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Right wingnutistan is all abuzz about the lawsuit by Joe Wilson and Valerie Plame with respect to the willful leak of her undercover occupation at the CIA and are, sadly and predictably missing the entire point.  Once again.

So for all of you wingnut jackasses out there, listen up and listen clear:


No matter what you want it to be, no matter how much you yell the same point over and over that "everyone knew she was his wife", that is all irrelevant to the case at hand.  And here is another one for you, real slowly so you can get it through your pea brains:  HER.  UNDERCOVER.  STATUS.  IS.  AND.  ALWAYS.  WAS.  THE.  SECRET.  AND.  THE.  ISSUE.

We heard this garbage rear it's ugly head again last week when Novakula's irrelevant statement that Plame's name was listed under Joe Wilson's entry in "Who's Who in America" stirred up the vitriolic "patriotic" lemmings who support Ann Coulter's treasonous speech, Sean Hannity's moronic fingerpointing, Rush Limbaugh's hypocrisy and Bill O'Reilly's outright lies.

And sadly, we are already seeing this come out again and again in right wing blogs like The Conservative Voice which gives us this gem:

In addition, with the help of their friends in the news media, the couple ignored the fact that Wilson mentions his wife in his listing for the vanity publication "Who's Who in America."

Don't even bother reading the rest of the blog entry as it is pure drivel.  We also have the brainiacs at NRO citing the thoroughly ridiculous story that they previously peddled about how Plame's identity was outed by Joe Wilson himself.

Of course, we can't forget the mental midgets on Fox and Friends who are repeating the same lies to their oh-so-informed audience:

On the July 12 edition of Fox News' Fox & Friends First, Fox News senior judicial analyst Andrew P. Napolitano, a former New Jersey superior court judge, claimed falsely -- and absurdly -- that former ambassador Joseph C. Wilson IV "told Who's Who in America to put that his wife was a CIA operative." In fact, Wilson's entry in Who's Who mentioned his wife's name -- Valerie Elise Plame -- but not her occupation, the disclosure of which gave rise to the appointment of special counsel Patrick J. Fitzgerald to investigate.

Later, on that day's edition of Fox & Friends, both Fox News host Brit Hume and Fox & Friends co-host E.D. Hill contradicted Napolitano's suggestion; Hume stated that Who's Who "didn't tell him [syndicated columnist Robert D. Novak] where she worked," while Hill said that "of course, it [the entry] didn't say 'CIA agent.' "

Don't worry, blathering morons of freeperville, I haven't forgotten about you.  

Now understand this because you obviously fall under the category of too fucking stupid to feed yourself (thanks for that one, LunkHead).

Her name is not the fucking issue.  Everyone that knew Joe Wilson personally knew that he had a wife.  And most likely, they knew that her name was Valerie.  Her neighbors saw her with her children.  Their friends knew that Joe wasn't single.  It wasn't who she is - it was what she did for a living that was the goddamn secret!!!

Let's try this a different way.  Many people (family, friends, work colleagues etc.) know that I have a wife.  Many have met her.  Seen her.  Spoken to her.  You can find her name on our wedding registry.  Or in any official filings from our marriage.  But if her job was a secret then nobody would know what she did.

Get it yet?  It is a simple fucking concept.  Once more, in short sentences so you won't get overwhelmed by the many words that make up a full sentence.

Her name - not a secret.  
The fact that Joe Wilson had a wife - not a secret.
Her existence - not a secret.
Her job - A FUCKING SECRET!!!!

So please, stop.  You are just digging a deeper hole.  And frankly, since your reality has already lapped our satire you are just looking more and more pathetic.  These are simple concepts to grasp.  Or at least they should be.  Even for someone that can only process what they are told by your evil right wing overlords.

It couldn't be more clear.  You can't disclose the work identity of someone who is a covert CIA agent.  No matter what, why or when.  And nothing that you say, no matter how much you fail to grasp that simple concept or how much lying and yelling you do, that simple concept won't change.

Originally posted to clammyc on Fri Jul 14, 2006 at 08:21 AM PDT.

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