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Sarah R. Carter and myself, right before the DFA training.
She is even more awesome in person then she is online.
Also... we got interviewed by NPR! Who knows if it'll make the final cut, but still...

The DFA training was awesome. I should have taken pictures, but I was busy taking notes instead.
i'll try to write up some kind of summary after ykos if I can read my writing.

much, much, much more after the cut.

Chris Bowers at the MyDD caucus, see that open thread on the projector? I think half of the convention attendees were posting on it in real time, myself included.

The crowd at the MyDD caucus. That's Master Jack from Mydd speaking about Net Neutrality. That's Tim Tagaris next to him in the hat.

Jim Laersh John Laesch (sorry John!), he's challenging Speaker of the House Denny Hastert, and was asking how you become netroots endorsed.

After about a half hour, the MyDD caucus devolved/evolved into a big party, was beer provided? Oh yes, yes it was.
I was bummed to miss the Science caucus... but hey, free alcohol? YES!

Maureen Dowd was there, who apparantly was very impressed that there was alcohol to be consumed.

I got a Progressive Patriots sticker from Russ Feingold's dude, who was a very nice fellow, and I placed that on the otherside of my badge, since it so frequently is turned around the other way... right?
I believe I might have "gotten off on a rant" about CA-statewide politics with him, but he humored me... good man.

Met a ton of other folks, including the ever awesome Kid Oakland, who... lives in Oakland like me... somehow I never grasped that.

The crowd heading into the keynote, I was totally astounded, the energy was uncanny.

bloggers as far as the eye can see.

ok, this picture kind of sucks, but it gives you a decent idea of how many people were in the big room... it was awe inspiring. (i'll take better pictures at the next one) This is what a bad picture of democracy looks like!!

Tom Tomorrow's slideshow presentation of his cartoons was a highlight for me!

Markos himself giving the thursday keynote.

your humble author getting ready to go out to Wes Clark's party.

Tack (aka: Tacky) at the ready as well.

This is what a McDonald's in Las Vegas looks like.

Erotic Women and Exotic Cars, the sale of sex is preposterously shameless in Las Vegas.
Headlights and Tailpipes indeed!!

Gen. Wes Clark bought the drinks at the Hard Rock Cafe, he's a damn powerful speaker.

After ribbing Markos back and forth about the 2004 election, he presented Markos with a military challenge coin (I think that's what it was)

He took it, even though he swore up and down he was a horrible soldier and didn't deserve it.

Clark had to stand on a barstool to be seen over the huge crowd, he was damn riveting and all the more impressive in person.

I wish there was a way I could keep up on all of the chatter that's happening, but alas alack.
And from there the night did descend into madness (of the best kind), there are a few pictures after that, but hey this is Las Vegas right? Some things get to stay there... :)


Originally posted to The Ineffable Neutron-x on Fri Jun 09, 2006 at 08:36 AM PDT.

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