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Standing in for DailyOutrage, there is only one Outrage that I'll write about today, and it's not something that BushCo did; rather, it's something that Democracy For America and Democracy for Texas and the nation Democratic Party and the Texas Democrats ( - more about why it's not .com in a moment) and what they're NOT doing!

After the fold, I'll give you a little Texas Constitutional history, and then I'll go on a rant (just a bit) and then tell you what you can do - if you'd like to help Take Back Texas!  Texas is, after all, where the malignancy called "BushCo" started, and this is where that malignancy should be put to sleep.

There will also be a poll, and then we can all sleep better tonight.  And.... awaaay we go! (apologies to Jackie Gleason)

Texas may be the only state where the top offices are Constitutional offices; that is, the office holders are each elected by the people - independent of the other office holders, and - here's the kicker:
The top office holders in Texas are not answerable to anyone but the courts and the voters!
Now, you may ask, "So??"

Ah, a fair question.

Here's why that's SO important. Only the top 5 or 6 offices are Constitutional; that is - the Governor, the Lt. Governor, the Attorney General, the Agricultural Commissioner and 1 or 2 others, but we are only interested in the Gov, Lt. Gov, Att. Gen. and AG Comm.

Let's say that you're a civil and labor rights attorney - from way back.  That you've been the General Counsel to the AFL-CIO in Texas and that you and your wife are lifetime members of the CWA (and that's where you met!).  And let's say that you take NO corporate money, but you're elected as the Texas AG, and that you'd like to see if the oil and/or insurance companies are violating any of Texas' anti-trust laws.

A quick break here.  "Texas' anti-trust laws?", you ask.  Why, yes!  Texas was the 2nd governmental entity in the entire world to enact anti-trust laws, and they did it about 10 years before the Sherman Act, and those laws are still on the books.  Now, back to our story.

Now, let's say that you find - for example - that oil companies have violated Texas' anti-trust laws and war profiteering laws, and you start to go after them.  Can the Governor or Lt. Gov. or Legislature stop you?  Nope!

The courts can only stop you after a case gets there, by ruling against you, but they (should) obey the laws, so they may even rule in your favor.

So, David Van Os is running for Texas AG, where his position and unique power could benefit all of the country; can we all guess what kind of support he's getting from the aforementioned groups?

How about NONE!  Only the Harris County Democratic Party and the Democracy for Houston party (kudos to Phillip McNutt) are lending him significant support in the largest city in Texas.  Outside of Houston, there are groups that are trying to help, but they simply don't have the wherewithal to help much.  Chris Bell, the Democratic nominee for Governor, is not doing anything, either; in fact, Chris has ducked at least one public function with Democratic candidates - to attend a Padres baseball game, though that wasn't what Chris claimed he was doing with his time.

It should be noted that Chris and his buddy, Barbara Radnofsky (Senate candidate) are raking in the corporate dollars.

David has a small campaign fund - less than $20K; the incumbent AG, a Rethuglican by the name of Greg Abbott, has almost $6,000,000.  Wonder where Greg gets his money?  Couldn't be the oil and insurance groups, could it??

So, what can you do?

1) Write to the DFA and ask that DVO be put on the top tier of candidates, so that he qualifies for funding help.

This link takes you to DVO campaign page, but if you're not a DFA member, you'll need to sign up for a free membership to recommend DVO.  Please do that!

2) Write to (try - it links to the GOP; TxDemocrats can't even get their own website back!!  I offered to do it for free - but Nooooooo!) and tell them to support DVO. (Executive Director)

3) Write to Chris Bell and tell him he should support DVO.  You can post a comment here: , but you'll have to sign up to do that.  Sorry.

4) You can read about David here and contribute here

How about this for cajones?

Now, let's not forget the Lt. Gov. nominee, Maria Luisa Alvarado and the AG Commissioner nominee, Hank Gilbert.  Both of these individuals are outstanding and deserve as much support as David is trying to get.  I've spent quite a bit of time with David and his wife, Rachel, and some one-on-one time with Maria and Hank - and, in 34 years of political work, I've never met finer people - and they rank at the top of all of the people I've ever met.

TxSharon has blogged quite a bit here, and on about all of this, but not about the Constitutional aspect (at least, not that I know of), but her posts have been very, very good.  (

Please pass this around to your friends, regardless of what state they live in (unless it's DENIAL).

David has some videos on his website, but here's one on that was done recently; David is, to put it mildly, an energetic speaker - who, unlike Chris Bell, speaks extemporaneously.

The Democrats not supporting David, Maria Luisa and Hank is an OUTRAGE!!

Originally posted to Wolverines on Tue Jun 20, 2006 at 09:09 PM PDT.


Should the Dems support DVO?

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  •  I'm with ya (3+ / 0-)
    Recommended by:
    Tomtech, Wolverines, Faith Chatham

    I've been telling everyone I know about David and Hank.  If David Van Os wins the Texas AG, he'll fight for us.  He's already a part of a lawsuite against Diebold et al.  

    Everyone in Texas knows that the AG has a LOT more power than the Gov.  Even if Goodhair gets re-elected, Van Os can prevent him from doing too much harm.

    I've even convinced my Libertarian bro to vote for him.

