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Alright! you asked for it, and here's more... a lot more actually. Also thank you so much for your strong reactionto my picture streams, it's my pleasure to do my part to make everybody feel like they are at this wonderful event. Also, thanks to you, i'm getting my 15 minutes of internet famous fame.

Please recommend this if you'd like others to see it, although it is a labor of love, it is a pain in the ass to get all of this uploaded here.

Also, there is less redeye this time, although I still don't have time to photoshop, sorry. My roommate, fellow c-span star, white hat hacker, and ex-marine
Tack wrote things up as well if you'd like to check it out.

ykos is the best, it's like being on top of the world:

Election reform panel, yup... that is Krist Noviselic from Nirvana there... and he is damn tall! This panel was good, but it was early and I spent way too much time being "meta" on my previous days picture thread.

The lovely and talented Jane Hamsher from Firedoglog kicking off the CIA leak investigation panel.

Murray Waas breaking it down on that same panel.

Tack typing away... talk about meta, I was typing comments on the last thread when somebody informed us we were on c-span. whoa!

Ambassador Joe Wilson aka: Mr. Valerie Plame... was completely awesome, what an inspiring guy... he got a standing ovation or two and had some killer lines.

There was a great electric crowd at this panel.

in a time of universal deceit, the simple act of telling the truth becomes revolutionary.

Larry C. Johnson CIA dude was pretty awesome too.

Ahila (sp?) and Whitney

Catherine from Barbara Ann Radnofsky's campaign (TX Senate)... show her some love.

Catherine and Mission Accomplished Man/Tromeo aka: actor Will Keenan

our laughing liberally host Baratunde rousing up the crowd.

Senator Barbara Boxer was on fire! So glad that she's my Senator.

she was a rock star.

I can't remember how many standing ovations she got but it was a lot.

John Laesch, I promised him i'd get a better picture... well... it's a little better... he's the guy who's going to take down the Speaker of the House.

check out his campaign!

The Culture of Journalism: Getting a Story 'Out There' - from left: Sam Seder from Majority Report/Air America (thanks for the WiFi Sam!), Adam Green from Moveon Civic action, John Aravosis from America blog, Naomi Seligman from CREW, Moderator Matt Stoller from mydd.

Ethics are hot, almost as hot as Naomi.
CREW is awesome.

Stoller makes a point of some kind.

Joe Trippi and your humble narrator... he took a picture with me, even with bad allergies. Wotta trooper.

The Young Turks were broadcasting live, I hung out for a bit... Trippi was on the show.

The crowd in the tabling alley...

Ben and Kairsten.


Yes folks, those are Bronze asses... classy!
Tack on the left, BenDan on the right.

This was a pickle that was more cucumber then pickle... I got it with this gigantic salami sandwich I couldn't finish... no fooling, that sandwich was HUGE!

The Carter family! Sarah and The next Senator of Nevada Jack Carter.

Sarah R. Carter and Mr. Sarah R. Carter (sorry fellas!)

lil' ol me with the next Senator from NV, Mr. Jack Carter.

Blogosphere at the Stratosphere... Mark Warner's party had quite a view... Tack strikes a pose.


There was a cover band that had two Blues Brothers dudes there... of course Rawhide was requested.

Again, check out that view!!

ok I debated about putting this one up or not, but I think it embodies the mood of the party well...

We have the exact same camera.

Don't even talk to me about red eye correction, you're lucky this is even up ok? :)
oh yeah and ask thereisnospoon on the left there about his username.

Zombiedan is very photogenic.

The top of the world!

there were rides too... whoa.
Sorry no pictures of Warner, nature was calling everytime there was a photo-op.

Alright so there you go, I already have a ton of great photos today (Dean! Dean! Dean) and we've barely gotten started.

Originally posted to The Ineffable Neutron-x on Sat Jun 10, 2006 at 10:17 AM PDT.


post red eye pictures?

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