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Update [2006-6-26 13:11:23 by Tom Ball]: If you can't make the fundraiser but still wish to support Brian in his run for truth and justice, then please go here to donate to the campaign that is changing the face of American politics!

Fellow Kossacks,

As you know, our very own NYBri is running for New York Senate and he is HOT!!!

Eliot Spitzer recently endorsed him and the NY DSCC has moved his race to the 'top tier' level. He is a true inspiration and a proud progressive Democrat.

Brian is THE progressive Netroots representative and it is in all our best interests, whether NY State residents or not, to get him elected.

Thus, I am considering organizing a New York City fundraiser for our man. But first I need to get a handle on how many net-denizens we might expect to show up at such an event. That estimate will help determine venue, timing, cost, etc.

The fundraiser would likely be quite simple -- in a large -- perhaps trendy, perhaps not --  bar with appetizers and tons of netroots camaraderie -- a great opportunity for those East-Coast Kossacks unable to attend Yearly Kos!

The cost would essentially be a small cover charge -- to cover costs of the event --  plus whatever generous donation you could make in order to transform 'Candidate Keeler' into 'Senator Keeler'.

Of course I'm new to this so any advice/suggestions you have to offer would be greatly appreciated.

That said, please take the poll and leave a comment to indicate what it would take for you to get into Manhattan on or about Thursday July 6th -- 7:00 PM (Venue TBD) and help celebrate the candidacy of the inspiration we all know and love -- Brian Keeler.


1) Would you come to a Kossack fundraiser for Brian Keeler on Thursday July 6th at 7:00PM? (The close date reflects a July 11 reporting deadline for the Keeler campaign.)

2) If not, could you possibly make it later in the summer -- most likely a Thursday night at 7:00 PM?

Again, this is just being floated at the moment. No concrete plans are yet set.

That said, please recommend this diary so we can get a meaningful guestimate on participation. This is incredibly important to the future of our movement!

[I prefer you leave your comments for all to digest and reflect upon, but you can also contact me directly at if you have any questions or concerns you wish to communicate privately.]

Leeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet's ROCK!!!!!

Originally posted to Tom Ball on Mon Jun 26, 2006 at 09:58 AM PDT.


Can you make it to a Keeler fundraiser on Thursday July 7th at 7:00 PM?

16%14 votes
25%21 votes
13%11 votes
3%3 votes
9%8 votes
32%27 votes

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