended by:
      venice ca, Ozzie, Linda Milazzo, PazMir

      Dear Dorothy,

      When I created my screen name for DailyKos back in the Fall of 2004 I did not know that the day would come when I would have an opportunity to actually vote for peace.  A vote for Marcy Winograd is a vote for peace & I feel so fortunate and proud to be able to vote for her next Tuesday.


    •  Amen to that, Dorothy! (5+ / 0-)

      Marcy's candidacy has fired up people everywhere. Contributions from peace-hopeful individuals are coming from Florida, Texas ( yup!) - all  over the country. People are contacting their friends who live in the 36th, encouraging them to vote for Marcy. It is particularly frustrating to be so close ( just outside the district)  and yet so far (just outside the district) and not be able to cast my own vote for her.

      This is indeed a blessed opportunity for folks in the 36D to cast a vote for conscience -and with a clear conscience...that your vote will count for someone for whom "integrity" is a verb.

      Remember: This is a solid, overwhelmingly Democratic district. The Republican challenger is a throwaway candidate with no party support. Who you vote for in the Primary on Tuesday WILL be your representative in Congress in November ( Of course, you can't sit on your hands in either election..!).

      Sending Winograd to Congress is just the sort of California Earthquake it - and we - deserve.      

  •  VD and neighbors, you are looking right at your (5+ / 0-)

    best chance to have your concerns heard and championed. I've volunteered as a precinct walker, and I can tell you that the frustration I hear in your message is felt everywhere. The press characterized Harman's response to her constituents' concerns as "turning a tin ear". This concerns both up-close-and personal District issues to her hypocritical actions on the national stage.  

    Did I say "frustration" with Harman? I would characterize it as downright, seething outrage.

    It is unconscionable to support the Bush agenda as Harman has, to rubber stamp billions in wasted dollars for the war on Iraq, to rubber stamp sending thousands of men and women into harm's way to protect - not our hallowed Democracy - but the profit margins of Defense contractors who, in turn, fund her political career.  It is unconscionable to rubber stamp the Patriot Act and sit on the knowledge of the NSA's activities, to subvert the protections of the Constitution which, as a Harvard trained lawyer, and a member of Congress, she should be able to quote chapter and verse, rather than lamely excuse her actions with an "I didn't know the law".... ( What????)

    Harman's wan, too-little-too-late, get-tough-on-Bush, "round up the  usual suspects"  rhetoric of the last few weeks only serves to demonstrate a disingenuous character, deeply lacking in both credibility and integrity. After a political career and voting record to the contrary, she suddenly "got religion"(?!) on the war and the NSA domestic spying excesses only when Marcy Winograd's prairie fire of a grassroots campaign flared up,  threatening to Burn Down the "safe" House (seat) of Jane Harman.

    Marcy Winograd knows the Constitution. Her support comes, not from vested corporate interests but from thousands of human beings who want to not only "be the change" but to actually SEE the change we desperately need to finally start to happen.

    And she does have the chops to be an effective, forceful Representative in Congress.

    Plus, I submit that she won't be alone ( if we can ensure an honest vote in  the Primaries and in  November, that is..).  There are challengers like Marcy Winograd rising up all over the country, like Bob McCloskey (29th) and Charles Coleman (28th) here in CA, and Ned Lamont's challenge to Sen. Lieberman in CT.  These races represent the MAJORITY will of the American citizenry. That will has been ignored and outright rejected by the Bush administration and by Congress - including Jane Harman.

    So, Venice Dave, while you fight the very worthy fight against runaway local overdevelopment ( Bravo to you!), remember that Marcy has also been on the front lines fighting to protect your vote, and to redirect our (local and national) attention and financial support from an obscene and globally devastating war to the ( local and national) issues of environmental protection, alternative energy, education, and  health care.

    Do one more good and positive activist thing for yourself and your neighborhood: Vote for Winograd next Tuesday.

