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I've heard the "frog slowly boiling" analogy alot, and I believe that a summertime tweaking is needed.

The R's have tamped down our coals so long, they've taken their eyes off the grill.
(Any good b-b-q'r can tell you this is a BAD idea)

New coals are slowly being added to the edges, increasing the heat and re-igniting the older coals. The flames are flickering closer to a full whoosh. A full whoosh that will happen soon.

Hardball 6/28/06

ROGERS: I wish that Democrat candidates would say...

SHRUM: ... Democratic, Ed, you could use the word Democratic, Ed.

ROGERS: Democratic, small "d."

(editors note: Yeah, like in "You're a dick, small "d" Ed")

The transcript doesn't note it, but Shrummie corrected Rogers at least twice.

Bernie Ward makes Chris Baker take his toys and Go Home!


Scarborough 6/26/06

This one was fantastic, and once again, the transcript doesn't reflect the complete conversation, because I recall quite a few more "War Sissies" than noted.

MIKE PAPANTONIO, AIR AMERICA RADIO: I don`t think it`s an embarrassment because in the Democratic Party people can differ, unlike the Republican Party that all have this lockstep mentality.

But let me just tell you about Murtha. This is a guy with a Navy Distinguished Service Medal, Bronze Star, Purple Heart and 37 years in the military. While your war sissies - wait a second, while your war sissies like Hastert and Frist and Rove and George Bush himself, while those war sissies were avoiding war, this man was doing what soldiers do. Your war sissies, just like they`re doing, like they seemed to do in the....

Hardball 6/28/06

My favorite lighter of fires this week, Craig Crawford.
(Think MSNBC is sorry about putting him on the pundit payroll?)

MATTHEWS: What do you think, Craig, what`s your view? The wisdom of the decision?

CRAIG CRAWFORD, MSNBC POLITICAL ANALYST: Well the "New York Times" did that for a year in the warrantless surveillance cases, they deferred...

MATTHEWS: ... And by the way, they may have helped this administration get reelected.

CRAWFORD: And they deferred to the administration on that and I think it was kind of fool me twice, shame on me in the "New York Times" attitude. But also this story didn`t reveal that much new. There was some--the extent of the program and significance of it.

MATTHEWS: But if you read the letter of Secretary Snow to Bill Keller of the "New York Times." (snip) But we`re still able to nab some bad guys by using this method. Why have you outed us?"

CRAWFORD: Chris, there`s a parade of testimony on the Hill, speeches from administration officials, press conferences, and other news articles going back to 2001, even a month of after the 9/11 where the idea of monitoring--electronically monitoring these financial transactions was being done, back when...

ZELNICK: I think...

CRAWFORD: ... this administration was eager to publicize it.

ZELNICK: I think the height of disingenuousness to say there`s nothing new. (snip) There was just general assurances that we`re doing a good job monitoring the finances.

CRAWFORD: There was a 30-plus page U.N. report on this program back in 2002. The administration had talked about this program over and over again.

MATTHEWS: OK, Bob, you`ve been in the business at a pretty high level with ABC. I want to know the motive, what was the motive, Bob?

CRAWFORD: The extent and significance--I mean, what was new was the extend and significance of the program was new in this article.

MATTHEWS: OK, we`re talking about judgment here. Let`s face it, we`re talking about one man mainly, Bill Keller. What do you think his reason was for publishing, Bob Zelnick, that "New York Times" editor?

ZELNICK: I think the "New York Times" is a paper that upholds traditional journalistic standards. (snip) I think it`s understandable, I just think they`ve made a bad decision.

CRAWFORD: We`ve seen too many examples now of this administration not fessing up. In the NSA case for example, one reason the "New York Times" held off for a year is on the assurances of administration officials that they had plenty of safeguards. To safeguard civil liberties--that has not turned out to be the case.

ZELNICK: I supported...

CRAWFORD: ... The question is, at what point does--this administration will not submit itself to oversight on any of these programs. Not to the courts, not to Congress.

MATTHEWS: OK, let me...

CRAWFORD: ... as a result, the media`s the only way to get out the information.

Damn Craig, you get a 5 Alarm Whooo Hooo!!!

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This one actually got my housemate to notice.... "TWO Democrats?" (unheard of!!)

Lou Dobbs 6/28/06

DOBBS: The Supreme Court making an important decision -- (snip) But 750 signing statements, Robert, by a president to avoid implementing and honoring law?

ROBERT ZIMMERMAN, DEMOCRATIC STRATEGIST: Well, it's even more than that. For all intents and purposes, the president has essentially abolished the role of Congress by these 750 signing statements. It is truly -- truly basically said that congressional laws can be disregarded. In the past they've been used to deal with clarifications. And they've been used judiciously by past presidents, Reagan, Bush, Clinton.

This situation now is these signing statements have been done to in fact ignore laws that protect whistleblowers of nuclear energy facilities. They've been done to in fact make sure the Congress does not have to be informed of immigration service problems. And so there are a whole range of laws.......

DOBBS: The one that gets me is on the issue of torture. (snip)To hold hearings, on the use of these signing statements and on the application of 110 laws.

HANK SHEINKOPF, DEMOCRATIC STRATEGIST: Why do we have to respect it? Where has he been? Suddenly he's all -- where has he been? This is a constitutional crisis. (emphasis mine)

On the other side, I'm fascinated by the immigration issue and the fact that he's brought it now back to the Senate so they can get diddle it along. Make it a privilege of being judicious of their deliberations, stopping the House from jamming anything through, and protecting the president. Not bad in a year when you're at risk to lose the chamber.

