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Update [2006-7-11 13:47:14 by Tom Ball]: Please help Brian Keeler help us!!

Kossacks ROCK so Damn Much!

What is going on here?

Last night we had the Brian Keeler Blograiser in Manhattan -- the first time I've ever met a fellow Kossack in person, and boy was it an absolutely unmitigated, phenomenal experience.

I mean you guys ROCK!! My only regret is that I didn't get my ass off to Vegas for Yearly Kos. You can bet I won't make that mistake again.

Truly, the personalization of the DKos community alone would have made the whole night worth while. Heck, I got to meet Brian Keeler, Pontificator, lipris, clammyc, ask, casperr, Jeffrey Feldman, DemocracyLover in NYC, Larry in NYC, Jonah in NYC, JaneKnowles, SunQueen212, 313to212, Jay Elias, bink, Five of Diamonds, mindoca, vancookie, Night Bird, pinche tejano, Prison4Bushco, AaronBa, and a host of awesome lurkers.

And I have to tell you that the Kossack lurkers deserve mega-props. They are some seriously cool people and they fit in perfectly with their more vocal brethren. So props to you Karissa and my friend who rode his bike from Brooklyn, and others. You all Rock!

As if this weren't enough... phew, where should I go next? How about the sheer force and dynamic of this bottom-up, people-powered movement, this netroots phenomenon. I mean, the governor of Montana plugged in to throw a very generous contribution of cash and his prized bolo tie to help support Brian!! As people in NYC were clinking glasses in a toast to blogosphere unity, virtual attendees -- friends from across the nation -- were showing love and popping coin in support of our man NYBri!

Are you freakin' kidding me?

Think about that! The (Rock Star) Governor Brian Schweitzer, took time, energy, creativity, and resources to support an upstate, non-incumbent, NY state senate candidate. People thousands of miles away were contributing their hard-earned cash to a local race in state far away! If someone had suggested five years ago that such an event would ever take place, the response would likely have been along the lines of, "Are you smoking crack?"

Now we know better. Now we have some information with which we can extrapolate the potential direction and power of the Netroot movement. That is very exciting!

And what else?

Ah yes, Keeler... the man! This guy Rocks! Talk about being 'for real'. Holy smokes. In fact, so inspiring is he that I am foregoing my traditional self-imposed rule of not intentionally torturing the Kossack community by publishing my very first Netroots-candidate-inspired 'Rapoem' entitled 'Rock!'

Hold your breath! (or ears if you prefer:P


Netroots risin'
Opposition sizin'

Repugs in for a rout
Door hits ass on their way out

Cause we got NYBri
Time for Steve Saland to Fry

Opportunity: Knock.Knock.
Brian Keeler, you ROCK!!!!!


Truly, the connection that I made with you guys (at least in my mind;) is one that will be with me forever. And that, my friends, only inspires and motivates me to do MORE for our cause.

So thank you all!! I can't wait till I see you all again, and I certainly can't wait to meet all the rest of you. That's right. Every Goddamn one of you. Hundreds of thousands? Bring em on!!!

You all ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Originally posted to Tom Ball on Tue Jul 11, 2006 at 09:58 AM PDT.

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