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Facts: Cheney says that any nation or people that harbors even a one percent chance of doing harm to the U.S. must be stopped immediately. Cheney travels with a special super-suit at all times because he expects to be the victim of a chemical attack. Cheney is most responsible for the dangerous policy of staying the course in Iraq, which results in trying the same thing over and over yet expecting a different result. Cheney says one thing, and even though the opposite turns out to be true, he repeatedly sticks to his original statements. Cheney pops lots of pills due to his health. Hmmm. I'm sensing a pattern here...

...maybe even a new frame: Dick Cheney is a pill-popping paranoid
schitzophrenic! (I think I just gave a better diagnosis-from-a-distance than Dr. Bill "Kitty-Killer" Frist!)

Because of the Cheney One Percent Doctrine, those that wouldn't normally 'have it out' for the US now think seriously that our nation is the greatest threat to the world. Cheney is literally creating more enemies by the day! Cheney is a danger to US National Security and the security of the world. I demand to know exactly what pills he's on, and why he fits the exact description of a paranoid. As the 'lone superpower' in the world, we cannot take the chance that our VP is mentally ill with his fingers on the button. This must be investigated! Demand a non-partisan mental check-up of Dick Cheney from your congressperson today!

Now on to abortion. We all know about the studies suggesting that the
most vociferous critics of a woman's right to terminate a pregnancy are
the ones who secretly feel, "but that coulda been ME aborted!"

A lot of these same egomaniacs also say that they're doing God's work by
harming those who 'aid and abet' abortions. Well, an idea popped into my
head the other day; one that reminded me of what the Bible (and any other
book of Truth for that matter) says about the Soul, which is encased in
the body. The Soul is eternal. It can't die, be burned, maimed, drowned,
or even aborted. It is made in God's image. Case closed.

So my questions to these 'godwarriors' are these:
Is God not omnipotent, all powerful? If this is the case, do u not think God already has control of the situation? Is God not also omniscient, all-knowing, and knew that his offspring 'man' would eventually progress in a way that enables him/her to understand and tamper with the inner workings of the body? If a pregnancy is terminated, what do you think happens to the soul? (Goes right back to God, or into another woman I'd presume. Note: "The Church" took reincarnation out of the Bible back around 420 AD, a move which backfired enormously.)

Most certainly, with God's immeasurable powers, a fetus that is terminated would not also terminate the Soul as well. If that were the case, then God would not be in control, and would have left 'holes' in his creation; which you know (if you're any kind of Christian or believer in any True faith) can't be the case.

Lest this idea gain steam and turn radical right Christians pro-choice, I'd urge them to resist taking the extreme view in promoting it like they do war. Ultimately, Mister or Misses god-warrior, if God can keep all the planets in alignment throughout the billions of galaxies, then God can handle abortion. Rare, Legal, Safe is what we're after.

Now, I realize that this argument can be used to opposite effect; meaning, "well, if the Soul is eternal and never really dies, then what's the harm in killing lots of civilians during wartime?" And for that I don't really have an answer, and can only point to the commandment which states, "Thou Shalt Not Kill," written by God long before his children evolved to the point where medical science made abortion possible. The spin is kinda scary though, like those warmongerers almost already understand this, which could be the reason why they don't seem to blink an eye when slaughtering innocents. If this is the case, then I say if the one exists, so does the other. Stop wars, and maybe abortion will stop too. Deep. But I do think the difference is in the intent. As scripture says, it's all about what's in the heart. What is in the heart of the pro-war or god-warrior when they kill, in comparison to what is in the heart of a woman who decides to terminate a pregnancy?

(My other thought that day was that if stem cell research leads to a cure for male pattern baldness FIRST, then it will be welcomed wholeheartedly by Republicans and the Christian Right. Then it could move on to saving people's lives and fighting disease.)

