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A year ago I took a tour of the Portland area in West Louisville. The tour guide pointed out how many of the older houses had flat roof areas and how there was access to these areas via a door or windows. They were built this way because there was no air conditioning at that time so during hot summer nights, families would sleep on their roofs to escape the summer heat.

Of course this practice is not unique to the Portland area but something people do in all parts of the world. But sleeping this way is so much more dangerous when your country is occupied by foreign troops. Which brings us to Bush's War on Iraq.

Unlike the U.S., many people in Iraq do not have air conditioning. And because of the war, the people of Baghdad have less electricity than they did during Saddam's reign - Yes, Bush lied  about this at his press conference the other day. It is common for them to go many hours each day without electricity. Recent daily temperatures have been between 110 and 120 degrees.

As a consequence many Iraqis are sleeping on the roofs of their houses. Unfortunately, someone forgot to tell the U.S. occupiers, who grew up with air conditioning, about this practice. So, the other night U.S. pilots notice a lot of Iraqis laying on rooftops. What could this be? Obviously, they are "terrorists"! U.S. jets to the rescue. The pilots fire their guns at the people sleeping on their roofs killing 11 and wounding dozens of others.
Here is the link:

Originally posted to SocioSam on Sat Jul 08, 2006 at 09:32 AM PDT.

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  •  how about (1+ / 0-)
    Recommended by:
    think blue
    a link?

    I fled to Switzerland during the troll wars.

    by Miss Devore on Sat Jul 08, 2006 at 09:31:51 AM PDT

  •  If our fearless leaders had a modicum of (0+ / 0-)

    intelligence and decency between them, they would know and respect local customs. This is abominable. I am horrified that our leaders are so morally bankrupt that this could happen. Please tell me, please, please tell me, when will it stop?

  •  pilots, not ground troops (0+ / 0-)

    The grunts know what's what. They see the Iraqis every day. Some of them snooze on roof-tops, themselves (in certain places).

    if i make them very tiny, may i have more letters for my sig?

    by subtropolis on Sat Jul 08, 2006 at 09:40:02 AM PDT

  •  Sorry - here is link (4+ / 0-)

    And one source is Fox News - the most trusted....

    •  You should put link in the diary proper (0+ / 0-)

      I have not amended a diary before - but I know it can be done

    •  Link to original source is always best (0+ / 0-)

      You provided a link to blogspot which links to Fox News which used AP as a source. It would be better to link to the AP story in one of the outlets that carried it rather to another blog that just mentioned it.

      Unfortunately, you can't autoformat links in the body of a diary as you can in a comment. But you can format the link in the diary using HTML tags

        (a href="">Daily Kos(/a)

      you would need to replace the curved brackets with angle brackets and of course replace URL and text with yours. Example above provides the link

      Daily Kos

    •  Not remotely a fair comment (0+ / 0-)

      You only quote the paragraph where Fox is quoting al Sadr.  You neglect to quote the preceding paragraphs:

      "The U.S. military said the raid in eastern Baghdad was launched to apprehend "an insurgent leader responsible for numerous deaths of Iraqi citizens." Iraqi troops came under fire from a rooftop, triggering a 43-minute gunbattle after which the insurgent leader was arrested. There were no U.S. or Iraqi casualties, the Americans said.

      "U.S. officials did not identify the insurgent. Residents of the Shiite slum Sadr City said they believed the raid targeted Abu Diraa, a commander in the Mahdi militia of radical cleric Muqtada al-Sadr, but he apparently had escaped.

      "The U.S. statement said only that the insurgent was involved "in the transfer of weapons from Syria into Iraq" in an effort to break away "from his current insurgent organization." The statement made no mention of any U.S. role but residents said they could hear American aircraft providing cover during the raid."

  •  Baghdad has 4 hours of electricity a day (1+ / 0-)
    Recommended by:
    the new yorker

    from what I've heard. Hospitals, homes, you name it.

  •  Disagreement on number of casualties (7+ / 0-)

    SocioSam can you please add a link to your diary.
    Apparently this happened in the early hours of yesterday, Friday, July 7.
    Fox News

    An al-Sadr aide, Sheik Abdul-Hadi al-Darraji, denounced the Baghdad raid, saying 11 civilians were killed and dozens wounded as U.S. jets fired on the area while people were sleeping on their roofs amid searing summer temperatures and electricity shortages.

    "This is a big escalation from the American side," he said. "I condemn all the silence toward such violations and I call for the withdrawal of the American forces."

    There were conflicting casualty figures. Lt. Kadim Abbas Hamza of the Sadr City police said fighter planes fired from the air at about 3:15 a.m. and nine people, including a woman, were killed and 14 were wounded. He also said eight people were arrested. A hospital official said seven people were killed and 34 wounded.

    AP report in Boston Globe

    But the raid enraged many of the 2.5 million Shi'ites in Sadr City as rumors spread through the crowded slum district that most of the dead were civilians killed as they slept on their rooftops. Many Iraqis sleep on roofs during the sweltering summer months because the electricity crisis means they don't have fans and air conditioning.

    A Sadr aide, Sheik Abdul-Hadi al-Darraji, said 11 civilians were killed and dozens wounded.

