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Would the Cirque du Soleil show we'd booked months ago be a letdown after the emotional thrill ride of YK06? Thankfully, no. The show was spectacular -- and, in fact, the LOVE theme nicely book-ended the day that had begun with Pastor Dan's moving service.

LOVE is a new Cirque du Soleil show, still being beta-tested to some extent by audience members who are asked to fill out surveys after the show. It was great to see the show while it was so new and fresh.

I highly recommend LOVE to all Kossacks. I mean, it's weird art, created by French-Canadians, set to counter-cultural sixties music -- what's a liberal not to love? ;-)  It was also fun, beautiful, and quite moving, and (perhaps not all that) surprisingly relevant to the political events of today's world.

(If you're intrigued, please follow me over the flip....)

I won't give anything away, because I hope you all see the show eventually. (By the way, the best seats in the house are in the Upper Orchestra, in Section 200, in middle seats like 11 and 12. Try not to sit farther away than Row P; you'll find out why when you see the show.)

But I would like to share one experience that tangentially ties into this idea of the progressive perspective of business.

Before the show, some of the performers warm up the audience with silly things like stamping our foreheads with LOVE in 1960s-style-lettered red body paint. This means that after the show, we invariably ended up walking around the hotels and casinos, smiling from the good feelings of the show and displaying LOVE on our foreheads. Tourists looked at us with amusement and curiosity, and it was probably just a matter of time until they figured out that we'd just gotten out of the new Cirque du Soleil show.

Had we unwittingly become walking agents of corporate advertising, human billboards? Cirque du Soleil is, after all, a billion-dollar corporation. Or is displaying the word LOVE on our bodies simply an expression of a concept, an emotion, the most significant aspect of humanity, the very thing that can save the world?

Hmm. It's a bit of a Zen koan, is it not? The answer, I would argue, is that the LOVE stamp was both innovative corporate marketing and a personal expression of our own feelings. This is the reality of the world we currently find ourselves in. During the anti-RNC protests in NYC two years ago, I saw someone outside Tiffany & Co. with a sign that read "Justice, not jewels." Although I understood the sentiment, I found the expression irrational and a bit harsh. Why must we choose between life's necessities and its pleasures? Isn't it possible to have both justice and jewels? Bread and roses?

When Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield (of Ben & Jerry's ice cream) were on their book tour, one of them (I forgot which, but I'm guessing it was Ben) said that civilization was first controlled by the church, then by government, and now, for better or worse, by the corporation. The corporation can hire savvy marketing talent to figure out how to inspire its own consumers to advertise its products -- (gleefully, even!) -- but, with conscious leadership, it can also foster artistic expression, choose resources wisely, revitalize economies, and sponsor YearlyKos meals.

I look forward to discussing these ideas and questions -- as well as more pragmatic concerns -- with you at YK07.

Best wishes,

(Cross-posted at Street Prophets.)

Originally posted to mariva on Tue Jun 13, 2006 at 03:33 PM PDT.


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  •  Did Anyone Catch American Storm? (1+ / 0-)
    Recommended by:

    The posters were pretty funny.

    9/11 + 4 Years = Katrina... Conservatism Kills.

    by NewDirection on Tue Jun 13, 2006 at 03:39:30 PM PDT

  •  Whoops, I forgot to post a Tip Jar. (1+ / 0-)
    Recommended by:

    This diary thing is still new to me.

    Mariva's Guide: Stuff for the mind, for passing time, for sharing, for yourself, for fun.

    by mariva on Tue Jun 13, 2006 at 03:43:41 PM PDT

  •  a friend is flying out here in july (1+ / 0-)
    Recommended by:

    we've already bought tickets to LOVE. i was wondering - another cheesy beatles show, or did cirque du soleil do something amazing? glad you liked it, and had fun in vegas.

    there have been comparisons of the 60s cultural movement and our shin-dig in vegas. up until now, it's been noted that our movement is purely political. did the alcohol make everyone forget that between panels and keynote speeches, we were at lavish parties and beatles shows? ah, las vegas. : )

    •  I had the same concerns, but (1+ / 0-)
      Recommended by:

      the show did not disappoint me at all. The creators did some interesting and unexpected things with the entire Beatles concept and the genres of music, art, fashion, social issues, and politics. It was definitely a Cirque du Soleil take on the Beatles.

      Suffice it to say, I was pleasantly surprised and didn't mind walking around with LOVE on my forehead at all after that.  ;-)

      Mariva's Guide: Stuff for the mind, for passing time, for sharing, for yourself, for fun.

      by mariva on Tue Jun 13, 2006 at 03:55:46 PM PDT

      [ Parent ]

      •  The creators of Love did nothing with the music.. (0+ / 0-)

        it was all done by George Martin and his son. George Martin, for the younger crowd, is the legendary producer who worked with the Beatles for most of the band's recordings, and later with the individual Beatles as they put out solo albums. He had the permission of the surviving Beatles, and the estate of the two deceased, to make any changes in the music and arrangements he saw fit. He did not change a note of the music, but did change arrangements and orchestral choices on some of them for the show. George Martin is a record producer without peer. And the only person any of the Beatles would trust with their music.

        What happens when Bush takes Viagra? he gets taller. Robin Williams

        by Demfem on Tue Jun 13, 2006 at 05:16:03 PM PDT

        [ Parent ]

        •  Yes, I know -- and it was fabulous work, IMO. (0+ / 0-)

          Mariva's Guide: Stuff for the mind, for passing time, for sharing, for yourself, for fun.

          by mariva on Tue Jun 13, 2006 at 05:52:39 PM PDT

          [ Parent ]

          •  I am sure it is.. (1+ / 0-)
            Recommended by:

            Cirque de Soleil does nothing but excellent work. I just made the comment so people would know that the Beatle music was handled by one of the only people uniquely qualified to do it. I am looking forward to seeing the show, being a longtime fan of both the Beatles and the Cirque de Soleil. Gotta love Bravo for getting the broadcast rights to the Cirque, it means I don't have to fly all over the country to see them. I hope they will have the new show on soon.

            What happens when Bush takes Viagra? he gets taller. Robin Williams

            by Demfem on Tue Jun 13, 2006 at 06:44:52 PM PDT

            [ Parent ]

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