Now on to 'progressive swiftboating'. I made reference to it at YearlyKos
after the "Mission Accomplished Man!" screening, mainly as a truth-in-jest to test the waters, and am proud to report that we're going full-steam ahead.

Hence, for this election season, I introduce:

(Non-Binding Mission Statement;)

DEFending the CONstitution
DEFeating CONservatism and Corporatism.

DEFcon Films is the new progressive film/tv/ad production company
launched recently at the first YEARLYKOS netroots convention.
DEFcon makes political campaign ads, viral video, animations and
industrials at a modest budget making media buying more affordable to
progressive candidates, PACs, and 527s.

Based out of Los Angeles, DEFcon is a small army of successful
mediamakers in the studio and independent feature film, television,
commercials, and internet/new media industries. DEFcon collaborators
include individuals and groups whose media has been distributed or
produced by NBC, CNN, Sony Pictures Classics, Koch Entertainment, Fine
Line Features, New Line Films, Focus Features, E! Entertainment,
Tropicana, Mandalay Pictures, Sundance Institute, Brooklyn Int'l Film Festival, Cannes Producers Network and Cannes Market, Toronto Film Festival, Berlin Film Festival, and many more...

DEFcon aims to use facts, humor and storytelling in media to expose the
truth and help progressive candidates win the battle of ideas and
take back political power for the people.

Frame the Debate. Crash the gate.
WE THE PEOPLE Powered Politics.



Please note, these rates are approximate ranges and can change as the
specifics of the scripts are finalized.

VIRAL MONTAGE CLIP (:15-1:00): Featuring preexisting music and made up
entirely of montage sequences involving existing imagery with original
text treatment. Examples include the YearlyKos promos and Ava Lowery's

General turnaround time: 1 week
Approximate cost: $1500-$3000

VIRAL MONTAGE CLIP - EXPANDED (:15-1:00): Involves increased audio
production design including sound design, voiceover and layered audio
and imagery complimenting with more detailed textual treatment. Uses
existing imagery.

General turnaround time: 1.5 weeks
Approximate cost: $2500-4000

VIRAL ANIMATION SHORT - SIMPLE (:15-1:00) Simplified animation
(open-close mouth) using actual photos of people over simple caricature
bodies and/or backgrounds. Includes original design/artwork for
backgrounds and bodies. Involves minimal character dialogue and sound
design. Very basic animation, Monty Python style. Animation also
reuses existing elements (photos from newspapers, cartoon charicatures,
photoshop, etc.). Includes basic title work.

General turnaround time: 1-2 weeks
Approximate cost: $3500-7000

VIRAL ANIMATION SHORT - FULL (:15-:45) Full animation treatment
involving complete original character artwork and more detailed 8-10
frame per second style animation (Jib Jab level). Includes detailed
sound design, voiceover and original voice character work including
hiring of original voice talent to play characters.

General turnaround time: 1.5 - 2 weeks
Approximate cost: $6000-$8500

VIRAL LIVE-ACTION SHORT (:30-1:30) Involves original casting, acting
and live action production as well as full titles and sound design.

General turnaround time: 2-3 weeks
Approximate cost: $4000-$8000

COMMERCIAL ANIMATED SHORT - TV READY (:30) Full original production
including character design, animation, voice actors, music,
narration/voiceover and all artwork. Produced at broadcast level
resolution (720x486).

General turnaround time: 2-3 weeks
Approximate cost $8000-$15000

COMMERCIAL LIVE SHORT - TV READY (:30) Full original scripted
production shot on Digital Video and including original music, sound
design and end titles.

General turnaround time: 2-3 weeks
Approximate cost: $7500-12500

We're currently working on a few candidate ads, blog promos and even a few 'swiftboats.'

Suggestions and Donations welcome:)

Become a producer! 'Buy' a viral campaign ad for your favorite
OR your most-hated candidate today!


Originally posted to hoverground on Sat Jun 24, 2006 at 12:42 AM PDT.


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