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(From the diaries. mcjoan)

Inside the Fold:The Full Sunday Lineup
In the Comment Section:
  • (Vid) Howard Dean vs Noron O' Donnell
  • (Vid) Justice Anthony Kennedy's emotional Commencement Adresss
  • (Vid) Sunday Funnies - 2 Editions: Letterman & Olbermann
  • (Vid) Gore on Letterman
  • (Vid) Gerry Nadler's Stem Winder - "Bush is not above the LAW !"
  • (Vid) Newsreel - The Senate Debate and the Carnage in Iraq
  • (Vid) Newsreel - the Haditha Massacre
  • (Pics) Global Warming and Whacked Out Weather
  • (Vid) All this, George Clooney, and lot more

  • Meet the Press: Russ Feingold !! Then A-No-Star roundtable: The ghost of David Broder and Anne Kornblut (think Steno Sue) vs Ron Brownstein (who was YKos) and  David Gregory (who asks tough questions - well on a grading curve).

  • This Week: [Pre-empted in many areas for dizzying Soccer coverage].  The Creepy Mitch McConnell vs Dick Durbin on the decaying situation in Bush's head and in Iraq.  ? Larry Summers attempts to remove the foot in his mouth, in this his auf wiedersehen interview.  Lou Dobbs is welcomed to the roundtable.  And a crap commercial for John Stossel's new state sponsored propaganda.

  • Face the Nation: Barbara Boxer vs Dick Lugar (both on Foreign Relations) on the Abyss and N. Korea

  • CNN: Live, from the Presidental Bunker, Hamid Karzai on Kabul's Spring.  Then Chuck Hagel and Joe Biden laugh at Shrub's Sneak and Freak flight to Iraq.  Lastly, Madeleine Albright kicks Kissinger's ass.

  • Air America's Politically Direct: David Crosby on CSNY's "Freedom of Speech '06" summer tour.

  • Suxxks: Why Bother?

    But for the gawkers in da audience: John Warner vs Carl Levin on Iraq and Specter and Peter King on amnesty.  

  • Pool Photograph, from Shrub's motorcade. Medina, Washington (outside of Seattle), June 16, 2006. Check out her hand (on the left) !!!

    Originally posted to Daily Kos on Sat Jun 24, 2006 at 09:45 PM PDT.

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