    •  If we can insure an honest vote in the Primary??? (0+ / 0-)

      Are you saying that somehow Jane Harman is working in concert with Connie McCormack and has the voting machines rigged?  And if Jane wins by 20 or more points, is it still an honest vote?  The election is only two days away, but just as important, June 7th is only three days away.  That's the day when we all have to unite to defeat the Republicans and take back the House.  Don't let your rhetoric get in the way of the goal - Take Back the House!

      •  Perhaps even with real Democrats! n/t (1+ / 0-)
        Recommended by:
        Linda Milazzo
      •  Why waste your vote on a proven DINO?! D36 is Dem (2+ / 0-)
        Recommended by:
        Budlawman, Linda Milazzo

        ocratic - solidly Democratic. Recent redistricting took care of that. So, what sense does it make to knowingly send back to Congress someone who has already demonstrated a complete disconnect with the will and needs of her own electorate?

        Party affiliation means bubkis if the Walk doesn't match the Talk.

        Scott Ritter, former WMD inspector, now anti-war activist, has characterized  Harman as "a lubricant for the Bush Administration". By supplying a pseudo- imprimature of "bi-partisan support" to Bush's agenda, Harman and Lieberman are Bush apologists,  "enablers" to a holocaust so monstrous that it threatens to spin out of control and engulf the planet. (How's that for "rhetoric"?) As a bonus, they do serious damage to the ideals for which the Democratic Party stands (used to stand).  Harman has arrogantly ignored the constituency who voted her into office - until just the last few weeks when it seems she is suddenly heard parroting Marcy Winograd.  

        The LA Weekly incredibly excuses Harman's voting record and behavior with regard to both Iraq and our civil liberties ( Patriot Act, NSA spying) - as having been "duped". Yes, well...certainly, I can see why that would constitute a "plus" on her resume, a positive recommendation for (any)  position of responsibility, particularly for the ranking Democrat on the House Intelligence Committee (although those days are numbered, regardless, as Pelosi appears determined to replace her.)

        Don't tell us that, by electing Marcy to represent the Dems on the ticket in November - against a non-entity of a Republican candidate - that they won't enthusiastically  do it again and send her straight to Congress.

        (Enthusiastically vote for a political candidate - how often does that happen?)  

        Use this golden opportunity to send someone to the House who actually IS a Democrat, who not only talks like a Democrat but, in fact - in fact - behaves like a Democrat, one who genuinely represents, both in Word and Deed, the strongly anti-war, pro-environmental, pro-Constitution, pro-Bill of Rights, pro- health care, pro-education proclivities of the Democratic 36th.  

        Winograd's election on Tuesday will not only ensure that a true Democrat goes to Congress from the 36th, it will  lend powerful empetus to other strong Democratic challengers' campaigns across the country. Then we "DIDs" - Democrats in Deed - will Take Back the House.

  •  I don't live in the 36th... (3+ / 0-)
    Recommended by:
    peace voter, venice ca, PazMir

    My Congressman is Henry Waxman... a popular elected Representative..  but, if Marcy Winograd ran against Henry Waxman, Marcy would have my vote.

    Marcy's positions on the issues are exactly what this nation needs to heal and become a better global partner.  

    Come on, 36th.  Vote to save our nation.  Vote for Marcy Winograd to win on June 6th.

  •  I'm jealous (6+ / 0-)

    of all you voters in the 36th. You have a chance to show the nation that your district won't be represented by a member of the miliary-industrial-congressional complex, seniority or no seniority.  Nancy Pelosi's vote of no confidence in JH, saying she would remove her from the Intelligence Committee, shows that even the establishment Dems know, at least on a subliminal level, that Marcy's time has come - and so has ours.

  •  Marcy Winograd (2+ / 0-)
    Recommended by:
    venice ca, Linda Milazzo

    Everyone come to the rally for Marcy tonight at Venice and Abbott the love.  Tomorrow, go vote!

    •  The rally was great!! (2+ / 0-)
      Recommended by:
      venice ca, Budlawman

      Soon to be Congresswoman Winograd was in great spirits and delivered a brilliant speech... as did Tom Hayden and Gore Vidal.  A fabulous kick-off to kick-start a VERY ACTIVE DAY!!