    I'm firmly convinced that if we can get his message out, he'll win.  He's working terribly hard, visiting all the courthouses in Texas (which is no small feat).

    He's visiting East Texas (where I'm from) the next few days and here's my post on the Texas section of DU:

    "I had to go to Jasper for a funeral today. (The past few days have been sucky, to say the least.)

    We're driving back from the cemetary WAY out in the country, practically in Lousiana, on the way to my cousin's house back in town.

    The thing I noticed most was the trees that had been uprooted because of Hurricane Rita: large oaks and pine trees pulled out of the ground just like dry corn stalks.

    We're driving past this farm that has several large uprooted pecan trees and then I spot the sign by the driveway. It was terribly wind beaten, and only the center part of the sign remained, but it was still there: Kerry and Edwards in 2004.

    David's going to kick a** there tomorrow! The people of East Texas are absolutely hungry for his message!

    I'm sorry our paths didn't cross, David and Rachel, and I'm awfully sorry that my first visit there in eight years was because of a funeral."

    You guys on DKos!  This guy's the real deal.

    Shame on Chris Bell and Barbara Radnovsky.  Don't they understand that he can help them win the election?  That is, if he wants to.

    •  Tina.. thanks for the post! (1+ / 0-)
      Recommended by:
      Faith Chatham

      Everywhere in Texas seems hungry for David's message!

      We did a filibuster at the Galveston City Hall on Sunday, but I had to leave Sunday evening so that I could go to work on Monday, and then the rains hit a bit later.  However, it was great conversation and we had people honking as they drove by.

      The big deal now is to get the Dems to turn out and actually VOTE!  I'm all for 'purple thumbs', so that I could see who voted and who needed a little motivation. ;)

      Col. Andy Tanner: "All that hate is gonna burn you up kid."
      Robert Morris: "It keeps me warm."

      by Wolverines on Wed Jun 21, 2006 at 04:34:00 AM PDT

      [ Parent ]

  •  Don't forget about me!! (2+ / 0-)
    Recommended by:
    Wolverines, Faith Chatham

    I've done a few things.

    I even turned Sharon on to David from a highly recommended diary here (#18 on Jotters weekly list).

    •  Not to worry! (1+ / 0-)
      Recommended by:
      Faith Chatham

      We appreciate everything you've done, and you're not being forgotten.  This is a group effort, and it will take everyone of us working as hard as we can!  Certainly, though, your help, regarding Sharon, does stand out!


      Col. Andy Tanner: "All that hate is gonna burn you up kid."
      Robert Morris: "It keeps me warm."

      by Wolverines on Wed Jun 21, 2006 at 04:35:53 AM PDT

      [ Parent ]

    •  Haven't forgotten about you Tom! (1+ / 0-)
      Recommended by:

      I just brushed out the date stamps on your Convention photos and sent them to the campaigns to use on blogs and literature.  Keep up the good work!

      •  If you have digitals you've taken at events (2+ / 0-)
        Recommended by:
        rlmeade, Wolverines

        for Hank Gilbert, Maria Luisa, Fred Head, David Van Os, Dale Henry, and VaLinda Hathcox, please send them to me. I'll be sure they get to the campaigns. Folks are donating the photos as in-kind donations to the campaigns if they are used.
        Send them to

  •  Hey Tomtech (2+ / 0-)
    Recommended by:
    Wolverines, Faith Chatham

    It was great meeting you in Fort Worth.

    You rock!

  •  This is exactly why (1+ / 0-)
    Recommended by:

    when the big Democrats come calling, I'm going to send them one of these checks

    The Christian Right is neither Witness Every Day

    by TXsharon on Wed Jun 21, 2006 at 03:47:48 AM PDT

  •  These folk are the best (2+ / 0-)
    Recommended by:
    rlmeade, Wolverines

    Wolverines has it right on when he talks about these people. They are solid, good Americans determined to make Texas (and the World) a better place, and to bleed the corruption out of the heart of Texas.

    I've donated. Have you?

    - Its time we stopped dealing in words, and started Dealing in Lead.

    by walkingshark on Wed Jun 21, 2006 at 05:52:17 AM PDT

  •  David Van Os (1+ / 0-)
    Recommended by:

    is the steam that's driving Texas's mostly progressive Democratic ticket this year. That tells you where the Texas Democratic elite stands,i.e. with corporate interests.

    DFT does not endorse candidates and everyone I know from DFT is a rabid Van Os supporter. I can't figure out what DFA's problem is. Chris Warshaw from DFA had assured me earlier that David would be part of any funding contest and lo and behold he isn't. I know that they've received lots of endorsements for David from their members (including my multiple suggestions and beratings).  They supported him for Supreme Court Justice. All I can think of is that they have decided not to support "losers" which is typical mainstream, strategic baloney.

    David is the best candidate we have this year and leads a great ticket with Gilbert, Alvarado, Moody,
    etc. If the powers that be won't help him we the people need to circumvent them. As Glen Maxey's slogan at the Texas Convention said, "Ya Basta!." - "Enough!"

    David will be speaking tomorrow (Sunday) at the McCal Neighborhood Center in El Paso, TX. I urge anyone who can to attend. It starts around 1:00 p.m.

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