    Also reported in Salon

  •  Riverbend posts about the lack of electricity.... (6+ / 0-)

    frequently in her blog (Baghdad Burning):

    Tuesday, June 06, 2006

    Bad Day...
    It’s been a horrible day. We woke up to unbearable heat. Our area averages about 4 hours electricity daily and the rest is generator electricity, which means we can use our ceiling fans, but there’s no way we can use air conditioners.

    We woke up to an ominous silence- an indicator that the generator isn’t working. E. went next door to check and got a confirmation. It might not work all day. The neighbor responsible for it was going to bring by the ‘generator doctor’ as soon as he was free.

    The electricity came at 6 pm for only twenty minutes- as if to taunt us. The moment the lights flickered on, we were gathered in the kitchen and we could hear the neighborhood children began to hoot and holler with joy.

    If I were an Iraqi, I'm not sure how much more of this "progress" I could take before joining the resistance. This is madness.

    "The last thing people want is an opposition party vigorously opposing things." - jasonwhat

    by the new yorker on Sat Jul 08, 2006 at 10:45:47 AM PDT

  •  good post (0+ / 0-)

    thanks for the link

    I'm an American too poor to have air conditioning. Who knew that I should consider myself lucky that I'm only hot instead of under fire.

  •  the electricity bills eat you alive..... (0+ / 0-)

    down south here in the summer. It's like being up north in the winter.  The utility bill will be a huge commitment for the next few months.

    But we are very grateful to have our A/C.

  •  Different gun camera film - helicopter (0+ / 0-)

    helicopter fires what is probably a 30 mm chain gun. Family out plowing their field in the dark. Why? Heat? Safety? But you can see that there is a tractor hooked to a cultivator at the fromt of a freshly plowed field.

    The helicopter fires, but the rangefinder isn't used and the rounds go off into the darkness. The people don't hide, they don't even know they are under attack.

    A figure runs from the truck to the tractor. See him (her?) skip just as they reach the tractor this is clearly a child of aboiut 12. The child seems to get a kiss on the cheek and is sent to hide behind the tractor. The tractor driver walks back towards the truck and the chain gun fires. Slow the film down and you can see the individual grenades arcing towards the figure, showing up a hot bright dots in the thermal sites. The walking person is bracketed by a series of the shells and vanishes. Large pieces of their body arcs into the darkness, showing up as hot white objects in the thermal site.

    The gun camera swings to the child behind the tractor. The hot exhaust stack of the tractor shows as a verticle white line. The child flips back their scarf. The gun fires. Watch it frame by frame as the shells sail in. A shell hits to the left and the right. The childs outline is blurred by the explosions, but he has not had time to fall down. About the 3rd round catches the child in the chest and he comes apart. A hot object sails out of frame to the left, possibly his head.

    The person by the truck is then wounded. See the truck burn white in the thermal site. The drive is wounded his leg is white, probably on fire...

    •  Some background on the video please? (0+ / 0-)

      There is no explanation provided. Where? When? Who?

    •  I don't see anything remotely like you describe (0+ / 0-)

      First, there is nobody there who is "clearly a child of about 12."  How you think you can tell any ages from this film is beyond me, but the figure running toward what you call the "tractor" is about the same size as the oher figures in the video.  And where this "child" is "skipping" happens AFTER the first shots are fired.

      You say the video shows "a tractor hooked to a cultivator at the fromt of a freshly plowed field."  Well, I grew up in a farming area, and I've never seen a tractor that looked like what you're calling a tractor.  It looks like some kind of a small building to me.  What do you call the long, thin vertical object sticking up from the "tractor?"  

      And not only is this "family" "plowing their field" in the middle of what is apparently a pitch black night, they're doing it without benefit of headlights.  Doesn't that strike you as at least a little bit suspicious?  And what the heck are not one, but TWO trucks, one a large covered one, doing with this "family" who is merely "plowing their field" without headlights in the middle of the night?  Is it there just to be able to pick up the crops that will be produced months hence, after the field is plowed and the crops planted, grown, and harvested?

      •  Clearly a tractor (0+ / 0-)

        Why are they doing this at night? Maybe it was hot. Maybe the next day is a religious day when they can't plow. And there could well be a full moon, that's not to say it's "pitch black." There's no headlights because all the vehicles have been switched off.

        The tractor is facing away from the camera, so the front wheels are not visible. You can see the back tires, the driver's back and the hot exhaust. Watch the driver lift themselves out of the seat and step down.

        What do you call the long, thin vertical object sticking up from the "tractor?"  

        Well that is the exhaust pipe, which is white in the thermal sight because it is something like 200 degrees F.

        When the driver steps down, the top 1/3 of the steering wheel is visible to the right of the exhaust. The tractor is hitched to a cultivator (discs?) which you can just about count, there are about 10 discs on it.  The tractor has stopped in the middle of a row, and the cultivated furrows are clearly visible leading up to the tractor in the foreground of the photo.

        The kid goes and hides in front of the big left back tractor wheel for a second then steps back probably to see better. I say it is a kid because the person is slightly smaller than the others and seems to run goofy. It takes a skipping step about 4 strides from the tractor, then beckons the driver to come back to the truck. See the kid wave with their right hand? The driver leans down (this is a pretty small tractor by US standards) and kisses the kid on the cheek and sends the kid to hide behind the tractor, where it ducks behind the back left wheel.

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