      GO MARCY GO!!!

      •  The rally rocked!! (2+ / 0-)
        Recommended by:
        venice ca, Budlawman

        Gore Vidal has appeared several times now speaking in support of Marcy, but he was in especially rare form tonight. And so was Marcy!
        Great crowd ~ and great response to the call for volunteers to help GTOV  (Get Out the Vote) tomorrow...!

        Tomorrow?! Today..!!

        Go Marcy Go!!!! Win Winograd Win!!!!

      •  The rally rocked!! (1+ / 0-)
        Recommended by:
        Linda Milazzo

        Gore Vidal has appeared several times now speaking in support of Marcy, but he was in especially rare form tonight. And so was Marcy!
        Great crowd ~ and great response to the call for volunteers to help GTOV  (Get Out the Vote) tomorrow...!

        Tomorrow?! Today..!!

        Go Marcy Go!!!! Win Winograd Win!!!!

        •  When Gore Vidal, Tom Hayden... (1+ / 0-)
          Recommended by:
          venice ca

          and Cindy Sheehan support you... you've gotta be good!!!!

        •  Okay, folks - GET THIS!!! (1+ / 0-)
          Recommended by:
          Linda Milazzo

          People: We need everyone to Get Out The Vote today!!!

          Bradblog  (I hope this isn't breaking a rule to include a link)

          is reporting that Mon night an injunction was filed, based on an affidavit submitted by Green Party election system inspector John Wenger, PhD.,
          to remove the hackable Diebold tabulators from the counting room due to "questionable use, illegal proximity to computers providing access to the Internet, and the use of uncertified software" (GEMS2). (Eighten Dell computers are illegally set up in the same room with the tabulators.)

           Remember that the machines used in early voting centers were Diebold touch-screens. These centers consolidated precincts. In theory, a voter from any precinct could walk into any early voting center to cast his/her vote and be assured of receiving the correct ballot for his/her precinct. These votes have been on hold, awaiting count until tonight when the polls close at 8 pm.

          Brad reports that, in at least one instance, with potentially ominous consequences for the race for Rep. in the 36D, an incorrect ballot was handed out: Michael Shure of The Young Turks, a resident of the 36th, voted on one of the Diebold touch screen machines. His ballot pitted Marcy Winograd against Henry Waxman ! (Hey, Linda, who knew - you might have had your chance to prove your theoretical vote!)

          The full text of Dr. Wenger's affidavit is included.

          PS: The injunction was DENIED by Judge David Yaffee for "complete lack of evidence".

          PPS: Also note the  photo of a publicity release by Diebold Corp. prominently featuring an attractive photo of LA County's very own Connie McCormack..!  

          Now - Go vote and please -!  - make that to include a vote for Debra Bowen for Sec. of State.who is running on a platform to abolish the use of these machines in California..!

          We do, indeed, live in Interesting Times...* sigh*...

          •  Our democracy is in jeopardy (0+ / 0-)

            Without a voting system that is fair and protected, our democracy will fail.  Sadly the press doesn't cover the grave problems facing our voting system.  Let's hope we can get the word out so the nation understands how fragile our democracy is when private industry owns our methods for voting.

  •  Marcy on Amy Goodman in the morning (1+ / 0-)
    Recommended by:

    Catch Democracy Now in the AM on election day.  Hear what Marcy has to say!!

  •  What a great interview (0+ / 0-)

    this morning for Marcy with Amy Goodman.  People can catch it again at 9am on kpfk and also on link TV at 8am.  And then GET OUT THE VOTE!!!

  •  This is the day (1+ / 0-)
    Recommended by:
    Linda Milazzo

    to get out and make a difference in this world.  This is your chance to be heard.  Don't listen to Harman's speeches.  Check her record.  She is pro-war, pro-Patriot Act, pro-spying on citizens and against univeral health care.  Let the Democrats see what their voters really want. Vote Wingrad!!!

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