All these exchanges were eye-opening.
I watch/listen to alot of news tv, and I am firm in the belief that there is a change coming.
I've seen more and more of the regular fire-starters ratcheting up the heat,
and alot of the "old coals" flaming up brightly.

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Something to keep you cool at the grill.....

Raspberry Sex Shot

Scale ingredients to servings
2/3 oz raspberry vodka
1/3 oz cranberry juice
1 splash 7-UpĀ® soda

Combine vodka and cranberry juice over ice in a shaker. Shake well and strain into a shot glass. Top with a splash of 7-Up and serve. If you flip the percents on vodka & cranberry juice, you can make a nice cocktail.

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I know there are some I missed for the poll & that have been ratcheting up the heat lately, mention them in the comments, and I'll add them.

Originally posted to paddykraska on Sat Jul 01, 2006 at 01:02 PM PDT.


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  •  Perfect for PORK.... (2+ / 0-)

    BBQ Bob's Southern (Indiana) BBQ Sauce
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       1.00 ea Medium onion, minced
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      Heat butter till brown. Add minced onion, saute. Add remaining
      ingredients then bring to a boil. Simmer 1 hour.

    **NOTE: Adjust for lower fat content in Elephant

    "We answer to the People, not the Corporations" A Real Democratic Slogan

    by paddykraska on Sat Jul 01, 2006 at 01:19:15 PM PDT

  •  Craig Crawford is a national treasure (3+ / 0-)
    Recommended by:
    jj32, paddykraska, llbear

    I like his dry, wry wit approach to things.  Which is why I like Franken, too.  

    Randi Rhodes and Ed Schultze on Air America are too strident for my taste, it wears me out to listen.  So they often motivate me to turn the radio off.

    I really enjoy listening to Keith Olbermann interview (chat with) Craig Crawford, they riff off each other really well.

    •  I like Randi (3+ / 0-)

      but after a while, the only description I can come up with is shrill.

      Seriously, some of the vintage pundits have been putting up a good fight. I could have pooped myself when Shrummie corrected Rogers on the Democratic/Democrat thing, 'cause ALOT of them say that and never get corrected.

      "We answer to the People, not the Corporations" A Real Democratic Slogan

      by paddykraska on Sat Jul 01, 2006 at 01:43:53 PM PDT

      [ Parent ]

    •  I'm dreaming but - Tweedy chips his last (0+ / 0-)

      Craig gets hardball 'cause hits it straight down the center no matter who is at fault.

      No one else has talked about the Constitution being tattered and torn as effectively and with such pure passion.  Damn! Craig Crawford - Dan Abrams, you can make your mark on MSNBC no better than with that move!

      Free the Congress - Retire Denny Hastert - donate to, work for, and vote for John Laesch

      by llbear on Sat Jul 01, 2006 at 10:33:38 PM PDT

      [ Parent ]

      •  His first move... (2+ / 0-)
        Recommended by:
        paddykraska, llbear

        ...apparently was to replace Randy Meyers and various other relatively straight news anchors in the morning with Monica Crowley.  This does not bode well.  It used to be my preferred morning BG news alternative.  Crowley's got a long RWNM resumé, and I can't bear her unalloyed (she was easier to stomach when teamed up with Ron Reagan).

        I don't think Allison Stewart's show "The Most" will last long either.  It's a real yawn.

        I notice that Olbermann & Cosby don't exchange perfunctory greetings anymore during the 11pm (mountain time) handoff anymore.  I'm assuming Keith will last longer than the hoarse one.

        Matthews isn't going anywhere though, he's one of their "heavy hitters".  (Just ask him.)  The only one of the bunch that has inside the Beltway on his resumé.  And, I'm assuming, he sees Olbermann as the biggest threat to his (self-perceived) status.

        The only question in my mind is on general direction:  More Fox-clone stuff - Crowley, Scarborough, Carlson?  Or more lurid tabloid stuff - Cosby, Abrams' own show?  I'd love more Olbermann-style stuff, but Keith's pretty much one-of-a-kind.  Crawford would come close, though.

  •  Callin' Em Out!!! (2+ / 0-)
    Recommended by:
    paddykraska, llbear

    It's About time we're starting to find out we've got some hind legs!!!

  •  I bet it was a set up (0+ / 0-)

    Times got this story from white house leak in the first place..I heard they were told it was OK to run with it and white house then turned on them..

  •  pass the tongs there, (1+ / 0-)
    Recommended by:

    got me a flare up. From the NewsHour Sheilds and Brooks segment last night .

    Honor vs. freedom of speech

    JIM LEHRER: Speaking of symbols, the desecration of the flag amendment, the burning of the flag amendment did not get its one vote it needed, the 67th vote it needed to become a constitutional amendment, as far as the Senate is concerned. How do you read that?

    MARK SHIELDS: This one really made me angry.

    JIM LEHRER: Made you angry?

    MARK SHIELDS: It made me angry, because I listened to those speeches. I listened to the people advocating it, and they talked about our fighting men and women.

    If they really were remotely authentic or sincere about our fighting men and women and honoring them, how about body armor? How about armoring Humvees? How about not cutting veterans' benefits? How about not putting our troops in a position where they're ordered to perform torturous acts? How about sending enough troops into battle? I mean, I just -- I mean, this was hypocrisy at its worst.

    There is no danger in blogging, measurably above background danger for simply existing. peeder

    by station wagon on Sat Jul 01, 2006 at 05:51:37 PM PDT

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